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  1. 12/12 Hawks vs Panthers

    He just has no business on the PP
  2. 12/12 Hawks vs Panthers

    Hawks didn't show any desire in the third until they fell behind. That's a dangerous habit to get into.
  3. 12/12 Hawks vs Panthers

    Last gams he was here looks like the Kings game.
  4. 12/12 Hawks vs Panthers

    Anyone got any links for this one?
  5. 12/10 Hawks vs Yotes

    Wonder if he's right. He used to drive the net, now looks like he's afraid of any contact or lost a step.
  6. 12/10 Hawks vs Yotes

    Looks like everyone is using a rubber stick.
  7. 12/10 Hawks vs Yotes

    The Hawks' lack of confidence shows on almost every play. this team has got to get it together and prove to themselves, at least, that they are better than they have shown. They can't just keep saying it, they have to do it.
  8. 12/10 Hawks vs Yotes

    Yeah missed MJ and GT last game. Maybe others too.
  9. 12/10 Hawks vs Yotes

    Jordan Oesterle gonna get a chance to prove he should stay in the lineup for awhile.
  10. 12/08 Hawks vs Sabres

    if the initial play coming into the zone is offside, the entire play is called back no matter how long they have the puck in the attack zone.
  11. 12/08 Hawks vs Sabres

    Two points yes but without a shorty and a penalty shot save, it still took ot to beat a low tier team.
  12. 12/08 Hawks vs Sabres

  13. 12/08 Hawks vs Sabres

    1st pp goal in ten games for Buffalo. Buffalo 30th pp in the league.
  14. 12/08 Hawks vs Sabres

    shoot the dam puck.
  15. 12/08 Hawks vs Sabres

    Guess I'm only listening tonight.