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  1. 3/27 Hawks vs. Lightning

    Hello all
  2. The Crawford Thread

    Crawford was exposed again tonight. Lets in a goal on the short side (1st goal), lets in goal on his weak glove side (2nd goal), then comes out of the blue paint, has no idea where the puck is and has it put in the net off his skate 3rd goal). Reality is he is an average goalie, at best. He's been made to look good when the team in front of him plays good. He's had a few games where he played lights out when the rest of the team has had brain farts, however oftentimes, when the rest of the team plays like crap he's swiss cheese. In other words, he's not a goalie who can "steal a game" when needed. This was very obvious tonight. He made it to the promised land last year. It is looking like a repeat trip isn't going to happen this year.
  3. Merry Christmas to all my fellow members of HawkNation.

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    2. buf52


      Frolik navidad everyone !

    3. Smokinmedic1
    4. hsbob


      58 points by Christmas makes it very Merry!

  4. The Crawford Thread

    IMO, Stan should be looking for a veteran backup since Crawford will be out 3 weeks. The backup to Raanta is Kent Simpson. His numbers are quite Khabby-like, 3.38GAA / .900 SA%. That is nowhere near good enough. Perhaps talk to Philly about getting Emery back. Something needs to be done sooner rather than later.
  5. The chat was working fine tonight. Join us Thursday for the next game.

  6. Nice finish to the preseason tonight. 4-0-2 is not bad. Now its time to play for real. C'mon Tuesday night.

  7. Nice finish to the preseason tonight. 4-0-2 is not bad. Now its time to play for real. C'mon Tuesday night.

  8. I hope everyone is enjoying the summer. Soon it will be time to get back to work, supporting our team. Looking forward to talking to you all in the chatroom.

    1. Blackhawks12251992


      You as well anti! It will be good to get back into it with all of you guys (and gals)! It was fun last year, looking forward to the success that is coming to our team this year! GB! :)

    2. 1Shot1Goal


      hope you all are have a good summer talk you to soon!!!

  9. Stan As Gm

    While I applaud your optimism (though you seem to be ODing on Hawk Kool-Aid) and agree that they have had a great regular season, they haven't even played 1 playoff game yet. If you seriously think the Hawks will easily win the Cup, you are slightly delusional. There are alot of games to be played before ANY team will hoist Lord Stanley's Chalice. Between now and then, they will have to play some good teams, one or two of LA, Ana., VAN, STL and/or Det. A series with any of these teams will not be a walk in the park. I really hope you're right that the Hawks win the Cup. Just remember, ANY team can beat ANY team on ANY given night. While I respect your opinion, you really shouldn't call others out because they don't share the same opinion or sentiments that you have. If you don't like what others have posted, I suggest you don't read them. 'nuff said. Have a good day
  10. Stan As Gm

    Is that you, FIDDY?? Is this ME??
  11. Looking forward to talking to everybody in chat again a week from Saturday. Hope everyone is there.

    1. Smokinmedic1


      Not sure if I can make the chat, as Saturday night is one of my work nights, but hopefully I will get a chance to pop in for a bit if I'm not real busy. Looking forward to seeing the gang again.

  12. Want to wish all the great folks here Happy Holidays. I really miss talking to you all. I hope Dumb and Dumber get their heads out of their rears soon. Take care all.

  13. This lockout sucks! I really miss seeing games and talking to all the great people in the chatroom. Settle this thing and drop the puck!!!

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      I miss everyone too! I can deal with losing the preseason, but it's gonna hurt once the regular season "starts". :(

  14. Stan As Gm

    The surgeon General has determined that holding your breath can cause dizziness, heart attack, birth defects, complications in childbirth, dropsey, car accidents, diabetes, herpes, genital warts, hemmoroids, premature ejaculation, concussion symptoms, arthritis, whooping cough, premature death and erroneous decision-making. Forgot premature hair loss.
  15. Stan As Gm

    While I agree with most of what you said here, IMO you called the wrong d man a turnover machine. Oduya wasn't as much of a problem as Keith and Leddy. So many times Keith would get the puck in the offensive zone at the blueline, wait for a player from the opposition to set up in front of him, then take the shot, which is blocked. The puck is then skated down to our end for a scoring chance or a goal. And that was if DK didn't turn the puck over outright. Then you have Leddy. Was simply awful in the d zone, turning the puck over at an alarming rate. Perhaps the signing of Sheldon Brookbank today will help the D. Stanblow could have done better if he weren't busy trying to find his burnt umber crayon.