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  1. It's finally here!!!! It's convention time!!!! See you there!!!!

  2. Let's get this season started! So glad to have hockey back!

  3. Attending the Champs for Charity event tonight was completely amazing, but it just puts an even bigger spotlight on the continuation of the lockout. Bettman Sucks!

    1. Madrose


      I wish I could've watched the game, lucky you!

  4. I decided to rise from the dead lol

  5. O Captain, My Captain! Happy Birthday Tazer!

  6. Seriously?!? SNOW!?! WTF?!?!?!

    1. Icaddiedforstosh


      Cmon princess.....are you also surprised by corrupt politicians? Lol

    2. Smokinmedic1


      No worries, it will melt by tomorrow.

  7. Oh come on, it's a fun joke :P I can't help it if I enjoy winning :D

  8. I'M not the one who's obsessed with this! I'm just posting periodically. You're the one who's huffing and puffing over it

  9. You just won't give up, will you :P

  10. no need to trade...if u enter gate 2 as they open and turn left the chevy dealer is giving them out now for free after u fill out a survey...they do this for a few games a year till they run out...seems like they give out a 100 or so a game....

  11. I noticed that, you totally killed it :(