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  1. Taking their foot off the gas,laying an egg or just losing focus after a very good run in no way equates to an attitude problem. Would you say the Wild have an attitude problem,they can't win a game anymore! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  2. Tomorrow will be two weeks and I'd assume most of it was spent in a walking cast/boot. It'd be nice to hear something soon,a few good skates and he'll be ready to go. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  3. He's playin' with two outstanding set-up men and all he wants to do is give em the puck back.........I don't get it. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  4. C'mon now Creatch. If Kane was a regular season player and nothing more,I might be inclined to agree somewhat but the Kid's as clutch as any player in the league when the chips are down. The overpassing is annoying at times and 88&72 are far from the only two to do it but they do set each other up a lot due to all the passing. This is only the 2nd year for the Breadman and he's still learnin' when to pass and when not to and the passes seemed to have more purpose when AA was in there. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  5. It's far from the biggest disappointment I've ever had but the biggest one last night for me was Schmaltzie watchin' Panic go at it with three guys. They're losin' either way but the game seemed to turn a bit right after that. I want the kid dropping sweet passes,not his gloves but there comes a time when you get your nose a little dirty.....he'll get it. I thought the boys looked ready in the 1st and it seemed like they were toying with em,a good asskickin' might be what the Dr ordered. Got my mind off hockey right after the game.......what'd Q have to say? GO HAWKS!!!!!
  6. I upped the dosage every time the Panthers scored.......WHEEEEE! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  7. For us or against us,the quality and especially the consistency of NHL officiating has been on the decline for a few years IMO! Maybe Wakom or whatever his name is as the head of officials is a pi22 poor idea! Don't be too shocked if the Hawks win this one or too disappointed if they don't ! REFUSE TO LOSE....NOW! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  8. HEY......that's not nice! REFUSE TO LOSE! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  9. A couple of huge and somehow average at the same time saves outta Crawdaddy! Hammer's as good as any D-man in the league in his own end. Keith's as good as any D-man in the league period and Oduya might very well end up the best TDL addition of all. TvR's been watchin' Keith and I'm just happy Seabs didn't hurt himself or get hurt in the 1st. Soupy's a class guy who deserved the tribute Fla gave him........if I'm not mistaken,he NEVER missed a game down there. I hesitate to say this but Hayden looks like the NHL game actually suits him more than college..........PO experience for him will pay HUGE dividends! The Hawks will toy with this team for a while more and then put em away! Thats all I got for now but the Shock Top and a bit of Kentucky's finest is kick' in. REFUSE TO LOSE! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  10. Are you oiled up already? REFUSE TO LOSE! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  11. Was that Lemaire who beat Tony O from just inside the red-line to open the floodgates? And Tony was one of the best ever! Up 2-0 and 3-2 in the series and 2-0 in a game seven only to crush a certain 15yro who was watching a terribly grainy closed circuit TV feed at his uncle's bar on Blue Island. Some lucky F'ers we are these days.....for God's sake! REFUSE TO LOSE! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  12. He usually waits till late in a series to crumble but I saw a totally disheartened HC in the Jets post game presser and apparently his team saw it too! I agree with you again,I woulda gave Torts the job because that team responded to him real well last year. REFUSE TO LOSE! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  13. Thanks as always Ms Madrose! As v just mentioned,the Wild are down 4-0 after two.....at home......against the Canucks........you gotta be F'n kidding me! REFUSE TO LOSE! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  14. Do they offer it on tape as well?LOL! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  15. Your logic is flawed logic and you know it.None of the other GT's you mentioned have ever performed like CC did in the postseason(especially the finals) and that's as big a reason as any why he has those two cups and the other guys don't! ONE good game? Are you losing your mind? REFUSE TO LOSE! GO HAWKS!!!!!