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  1. You Be The Gm

    Someone had better get "Q" Rosetta Stone Swedish!
  2. After getting to go to the blues game and the sens game I have come to the conclusion that Darling is huge and scares me.

  3. Had a blast at the hawks game in st louis friday. Oh and the beer and food were free.

  4. Finally got my Authentic Hammer jersey.

  5. Really nhl shop you finally have a sale and get rid of the jerseys.

  6. The Crawford Thread

    Raanta looks like he will do alright in net his rebounds scare me a bit though.
  7. heck of a game Thanks Hawks for a fun time.

    1. yooper496


      You got your tix, eh, William?! Good for you!

  8. I got playoff tickets.I hope they get here in time.

  9. I got my St. Patrick's day jersey in today carbomb special.

    1. wendypawlowski


      nice bill, awesome looking Indian!

    2. 1Shot1Goal
  10. I don't care anymore I am wearing my Blackhawks hat season or no season!

    1. yooper496


      That is the right thing to do, Bill. Up here in redwing country, I also wear my Hawk jacket and gloves and whatever I can to show my loyalty to the Indianhead!!

  11. missing all you guys lets get together in the chat room for the icehogs games?

    1. daze71


      First preseason game is tonight if anyone is gonna listen or watch

    2. HawksFan117


      I was the only one in there just now and then was "kicked from the chatroom". Boo!