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  1. Hawks season is FINALLY here!!!!

  2. Hey all..just wondering who will be attending the training camp festival this year?? My wife got tickets so we will be there with kids in tow. lol

  3. Looks like our next victims are L.A!!!!

    1. yooper496


      Right on, 'hide!

    2. yooper496


      BTW, do you like my "mask"?

    3. hsbob


      We're gonna' need you at your menacing best this series big fella!

  4. Been CRAZY busy this summer with getting engaged ( to the best woman I could have ever wished for btw.. :) ) moving in with her and getting ALL SIX of our kids acclimated in our home...but now... THE MASK IS BACK!!!!

  5. Looking forward to your pics this year!

  6. Happy Birthday, Big Fella!!

  7. Sorry to hear about Jim Quigley, man. That's really tough for his family and for Local#1. I am a United Steelworker, Local 4950. I'm a heavy equipment operator at an iron ore mine. We make the pellets taht steel is made from so you can do you thing! That is kinda cool.

  8. We'll be coming down from Upper Michigan for Sunday's game versus Minnesota. Hope to see at the UC!

  9. The season CANNOT start SOON enough!!!!

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    2. hawkinmontreal


      I hear you Ironhide, Its feels like an eternity since the hawks have laced them up

    3. Big-T


      Here yay here yay. I bring to you. The Sons of Muspel. They include.... The Devel, The SuperDevil, and Lopt the treacherous!!!

    4. Ironhide26


      LOL!! Big T ... your creativity is second to none my friend!!

  10. MANY thanks for all the help on my new avatar and signature bro!!! You really are WAY talented!!!

  11. Not only do you seem to be a cool Hawks fan, you add to your coolness with the Transformers love. :)

    G1 4 Life!

  12. Bro,... just when I didnt think you could come up with anything funnier than the Stalberg quotes.. you add the line about the stalker fan,...lmfao!! ;)

  13. Hey Bro... LOVE that signature!!!! Best one EVER!! lmao!!