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  1. hsbob

    You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    That's a lotta $$$ for Hayes but he is a 2LC,the term is the thing that could bite Philly in the ass as far as I'm concerned. Gus will never learn to play in his own end @27 but he had a great offensive season. He's an absolute gift and we have the gift receipt...…..now where's that return window!LOL!
  2. hsbob

    2019 NHL Draft: Blackhawks edition

    The average D-man does take a few years to develop but a lot of top D prospects are makin' the league in their teens these days too. If I read correctly,didn't one of your above posts say either center you mentioned could take three or four years to develop proper hockey sense. I like both big centers and I doubt either takes 3 or 4 years to be honest but haven't some reports projected one or both as NHL wingers?
  3. hsbob

    2019 NHL Draft: Blackhawks edition

    When I look at the size and skill-set of most other Hawk D prospects I realize that Byram isn't a redundancy at all. Pick him or trade down!
  4. hsbob

    You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    I think the 6M can be used more efficiently for this Hawks team due to their needs but that doesn't mean he isn't worth it to a team in need of offense when I see the $$$ being thrown around now. The BJ's payed him with those two cups in mind and he responded with 55gls in his two seasons there with no awesome Hall of Famers anywhere in sight. Who is gettin' younger.....sure as hell ain't me!LOL! "Before we know it".....he's 26. Saad not playing with K&T once DC went down was ridiculous,he's easily the team's 3rd best winger. The line would have been MUCH better than it was with Sikura,the line wouldn't have fallen off in production,the team would have had a better shot at the PO's and it coulda padded Saad's stats for a trade. I want to give JC a full camp and a full season out of fairness but can anyone say that Q wouldn't have been slaughtered for the Sikura shitshow?
  5. hsbob

    2019 NHL Draft: Blackhawks edition

    Touché jungle boy!LOL!
  6. hsbob

    Around The League - Other Teams' News

    I don't know how the Canes do attendance-wise in the regular season but they had a enthusiastically full house in the PO's for a team that was 17M under the cap. Not getting a 1st round pick or a top prospect for Skinner was also a terrible return! It'll be real interesting to see what they do with their captain this summer too,he was a real soldier and I'd love Williams on a two year deal.
  7. hsbob

    You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    I'd say this is more opinion than fact but then again,that's just my opinion. Saad had he best season ever(31gls) w/o JT and Big Hoss in Clmbs.and Fonzie doesn't like anybody. He was a pretty good get in the 2nd round but you'll never bring yourself to admit that. I'm just disappointed by a lack of any snarl at all on a team that needs snarl bad......unless he just figured out it ain't allowed here.
  8. hsbob

    You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    He was a real puck hound his first time around here and I don't think he dogs it,he just plays timid for a guy his size but so does most of the team...….it seems to be a prerequisite for employment. He's good for 20+.plays a decent defensive game and 6M looks different with every new signing but I would move him for the right piece as long as it helps now.
  9. hsbob

    2019 NHL Draft: Blackhawks edition

    Rose could be a jerk but the medical staff was a train wreck too...... https://www.sbnation.com/nba/2013/5/8/4311600/derrick-rose-chicago-bulls-injury-luol-deng-doctors That article was written before the Bulls docs gave Deng a spinal tap because they thought he had meningitis,he ended up having the Flu and the spinal tap almost killed him. edit; we better get back to the draft before they throw us outta here!LOL!
  10. hsbob

    You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    I've supported Saad,he's talented and I want to like the guy but he's INCREDIBLY soft for a player his size. He routinely peels off of hits he can and often should make and has as little push back in him as anyone on the team and I take NO satisfaction in saying that! He's a veteran now and he's also 6'1" 200lbs+ yet shows no physicality at all...….young players and recent arrivals seem to follow his lead IMO.
  11. hsbob

    Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    At least the Rags have the RFA rights to Trouba,this might be interesting. NY has plenty of space and I'm sure they make a big offer but Trouba's camp is tough to work with,he went to arb. last time and held-out the time before.
  12. hsbob

    2019 NHL Draft: Blackhawks edition

    I remember well but Thibs was known for riding his guys hard,Noah,Rose and Gibson were empty shells when he was done with em and they almost killed Deng...….literally! The Bulls wanted him back sooner after the first surgery but the Bulls also wanted Deng to play with stress fractures,Rose returned when he thought he was ready and still tore up the other knee 20 some games in. He was bitter after the knee injuries and he had a bad habit of saying what was on his mind but don't athletes do endorsements when they can?
  13. hsbob

    2019 NHL Draft: Blackhawks edition

    All good doogs,onward and upward buddy boy!
  14. hsbob

    2019 NHL Draft: Blackhawks edition

    What happened there was a Rookie of the year award,the youngest MVP in league history and a HoF worthy player before he tore up both knees.
  15. hsbob

    Around The League - Other Teams' News

    https://www.nhl.com/video/best-hits-of-the-2019-scf/t-277350912/c-68464003 It was a 'hum-dinger' of a finals and might be the last we see of the style.