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  1. hsbob

    Who we gonna call?

    Guys like us are models of decency!LOL! I'm just not ready to fold the flag just yet. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  2. hsbob

    The Crawford Thread

    I can't say there aren't major concerns with Crawford but being back on the ice has to be good news IMO. The Pens saw Malkin go down with a serious knee injury,Crosby go down with a serious concussion and Letang go down with a few serious injuries and a life threatening medical condition a few years back...…..right? GO HAWKS!!!!!
  3. hsbob

    Who we gonna call?

    Who here thinks that the team didn't tank for a better pick after realizing there was no chance? Who here expects another 76pt season? What team makes the postseason with the goaltending we saw after CC went down? Were Toews,Kane,Keith and Seabs supposed to turn down those well earned contracts? What other recent multi-cup winners have been able to sustain that success? The Pens repeat is a MONUMENTAL achievement in the cap era but they did go six years without before it and lost in the 2nd round afterward. Maybe the core has been so-so after dominating the game for several years but so has the support! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  4. hsbob

    Sept. 18/2019 Hawks at Jackets

    Just noticed the thread buddy boy,thanks! Not much to write about but a few of the young D-men looked good. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  5. hsbob

    Chicago Bears 2018/2019 season

    Mahomes got to sit and watch while learning a system and practicing it with the same HC that he's startin' the year with. Trubisky is basically starting over with a new HC,OC and system that is light years from what he had to learn last year,let's see where these QB's are at the end of the year. The Bears lost to GB because the defense gave up 24 2nd half points,there WAS a long 4th quarter drive that resulted in a FG because the HC wouldn't give the ball to his horse that just brought the team down the field on his back on 3rd and 1. If any QB has a team down 20-3 at the start of the 4th,a FG is all it should take to get a W IMO. GO BEARS! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  6. hsbob

    Chicago Bears 2018/2019 season

    Bear's defense might be good for 6-8 wins this year on their own,get the offense goin' and this could be fun! GO BEARS! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  7. hsbob

    Training Camp/Pre-season

    Tonight's the 1st time in over five months that I get to drown a few ice cubes in Kentucky's finest and watch a Blackhawk's game on the big screen and I plan on enjoying it...….hapless coaches,washed up core and all! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  8. hsbob

    Training Camp/Pre-season

    I'd like a canon from the point myself but even the hardest slappers are stopped if the GT has an unimpeded view of em,we'll need somebody in front on the PP too! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  9. hsbob

    Around The League - Other Teams' News

    The Jets have had an internal cap since the move but they'll have to spend to the ceiling to keep this team together,we'll see how that works with a 15K seat building. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  10. hsbob

    Who we gonna call?

    Since you posed questions,I'll take a shot at answerin' a few of em…….. What happened to that plan? Neither had the year they wanted but Kane led the team in scoring and Toews was tied for second in scoring and was also the best FO guy by a mile even though he missed the last few weeks. The absence of Crawford killed that plan? I'd say yes,there isn't a single NHL squad that makes the postseason with the goaltending the team had in the 2nd half......NOT A SINGLE SQUAD! Nobody got hurt the last few months and the team got the player they coveted with the best pick they've had in a decade. Just missing with 94pts does this team NO good last year IMO. I understand fans wanting more from the high paid players that were able to win cups in the past,maybe we get more this time and let's hope it's enough. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  11. hsbob

    Around The League - Other Teams' News

    I thought it woulda took 3.5M or maybe a bit more with a short term like that,good deal for both. That leaves the Jets with 7M in space,a full season before they have some tough decisions and the ability to add at the TDL if necessary. TOUGH division my friend! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  12. hsbob

    Training Camp/Pre-season

    His FO% does need to improve but his defensive play has been acceptable and his passing ability is well above average. He's the best passer on the team not named Kane and he plays with the best goal scorer on the team who is named Kane. If he shoots more this year,it'll result in a lot more goals and that could lead to even more space for #88. Net front play and board work can come from a wing as easily as it comes from a center and I think Saad will provide that and score more himself with two great passers. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  13. hsbob

    Around The League - Other Teams' News

    I believe Hossa admitted he can't play any longer due to his medical condition but didn't formally file his retirement papers to not set off the recapture and I'd bet Z's doin' the same. Are the Yotes to the floor yet? GO HAWKS!!!!!
  14. hsbob

    Around The League - Other Teams' News

    Look closer then my friend,last picture,in blue,top of helmet and neck guard. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  15. hsbob

    Training Camp/Pre-season

    Kevin Lankinen made a few insanely good saves and Delia had a few dandies himself. Sykura and Edjsel looked REAL good together,I'd like to see both make it...…...a large framed player to go along with a small framed player. Kruger's line looked pretty good out there and he skated well,Hayden looks determined and Martinsen can play some too. Kane had a few and the captain had a nice tally himself………...great to have Blackhawk hockey back! GO HAWKS!!!!!