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  1. 9/21 Preseason Hawks vs Wings

    ^ One thing I liked about the coach interview with Ulf between periods is he specifically stated that his goal was to make the PK more aggressive. That's very encouraging and I believe will work wonders.
  2. You Be The Gm

    Yes, I've heard this too. The reports/rumors out there, are that he was (at least at one point, recently) asking for 4 million. For that price, there's no way in hell I'd ever take him.
  3. Hossa done?

    Right. If the league completely reverses course so soon toward this season start (if not, after Game 1), when they could have ruled on this already, would be completely irresponsible and unfair (to put it lightly) -- particulary after the assurance Betteman gave on the matter right when Hossa's diagnosis was revealed. They would be completely handcuffing Bowman and the Hawks at this point.
  4. Hossa done?

    Yes, they probably were. So what? Hawks certainly weren't the first and they certainly won't be the last. Look at how the Kings dealt with Richards to relieve their cap hell. Look at Pronger. This what teams do. They'll try to gain any advantage they can, as long as they do it legally. Perhaps the Hossa deal was shady, but the league looked at it, and pretty much deemed they couldn't do anything about it, as it was "legal enough" so to speak. The end. Same with Hossa. If it's legitimate, it's legitimate. If it isn't, that's still pretty impressive he would take one for the team like that and hang them up. I don't know either way; I won't pretend like I do, but if it's "legal enough," then it's legal enough. Someone asked why Hossa wouldn't fake a concussion, and the simple answer would be that, this actually was a legitimate ailment he suffered during the regular season; so that's why. Now, whether or not it is actually serious enough to force him to retire is another question that only Hossa could tell you. I guess the only thing in the end is this: Hossa was still a damn productive locomotive, even last year. He had 26 goals and 45 points last year. This isn't some bust like Dipietro we're talking about here. The Hawks aren't as strong without him in the lineup; this is undeniable and in my opinion, this will factor heavily on the league's decision (which will be favorable to the Hawks, if I have to make a prediction).
  5. 9/21 Preseason Hawks vs Wings

    Didn't see the whole game, and I know it was just pre-season, but I had the biggest smile on my face watching Saad last night -- guy was a wrecking machine last night and is exactly what this team was missing last year: crashing the net, paying the price, etc. I liked the Panarin trade then and I like it even more now. Kampf and Oesterle looked solid; and I'm hoping Kampf makes the team. Murphy = meh. Svedberg = bad. I still don't see what people see in this kid -- horrifically slow and not very sound at all. Schmaltz looked pretty solid to start the game, but when he got leveled in the second and the Wangs scored their first goal, he seemed to cool off for the rest of the game. I could be wrong there; just from what I saw. Too many passes. AA, Kero, Hartman, etc. This team needs to quit this bull zit already and shoot the puck when you're in prime scoring position and forget about the cute play. You're not the Harlem globetrotters.
  6. You Be The Gm

    Yeah, I'd rather try to Duchene or Landeskog any day. I'm not all that interested in Jagr really. It is ironic he's waiting until after the first day of regular season. I guess I'd only be really upset if Jagr comes here for anything more than peanuts.
  7. Hawks Training Camp Roster 17-18

    Not surprised; I only saw the 2nd period of the first pre-season game, so I can't really go on how they performed, but they were worth a look at least.
  8. You Be The Gm

    You both make great points. I'm not sold on Kempny; have never been. To me, he'd be slotted too high on the 2nd tandem. However, part of me wonders if there aren't more pressing needs currently in the forward core; and whether you'd really want to invest the bulk of the cap space (that will be freed once Hossa is on LTIR) on 2 d-men. Franson will most likely get 2 million alone, so you'd have almost 4 million of that space tied up (assuming you don't send a substantial salary the other way). It's not a bad idea by any means, though. I certainly wouldn't be upset if it happened.
  9. 9/19 Preseason Hawks vs Jackets

    I was only able to see the 2nd period last night, but I noticed this too -- they were much more aggressive on the PK and they actually were successful at blocking shots, which was encouraging to say the least, and hopefully continues. That one PK unit in the 2nd, I'm pretty sure every guy blocked a shot (can't remember exactly who was out there now except Kempny, who was about to die after blocking a shot but stayed out there -- a lone bright spot for him last night). Also agree on Rutta, Dauphin, and Kampf. What did you think of Hayden? Like I said, I didn't see much, but I liked his aggression and his willingness to crash the net.
  10. Chicago Bears 2017/18 season

    ^ Agree, and that would be the proper strategy. Wait until the o-line (and maybe the receiving core?) gets healthy; let Trubisky learn the system more.
  11. Hawks Training Camp Roster 17-18

    Only saw the 2nd period, but I'd agree. I liked Hayden's aggression. Kampf looked pretty good too -- at least from what I saw. Franson had a nice break-up on a two-on-one.
  12. Chicago Bears 2017/18 season

    No one is twisting any arms to make people go to the games. If people don't like what they're selling, don't go. This team isn't doing anything this season as a whole; Trubisky is in jeopardy with this o-line; and Trubisky is useless with this receiving core anyway. You will still lose with Trubisky; he won't change anything, and you will risk permanently damaging your future star quarterback....and for what? A loss will still be a loss and the risk isn't worth the reward.
  13. Chicago Bears 2017/18 season

    That was more like it (what I was expecting). People want Trubisky and I honestly think that's crazy at this point. What would that do? The majority of your offensive line in injured currently and you have a 3% (if that) at making the playoffs anyway. You might as well just trot Glennon out there instead of the franchise's biggest hope; that's why Glennon was signed -- to be the sacrificial lamb (harsh, but it's true).