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  1. Hawk Moves 2017-2018

    Didn't see any previous comments on this so forgive me if I missed them. Heard a rumor that Hossa has retired. Hope he has gotten healthy and that this is untrue.
  2. 4/06 Hawks vs Blues (Home Finale)

    It can sure take a so so talent and raise his appearance but it looks like even Vegas has slowed some lately.
  3. 4/06 Hawks vs Blues (Home Finale)

    I guess hoping for a repeat of the other night was asking too much. most of the night the team looked uninterested. Looking forward to having a real goalie next season and hoping for some changes either in personnel or attitudes. Maybe Toews would agree to restructure his deal if they traded him to Winnipeg.
  4. 3/30 Hawks vs Avs

    I did watch and still say the avs player should have gotten an extra 2 mins. ANYTIME you punch someone in the back of the head it's a cheap shot. Blind side, ever hear of that?
  5. 3/30 Hawks vs Avs

    Still can't figure out why the Hawks didn't get the man advantage when Murphy was punched in the back of the head.
  6. 3/30 Hawks vs Avs

    That was a great dive. His foot was off the ice when he got near the penalized player.
  7. 3/30 Hawks vs Avs

    They must have brought in four people from the crowd to officiate this game.
  8. 3/30 Hawks vs Avs

    Bull$hit goal on a bull$hit penalty call. Goalie has to be allowed to make the save.
  9. 3/24 Hawks vs Islanders

    Not off to a really good start are they? Isles worst in GAA and save %. Probably shut out the Hawks tonight.
  10. 3/24 Hawks vs Islanders

    Would really like to see them beat the dumb a$$ blues at least once. The thought of them making the playoffs makes me want to vomit.
  11. 3/24 Hawks vs Islanders

    Guess I am just listening tonight unless I want to watch the Isles stream. The other one not working for me now.
  12. 3/22 Hawks vs Canucks

    Not likely to end soon. The Islanders scored 6 on Tampa tonight. Vancouver having trouble scoring!!!
  13. 3/22 Hawks vs Canucks

    Someone said about a month ago that the Oilers wouldn't catch the Hawks.
  14. 3/22 Hawks vs Canucks

    Can we activate Jimmy Waite?
  15. 3/22 Hawks vs Canucks

    these backups seem to have no good instincts.