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  1. iceman603

    10/13 Hawks vs Blues

    He sure isn't the same guy that he was when he went to Columbus.
  2. iceman603

    10/13 Hawks vs Blues

    No communication between the two. Manning wasn't expecting the pass.
  3. iceman603

    10/13 Hawks vs Blues

    Much as I hate to say but Allen actually played better than Ward. If it hadn't been for the 2nd and third goals I wouldn't be able to say that.
  4. iceman603

    10/13 Hawks vs Blues

    As I watched this game play out it appeared as though the Blackhawks started with a lot of energy and got out to the lead. As time went on it looked like the Blues tried to lull the Blackhawks to sleep and it almost worked. Good thing for Ward, they woke up before it was too late.
  5. iceman603

    10/11 Hawks vs Wild

    I don't give a dam what goaltender you put in there, the d-zone play has to get better. The turnovers, coverage and giveaways are unreal. The only thing positive that stuck out tonight was Hayden diving face first to block a ****. He could have been seriously hurt but that didn't stop him from making the play. Manning has also been pretty good but Keith and others look like $hit.
  6. iceman603

    10/07 Hawks vs Leafs

    Unless you have Keith at the point. He can't keep the puck in if his life depends on it.
  7. iceman603

    10/07 Hawks vs Leafs

    Hawks have yet to score a PP goal yet they scored twice tonight with 6 on 5???
  8. iceman603

    10/07 Hawks vs Leafs

    Hoping exactly that. No one knows what to expect from Crow until he gets back into a game. Long time to recover from a concussion.
  9. Forced to live in the territory of the HATED St. Louis Blues

  10. iceman603

    10/07 Hawks vs Leafs

    I meant it is a bright spot not a mirage.
  11. iceman603

    10/07 Hawks vs Leafs

    Add Toews' start to that.
  12. iceman603

    10/07 Hawks vs Leafs

    No, I agree probably right. Too many times guys are left open in the slot, Austin Mathews for example on the 6th and I am sure many other occasions tonight and in the first two games as well. D-zone coverage is terrible.
  13. iceman603

    10/07 Hawks vs Leafs

    Not before Crow comes back.
  14. iceman603

    10/07 Hawks vs Leafs

    Cam is no Crow, but at times he has really kept the Hawks close enough to take all three into OT. BAD goal on the winner tonight though.
  15. iceman603

    10/07 Hawks vs Leafs

    The fact that the Hawks got a point is a miracle The fact that they didn't get two is a shame. The d-zone coverage HAS to get better and the special teams... Lets just say they suck right now. Wish we had a face-off guy like O'Reilly of the Blues.