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  1. I have mixed feelings about this. For one, I think it's great for the Hawks' star players, rest-wise. On the other hand, this is occurring when the US is finally getting awesome talent in the NHL with guys like Tkachuk, Matthews, etc, and would probably have one of the best rosters a US team has had for a while now (if NHL'ers were allowed to play). Can you imagine a guy like Tkachuk on the Olympic stage against Team Canada? That alone would be epic and bring the rivalry to a complete boil. Also, I'm not going to lie: I probably won't pay as much attention as I would if NHL'ers were participating. I'll check out a few games of course (when I can), but I won't go out of my way to see certain match-ups, as I've been prone to do.
  2. ^ Unsure. He was diagnosed with either Alzheimer's or Dementia. Definitely a shame and I hope he and his family get such a tough and unfortunate circumstance. I agree, Hossa wouldn't move just to become an ambassador anyways.
  3. Guess Brandon Pirri is heading to the Swiss League. This guy was supposed to be the next big thing. Guess you just never know.
  4. Who are the ambassadors now? Hull, Mikita, Espo, that it? If it's a limited club, then yeah, no to Sharp. If it's a very limited group, I'm putting Toews and Kane (and Keith) as ambassadors before Hossa.
  5. I haven't given it much thought, really. I'd agree in the sense that, Sharp and Hossa were more instrumental in the Cup runs than Campbell, but I don't know if there is any criteria for being an ambassador. If Campbell wanted to be one, that's fine by me. It's nice that he and Mayers are in administrative roles now; maybe that's all they're looking for.
  6. Makes sense. In a way, it's a bit unfortunate for him because I'm sure he still wants to keep playing, but the fact he moved back to Chicago pretty much tied his hands (when it comes to family, who wants to settle in Chicago and wasn't up for another move). Since Chicago doesn't want him back, he figures he'll hang him up and still be able to settle with a suit gig, so there's some consolation.
  7. ^ Right and as OTH said, he's a bit younger (29).
  8. Yeah, and it sounds like he'd be an upgrade over Campbell at least. That alone makes it worth it.
  9. True, that is what intrigues me about E.Kane. That and he's also still quite young, unlike Pudgeball.
  10. Evidently, there's some talk about the Hawks inviting Cody Franson to training camp. I think this is good and I was predicting something like this, based on the Hawks penchant for doing so with D-men in the past. Hopefully, Franson would actually warrant a contract, unlike past players (Hejda, etc.). To me, this team is still down 3 important pieces: a top six forward, a third line center, and a top 4 D. I don't think he's been officially invited yet; there are just rumblings so far.
  11. Looks like Guss was signed for 650,000. Nice move, hope he can take the next step though.
  12. I'm not sure I'd want Kessel. Guy just seems like a primadonna to me. Those hissy-fits he threw on the bench in the playoffs this year were pathetic. If I remember right, he's been somewhat of a problem in the locker room, since his days in Toronto. I wouldn't want him, but I'd be open to taking E.Kane (if the deal was right)....oh, the irony.
  13. Exactly, not to mention, Duchene is exactly what this team needs: size, speed, scoring, and face-off prowess. He and Saad would both be fantastic pick-ups this year. AA on the third line would be fantastic and provide depth that the Hawks desperately lack in the bottom six. I'd love it, like I said, but I'm not going to get my hopes completely up because I don't think it will happen.
  14. God, I hope this happens.
  15. Bowman didn't necessarily have to be a psychic to know that signing Crawford the off-season prior to when Toews & Kane were both up for new contracts would cost the team other very important pieces moving forward, particularly since his plan all along (at least, seemingly) was to sign both of them. They made 6 million their last contracts. They were going to command at least a 3 million dollar raise above that, as their performances really didn't dip during that time. At least, I would hope he understood that at the time and had at least a bit of foresight (dollar wise), because if he didn't, he shouldn't be a GM.