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  1. I was at camp yesterday, and got a look at a few of the newbies. Debrincat is very small, but yet tough to take off the puck. After all the advertised practices were finished, a few of the forwards from group C and goalies came back out to do some extra work. A few of them I expected to see - Hartman, Hinostroza, and Motte but I was slightly surprised to see John Hayden and Anthony Louis included. Not sure if it means anything, just an interesting observation.
  2. Anybody need an extra convention pass? I have one extra, PM me to make an offer.
  3. Mac Carruth named CCM/AHL Player of the Week - Gave up just 2 goals on 79 shots over 3 games to seal up 3rd place for the IceHogs. Had a shutout streak of 152:17, giving up just one goal in the 3rd period to Milwaukee in a 7-1 victory, to close out the season. Mac is playing the best that I've ever seen him play, and I hope he can continue this throughout the playoffs, we're going to need him.
  4. Official Blackhawks statement: Reinstated - effective immediately
  5. Case dismissed:
  6. Not sure if anyone here has seen the redacted police report yet, but one thing mentioned there that I know to be false is that Garret's girlfriend never dumped him. They are still together and have been for six years, so I'm wondering what the motive is here, and also why his teammate is also not involved in this. This whole situation sounds really crazy. Now we play the waiting game again.
  7. That was just ridiculous, last time the guys got killed by the refs vs the griffins there was a bench clear. It looked like it was getting close to that point last night.
  8. There are two main reasons that Morin will likely spend the year in Rockford. First, at 24 years of age, he is subject to waivers meaning that there is a risk of losing him to another team without compensation. The other reason, as Creature mentioned is that for whatever reason Q has never seemed to like the kid much. Morin is a skilled player and has been largely underutilized during his call-ups. Being in and out of the line-up and limited icetime have been harmful to his development, but it is clear to most spectators that he has more skill than anyone who should be playing in the AHL. Another hinderance early on was that he lost an entire year (over parts of two seasons) due to a serious injury. Morin has been a favorite of mine for years, and it bothers me that he has been treated like this by the organization.
  9. Much of the info in that link is inaccurate and/or outdated, so I wouldn't use that as a resource. There are very few differences between AHL and NHL, and certain clubs make it their goal to be as close to the NHL as possible. The advantage to having prospects developing in the AHL is that the coaching staff is usually governed by the parent club and therefore is able to teach the same system, the style of play that the parent club uses. Prospects will learn the same plays and cues that they will need to know if/when they make it to the NHL. The goal of this strategy is to make transition as seamless as possible. There is a fairly noticeable speed difference between the AHL and NHL. It's not necessarily that the skaters themselves are faster, it is that things happen much faster in the NHL. Passes and zone transitions are just two of the aspects in which you would notice this difference. You can also notice this in players who have already been to the NHL, they tend to look quicker than the other players. The Blackhawks are one of the organizations that tries to create system unity, and we have already seen several players benefit from that this season. The major difference that these players saw while developing in the AHL is a significant increase in icetime. The more icetime they get, the more they will be able to work on their skills and become used to the system that the Blackhawks organization uses. That should give you an idea as to the difference on the ice, there are some other things that happen off the ice that differ between the two leagues (salary, fan interaction, community involvement, etc.) that I can expand on if you are interested.
  10. They would carry over if it caused the team to go over the yearly cap number
  11. Hurt, will post details if I find out more.
  12. True, it's all about finding a balance between speed/agility and strength. Last summer he put on about 7lbs they said and looks as though he's gotten stronger throughout the year. I don't think he would be at a disadvantage with a similar gain this coming summer, but probably not much more. Either way, the kid looks great out on the ice and is gaining more and more confidence which is proving to be even more important, he was excellent last night. He was a steal to pick up at #18, he's just pure talent and a definite X-factor for the series that TB will find difficult to counter.
  13. I did say IF he needs to be replaced that we have a player in the system that I believe would be capable of doing so. I'm an IceHogs season ticket holder so I get to see plenty of the prospects. With the cap crunch being what it will, we will need to lose some players/salary and I decided to give my opinion on who I believe to be the most capable among the prospects of filling any potential holes in the roster on the cheap. Hopefully we'll have a nice and shiny, silver trophy to make the transition a bit easier.
  14. I'd rather have the cheap young guys, than these hit or miss (mostly miss) older rentals. We've got a few in Rockford that I think will be ready to make the jump next year and just in time. We're gonna need those guys to fill some significant holes that the cap will leave us with. Forwards: Hartman and Danault are the first two that come to mind. Danault I think could replace Kruger if we need him to as soon as next year and his ceiling may be even higher down the road. Hartman is useful just about anywhere, a real tenacious player - really both of them are. Defense: Johns is the big one. I think he'll step in with ease next year. He's got true NHL size and tremendous ability. Next in line would be Pokka, he's still very young and could go either way (up or down) depending on need, but is more likely to play another year in Rockford and TvR will be the other guy that stays up - Q really seemed to like him before the injury.
  15. Seriously though, what is this obsession with hitting that some people have? The Hawks play a possession game, and when you have the puck a majority of the time you just aren't going to be the one hitting. It's that simple, you don't need to throw hits left and right to play an effective game (unless you're Shaw or of the sort).