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  1. Around The League - Other Teams' News

    I see Galchenyuk has checked into the league's substance abuse program. Hopefully, he gets the treatment he needs whatever his issue is.
  2. 10/24 Hawks vs Knights

    You bet, bud, my bad! So so (not the ball player!). However, I may have opportunity to go back to work next week, be it light duty or on a different grader where I won't have to use my thumb as much. Thanks for asking anyways, bob.
  3. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    When the heck will Quenneville realize DeBrincat better suited at LW? And no Kero again? Wonder if Franson gets another chance to improve on his point per game rate?
  4. 10/24 Hawks vs Knights

    Sorry, I wasn't trying to be superficial or insensitive. Jack just fired off 7-8 posts in rapid succession.
  5. You Be The Gm

    You bet, thanks for the response.
  6. You Be The Gm

    In your opinion, granny, was it feasible to sign Vanek to a PTO like Franson, and ask him to play the Hossa waiting game? He is a legit top six winger who can play either side and still can be a threat offensively. If this were the case, Panik could have been more suitably slotted at 3RW as you alluded to. Nobody knows if he was pursued but he was available all summer, and would seem to have a better chance at a Cup than where he presently is in Vancouver as I see it.
  7. 10/24 Hawks vs Knights

    Very true! By winning those first two games in such dramatic fashion, it is also noteworthy to mention Pittsburgh and Columbus had played the night before, had to travel to Chicago and started their number two goalies. Also, the Hawks started great both games and forced the opposition to play catch up hockey. The "switch" obviously was open! Even their 3rd game in Toronto, the Hawks had early two goal leads, only to succumb in OT to a well coached, very hungry group mixed mainly with young guns. So yes, this Hawks team is more than capable of being really good. It is perhaps a matter of working harder in the trenches and fighting through stingier defensive teams. Why they struggle in this commitment is perplexing, especially given how uninspired they played against Nashville last playoffs and the awful taste that they should have carried into all of the off season. Nothing will be handed to them; it is up to each guy in the room and the coaches in the office to deliver and execute a winning game plan more often than not. They also do have a very young d corp who are still developing chemistry and continuity with one another. If a better end result is to happen this year, it may take all season for various adjustments to properly set.
  8. Are You Worried Yet?

    I hear you, Jh. However, when the expectation bar is set so high that only a Stanley Cup will suffice, the two recent failed playoffs and present lackluster compete efforts these past 8 games should cause a great concern for those within and us fans from without.
  9. Are You Worried Yet?

    You may be right, T, and such a move would certainly be a more dignified and respectful way to part with JQ. And yet if the team needs a change for whatever reason soon now, why waste the year? The Hawks won as recently as 2015 and still should be able to reignite the competitive fire. All I'm saying is that Pittsburgh was in a similar situation and correctly chose a different path that has led to b2b Cups. Were they that much better in '15-16 than the Hawks are this season? I don't necessarily think so.
  10. You Be The Gm

    The Habs presently have an Anisimov-type center in Plekanec who is set to become UFA and makes about $1.4M more than AA. In essence, if AA agreed to go to Montreal, they would get a suitable replacement at a lower hit, always a selling point from what would be Bowman's means of leverage.
  11. You Be The Gm

    Absolutely. He was never one to mail it in. Sure, maybe some of his antics were a detriment and put the team in a bind but no one can dispute that his motor and energy never took time off. Like a lot of other depth players league-wide, Shaw is overpaid by $1M or so in regards to scoring productivity IMO. Unlike a lot of other players tho, Shaw has had various roles in becoming a two time Cup winner. Going back to his improvement at faceoffs, I've noticed other forwards who moved on, all seemed to have higher win percentages elsewhere. Teravainen, Nordberg, Danault come to mind. That would seem to indicate one of perhaps two things. First, guys actually get better with more experience and time. And second, coaches instruct and demand the other two wingers to also be engaged in the win effort. This year, surprisingly, the Hawks have had three guys over 50% -- Toews, Anisimov and Kero a game before his current healthy scratches.
  12. You Be The Gm

    Shaw's faceoff stats. '16-17 54.6%, 6.4/gm. '17-18 61.9%, 4.7/GM. Might be an asset in puck possession as a secondary faceoff/situational guy but would also have to live with his bonehead plays. Montreal, ideally, would retain salary and/or take AA with his waiver consent of course. Not 100% in favor but if he is wanted at the right price, I could live with having Shinpads back!
  13. 2017 IceHogs

    Thanks for the good organIZational news, gt!
  14. You Be The Gm

    True but AA still has the wildcard thanks to Stan. I wonder how many players have actually waived full NMC? I think MAF had a M-NTC with his NMC but for the good of his former team, he waived for expansion draft purposes. Classy.
  15. Are You Worried Yet?

    Or the other saying, "You reek what you sow (different pronunciation!)".