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  1. 10/09 Hawks vs Leafs

    My advice to you son is to drink heavily! Did you have the surgery done at the mine? GO HAWKS!!!!!
  2. 10/14 Hawks vs Preds

    It wasn't all that long ago when the Hawks would occasionally outshoot a team by a wide margin but lose anyway...............I was told how UN-important SOG's were at the time! It's six games in and there's no doubt they have to tighten things up on D with a few guys still pickin' up the system,the forwards have to come back like they did in the first two games also. Goals haven't been comin' easy and maybe some of the forwards are cheatin' a little because of it. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  3. ken dryden on concussions

    Great points about today's equipment,when you see players in street clothes nowadays it's hard to believe they're the same guy. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  4. 10/14 Hawks vs Preds

    I find it encouraging that they're 4-1-1 without playing their best hockey,playing well and losing doesn't do much for me. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  5. 10/14 Hawks vs Preds

    The first 8 games were gonna be a measuring stick,9pts in the bank with 4 left on the table. The Oil got run outta their own building by the eastern conference juggernaut otherwise known as the Ottawa Senators tonight,somebody better tell the league how fast they are or are they just unmotivated? The Caps coulda used some self respect tonight too. The Hawks were gaining momentum when they tied it up against the Wild ......can't win em all! Gotta find a way to get Big John more than 9 minutes a game as far as I'm concerned. Did anyone actually expect better than 4-1-1 at this point? This naïve homer didn't. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  6. 10/14 Hawks vs Preds

    Thanks as always Ms Madrose! We all knew the first eight games were gonna be a tough stretch,7pts in the bank and 6 more on the table........let's go boys! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  7. Chicago Cubs 2016 Season

    I grew up a die hard,I was at Holtzmnan's no-no in 69 and the 22-23 game in 79,I probably made every opener in between but a guy has his limits. When I heard that Larry Himes pulled the offer off the table and Maddox signed with the Braves in 92 I had enough. I was never a Sox hater to begin with and remember well when Wood pitched both ends of a DH and their disappointment of 83 only to be outdone by the Cubs collapse the following year. I guess I'm a fan of both teams now,I got a chance to go to the WS opener in 05 and was happier for Cubs nation last year than I was for myself. I coined the term transoxual a while back(shoulda trade marked it) but deep down inside I guess I'm really a bi-baseball guy or just a Chicago guy. GO CUBS! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  8. 10/12 Hawks vs Wild

    If Hayden had jumped a non-fighter and hurt him like Ritchie did with Roszival,I'd be the 1st to voice opposition but Foligno was runnin' guys all night,he's a more experienced fighter,he was more than a willing participant and he was throwin' hay-makers too. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  9. 10/12 Hawks vs Wild

    I got so oiled up watchin' the Cubbies win the NLDS last night,I almost forgot what happened..........on to Billyville. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  10. 10/12 Hawks vs Wild

    They use tablets because the league won't pay for smart watches. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  11. Chicago Cubs 2016 Season

    ON to the NLCS! GO CUBS! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  12. 10/12 Hawks vs Wild

    20 minutes to turn the ship around is somthin' the Pens and Blues don't have my friend! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  13. 10/12 Hawks vs Wild

    Might want to find that remote! GO CUBS! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  14. 10/12 Hawks vs Wild

    And then one day a big right hand sent a Louisiana fella to the promised land......,big John,big bad John! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  15. Around The League - Other Teams' News

    The late,great Robin Williams was stellar as Joey O'Brian too! GO HAWKS!!!!!