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  1. Tavares

    Does this seal the deal for the Isle?LOL! https://www.nhl.com/news/john-tavares-gets-free-bagels-if-he-stays-with-new-york-islanders/c-299260988?tid=281396148 GO HAWKS!!!!!
  2. Blackhawks acquire Chaput from Vancouver

    I like what I saw from Victor Edjsel and Luke Johnson in Rockford's successful postseason too,but I guess competition never hurts. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  3. Free Agency List

    This is a list of UFA's from CapFriendly ranked by last year's cap hits...….. https://www.capfriendly.com/browse/free-agents/2019/caphit/all/all/ufa I wouldn't mind kickin' the tires on a 29yro Jonathan Bernier. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  4. You Be The Gm

    I voiced my displeasure with the first two picks due primarily to a system-wide lack of size,in the FO's defense,they both might be good players in a few years. My question is this,what part of Even Bouchard's 25gl 87pt campaign from the blueline in the OHL shows anything but top end talent? As far as UFA's,I'd sign Brodziak for a bottom six center role,he's commin' off a 33pt season,he was 53% at the dot,he's an actual NHL player who's good defensively and he's tougher than a two dollar steak. He's 34 but he skated in 80 tilts last year and he did those things for 950K. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  5. Around The League - Other Teams' News

    Caps re-do Carlson 8MX8,20pts in 24 PO games from the blueline in a successful cup run tells me he's a gamer when it matters most. Will he still be a gamer @33 when he has three left? Did the Avs do the right thing by buying Orpik out or does a team bite the 5.5M bullet for one year and hope the two time cup winner offers locker room leadership. If he's viable and having a decent season at the TDL,would he have brought a decent pick? GO HAWKS!!!!!
  6. IMO,the Org. is just as lacking in top end center prospects as they are D prospects and Joe Veleno might have been a good get with #27. One of five players ever given exceptional status by Hockey Canada @15 and 26gls,79pts and a stellar 200' game in the 'Q' suggests he's still exceptional. I predict the Wings will like this big,young pivot man a lot! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  7. Tavares

    I'm startin' to think eatin' Orpik's 5.5M for a year and a 4th aren't that bad a price for a good,young GT and the Avs just re-signed him too. The Flames were lookin' for a first real bad and I knew they'd move Hamilton somewhere...…..no interest on this end I guess. edit;thought I was in 'around the league' LOL! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  8. Defensive prospects

    You've said yourself many times that the team needs bigger players with skill and I couldn't agree more,do you now believe size and skill are mutually exclusive? Big kids like Wahlstrom,Dobson and Bouchard are PLENTY skilled and will all probably be in the league within a year too. K'Andre Miller's another big,highly talented D-man who might be a year away himself. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  9. The thing that gets me is this OTH,they coulda took the 165lb Swede with concussion issues with #8 and still took the big Russian @27. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  10. I'm all for drafting talented D-men who can produce offense and thats why I wanted a kid like Noah Dobson 17gls 69pts in the Q or a Even Bouchard 25gls 87pts in the F'n OHL for God's sake. It seems like these two outstanding D prospects were disqualified because of their size if anything. ASSuming that only the small-framed players are skilled or fast is foolish and disproven on a nightly basis around the league. The good,bigger D-men also seem to make it earlier,Hedman,Seth Jones,Tyler Myers and Trouba all made it as teenagers...….one's a Norris winner and two are just waiting their turns! The Caps took the big talented Russian D-man @31 http://www.nhl.com/ice/draftprospectdetail.htm?dpid=111579 I consider this a miss on the Hawk's part. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  11. Sam Consentino from SN said Noah Dobson will be the 2nd best D-man taken in this draft but he didn’t call him the next anybody......maybe he’s the 1st Noah Dobson. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  12. The Ducks got a solid young GT in Dostal @85! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  13. I imagine at 5’9” 169lbs the Lil Sweed will look different on the small ice than he did on the big ice but I just can’t imagine what he’ll look like on postseason ice! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  14. We'll both have to wait and see how things pan-out with Hayden I guess and I'm sure he'll remain in the checker role since there's no one else in the system as effective at it. Keven Bahl is another big,raw-boned Canadian D-man still available today but I doubt we'll have interest in either him or Douglas for some raeson. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  15. In my honest opinion T,Q's as enthralled with the smaller,non-physical players as anyone in the Org. or we wouldn't have seen a big,talented forward like Hayden relegated to a 4th line,hitter role only last year. Maybe I'm off base and the player just isn't any good but I would have loved to see how Hayden skatin' with D-cat all year would have worked out seeing how little really worked out last year. Hayden had 14pts in his first 19 games with the Hogs playin' with better players but was once again relegated to a hitting role on a line with Martenson and Kiro in the Hog's PO games......it seems the entire organization sees the bigger player in this role only. GO HAWKS!!!!!