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  1. And to think that could've been us bending over and plowing Dallas tonight. Without Seguin we would have torn apart the Stars.
  2. This is a hard decision, realistically it would have to be Crawford seeing as our D core is already super thin and Panarin is an up and coming superstar. I don't want to get rid of Crawford as he was the reason we even made it to game 7 against the Blues, but our defense is dreadfully thin and Darling isn't a terrible option as a starter. Out of curiosity, does anyone know what the salary cap will be next season? Is it projected to increase finally? That and unloading Bickell may be enough.
  3. Definitely haven't liked what I've been seeing from the Hawks lately. I hope they can switch gears soon otherwise they are going to get steamrolled.
  4. Finally!!! Now we can see what this Dano kids got and we don't have to watch Bickell skate around clueless. Win-win.
  5. I'm hoping he succeeds as well, but I would have traded him in a second. He may turn out great or he may be like Jack Skille or Cam Barker. I hate leaving things up to chance, and would much prefer to go the sure thing but doesn't appear as the Hawks will be making any big moves (shocker) this year. Hoping he surprises all of us with the Calder trophy next season.
  6. Really? So he had a bad game, it's not like the team playing in front of him gave him a hand. They basically hung him out to dry all night. If it wasn't for Corey we wouldn't have made it past the Blues. And hey would you look at that Corey has the 2nd best save % in the league this playoffs. Real head scratcher there.
  7. In my eyes Corey is a fantastic goaltender. I'd put him top 5 in the league. I mean look at his playoff stats 2.03GAA with a .926 Sv% all-time playoff stats. Fantastic when it matters most! Yea he had a Sophomore slump, but that's why they call it the sophomore slump. He bounced right back the next year better then ever. Corey's the man and I'm proud he's a Blackhawk.
  8. Hahaha just giving ya a hard time
  9. Thought this was post by Fiddy for a second
  10. We should clean house and get rid of both Bowman Stan and Mcdonough, then we can throw a big party. Drinks on me!