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  1. Chicago Bears 2017/18 season

    It was literally adding insult to injury.
  2. Chicago Bears 2017/18 season

    WOW, what a friggin joke. NFL refs take the stupidity throne again.
  3. Are They Having Fun?

    I wouldn't call it doomed, but yes, rebuild bound. The cap and the size of some of the contracts makes it virtually impossible to change the makeup of the team in a significant manner. It's a young man's game these days, especially if you are fast and willing to battle, with some skill mixed into it. I know it's just the begining of the season, but the trend has been evident for the past few years. They are not getting any younger, and other than Kane most have declined in their skills and abilities as well. Seabrook for instance is a decent defenseman at best at this stage of his career, while his salary is 2nd tier. Toews has been struggling for a couple of years now and Keith can no longer anchor a top D pairing. They were paid for past success, which jeopardized future success. They cannot afford the talent needed to keep them afloat anymore.
  4. Are They Having Fun?

    I'd have to say they are definitely not having fun. Losing is not fun, especially if you are giving it your all. In that I see the crux of this team. The game has passed them by, physically and mentally. Those who are meant to carry the team have lost the ability to do so, others are unable. It would be possible to work around the speed that they lack, especially in the playoffs, but you cannot replace the lack of psychological engagement, the willingness to battle for the puck, the effort to get it back when you lose it. Tweaks will not fix things, neither is bringing in more talent. What the team lacks is heart, they are no longer willing to pay the price to win.
  5. 1/15 Hawks vs Wild

    You are right, but I would add that Q shares the blame on this one with playing 7 D. You could see TVR shifting to the right side even though he was playing left D most of the game.
  6. 1/15 Hawks vs Wild

    Again with perimeter play and no sustained O-zone pressure. Team defense is bad, breakouts are on par with peewee hockey, loosing most of the board battles. There is no longer enough speed or talent to break down a neutral zone trap and play a decent dump and chase game.
  7. 1/15 Hawks vs Wild

    One line team.
  8. 1/13 Hawks vs Caps

    Yes, they need a kick in the a$$ for the effort they displayed, no question about that, but I think they would have lost regardless, probably with the score you mentioned. They have been grinding out wins with some great goaltending and a higher than average shooting pct. The result of this game is a combination of a lackadaisical effort and playing against a very good team. I can't predict the future, but my guess is that they bow out in the first round. Anything more than that would require a complete turnaround from #19 and amazing goaltending, barring an unlikely player trade that would bring in exactly what they need. For me Hartman and Hino pass the eye test and the underlying stats confirm it, moreso for Hartman than Hino. However, on a contending team they would be slotted in the bottom six.
  9. 1/13 Hawks vs Caps

    Don't really see it that way. The team needs 3 new players, at least one of whom is a top 6 LW, especially with the way Toews is playing. Hino and Hartman are alright and may be good players in a few years, but they are not top 6 material on a contender.
  10. 1/13 Hawks vs Caps

    It's not just one game, it's a game against a very good team that exposed every weakness the Hawks have.
  11. 1/13 Hawks vs Caps

    Meanwhile, our 10.5M Allstar Captain can't even win a faceoff. Nor pass the puck it seems.
  12. 1/13 Hawks vs Caps

    It's more like the years in between.
  13. 1/13 Hawks vs Caps

    Wish their cap hits showed up.
  14. 1/13 Hawks vs Caps

    I would, no need to waste resources at the trade deadline. Actually, I would be a seller at the deadline.
  15. 1/13 Hawks vs Caps

    Team speed is middle of the pack, team defense is average on the best of nights, the forecheck is of beer-league quality. They spend way too much time in their own zone and not nearly enough in the offensive zone. When they do manage to cycle the puck they stay on the perimeter with no threat to score from the middle of the ice nor the back end. These are problems that can't be fixed in half a season or at the trade deadline.