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  1. Granada

    Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    Are you implying that he had no input whatsoever with this move?
  2. Granada

    Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    Typical Bowman move. Sign player on their last legs, and cross your fingers. The "this is for the kids" excuse is convenient.
  3. Granada

    Chicago Bears 2019/2020 season

  4. Granada

    2018/19 playoff predictions

    Just lovely. Now the Blues need to lose; then SJ needs to beat Dallas.
  5. I asked Tony Esposito about this in Midway, and he said that would never happen. This was literally the day before Q was fired. He alluded to that (which I'm sure he knew beforehand by the way, as he said he was with Rocky and Bobby at the book signing he was in town for); and then I mentioned the idea that Bowman be fired for Chelios, and he emphatically shot it down (believe his exact words were "Never happen"). Take for what it's worth. I got the impression that Bowman was more than safe. Of course, anything can change down the road (and I hope it does if Bowman fails this summer), but that hire (if I'm reading Tony O right) was not in relation to being a future replacement of Bowman.
  6. Eff that. Some things are unforgivable. He took pride in zitting on this city and its fans every chance he got; and people/new fans should be reminded of this fact. Maybe if he simply apologized (once), I'd let it go; but he never has, and he never admits what he did, so eff him.
  7. Granada

    Lessons from Tampa

    100% agree -- especially with the bolded.
  8. Granada

    You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    Has he made that much difference on SJ? Bit small of a sample, but how about Shattenkirk on NY? I'd take Trouba or Myers before Karlsson. Hjalmarrson can make Karlsson look goofy, for crying out loud. I haven't watched much of the SJ series because of work commitments/need for sleep, but from what I've seen, he's looked really bad on a few GA. This team needs defensive. Desperately. Light years, I'd say, before they need another "difference maker." Get a player who specialty is defense, as we are desperately insufficient in that department. It's really that simple.
  9. Granada

    You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    You just said "he's not known for his defence." That's where I get it from: because it's true. This team needs a competent D-man who can actually play defense before anything else. If they're going to spend that type of money on the position, I want a D-man who is known for his D before a D-man who is known for his O -- plain and simple. Keep Guss and throw him on the 3rd pair and PP, while limiting his minutes.
  10. Granada

    You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    Karlsson is terrible defensively. Pass.
  11. Granada

    Lessons from Tampa

    The latter, in my view. Once the Hawks lost to both Colorado and Dallas that weekend before the deadline, the writing was on the wall. I said it before and I'll say it again: I'm actually glad the Hawks are not in the playoffs, at this point and seeing how other teams are performing. I just can't see the Hawks performing anywhere near the level I'm seeing out of everyone else, even with a bottom-tier rental or two added.
  12. Granada

    Lessons from Tampa

    I feel like he tries too hard to have his cake and eat it too by acquiring "depth" players at the lowest possible costs, crossing his fingers, and hoping they're still useful. 9 times out of 10, they're not; they're guys on their last legs who bring nothing to the table, especially to a team where they are asked to fill even higher roles they're not capable of filling. This is the problem, and it has to stop. Meaningful depth has to be acquired this off-season. There is cap space available; and if you need to move a guy like AA, then move him. I would not make grandiose changes to the roster either -- Bowman couldn't do that, even if he wanted to, at this point -- but that doesn't mean he can't make substantial moves that he's failed to make in years past. There are no more excuses for Bowman; he needs to stop getting garbage/swan-songs like Kunitz and make some real moves that actually fill the many holes on this team.
  13. Granada

    2018/19 playoff predictions

    I fell asleep early last night and just watched the highlights now -- I hate the Blues, but that was hysterically funny how the Jets blew that game.
  14. Granada

    Lessons from Tampa

    Fair enough, but you can't build depth on the cheap with players on their last legs (Kunitz, Sharp, Campbell, etc., etc., etc.), like Bowman has been doing for years now.
  15. Granada

    Lessons from Tampa

    Duchene is much more than a top six-scorer. He's a center with good size who can win face-offs, play on the PP, and most desperately needed, play on the PK. He's also defensively sound -- which is also much needed. Caggiula isn't a realistic long-term option in the top-six, so again, that's a hole there. I wonder if Perlini is just a flash-in-the-pan there as well. This team is in desperate need of the following (as they were since before the year began, compliments of Bowman's inaction): top-six forward (preferably who is defensively sound), top-4 D, and 3LC (defensively sound). There are the holes that need to be filled. Now. 4th liners on their last legs wouldn't have filled them.