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  1. With insight like this, BIB, you really should have more greens than 4! Kane was fine before Breadman arrived; his line will continue to be fine starting next season. More importantly, Saad's return has the makings of a stronger post season team. Good post!
  2. I was hoping at the time that Saad would sign a bridge deal with Chicago for $3.5M or so. That was about all Bowman had available in cap space, I think. However, it was suggested Saad desired more money in efforts to help some of his family apparently move from Syria in 2015, thus the subsequent trade. In the end, the Hawks actually came away with both major pieces of the first Columbus move -- both Saad and Anisimov.
  3. He always yok-ing with a last name like this!
  4. Last year against St Louis, the post felt so good, Seabs hit both of them on one shot!
  5. That farce of a deal at last year's draft still peesses me off. However, if I'm not mistaken, Datsyuk forfeited his last year of salary and was not paid by Arizona or Detroit. His cap hit was traded, not necessarily him. The trade supposedly allowed Arizona to reach the sand, I mean floor.
  6. Both remind me of purgatory.
  7. "Stan's Bowman movements". That's it, I gotta go to bed.
  8. ^^And now Brett Burns is drafted by Minny with his pre-pre-historic clean shaven baby face. Oops, better keep that mop close by...
  9. Is this related at all with having a new team located in Vegas?!
  10. Totally unrelated to present happenings but on NHLN they are rebroadcasting the 2003 draft. Seabs was just selected. Looked rather sophisticated in those sweet spectacles!
  11. Nope, I'm not wearing any...
  12. Yep, nice to hear from,you again, Phill9! Also, Murph is a righty and should play on his natural side unlike Hjalmarsson. I firmly believe this to be important element on all three pairings which Chicago can now do.
  13. These moves by Bowman make sense and are solid going forward. That is the key--going forward! Never fun to say goodbye to a buddy but SAADER IS BACK !!!!!
  14. Raanta and Stepan to Arizona for 7th overall and delanjello...