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  1. Draft 2018

    Again, these picks are consensus picks . Are they not. All are involved.Right or wrong.
  2. Draft 2018

    I realize Stan announced the pick, but shouldn"t some anger be directed at the people that lead him to that pick, the scouts.
  3. Draft 2018

    Quick question. What would it realistically take to land Tavares. Maybe trade Anisimov to free up some money.
  4. Draft 2018

    How this all plays out will be determined by the resurgence of the so called core players. If they play at the same level as this year, we are in deep trouble for years to come. I believe at least with Toews and Kane there is more there. Maybe during the next expansion draft we lose a Seabrook ,Keith etc. Players see Chicago as a great place to play now,which is a far cry from pre Rocky days. With the cap rising and other cap space maybe will can fill some holes get Crawford back ,hopefully, and draft well,we could be right back in the thick of it.
  5. Draft 2018

    Thanks for the insight . I knew some of you have good knowledge of draft possibilities.
  6. Draft 2018

    Is this considered a deep draft,a poor one, or somewhere in between. I know of Dahlin,after that ?
  7. Patrick Sharp is coming to town.

    Was bringing Sharp back the right move for the team ? Probably not. Speed is what gave him the separation to score the majority of his points.He obviuosly wasn't the same player .Was it the classy thing to do? Absolutely it was. Since Rocky took over it always seems the Hawks are the class of the NHL and take care of those who take care of them.Sometimes it bites them in the arse.(Seabrooks contract etc.)But now, players want to play here,which is a far cry from pre Rocky years.Getting back to Sharpie,I like others have said believe he was highly instrumental to the three cup wins. Happy retirement Sharpie. I know my wife is gonna miss your handsome mug on the screen.
  8. Draft 2018

    Okay guys with your upcoming draft knowledge,what should we realistically expect to get.
  9. 4/04 Hawks vs Blues

    You have no idea.These idiots still think they are winning the cup. Insanity at its best.
  10. 4/04 Hawks vs Blues

    That was the hugest maraschino cherry on this captain craptastic season !!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Pat Foley

    I think his ability to call games this season has been a painful one for obvious reasons. He lives and dies with the Hawks like most of us.
  12. 2/12 Hawks vs Yotes

    Sigh......These games are getting hard to watch.
  13. 2/08 Hawks vs Stars

    With digital technology,all three !
  14. 2/08 Hawks vs Stars

    Could have played a natural role in the movie Slapshot.