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  1. 12/08 Hawks vs Sabres

    I'm glad I'm not the only who saw this. Perfect give and go opportunity to set up the hottest goal scorer on the team and Toews missed it. There are a lot of aspects of his game that have declined but it's the mental and decision making part of the game that has declined the most in my opinion. It's really frustrating watching plays develop with a possible scoring opportunity only to have Toews kill the play with a bad pass or poor decision. I feel I notice this happening multiple times a game.
  2. Chicago Bears 2016-17 Season

    Living in Cleveland, i was hearing lots of rumors about the browns trading up from 12 to take trubisky. I was pretty adamant about the browns not using one of their first round picks to draft trubisky as i thought it would be another epic draft fail on the browns part. Never in my wildest dreams did i think it would be my bears with the epic fail. Pace is an idiot.
  3. 3/31 Hawks vs Blue Jackets

    Was kind of hoping to see #13 out there again.
  4. Johnny oduya

    Was hoping for this trade. Love it. Nice work Stan.
  5. Chicago Cubs 2016 Season

    Thank God for the Cubs. Hawks aren't doing much to excite me these days. Go Cubs!
  6. Chicago Cubs 2016 Season

    I have the feeling the Cubs are going to solve Kershaw and it will be a historical night. Go cubs!
  7. Yakupov to Hawks?, Het (nyeht), Blues

    Did you watch Pokka play this preseason? I wasn't impressed at all. At age 22, i expected a lot more at this point.
  8. Chicago Cubs 2016 Season

    Losing is contagious. Guys may be feeling the pressure a little. They'll turn it around.
  9. Chicago Cubs 2016 Season

    Yes it was pretty cool to see how excited Ross was. May not put up gaudy stats but Ross is a good guy to have on your team.
  10. Chicago Cubs 2016 Season

    What kind of fan are you????? JK I've been lucky enough to witness both of his no hitters .... on TV that is. Got away with a few bad pitches in the ninth. He was the first to say that he didn't have the best control last night ... but still threw a no no ... wow.
  11. You Be The Gm

    April Fools' was 3 days ago?
  12. Stan As Gm

    So i'm trying to figure this carcillo deal out. I was happy when he left. Cringing now that they've signed him back. Someone a little more knowledgeable on the matter than me, please explain the rationale behind this? Is it because Coach Q insists on having an "enforcer" on the team, and Mashinter hasn't proven ready in the preseason? Carcillo less of a cap hit which will enable the Hawks to do the deals they want to get done?
  13. The Crawford Thread

    I live outside of Cleveland .... When i'm driving in between jobs, I listen to Cleveland sports radio because that is my only option at times if i want to listen to sports talk. And when you are an avid sports fan you're willing to listen to any sports talk show even if it means hearing about the pitiful Browns. Anyways, i foresee a big game from Crow tonight.
  14. The Crawford Thread

    Crawford trending in the right direction. Looking much more confident in net. Great news for the Hawks.
  15. The Crawford Thread

    I gotta give props to Crow since I'm usually critical of him when he plays poorly. He's been very good the last two games against Vancouver and San Jose (although looked pretty awful in the shootout). Hope he stays on this trend.