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  1. yooper496

    Stan As Gm

    Thanks, Lord, you covered everything! I can't imagine Vancouver not re-signing Edler. They have space and he would be a good mentor for QHughes. I hope the Hawks don't sign a dman just because like they did last year. I do hope they are actively considering how woeful they were in their own end and take the necessary steps in correction. Maybe some more from the farm are ready to move up as well.
  2. yooper496

    Around The League - Other Teams' News

    My bet is that McDavid actually said his team doesn't have a "Bowman " and general manager was put in brackets...
  3. yooper496

    Stan As Gm

    Assuming the Hawks keep their 3OA and draft a forward, which defenseman, if any, is the target on July 1? I would not want to spend a ton of money or term but Jordie Benn could be a decent choice and relatively cheap. I believe it is also time to consider the goaltending situation pending Crawford's future.
  4. yooper496

    2019 NHL Draft: Blackhawks edition

    Well, we now know Bowman isn't a regular Bill Shakespeare then!😁
  5. yooper496

    Stan As Gm

    Hey, you got your wish, pal!!!
  6. yooper496

    Stan As Gm

    Well said.
  7. yooper496

    Joel Quenneville

    Good one!
  8. yooper496

    2019 NHL Draft: Blackhawks edition

    If they keep the pick, either Dach or Cozens, both RH centers with wheels which Chicago desperately needs. If they trade down, maybe they could persuade Philly to move Patrick, and then draft Broberg at 11.
  9. yooper496

    Joel Quenneville

    A lucky one?!
  10. yooper496

    Joel Quenneville

    Hey, Bob! I can agree with both yours and him's posts. It has been said the Hawks are lacking a true number 1 dman right now. No idea how that can be addressed with both Keith and Seabrook (and their hits) still being heavily counted on for so many things. It will take time to see how the young prospects develop, and I believe that is the plan. Mvr said it also takes luck and circumstance which is very true.
  11. yooper496

    2019 Lottery draft

    I'm just trying to give bowman the benefit of the doubt. I feel as if he has done a better job than in the past simply because he actually is going by a plan. He could have kept Schmaltz. Would that have made you happy? He could have said no to Kruger and kept Hossa's hit. You are right in that he did nothing at the deadline when the Hawks could have used more depth. Maybe they could have won a game or two more and squeaked into the playoffs. But my opinion is just that. It matters not to me if you share with it. All I am saying is that he seems to be learning from some past blunders and is taking charge more assertively. If he is fired this afternoon, I am fine with that as well.
  12. yooper496

    2018/19 playoff predictions

    You bet. They've been rolling this whole calender year! If their goalie continues his lights out performance, they have as good a chance as anyone. I just want Brian Boyle to have another shot this year...
  13. yooper496

    2019 Lottery draft

    Haha! I thought we were getting him the following week in free agency!
  14. yooper496

    2019 Lottery draft

    I hear ya, bud! However, in all honesty, Bowman has progressively done a better job managing the Hawks to certain extents. He seems to be following a plan whether or not we all agree with his direction. He is methodically rebuilding the Hawks while trying to stay somewhat relevant. For now he is still appeasing his Cup winners who have not waived NMC yet. If only the team could figure out how to kill penalties again!
  15. yooper496

    2019 Lottery draft