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  1. hsbob

    3/16 Hawks vs Habs

    THANK YOU COREY CRAWFORD! The rumors of your demise have once again been greatly exaggerated...…...he must be seein' one puck at a time I assume...….a shitload of shots but only one puck. The simple fact remains that there hasn't been a goaltender on the Hawks that can carry this guy's equipment bag since Eddie Belfour! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  2. hsbob

    Around The League - Other Teams' News

    AWOL? I believe he's been injured and due to return soon along with Morrisey. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  3. hsbob

    Chicago Bears 2018/2019 season

    Nagy's the coach of the year and rightly so and the Ram's young HC got his team to the SB but I was still shocked to see Cohen with one carry/Howard with ten and Gurley with ten in close,low scoring games...……...I'd understand this in a shootout game. I still believe Bill Belichick ran the ball 33 times in a close,low scoring SB for a reason. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  4. hsbob

    Stan As Gm

    What makes you say that doogie? Saad,Shaw,TT,Kruger and D-Cat were all fixtures in Q's lineup at younger ages than Strome and Perlini. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  5. hsbob

    Around The League - Other Teams' News

    Did ya watch any games the last few days jack? In case you missed it,Winnipeg beat Boston in Boston and came home and beat the Flames.....are those "big games"? GO HAWKS!!!!!
  6. hsbob

    3/16 Hawks vs Habs

    Kane either looks a bit worn out or just plain dejected from not scoring,one point combined from our two great cup winning forwards the last two games Opponents couldn't stop these two when they were together,goin' for career highs but we seem to have done that for em by separating them. Kane's ineffective on that line and Sikura's ineffective on any line. Toews and Kane deserve to play with one another IMO. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  7. hsbob

    3/16 Hawks vs Habs

    If Crawford was seeing more than one puck,he wouldn't be cleared to play...….he just needed a few starts. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  8. hsbob

    Chicago Bears 2018/2019 season

    Missing Long again for some time last year didn't help and the talking heads say Howard was used to and did better in a 'gap' blocking scheme than he did in Nagy's 'zone' blocking scheme,whatever it was,I do notice Bear's RB's hit behind the line of scrimmage too often...….give Howard a hole and he goes. I would think a team with Cohen who led all Bear 'receivers' with well over 700yds and another hybrid RB just added who catches his fair share would like another power back to complement the other two and all teams use three RB's these days. If all I can get is a 7th or an 8th......I keep Howard @2M. They also say a RB probably doesn't see 15-20 carries very often in Nagy's offense because he likes to spread the ball around and that's up to him,he also likes the versatility of a WR like Patterson who had as many carries as catches for NE last year. In Nagy's defense,Howard did have the lowest per carry avg of his career but I think your point has something to do with that and every time I saw him tear off consecutive runs of 8-15yds......I didn't see him again for a series or two...…...I saw Mizell get important carries though. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  9. hsbob

    3/16 Hawks vs Habs

    Thanks as always Ms Madrose! Keep er rollin' boys...…..get a spot! The Montreal Canadians honor Carey Price tonight for becoming the winningest goaltender in the long,storied history of the franchise...…...very impressive! The Hab's great will turn 32 before next season starts and will then have seven full seasons remaining with an AAV of 10.5M and a full MNC for the entirety of his contract and Shea Webber turns 34 this summer with seven full seasons remaining on his deal with an AAV of 7.85M(no clauses but full recapture). These two players are more than likely the Habs most important but when the inevitable age drop off happens,do we see buyouts or just a call to the Yote's frontoffice? GO HAWKS!!!!!
  10. hsbob

    3/13 Hawks vs Leafs

    Legend has it.....our boy can eat thunder and shat lighting! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  11. hsbob

    2018/19 IceHogs

    The empty net had a GAA a little over 12 and a Sv% of .000 LOL! I gotta think Berube is still kickin' around the A too. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  12. hsbob

    2018/19 IceHogs

    I was lookin' to see how all the GT's did out there this year but the stats page only shows Forsberger and the stats for empty net attempts,I've never seen the empty net listed under any team's stats.....or anywhere alse for that matter. I recall Lankinen having good numbers not long ago and Deals was good for em before his emergency call up too. https://theahl.com/stats/player-stats/372/61?playertype=goalie&rookie=no&sort=points&statstype=standard&page=1&league=4&qualified=qualified I thought this article would help answer your question but the mystery remains... http://www.icehogs.com/news/?article_id=6621 GO HAWKS!!!!!
  13. hsbob

    Okay Our Defence?

    The Leafs were terribly outplayed for two periods,shoulda expected a big push at home with the rook comin' in. Their big guns were embarrassed by the 1st 40mins and obviously had a lot left in the tank after expending little at that point,Babcock has also out-coached a lot of his opponents in the 3rd throughout his career. JT won a BIG faceoff on Keith's TO,yes,he was tired and he did not have proper support along the half-boards but he did have time......just lob wedge the F'r out to center ice. Seabs was under more pressure with little support of his own but ya gotta get that puck out somehow. Both avoidable TO's but both share the common theme of a lack of puck support. I don't think it's unfair to say that both veteran D-men have partners who aren't very good in there own end also. I continue to see Forsling and Gus both turn their backs to forwards they're supposed to be covering in front,I don't know if they're avoiding the confrontation of face-face coverage or what but it's hard to cover a guy you ain't even lookin' at. They both continue to lose pucks behind their own net to often...…..they cleaned that up a bit that last two games but these things reared their heads again in the 3rd. These weren't the only TO's that hurt last night and even Murph and Dahlstrom started chasin' way too much themselves. The fire drill really ensued when we had to kill one off......the PK HAS to be fixed. I don't know what Kane's doin' out there with a minute left other than to get an EN goal and that's the LAST thing that should be on anyone's mind at that point! That being said,the team really only has five forwards who are considered good defensively,JT,Saad,AA,Kampf and Kruger IMO. I love the kids on the 2nd line but they have a bit to go to join that group defensively,Sikura…...forget it. Kahun.....not yet. Kunitz......not any more,especially at that point of the game. Maybe Kampf should be out there over Kane,he can take a FO if somebody gets chased and he's become very responsible. The young coach didn't have enough to choose from at the end to be honest. Now that we're gettin' some secondary scoring,I want to see K&T together again with Saad on the other wing. Let's give our great forwards a shot at career highs,let's pump up Saad's numbers and let's give that 2nd line an easier match up when opponent have to have their best out there against our 1st line. Kane and Toews had one assist between em last night in their 18 and 16 minutes respectively...…...another goal in the 3rd woulda changed momentum in that game. The team simply has to watch tape of the 3rd period and figure things out...….players and staff! Big two though! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  14. hsbob


    Other than a long time member being told his posts are "silly"...….what other insults were missed? mvr goes out of his way to be cordial to those who disagree with him and he doesn't deserve to be called "silly". Why is that OK with you? Is someone a "so called expert" just because you disagree with their opinion? GO HAWKS!!!!!
  15. hsbob

    3/13 Hawks vs Leafs

    Thanks as always Ms Madrose! It'll take another defensive effort like the last two to have a chance tonight. The Leafs have been givin' up offense lately,hold em to 2 or 3 and we could win this one. https://www.nhl.com/news/pluses-minuses-for-blackhawks-maple-leafs-devils-oilers/c-305721122 GO HAWKS!!!!!