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  1. 11/09 Hawks vs Flyers

    I'll go you one better. Best defensive forward in hockey.
  2. 11/09 Hawks vs Flyers

    I believe so as well . More of a lead by example sort of guy. He never quit and it was something others tried to emulate.
  3. 11/09 Hawks vs Flyers

    In the immortal words of Jack Buck,"I've given you 35 of the best years of my life.Now you're gonna get some of my worst."
  4. Are They Having Fun?

    Lake of desire will kill an athlete long before diminishing skills.
  5. 10/18 Hawks vs Blues

    I am so grateful he choose to play for the Hawks.
  6. 10/18 Hawks vs Blues

    No doubt.He pursued a puck like no one else.
  7. 10/18 Hawks vs Blues

    I miss 81.
  8. 10/18 Hawks vs Blues

    Yep.Phone blowing up as we speak.
  9. 10/18 Hawks vs Blues

    Maybe Seabrook will do the honorable thing and retire.
  10. 2O17 prospect camp & schedule

    I'll take a small guy with heart over a big lackadaisical guy any day.
  11. Is this the beginning of the end?

    Coaches always seem to have a shelf life.Maybe Q has reached his.As far as the the team goes,one has to go no further than look at the Penguins who seemed to be doomed for 5 years of mediocrity.A few right moves and bingo you are right back in the game.
  12. Blackhawks relieve Mike Kitchen

    Spot on. Bravo.
  13. Blackhawks relieve Mike Kitchen

    Excellent question.Winning cups and not being on the same page is one thing.Being dumped in the first round two years running is another.
  14. Blackhawks relieve Mike Kitchen

    It seemed after the second goal in game 2 they were going thru the motions.
  15. Blackhawks relieve Mike Kitchen

    I think this was a long time a coming.As pointed out earlier, pressuring the puck seems to be the new NHL.His failure to adapt I believe lead to his dismissal.