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  1. Hope Stan dumps the following players (?): 1) TT...completely worthless. 2) Runflat.....see above. 3) Gustaffson......turnover machine, cost us the cup. Should be run out of town on a rail. 4) Ehrhoff........Q must have hated him. Never had much chance. This is only a partial list. There are others. Too much dead weight on this team.
  2. Good night all.
  3. Thank you Gig. You are a gentleman and a Scholar.
  4. If you don't care what I post, why did you make that snide remark about me only coming here to rag on the hawks when they are playing poorly? You are certainly correct in that you are entitled to your opinion, just as I am entitled to mine. Btw, this is the First time this season I have come here on game night and "ragged" on them. And how many pizz-poor games have the hawks played this year? I think I'm doing pretty well at not doing that. That all being said, as far as your opinion of the hawks and my opinion of the hawks.........we'll just have to agree to disagree.
  5. That might be because I spend my time in the chatroom. I'm there EVERY game. Was hoping that if I came in here and beetched enough they might start playing with some heart...........didn't work. And FYI, no I don't think everyone here forgot. I also don't care. Newsflash for ya........if you don't like what I post, DON"T READ IT!!!
  6. Man, whatever you're smokin, pass it around. Do you SERIOUSLY BELIEVE they will magically return to their form from last season??? This is not last seasons team. Some major pieces missing. This team has no heart and that is evident by their play. Don't hold your breath waiting for them to play that "different game". It ain't happening.
  7. Hi Maddie!! **waves back**
  8. That was then.......this is now. they were winners then as they would do what it took to win games. They refuse to do that this year. TT was supposed to be so great........... I'm not impressed. He hasn't done squat. Seems the gamble Stan did getting replacement players was a bomb. While I agree that it was great winning those Cups, we better remember them. I fear it will be a long time before we win another one.
  9. Well, the losers are suckin hind breast again. This team will not make it out of the first round. They seem to think that the league is just gonna GIVE them the Cup. They got a BIG surprise comin to them!!
  10. You cant blame these fiascos on individuals...... It takes a complete team effort to crap the bed as bad as they are now. They're all playing like they expect Bettman to just hand them the cup in June. Note to Hawks: ain't gonna happen!! you gotta EARN it!!! And you aint doin it right now. EVERY HAWK PLAYER NEEDS A RECTO-CRANIOTOMY IMMEDIATELY!!!
  11. Ahh........another game, another p**s poor effort by the hawks. 2 goalies that cant stop a beachball defense that has more holes than a wheel of swiss cheese. wings and centermen that cant score more than a couple goals a game consistently. hawks could be a wild card team very soon. will be very surprised if they get out of the first round.
  12. Should be a good game IF the Hawks come ready to play tonight. Just watched Buttman talk about the winter Classic and a couple other outdoor games next season . The Hawks don't play in ANY of them!!! They should get the "W" and 2 points tonight. GO HAWKS!!!
  13. Crawford was exposed again tonight. Lets in a goal on the short side (1st goal), lets in goal on his weak glove side (2nd goal), then comes out of the blue paint, has no idea where the puck is and has it put in the net off his skate 3rd goal). Reality is he is an average goalie, at best. He's been made to look good when the team in front of him plays good. He's had a few games where he played lights out when the rest of the team has had brain farts, however oftentimes, when the rest of the team plays like crap he's swiss cheese. In other words, he's not a goalie who can "steal a game" when needed. This was very obvious tonight. He made it to the promised land last year. It is looking like a repeat trip isn't going to happen this year.
  14. Merry Christmas to all my fellow members of HawkNation.

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      Frolik navidad everyone !

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      58 points by Christmas makes it very Merry!

  15. IMO, Stan should be looking for a veteran backup since Crawford will be out 3 weeks. The backup to Raanta is Kent Simpson. His numbers are quite Khabby-like, 3.38GAA / .900 SA%. That is nowhere near good enough. Perhaps talk to Philly about getting Emery back. Something needs to be done sooner rather than later.