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  1. LeBlanc did have a lot of points but had nowhere near NHL speed and that will keep him off the roster imho. He does see the ice well and distribute the puck but will not be able to increase his speed enough to crack an nhl line-up long term.
  2. There were many better than LeBlanc in 13. He was probably the best example of a team leader but there were many better players that year.
  3. I think Kane will win but second place will go to Syd, not McDavid
  4. Agree Modry. I would like to see more of Vinny. Haven't felt that Kero brings the energy that Vinny brought. May be responsible in Q's system but he (67) doesn't seem to have much upside to me. Also would like to get a good look at Hayden to see if he can be a big center to replace 15 for now or into future. Hopefully AA will be back in due time. I thought he broke his ankle when I first saw the replay.
  5. I got to sit next to Kero's parents last year when he made his debut in Minneapolis. Very nice people, even for Yoopers!
  6. I always like how everyone seems to assume that if Kane scores x number points and Panarin x number of points playing together, that by breaking them up we are just moving x number of points to a different line. I wouldn't be so quick to split up the second line. 1 + 1 may equal 3 when they are together and less than 2 when seperated.
  7. Written by a guy who obviously never played high level sports and has no understanding of the strain a long season(s) of a highly physical sport can have on a players body, and the recovery that is so necessary for replenishing the body, and obviously someone who has never taught a classroom of students.
  8. He is a special player
  9. Again, to split up the only line with chemistry to hope you are going to create chemistry somewhere else is not smart. To assume that Kane and Panarin and Anisimov are going to continue to score once split up is a long asumption. Chemistry is hard to find sometimes. I think the real key is for Toews to start living up to his contract. Keep 19, 81, and 86 together for a few more games to see if they can create something or find Toews and Hossa a forechecking forward to help them create from the offensive corners.
  10. Thanks to the Hossa break aways!
  11. Anyone who is in favor of breaking up the second line and the chemisy they have is off base, to say the least. When you have a unit playing as they are, you do not break it apart because somewhere else little Jonny isn't scoring. The only reason you even up your lines is so that the other team cant key on your top line. If I was our opponent I would key on that second line, and Im sure that is what they are doing, yet it has still not cooled down 88,72,15. The 1st line is not going to play better when they start becoming the line to be keyed on. Roll number two until someone stops it. You dont kill it yourself just to do everybody a favor. You don't change your play clling i football to even out the runs and passes when the other team has not shown that they can stop your run. You stay with it.
  12. From one Saluki to another, welcome to the boards!
  13. Actually MVR, the time to completely overhaul the PP was a few years ago. But I do like your ideas, especially putting Anissimov in front of the net. I dont think Shaw has been very effective there.
  14. Not sure if I agree Lord. I thought defense gave up too many chances and were often caught out of position, especially Seabrook. Crow gave up two goals but he made so many spectacular saves that he singlehandedly shut down their scoring chances. Defensemen, not so much.
  15. Maybe Doogie but you know as well as I do that Q won't let a good thing ride.