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  1. Right back atcha! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  2. Every team that's had Pirri either traded him for nothing or out and out let him walk,he's a perimeter player who can skate around tappin' his stick and get a shot away if his linemates work hard enough to set him up. AA can struggle at the dot but he's a much more complete player.....I see no comparison to be honest. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  3. It feels good to finally be able to say something good about the Bears.The kid took me by surprise,I know it's preseason but he does things good QB's do and he does them naturally. Quick release.....real quick,good feet too. He has the all important foot speed but also foot quickness and good positioning. It's hard to tell how good a young QB is when he's reading 3rd string defenses but his awareness is stellar.......or at least it was last night. Two of the passes he missed were both pretty dam close to being called penalties and two were batted down at the line. I had little interest in getting fired up for the team this year and it still might be a tough one and I thought Pace over paid to trade up but I saw the best half of preseason football from a Bear's rookie QB that I ever saw.............let's see if it means anything. GO BEARS! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  4. Headin' up to northern MN Sat,so mine'll be goin good too! I guess I am surprised that 60 games for the Rags last year doesn't bring an offer from any team in the league and there has to be a reason. If he has become a more complete player and most importantly,the contract can be buried.......I'll agree,what'll it hurt. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  5. Hey OTH,how's your summer goin'? Even with stats like a decent FO% and a 22gls in 49gms season,teams are willing to walk away from the player for nothing time and time again. I saw a few Fla games on center ice when he had his 22gl season and the guys doin the game mentioned he passed up a lotta passes but never a shot,he ended the year with TWO assists and he's a center. In his two full seasons in Fla.,he had 33gls in 93gms and still found himself a healthy scratch almost half the time. He's 26,he can score a little and his last three teams had no interest in even offering a contract .........there must be massive holes in his game IMO. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  6. It's all OK yoop and my concerns are with the Hawks also but other GM's are indeed put on pedestals around here. You have mentioned Stamko's contract as an example of how elite players should be signed and I said at the time he signed for the 8.5 he turned down earlier because it was the best offer due to his medical condition. Maybe Bickell got too much but it's undeniable that he would have been much more productive if he didn't get sick and he wasn't LTIR'd because he wasn't diagnosed at that time......tough break for Stan! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  7. That contract would look a hell of a lot different if the player didn't contract a life threatening illness. There's a thread about it in another forum. The Hawks had absolutely no reason to believe a healthy,young player would become otherwise but Tampa knew Stamkos also has a life threatening condition(factor 5 blood clotting)before signing him.The player did sign at a discount ONLY because of the health issue but missed most of the 1st year of the new contract.....we'll have to see how that works out. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  8. Bickell still led the league in PO hits back in '15' and that's quite the achievement considering what he was going through. He had the Pred's and Wild D-men lookin' over their shoulders in the 1st 2 rounds,I recall 25 hits in two consecutive games against MN...........I guess we now know why his play went down hill in the later rounds. Beatin' Boston in '13' and the Blues the following year woulda been a TALL order without Bryan Bickell! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  9. I'd like to see him get down lower,turn his bottom hand over and 'dig' for the puck more myself. I think AA's % would be less of a factor If the team had a FO specialist also. I feel he's fairly paid @4.5M though and easily movable for decent or possible good assets. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  10. The Preds are definitely a good,young team and I'll agree that they've also been well managed to this point. Up until 'this point' they've been a team eliminated in the 1st or second round and now they find themselves defending WC champs and seem to be paying their top talent accordingly with the signing of their young center. As good as they are,IMO Nashville will have to exhibit the same,high level of energy on the part of players AND fans that they showed last year to have the same success.....we'll see. Two years ago,the Bolts and Stars were the good,young teams on 'the come' and it didn't come to much last year. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  11. If Panik had 22 and 44 skatin' on Kane's line all year that'd be one thing but he had that year with a sub-par Toews and who knows who on the other side. The guy answers an important question for the team in my opinion. He's also the most physical player in the top six.........even with Saad's return. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  12. Right,1st full year on the NA rink. I thought he set himself apart in his kiddie camps but I can't really say the same for the AHL,he's 22 yrs old and it wasn't that long ago that 22 was green but it's a younger man's game than ever now. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  13. I liked what I saw from the big,Swede D-man at his 1st 2 prospect camps,obvious size,good skater but most of all,a calmness with the puck at a young age. Maybe it's understandable but he looked bored or disinterested at his 3rd PC and it's hard to assess anyone at the Rock last year seein how bad they were. Last year was also his 1st full season on the big ice. If he and Pokka both get jumped over,it won't bode well for their futures here IMO! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  14. Congrats on a great career 'Soupy'! If Q didn't sit him twice last year,it woulda been six straight seasons playin' em all for the 'Iron man'. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  15. Price is as good as any GT in the league in the regular season,his postseasons include a 2.53 GAA,a 1st round benching and a shellacking at the Hands of a Tampa team that CC and the boys shut down. The Crawford deal was widely panned around here and the importance of the position itself was demeaned to the level of the team being able win with an AHL goaltender and now 10.5MX8 is a solid move..........I just don't get it sometimes. When players prove they can 'will' a team to a cup more than once,I believe GM's open their wallet and Price is far from being able to prove anything close. Crawford and Hammer had five cups between them and a lower combined AAV than Price's new deal............it seems a few GM's expect a boost in HRR from the new team. McD will more than likely be a 100+ point player for many years to come but such a massive deal for a 20yro will raise the bar a lot especially with a better idea of where the cap is going than SB had a few years ago and no more so than with Edmondton's own young,German center...........what will he want now? GO HAWKS!!!!!