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  1. Hawks pick D-man Ian Mitchell from Spruce Grove of the AJHL in round two.I noticed the Avs took a D-man from the AJHL with the 4th over all pick last night too......new hot bed for D-men out on the prairie? GO HAWKS!!!!!
  2. Replacing Hosa and Hammer is a tall order without a doubt but replacing their roster spots is what the team has to accomplish. The Hammer trade threw me for a loop at first but a younger,bigger D-man with a decent deal that doesn't save a lotta $$$ but adds stability. The kid averaged 20 mins a game last year and seems to have the tools but losin' Hammer stings and I wish him ALL THE BEST. The Breadman was an exciting young player and has a good NHL future but getting Saad back is another move that threw me and I like it as far as replacing Hosa's spot. I still think Motte will be a solid NHL'er but I understand his inclusion in the deal and let's hope the young GT is the answer at back up. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  3. Welcome to the young,Finn D-man. I feel that the next few rounds will define this draft more so than the 1st this year. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  4. WBBM Chicago reporting Hammer to AZ GO HAWKS......WHAT'S LEFT OF EM!!!!!
  5. It seems the simplest of solutions would have been to move this mis-managed,I'll fated,failed 18yr experiment 41/2 hours up the road to sin city. The biggest money-pit in the league would have immediately become one of the most profitable orgs.and no expansion draft complications,you'd still have hockey in the desert BUT..........no half BILLION for the owners! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  6. I don't know about lasers and scanners but it's hard to believe a better camera angle along the blueline can't be available in the day and age of gopro. Two numbskulls lookin' at a mini-tablet in the glare of arena lights seems to be hit and miss at best also,if any play is reviewed if should come from the league IMO. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  7. They say Charlie O wouldn't pop for new skates so the players used white paint to hide the puckmarks..............they reportedly weighed 10lbs each by the end of the year. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  8. Big Hoss had 26 goals skatin' with Markus F'n Kruger for God;s sake,another long summer more than likely results in another 25-30 season if healthy and worth every penny of his hit. The team would of gotten compliant either way somehow and all the chatter around the league is nonsense when you see what's happened the last several years with similar situations. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  9. If this is true then one of the leading team physicians in the league is putting his career and reputation on the line for going along. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  10. She looks to be in 'fine feather' Creatch,hopefully you both are! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  11. I have to believe the 'progressive' nature of the condition mentioned by his doctor leads to an increase in dosage and subsequent,increased side effects are the result. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  12. The guy has to go down as one of the very best Hawks ever! Best free agent signing that I ever recall also and I can't imagine Hawk's nation without Big Hoss the last eight seasons. Lotta emotions and speculation as expected and for now I just want to thank the player for more than I ever expected when he was signed back in the summer of '09' and wish him the very best! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  13. It's as simple as ABC.........Always Be Closing! It's OK with me if it's OK with you.......should we write it up? GO HAWKS!!!!!
  14. https://www.nhl.com/news/vegas-general-manager-set-to-build-team/c-289977072?tid=289242400 McPhee says let's negotiate,"we will not make a claim with any club before we talk to the club". Leave player A,B and C alone and will give you pick 1,2 or 3 and player D,E or F, ect..ect. The Knights could conceivably come away with a pick and a player from almost every team in the league!LOL! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  15. Some of the pre-draft trades or agreements Vegas made with other teams like Columbus and the Ducks have been announced. The Jackets gave em a 1st to agree to keep their hands off a few of their youngsters. The NHL has to be the toughest league of all the major sports to navigate on a year by year basis. GO HAWKS!!!!!