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  1. antiqueff

    1/22 Hawks vs Lightning

    I have not seen many games this season, but have listened to John & Troy every game i haven't seen. Seems, in spite of the outcome, they put forth some effort tonight. This is what happens when you have a bunch of minor league players trying to compete with a real NHL team. They might get away with 1 or 2 AHLers on the big club, but 7 or 8 are just too many. They may have ruined Debrincat by rushing him into the Hawks. And I do believe we are seeing the end of the Quennville era in Chicago. He is afraid to call out Toews, Kieth, Seabrook, etc. in the media. Put a fork in this team......they're done.
  2. antiqueff

    1/20 Hawks vs Islanders

    Good points tincup. I'm sure they will play it out and see what happens. I do see major changes coming this summer.
  3. antiqueff

    1/20 Hawks vs Islanders

    Everything I have read, it sounds unlikely we will see him again this season. Vertigo is a symptom of concussion. I think this season is lost. This team is a steaming, stinking mess. No leadership on or behind the bench. No heart. A captain who does nothing on or off the ice. Time to say goodbye to Q and the Bowmans. They've outlived their usefulness in Chicago. The Panarin for Saad trade is an epic fail. Oh well, there will be a next season.
  4. antiqueff

    1/20 Hawks vs Islanders

    Is it better to try to trade for a goalie and try to salvage this season, or tank it and try for the draft lottery? What say you?
  5. antiqueff

    1/20 Hawks vs Islanders

    This team is a pathetic mess. Fire both Bowmans and Quennville. This team will NOT make the playoffs. This team has no heart and no leadership. Q's pressor and all player interviews will be the same bullcrap we've heard ad nauseum.
  6. antiqueff

    12/06 Hawks vs Caps

    Wow PP. Time to take off the Hawks-colored glasses and stop drinking the Kool-Aid. This team sucks. Stanbo has made some awful screwed-up trades of late. It is painfully obvious that Q has lost the room. The players no longer listen to him. Therefor, time for him to hit the road. We are all grateful for the cups, but that is ancient history now. Barring some miracle, the hawks won't even MAKE the playoffs this season. They are an embarrassment.
  7. antiqueff

    12/06 Hawks vs Caps

    The Hawks team isn't even a shadow of the team of 2015. They need to start a rebuild. First to go should be Bowman. All his recent moves have been MAJOR duds. Next is fire Q. The players are no longer listening to him. He's obviously "lost the room". Take the C away from the $10M man. WAAAAAYYY overpaid. No longer the leader he once was. Trade? If they can find some fool to take his contract. Trade Saad. He has been invisible most games. End the Hartman experiment. He does NOTHING right. Waste of good air. Ditto Forsling. Find a good backup for Crawford. Forsberg sux, as does Berube. Trade Seabrook. Age has caught up to him. He's too slow. Tonight's game (?) was a pathetic, effortless exhibition that perfectly illustrated a team with no heart that doesn't give a **** about its fanbase. IMHO (and maybe mine only) that a complete rebuild is necessary. And sooner, rather than later. They apparently are going for a draft lottery spot. I apologize for the rant, but watching a gutless, nutless effortless game is completely embarrassing. This team, to a player should be ashamed of themselves. Perhaps Testosterone (Google it!) shots for every player are in order. Looks like every player was neutered prior to the start of this season. End of rant. Sorry Hawk FANS. .
  8. antiqueff

    Stan As Gm

    Lord, I have to hope you're wrong about the rebuild time frame. Imho, I don't think anyone wants to watch the crap we've been watching most of this season until 2023. Save for a few games, it has been very painful to watch this team stumble thru game after game looking like a beer-league team trying to play nhl teams. The multi-millionaire prima donnas (looking at you Toews, Keith, Saad et all) have their big $$$, long-term contracts and their rings so they don't have anything more to prove. They are showing us Hawk fans that they no longer care about winning cups or about us, only about collecting their humongus paychecks. Their contracts contain clauses that protect them from any kind of retribution for poor play, like sending them to Rockford. Again, in my opinion the 1st thing they need to do is fire Bowman. It appears he has developed early dementia and has lost his ability to make good decisions regarding trades. Where years ago he could trade a bag of marbles for a valuable player, he now does just the exact opposite. Next it appears the players no longer listen to Q (he has "lost the room"). Therefor, it's time for him to move on. If not Q, then you need to move some of the core players. The current core is apparently not providing the leadership necessary to help the younger players develop their skills and to motivate them to perform to the best of their ability. Perhaps it's time to move Toews or Kane (go ahead haters and hate) to free up some cap space and aquire some skilled, lower priced players. Some young, faster skaters with some size and grit is what's missing. Aquire a better backup goaltender for Crawford. Forsberg doesn't appear to be the answer as proven by his numbers. As of now, the Hawks are on the outside looking in at the playoffs. If some or all of the above are not done on or before the trade deadline, we will be watching the last Hawks game of the 2017-18 season in early April. Will any of this happen? Only time will tell. However, if this season continues as it has so far, I can't imagine Rocky Wirtz watching his bottom line drop significantly as people stay away from the games in droves. The future depends on change. And that change needs to happen sooner rather than later. There is a lot of hockey left in this season. I know this. But we, as fans must remember the definition of insanity is doing things the same way and expecting a different result. Rocky Wirtz and John McDonaugh (sp?) are not insane. If the Hawks don't right this ship, things will change. Don't be surprised when it happens. End of rant.
  9. antiqueff

    12/03 Hawks vs Kings

    Gig, I must have watched a different game than you. What I saw was a Hawks team that sucked arse all night. Maybe I just finally took off my Hawk-colored glasses. Other than the first 2 games of the season and the recent short winning streak, I don't think there is a more overpaid, disinterested team in the league. Mark my words, if things don't change soon, they will not make the playoffs. Some individuals (cough...cough Toews), Saad and others should be trade bait for some players who possess a pair of Testicles. There are none on this team. End of rant.
  10. antiqueff

    12/03 Hawks vs Kings

    Wow! What a bunch of overpaid sissy boys. No guts or even any heart on this team. They need to fire Bowman and Q now. Otherwise a good draft pick is in the Hawks future.
  11. antiqueff

    Are You Worried Yet?

    Well here we are Hawks fans, quickly approaching the quarter pole of the season and we have a .500 team. Now I have only seen a handful of games (thanks Spectrum Cable for not carrying NHL Center Ice) so, aside from lowlights I've only listened to the games. Imho, this is an uninspired, disinterested group of overpaid athletes some of whom are past their prime. They have no heart. It has become painfully obvious that the coach has lost the room. When the players no longer listen to the coach and buy into his system, they skate around doing their own thing. Some blame must also lie with the GM. Over the last offseasons, he has traded away valuable assets for what amounts to a box of rocks. He signed players to albatross-type contracts, each with a NMC, making it nearly impossible to move them. Frankly, I will not be surprised if one or both are gone by the end of the season. To answer the question posed in this thread, I believe it is time to worry.
  12. antiqueff

    11/01 Hawks vs Flyers

    DELINE IT!! Take the yardage!
  13. antiqueff

    11/01 Hawks vs Flyers

    Quite right, GT. Too many nutcases running loose in the world.
  14. antiqueff

    11/01 Hawks vs Flyers

    Not sure how tonight's contest will shake out. Per NBCSN, Q bag skated the boys. I must say.....its about time. Time for these multi-millionaire pansies start playing like they are worth the $$$.
  15. antiqueff

    10/09 Hawks vs Leafs