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  1. I guess I was wondering about the Hawks switch that needs to be flipped.
  2. Did you say, "flip the switch"?
  3. Thanks for all your trouble, gt. And I hope your question gets answered on troy's thing.
  4. ^^Well said, jack.
  5. Gig, the Timonen trade did factor into overage for the '15-16 season so I would consider the average to be .200. Not bad for our homerun hitter, tho.
  6. Or perhaps like the Vermette trade, Colorado gets a pick and a prospect then signs Duchene anyways. If the net results are the same, great.
  7. Actually, I believe Danault was part of the other trade with the Habs last season. Shinpads was a draft night trade. You have the Dano/Ladd one right, Mr. Gig.
  8. Sorry, I forgot my purple. Actually, hsbob, I do consider Nill to be a different kind of smart GM. You are correct, he has not won a Cup with Dallas while in his present position. However, and you alluded to Boston earlier, he did acquire Seguin which in part has had a lasting, negative effect on the Bruins, IMO. Same could be said when he traded for Sharp (and Johns) from the Hawks. Bowman did not have to trade Sharp. He was the most obvious choice by many. However, when factoring in the prior loss of Saad and the subsequent losses of other LWers that off season in addition to an inconsistent Bickell, that position became a real weakness the following season. Sharp certainly could have been a difference maker. The goal is to win the Stanley Cup. Only one team can do this each season. As Blackhawks fans, I am pretty sure we could all care less when another club wins. And yet when an opposing GM is daring enough cut into a champion's roster because he has foresight to try and dethrone them, yes I do consider that to be smart managing.
  9. Correct, OTH. And in your defense of vinman's post, thank you.
  10. The post that I replied to was concerning this season. If you are happy or satisfied with the present state of the Chicago Blackhawks, the bar may be set too low. I truly feel that this team should be able to beat the Winnipeg Jets.
  11. Only trouble with that is the NTC/NMC given.
  12. You mean besides Stan?!
  13. And yet the paychecks are still deposited like clockwork!
  14. U.P. Pow-Er! U.P. Pow-Er!
  15. I imagine the team from Anaheim does as well.