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  1. Yep, nothing like taking your dance partner to the sin bin for 5 minutes, I guess. BTW, BC, thanks for sharing story and picture, and congrats!
  2. Hey, Gris, is Triangle anywhere near four corners? When Dean was their coach, wasn't that the offense UNC ran?

    1. 00Griswold00


      Not sure, I was living in Raleigh for the past couple years. I actually moved back to Ohio in May, just never changed my profile.

  3. Hey, bud! Welcome to the boards!

  4. In 2010, the Hawks had Antti. In 2013, opposing teams will be crying uncle!

  5. To whom it may concern, I was very mistaken in my understanding of cap issues. Several fellow members guided me to a better comprehension of my wrong thought process to whom I am thankful. I appreciate coming here and learning from all of you. Thank you.

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    2. Hawkey1


      when it works right we all learn from each other...now shut up about the cap & start singing kumbaya!

    3. yooper496


      kumbaya, my lord, kumbaya

    4. Smokinmedic1
  6. After 41 games, Hawks are 32-5-4, 68 points. If this were a normal 82 game season, the Hawks would be on pace for an NHL record of 136 points!

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    2. ROB315


      ..nor a 2C for the #3 in the league Goals For (3.12)

    3. yooper496


      So if they had Ken Dryden and Mark Messier, the Hawks would be undefeated!

    4. Icaddiedforstosh


      just get a decent PP going. Cup? Yup!

  7. Thanks for the PM Yooper. Great to hear from other hockey fans who are believers! I actually like the Hawks a lot too, my 3rd fav team behind the Oil and Pens. Big fan of Toews, wonder what it would take to get him in Edmonton? haha

  8. Amen, Brother! Love your interests and their priorities...well, except the NHL team! Ha!

  9. I was born in Chicago Western Suburbs i moved to CT only 6 years ago.

  10. I wrote you a PM if you can access that. If you have cable service, you should be able to add NHLNetwork and/or CenterIce. I know what you mean about local teams in an out-of-Chicago-area. Another media mode we get up here is 720 AM WGN but only at night time. I love listening to Wideman(?) and Murray call Hawk games (especially when they are winning!)

  11. I lived in Chicagoland area for 35 till moved a little farther north and to the east coast where all i get is the Pats and the Red Sox and Yankees shoved down my throat.

  12. Cable TV. Some people have satelite or dishes. Actually, we are soon to move to an area where cable is not available so we will have a dish.

  13. I terms of watching Sports up there in the UP how is it unless you have Satellite. I had a boss that is from Horton Bay and he said they didn't get squat