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  1. In all my years,I've NEVER been more excited to start a Hockey season.......NEVER!

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    2. hawkinmontreal


      I agree, lets get that puck dropped for another great season

    3. Ironhide26


      ABSOLUTELY!! Been a crazy wonderful busy summer..but I am back and I cant wait for the season to start guys!!!!!

    4. buf52


      summer is over. again. a year older. again. some dudes that have nothing to do with me playing hockey. Again.

  2. Happy birthday medic,fifty is nifty!

  3. Gig

    I tried to pm you but couldn't. Thanks for adding me as a friend,you already have quite a few and it's easy to see why!

  4. Thanks bob! That was nice of you to say!

    Always enjoy your additions here.....(and that rep only means I'm here waaaaayyy too much, lol!). Talk to ya soon....