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  1. Pat Foley

    I think his ability to call games this season has been a painful one for obvious reasons. He lives and dies with the Hawks like most of us.
  2. 2/12 Hawks vs Yotes

    Sigh......These games are getting hard to watch.
  3. 2/08 Hawks vs Stars

    With digital technology,all three !
  4. 2/08 Hawks vs Stars

    Could have played a natural role in the movie Slapshot.
  5. 2/06 Hawks vs Flames

    That is one weird dude. He looks like he is pooping.
  6. 2/06 Hawks vs Flames

    Good point.With a young player it is more evident. In my opinion Kane still is productive ,but was never a leader. Lead by example so to speak. Toews was always a leader and a pretty productive player. Now he appears to be neither which is a shame.Having to retool so many times has taken its toll on this team as well.It also appears that coaching can't or wont adapt to what other teams are doing to them.
  7. 2/06 Hawks vs Flames

    The last statement is so true.The big problem is are you paying a player for what they have done are for what they are going to do going forward. A big problem if the answer is the former rather than the latter. I believe that in addition to evaluating talent ,a team is well served in evaluating a desire to win and to be a true team player is as important as the talent one possess.
  8. 2/06 Hawks vs Flames

    I truly believe it is time for Q to go. Let's see where the team goes from there.Teams have figured out how to play us,and we have no answer. Perhaps we need a new vision,because the present one is truly not working .Doesn't help that everyone ( except Kane) is having horrible seasons, Last night on one particular power play the puck was passed three times through the seam without a shot being taken.Change the coach,put some players out there at the deadline,and see what happens.Not making the playoffs should be considered a total wake up call and a definite call to action.
  9. Potential ratings playoff disaster !

    I am always trying to get people to watch,figuring if they watch they will get hooked. By far the most entertaining of all the sports imho.
  10. 1/24 Hawks vs Leafs

    What a strange game Seabrook is having.
  11. 1/24 Hawks vs Leafs

    Miracles never cease.
  12. Brad Marchand

    What is with this guy ? He seems very talented but resorts to crap (elbow to head) like he pulled last night. Received 5 game suspension.but with his history should have gotten 10. Any thoughts.
  13. I realize there are a lot of games to play,but as of right now the 3 biggest ratings cities,(New York, Los Angeles,and Chicago) are all out of the playoff picture.This truly has to be a concern for the NHL brass,not to mention us poor Hawks fans.
  14. 1/22 Hawks vs Lightning

    Kaner is a doer not a leader. Toews is neither a leader or a doer at this point.Oh and Keith stinks . That is all.
  15. 1/22 Hawks vs Lightning

    Maybe there is a cancer on the team, or several. Look at what the Avs have done after dumping douchense.