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  1. Okay Our Defence?

    I don't see how Svedberg is re-signed at this point, but I suppose you never know. If the Hawks could pawn Guss to Boston I'd be fine with it, depending on the return. I didn't understand the signing in the slightest when Guss was re-upped, so I certainly wouldn't miss him.
  2. 2017/18 playoff predictions

    Did anyone else think that should have been icing on Washington's 2nd goal last night? The ref waved it off but I thought the Tampa player beat him to the puck; it was close, but he was ahead of the Caps player to me.
  3. You Be The Gm

    I would Bob. He's getting long in the tooth and you're right, he did have a bad year, but he's a mean physical presence with size/scoring ability who can play in a top-six. I'd have no problem adding him if the price works. Part of me is hoping that the Hawks can somehow still land E.Kane -- I know that's highly unlikely, but Lucic would be a nice consolation.
  4. Blackhawks Eulogy

    I forgot where I read it now, but it made sense: basically, there's a rumor going around that since Bowman made such a "splash" with re-tooling the roster last year, that he's basically going to stand pat, as he's afraid to make the same mistake (i.e. making these drastic changes akin to Saad for Panarin, etc.) twice and all but seal his fate of getting fired.
  5. 2017/18 playoff predictions

    What would be even better than Vegas winning the Cup, for me, is if they get swept.
  6. Hossa done?

    ^ Good points.
  7. Hossa done?

    It could be, yes. Send a definitive message to the teams that need to get to the cap floor. There's no doubt Hossa would agree and now, there's no doubt he'll be back in the organization. Definitely win/win, as long as we can move him without giving up a Schmaltz or other high sweetner, which Bowman has never really shown he's capable.
  8. Hossa done?

    I'm worried about this too, but then again, he hasn't "officially" retired, right? I mean yeah, he's done (the grand majority of us knew this already); and he's saying "I'm done" in the reports, but he's also saying he has "3 years left on his contract," which implies that he isn't "officially" retiring. So the Hawks can still LTIR him (if they can't move his contract), I'd imagine. I'm actually glad he's being upfront about it and we don't have to hear silly rumors of him coming back anymore. The fans and especially the team can plan accordingly. Hossa was a beast. I still remember how excited I was when the Hawks nabbed him. I can remember arguing with many people who were upset in that they felt we shafted Havlat for Hossa. You could almost argue that this move somewhat started the "Anti-McDonough" movement, in that many believed he was behind the Hossa-for-Havlat (i.e. bring in a shiny, new big name free agent for marketing) move. Either way, what a move. I'll always remember Hossa as a penultimate professional and an absolute tank on the ice. We were so lucky to have a player as tenacious and all-around great as he was.
  9. Michal Kempney Feel Good Stories

    That's fair, and I think you would have been right; in 2 years, he may very well develop into that. I just think in the end, for the Hawks, they couldn't afford to wait that long for a guy like Kempny. You can afford to wait 2 years for a guy like Oesterle or Forsling, who are still young and whose potential is somewhat "endless" compared to an already 27 year old who may already be who he is at this point in his life. That and like you say, Kempny wasn't going to re-sign here anyway -- I'm sure he was upset with Q for benching him, even though (in my opinion) Q was warranted. Kempny had some nice moments, but overall he always left me wanting much more. He never really utilized that size well; he's on pace even today for about a hit per game, from when he was with the Hawks through right now with Washington. I wouldn't say he was "good" at winning battles, clearing the crease, etc. Kempny's biggest hurdle, was that we don't have a #3 D man, and our top 2 D men all but sucked the majority of the year; throw in 2 rookies and Rutta (who outplayed Kempny this year, in my view; not by much, but seemed to be more consistent for a lengthier period of time), and you have a recipe for departure. His situation now with Carlson, Orlov, and Niskanen is much better for him than with Keith, Seabrook, and Murphy; as there is far more room-for-error for him with the former three than there ever was here. In summation, I can't say I miss him (at least, not yet) and I don't blame the Hawks for moving him; and although I don't necessarily agree that he warranted more ice time here, I can see why you'd be disappointed that he didn't get a better look.
  10. 2017/18 playoff predictions

    That's actually a nice way to look at it; and I've never really thought about that. I've always held the belief that we would have won it all 3 years (13,14,15) had we won in 14, but you're right; that's not necessarily true, and it definitely makes 2014 sting a little less when you think about it in those terms.
  11. Michal Kempney Feel Good Stories

    The whole team matters. This is a team sport, and depth is needed. Depth without a foundation is useless, which is why Kempny was expendable.
  12. Michal Kempney Feel Good Stories

    We have to put this into perspective here: Right now, Kempny is 4th in TOI, with only 3 more seconds than Orpik who is 5th. He doesn't PK (2:20 total in the playoffs). In his "defense" (I'm hilarious), he doesn't get any PP time either (0:26). So yeah, he's able to stick in the D corp because he isn't expected to do as much as he was expected here. I think the fact we had so many holes and the fact we required players who weren't ready to fill holes (which Kempny was one of; not to the fault of his own so much, but nevertheless) is why this team failed so badly this year. It was also why Kempny was expendable: because, on a team with less holes (which the Hawks are far from), he's tolerable; but on a team with a plethora of holes, he's useless because he doesn't help adequately enough. He's nice filler, but useless with a zitty foundation. That's my opinion, anyway.
  13. Michal Kempney Feel Good Stories

    He sure looked familiar on that first goal by TB last night.
  14. 2017/18 playoff predictions

    Maybe he should stop the manic head-turn routine on the bench, pre-game. Bad juju. Honestly though, I feel like that does more harm than good sometimes. I know he chalks it up to "getting focused," but it just shows how ridiculously nervous the guy is. Sometimes I think it can have a reverse effect, but that's just me. I know the majority of players have some sort of routine, but certain ones seem more "over the top" than others.
  15. You Be The Gm

    Yeah, nobody was more excited to swap Panarin for Saad than me -- I'll admit -- but like everyone, I was beyond disappointed in his performance this past year. That said (and maybe this is the optimist in me talking), I'm hopeful he can bounce back this year; the guy is still very young, and we know what he's capable of when he's on his game. I could be wrong, but I still believe he can. Hayden is the great hope, and understandably so. I'm excited about his potential; I just hope he can take that next step sooner rather than later.