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  1. yooper496

    Stan As Gm

    Vancouver just shut out the Stars 6-0, you know the team from Dallas that swept our gods this season. If these spoiled cork suckers can't muster up enough to put forth a 60 minute effort at least once a fuckin week, they should all be utterly ashamed of their godam selves. This board is as fuckin weird as the wusses who don the Indianhead. See you mfers never. I am gone, mods, for godam fuckin good now. And I honestly believed you, mvr, were not capable of being so dense. Good forkin god!!!!!
  2. yooper496

    Stan As Gm

    TY, ikp, I'm almost ready to find my rock again...
  3. yooper496

    Stan As Gm

    Your whole point indicated the big boys will dig in when the chips are down, just like your boy is able to. You then remarkably said, there is no point now. By the mere fact that they are professionals, they should dig in every night which is not the case. I'm not the brightest bulb in a socket but...
  4. yooper496

    Here Come The Pens

    Absolutely! Kaner even alluded to this very same dilemma a couple of days ago!
  5. yooper496

    Stan As Gm

    Reread your last sentence from 11 minutes ago...
  6. yooper496

    Stan As Gm

    Just curious, mvr, does your son have a multi-million dollar, 8 year contract with full NMC?!
  7. yooper496

    Here Come The Pens

    It seems like a thousand years ago when the Sparrows nosed out Pittsburgh 10-1 in the opener, hey jack?! They beat the Jackets 5-1 the next game, and not a whole bunch since. What the fruit happened to them?!
  8. yooper496

    Stan As Gm

    Yep, all true. Everyone who had a hand in the resurrection should be lauded and take great pride!
  9. yooper496

    2/10 Hawks vs Wild

    Actually, it is sad that the Cup winners have shown little heart, pride or leadership this season, not to mention productivity!
  10. yooper496

    Stan As Gm

    Tallon did draft the two most important pieces, tho, plus was still the GM when Hossa was signed in '09, no?
  11. yooper496

    Stan As Gm

    I imagine everyone here can agree T&K have been cornerstones since they arrived and helped awake the Hawks from their 49 year slumber. While it was a no-brainer to extend them when Bowman did, there were also repercussions as a result. Forget who just recently brought up Saad in his last days here in 2015 but I also recall him stating his desire to re-sign. I honestly believe had that happened instead of him being traded to Columbus, Saad would have only built on his first three years here, thriving in these past 2+ years. I also thought his hit would have been a more reasonable one ($4-4.5M) based on the market at the time. He apparently had other ideas with Brisson whispering in his ear as well as family needs, I guess. Sorta funny how it has come full circle in his case, albeit without the production we all assumed he would provide. Seabrook's contract? A disaster!
  12. yooper496

    Stan As Gm

    Big-T always says the Draft is a crapshoot after the top 5-10 or so. One can generally select a future NHLer with a high pick like that. Most likely, this is where the Hawks will be positioned. They have so many needs so whoever they chose should get a chance fairly quickly.
  13. yooper496

    Stan As Gm

    I thought Weber wore number 6...
  14. yooper496

    Stan As Gm

    Very true to his credit. Ironically, the core pieces are not his babies, although he did extend all of them.
  15. yooper496

    Stan As Gm

    Good post, mvr. Big-T will really schmooze you in time!! To your last paragraph, because he has never had a top 14 pick like his predecessors had, perhaps that is why he's missed out on a Kane, Toews or Seabrook type. The strategy is bound to change this season, whether he is part of it or not. The Hawks will have their highest selection in more than a decade this time.