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  1. Do you get an assist in fantasy hockey for that ? Do you get an assist in fantasy hockey for that ?
  2. Great win ! Three on three hockey is the bomb digity.
  3. I really don't know what the guy has to do . All he does is seem to win. And HUGE games too.
  4. Come on,he played his butt off.
  5. Here here.Man that is a list of players I loathe also.
  6. Yep. That too.
  7. Pretty sure if they had Oduya last spring we would have won that series .
  8. Greaaaat win ! Totally outplayed them. God that Parise is like a really annoying **** fly.
  9. I'd rather win ugly than lose pretty !
  10. Always hated when the kids were sick.Here's to a speedy recovery.Hawk victory helps dad a bit .
  11. They look really good.Everything they did last year turned to crap.This year the opposite is true.Fun team to watch.
  12. I did not see the very end of the game. (Dish went out)Did the Hawks piss on the traditional handshake? Somebody i work with was giving me hell about it.
  13. Love this news.He always seems dangerous out there.
  14. I've been a Hawk-Cub fan all of my life.Just wondering what plans there were for commemorative Cubs World Series cans or bottles.
  15. While hockey is always my first love,I have been a Cubs fan all of my life.When Cleveland tied the game, I truly thought they were going to find a way to lose again.When the final out was recorded years of frustration and disappointment were a distant memory. This Cubs team seems to have a lot of parallels to the Hawks dynasty teams in the way they were constructed,ownership change,general manager etc.I truly could see this team winning multiple championships just as the Hawks have.Congrats to all of my fellow Cub fans.Been a long time a coming.