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  1. What are the Hawks doing?
  2. Ott is not a hockey player with any distinguishable skill set
  3. Wangs are nuts. Vanek at 2.6M is fine - but he's a complete bust no-load. The guy is toast. He just cashes checks these days. Worse - Nielsen at 31M for 6 years?????? OMG what are they doing?? Makes Dale's Bolland contract look good
  4. Hawks missed out on Purcell at 1 year 1.6M in LA. Panik a 1LW said nobody ever
  5. Purcell one year 1.6M Hawks couldn't have kicked these tires? There is literally no 1LW
  6. I'm really glad that Stan didn't go long term on FA
  7. He's on his last leg literally. Tough as nails and has had a great career, but they're not gonna get a lot out of him IMO
  8. I'm putting the +/- at 2 months before he wears out his welcome, falls hard off the wagon and ends up back in the KHL where he belongs
  9. Backes and Lucic contracts look Bickel bad. Backes 5 yrs?? at 6M/yr Lucic 7 yrs??at 6M/yr???? Ladd and Brouwer too - way way way overrated in a cap era.
  10. Now that Elliot and Andersson have been moved - the market for CC is absolute trash. This is a wash year - see what you can get out of any prospects and Euro signing and do your best. The cap era unlike 2013 and 15 has officially hit the Hawks. Oduya was a lateral move and a puck moving D-man which the Hawks tried and for some reason unsuccessfully couldn't replicate with Daley. Now they are a slow - one line team with one puck moving Dman. The PK is atrocious. Hopefully Kruger's healthy return helps, but 5/5 this is a mediocre one line team. The loss of Shaw really kills the bottom 6. When the Hawks win Cups, it's the ability to roll 4 offensive lines that can hurt you and they are down to 1.5. They're possession numbers illustrate that, and their one moving D man #2 is either sink/swim on most occasions, not getting younger, and the D-Swap of Quenville's line blender just obliterates any chance of building a cohesive unit. SB's trading of the top D prospect Johns, and the revolving door of Rockford "bronze chip" replacements means things will be a struggle.
  11. Shaw and Weber - mesh the East just got a lot tougher
  12. Tough to compare apples/oranges here. T & K have 3 cups. Stamkos has 0. Stammer has a pretty serious injury that he's coming off of and some injury history as well. Stevie Y laid everything out I'm sure. Look - we're right there 2 years in a row - and we have a great nucleus. You stay with us at "x" dollars and I can keep "x,y,z". and we'll battle for a cup for the next 4-6 years. Either way, Yzerman was in the driver's seat. He can go sign all of his young talent long term and grab a stud FA, or sign Stammer to a reasonable hit and keep a good chunk for a few years. Great Great move on both parties - and Stamkos reaps the tax benes and weather in TB
  13. Does this make NSH tougher? Or weaker? Or the same to play against? I get that Weber is getting older, but he's been THE Pred for a long time. Should be interesting to see how this plays.
  14. I'm cheering so hard for the FL teams if the Hawks can't win the cup. Absolutely love TB's team. They've impressed the heck out of me over the last 2-4 years. Stevie Y was a great captain and learned a ton from Kenny and Scotty. Even the Drouin debacle seems to have turned into a blossom for them. Good to see hockey thrive in the SE US! And great for Stamkos. Kids a gamer and has been In tough with some brutal injuries (leg break, slapped to face) and the rough clot issue. Great to see a star player stay in the town that chose him!!!