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  1. R.I.P. big number 2! http://thehockeywriters.com/an-evening-with-bill-white/ GO HAWKS!!!!!
  2. We are who we are jack and we probably have less say in it than we like to think. The lows make the highs higher for me......enduring the 49 before have made the last eight years more special for me also. The league is now designed so teams don't stay on top very long and the design has worked. GO HAWKS!!
  3. The Pens are gonna be up against it this summer too jack........ Crosby signed a pre-CBA,front loaded 12year back in 2012,his hit is only 8.7M but it takes him out till 2025 with a full NMC. Sid can probably be LTIR'd at some point or maybe the 8.7 hit w/ a 3M salary the last 3 could be an advantage to a floor team but he'll make 20M more than JT either way when the deal's done. Malkin's 9.5M deal for 8yrs is more straight forward since it's post CBA but he's under contract at that number till 2022 with a full NMC. Kunitz,Cullen and Bonino are UFA's. Sheary's 667K ELC is over this summer and he'll want a LOT more than that. Rust is up next summer and @640K,might not want to wait for an extension.......he won't be cheap either. They have 3 D-men under contract next year and one's a 30yro,often injured Letang @7.25M for 5 more with a full NMC clause,that could be a problem unless he's also LTIR'd but we often forget that the team still has to pay that out even though they save the cap space. Schultz made 1.4M and is a RFA and Cole has one left on his 2.1M deal.....both will want more. Murray also goes from 628K to 3.75M next year. The Pens have 16 players under contract next year @ just over 60M but I have to say that the 22yro Matta @4M for 5 more is a value for them and they also have Guentzel @734K for 2 more.......and then what? Maybe there are some lean years ahead for the Hawks as you suggest jack and if the Pens don't make all the right decisions,they'll have some lean years too. Eight years between their last two cups have to be considered lean to some extent IMO also. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  4. The Preds are the best coached team in the post season so far IMO gt. Their fore-check is a thing of beauty and creates serious zone time,even when opposing D-men reach the puck 1st and make the pass,the recipient of the pass is immediately pressured.......their forwards work their asses off! The Ducks thoroughly won the FO battle and were still outshot by 17. The Preds are the quicker team who can answer the physicality and if they continue to kill penalties like they have...........Rinne could take em all the way. If things don't go well for the Ducks in game 2,I'll completely expect them to stoop to new levels but the Preds don't seem to scare too easily. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  5. You gotta admit that you never liked the guy T,I am on board with your other ideas though!LOL! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  6. Seadogs in and the Otters one win away. http://www.csnchicago.com/chicago-blackhawks/blackhawks-prospects-matthew-highmore-nathan-noel-win-qmjhl-title http://ontariohockeyleague.com/article/one-win-away-foegeles-five-points-fuel-otters-in-game-4 The box score doesn't show pp/pk TOI but since D-cat had a shorty,I assume he's out their killin' penalties in the PO's and ya gotta like the sound of that! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  7. http://ontariohockeyleague.com/article/trout-send-pucks-to-the-net-come-out-on-top-in-game-3 GO HAWKS!!!!!
  8. The Stars just traded a 4th for the rights to Bishop so they have to do something with one of their GT's to sign him. Niemi and Letemin both have 1 left @ 4,5 and 5.9M respectively,they gotta bite the bullet next year and ride one of these guys as a highly paid back up and buy out the other IMO.........interesting choice, edit:just saw the other thread. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  9. Without the hardware. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  10. Congratulations to the Erie Otters for wining the OHL West,led by D-cat with 31 points in 17 postseason games. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  11. I try to take a wait and see approach with every trade but I'm not sure what I'm waitin' for with this one. Good luck and thanks Big Man! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  12. I TOTALLY understand this perspective my friend!LOL! It's hard to be so involved with something and have no control over the outcome isn't it? At least you can switch spots or snap on another lure when the fish don't eat. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  13. Sticking your nose into a decent respectful conversation between me and another member is a blatant attempt to start trouble once again but I have no time for it this go round! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  14. You're an admitted pessimist jack and I've always appreciated that honesty and you are no more of a moron than I am........I won't speak for anyone else. I ran into a friend that I hadn't seen since the apocalypse and he said they picked the wrong week for everyone to play like crap,like me,he had no idea why it happened. McD was as displeased as he could be in his statement but when he said "we had 24 good weeks and one bad one",it brought me back to what my friend had said. There is always more activity round here when things go wrong than there is when things go right but it's the nature of things in general and I've come to grips with that. If someone posted video of a calamitous train wreck on youtube and also posted video of the heroic rescue efforts afterward.........which would get more views and comments? Let's hope the train wreck is a minor one and the rescue efforts are effective. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  15. I gotta hand it to you jack......you are absolutely reveling in this! GO HAWKS!!!!!