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  1. I was at camp yesterday, and got a look at a few of the newbies. Debrincat is very small, but yet tough to take off the puck. After all the advertised practices were finished, a few of the forwards from group C and goalies came back out to do some extra work. A few of them I expected to see - Hartman, Hinostroza, and Motte but I was slightly surprised to see John Hayden and Anthony Louis included. Not sure if it means anything, just an interesting observation.
  2. Anybody need an extra convention pass? I have one extra, PM me to make an offer.
  3. They would carry over if it caused the team to go over the yearly cap number
  4. True, it's all about finding a balance between speed/agility and strength. Last summer he put on about 7lbs they said and looks as though he's gotten stronger throughout the year. I don't think he would be at a disadvantage with a similar gain this coming summer, but probably not much more. Either way, the kid looks great out on the ice and is gaining more and more confidence which is proving to be even more important, he was excellent last night. He was a steal to pick up at #18, he's just pure talent and a definite X-factor for the series that TB will find difficult to counter.
  5. I did say IF he needs to be replaced that we have a player in the system that I believe would be capable of doing so. I'm an IceHogs season ticket holder so I get to see plenty of the prospects. With the cap crunch being what it will, we will need to lose some players/salary and I decided to give my opinion on who I believe to be the most capable among the prospects of filling any potential holes in the roster on the cheap. Hopefully we'll have a nice and shiny, silver trophy to make the transition a bit easier.
  6. I'd rather have the cheap young guys, than these hit or miss (mostly miss) older rentals. We've got a few in Rockford that I think will be ready to make the jump next year and just in time. We're gonna need those guys to fill some significant holes that the cap will leave us with. Forwards: Hartman and Danault are the first two that come to mind. Danault I think could replace Kruger if we need him to as soon as next year and his ceiling may be even higher down the road. Hartman is useful just about anywhere, a real tenacious player - really both of them are. Defense: Johns is the big one. I think he'll step in with ease next year. He's got true NHL size and tremendous ability. Next in line would be Pokka, he's still very young and could go either way (up or down) depending on need, but is more likely to play another year in Rockford and TvR will be the other guy that stays up - Q really seemed to like him before the injury.
  7. Seriously though, what is this obsession with hitting that some people have? The Hawks play a possession game, and when you have the puck a majority of the time you just aren't going to be the one hitting. It's that simple, you don't need to throw hits left and right to play an effective game (unless you're Shaw or of the sort).
  8. Congrats to the kid on scoring his first NHL goal!! I am expecting to see many more in his future.
  9. Just trying to clear up any confusion, I've met Teuvo a few times out here in Rockford so I've got a bit of an idea of his h/w. He is rather slight still, but I did notice a difference between last year and this summer and now. He's definitely been trying very hard to get bigger and stronger. He spent his summer here working with the coaches and you can see the results.
  10. He's 5'11", not so sure what unbelievable about the height range, and comes in around 175, don't know where you found your numbers because I've never seen it anywhere above 180. The IceHogs had him listed at 169 and the Hawks at 178, now that's a significant gap, but I also know that the IceHogs and many other teams only update the numbers once a year (during training camp). Now 9 pounds is quite a jump, but not unreasonable to gain since September especially since it has been something that he has worked on throughout. His height and weight are close to other Hawks forwards Patrick Kane, Andrew Shaw and Kris Versteeg (depending on if you want to believe the roster numbers) , and I think they all have managed well enough and found ways to be successful. It is something that can be worked on, and having a few mentors who have dealt with the size issue can only help. The thing that's harder to teach is the incredible vision and high hockey IQ that this kid already has.
  11. Yes, I have seen them play on their new teams. I watched them when they Hawks prospects and I've watched them after they were moved. The Blackhawks roster is stacked and has not allowed many open slots for players to move up, so several assets have been moved out. These players were developed into viable NHL players while in the Hawks system. It turned out that we didn't have space for them, but that doesn't mean that they're useless slugs. They have been valuable additions to their new teams. I will continue to promote the successes of the Rockford players that I think are future NHL players. Whether or not these players make it to the NHL with the Blackhawks or some other team is reliant on far too many variables to accurately predict. The best any of us can do is share which of our numerous prospects are doing well.
  12. All of them, except Lalonde, have regular jobs in the NHL now. They play for other teams, but they are NHL regulars, I'd call that making it.
  13. The need comes from being over the cap.
  14. 2 years in the AHL, while being a good foundation, isn't much especially with a roster as strong and deep as the Hawks. Just recently Crawford spent 5 years developing and Jeremy Morin already has 4. That length of tenure in the AHL is getting a bit high, but it paid-off for Crawford and is likely to for Morin as well. Most of the prospects should expect to see 2-4 years in the AHL, unless we come across an exceptional talent. You might see guys who make it in less, but not many. Over the next few years, there will be some spots opening up and the guys you listed are going to be first-choice hopefuls to fill those spots. Patience is a virtue afterall.
  15. The only two-way (ELC/waiver exempt) contracts currently are Saad and Teravainen. Saad obviously isn't going to be sent down, and because of the cap situation Teravainen will likely spend the majority of the year in Rockford. However, his contract still isn't enough to clear the cap ceiling but does take it down to us only needing to move out ~1.3 mil. It's not as bad as 2.2, but it won't be easy because every team in the league knows that we need to make a move. I'm not expecting much of a return for whatever ends up happening, and I'm not worried about it because it needs to be done. Rozsival or Versteeg are the easy choices, but who would take them?