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  1. Q punishes players for battling along the boards and in the corners and for going to the net? Shaw and Bickell became postseason standouts doing just that and were certainly not punished for it. Saad became a multi-millionaire doing just that and they all did it as rookies too. Those guys were moved and that net-front presence was never replaced,who on the current team has been punished for going to the net........who's willing to pay the price for going to the net now? Shaw would take a puck smack in the face if he knew it would end up in the net but having a pretty face didn't mean much to him. Kruger got Shaw's money and we got Kruger and his handful of annual points. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  2. Another awesome thread..............thanks for stoppin by! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  3. Pj's been here before computersLOL........seriously though,he's been here forever doin' what he does.
  4. 'ONE' GOAL.........achieved 'THREE' times! Thanks for stoppin' by though. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  5. You'll be screamin' when you see what you paid for the TruCoat...........you do want the TruCoat now don't cha! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  6. Someone else's turn to drink from the cup this year babe,enjoy your summer! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  7. If anyone's interested.......I can beat both those deals by a 100 bucks and throw in an oil change or two! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  8. He better be nice to all the new trolls......or......are they really new? GO HAWKS!!!!!
  9. He sucks too! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  10. Only showing up when things look bleak must be a bleak existence. Major kudos to both the optimists and pessimists who have gone through ALL of the battles together over the years. We've had better days,that's for sure and there's better days to come. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  11. Thanks as always Ms Madrose! Some of these finesse players are gonna have to get their noses dirty or maybe even a little bloody to turn this series around! LET'S GO BOYS! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  12. Thanks as always Ms Madrose! Win tonight or fire everybody......again! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  13. Thanks for the postseason kickoff Ms Madrose! Hold serve in the 1st two at home and the Preds will never recover. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  14. If any or all of the three are moved this summer,Florida isn't a far fetched destination IMO..............the Panthers would benefit from getting either player! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  15. It's not hard to see why they're 0 for 8,they do like their long shots though. GO HAWKS!!!!!