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  1. iceman603

    2/14 Hawks vs Devils

    Hawks need to exact some revenge for the beating they took last time these two teams played, especially since the Blues laid it to the Devils last night.
  2. iceman603

    2/02 Hawks vs Wild

    All the links are showing the wrong game.
  3. iceman603

    1/14 Hawks vs Devils

    Good thing the Devils are having trouble scoring this season and their MVP from last season is out tonight or this could b e a real laugher. Oh wait, never mind.
  4. iceman603

    1/12 Hawks vs Knights

    Bad goal at a bad time. Delia a bit of a softie at the end of the second period likely the turning point.
  5. iceman603

    1/09 Hawks vs Preds

    These are national feeds: http://www.nhlstream.net/chicago-blackhawks-live-stream/ http://fans.blackhawks.nhl.com/community/topic/40043-109-hawks-vs-preds/ I was hoping to find a Chicago feed but not so far.
  6. iceman603

    1/09 Hawks vs Preds

    WOW! Kunitz. You ARE dreamin'.
  7. iceman603

    1/07 Hawks vs Flames

    Could have used Henri tonight.
  8. iceman603

    1/07 Hawks vs Flames

    Not afraid to stick his nose in the dirty areas. We could use more of that.
  9. iceman603

    1/07 Hawks vs Flames

    Yeah, I thought the same thing. No one on that far point to stop the puck from clearing the O zone.
  10. iceman603

    1/07 Hawks vs Flames

    At the very least they are finding out what they have to look forward to in the future. Delia is securing his future seemingly every time he is out there.
  11. iceman603

    1/06 Hawks vs Pens

    Already being one short that is a $hit call
  12. iceman603

    1/06 Hawks vs Pens

    Great save % Cam
  13. iceman603

    1/06 Hawks vs Pens

    Is this game on a Chicago channel and if so are there any of those links. The thought of listening to Pierre makes me sick to my stomach.
  14. iceman603

    1/06 Hawks vs Pens

    Before the game I hope.
  15. iceman603

    12/23 Hawks vs Panthers

    Hawks must have thought this was Easter, not Christmas. They sure laid an egg tonight. Merry Christmas everyone.