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  1. hsbob

    Chicago Bears 2018/2019 season

    I really think the running game needs to be put into perspective...... Cohen had SIX receptions and that seems to be his primary duty with very good results,most of his runs are on pitches or come after motion. Howard also caught a big one out of the backfield for a 1st down and made a beauty of a block on MT's TD run. Hard to expect much on eleven carries because he's a 1000yd,tackle-tackle,back who needs to work up a lather to be most effective. He might have to see more carries in the first three quarters if you intend to lean on him in the fourth. Gig also made the point about missing Kyle Long as far as run blocking. The Lions were able to stop Howard in the fourth when the team was lookin' to eat clock but I don't think he had two carries in a row up to that point,he'll be relied on more when the weather turns and I believe we'll see the 1000yd back he's been for two years we he is. Neither back lines up in a classic run formation very often and it's not uncommon for one or BOTH backs being in and being split out. Howard and Cohen had 18 carries between em but it was a target rich environment out there for Mitch with the Lions DB's pointing fingers and ready to fight each other and he shredded those guys at will. We're lookin' at the most advanced offensive sets we've ever seen from the team,MT's development seems to have gone from slow and steady to move the team down field down field with confidence and Nagy gets massive credit for this no matter how talented MT is. If Trestman was a QB whisperer and an offensive genius what in the F is Nagy? I know it's hard to get away from the pass when guys are open on nearly every play but MT hit the guys who were covered too...….great to watch! All that said,I can still do without four guys in motion on a run play when it's 1st and goal from the one,go with two TE's and an up back and hammer it three if not four times...…..those horses up front need to get latherd up too. I know a few others get more press but if Danny Trevathan stays healthy the rest of the way,the D will be as good as any and the defensive backfield is in the 'best in the league' conversation now-a-days. A few of the backup D linemen looked real good too but Lynch still needs to learn what not to do out there...…..lotta emotion and talent he just has to know what to do with it The Vikes defense will be a great test and a true measure of where the team is...…...I believe they protect the house Sunday night! GO BEARS! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  2. hsbob

    Chicago Bears 2018/2019 season

    Not many players force the league to change the rules but he was one of em! GO BEARS! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  3. hsbob

    Chicago Bears 2018/2019 season

    He missed one in OT down in Miami that woulda won the game,it was form 53 and he had enough leg but once again,accuracy was the problem. He does have trouble with putin' KO's through the end zone too,NE ran one all the way back on another one of his short KO's. He's adversely affected three games so far. GO BEARS! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  4. hsbob

    Chicago Bears 2018/2019 season

    I only said that I saw potential in Trubisky and it was like starting over this year so we'd have to give him and Nagy some time. I've been high on quite a few young Chicago athletes and I might have just guessed right this time jack. Good to see ya on board and enjoy next Sunday night's game! GO BEARS! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  5. hsbob

    Q just fired..

    I thought I’d give the rhetoric a break for now but I still have no idea where they’re goin’.......do you? GO HAWKS!!!!!
  6. hsbob

    Q just fired..

    I think anyone expecting a more physical style now that Q's gone are kidding themselves,even if the new guy wants it. The 'GLADhouse' on Madison will remain a family friendly environment. Maybe the less physical nature of today's game will eventually play into this philosophy but a team with zero pack mentality will still win nothing in the game of hockey! Martinsen will get his handful of hits a game because that's pretty much all he does and Hayden's tryin' to prove he can do more than just hit......so there ya go as far as physicality. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  7. hsbob

    Stan As Gm

    To be fair,we can add Richards to that list but it is a short one. I clamored for a cheap net-front guy like Maroon but maybe his return to his home town was inevitable,I'm pretty tired of seein' guys like him and Williams screen our GT's...…...especially on the PP. Watch Williams work tonight and Maroon again Wednesday night,we have none of that and asking JT to do that TOO will result in another worn out end to his season unfortunately. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  8. hsbob

    Hawks sign Brandon Hagel

    Can we expect the second coming of Dave 'the hammer' Schultz now that Q's gone? GO HAWKS!!!!!
  9. hsbob

    Chicago Bears 2018/2019 season

    I think it was the first division win in the past eleven tries too. You gotta admit this might be the best roster since the SB team but Nagy seems to know what to do with it. GO BEARS! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  10. hsbob

    Q just fired..

    I'll repeat one thing from my prior post mvr,I truly believe the Org.from the very top has zero desire for the post whistle play and to be honest Q and Stan both might have gotten the memo. There's been no 'mad' in the madhouse' for a number of years and 'blood on the ice' doesn't really go with the smartphone watching playground it's turned into...….even the network refuses to show the most benign scrums we see these days. I have no interest in troublemakers or message sending unless our great players are gettin' run and even then,you settle it right there and then or the next time you meet up like Shaw asking Dumba to answer for crushing Kane the game before...…..the hit was clean but still had to be answered for and Dumba realized this too. That pack mentality is gone and we now see Hawk players double or triple teamed with team mates either staying out of it or just skating away without even a look back. I still wonder what happened against the Preds and those who say the coach has to answer for the outcome are right but it was the first time the team went into the PO's without a Buff,Brow,Bicks or Shaw......the pack mentality was nonexistent. Say what you want(not you) about Hartman but the kid had a pair and immediately came to the aid of team mates,often against bigger opponents. Maybe Q was told the Org didn't want another Shaw and maybe Stan was too. The best team in hockey plays him 16-17 minutes a game now and he's still a better player than a number of forwards we see now and a remarkable value at 850K! I watched the Jets last night and their smaller players are the feistiest bastards they have and Dustin Byfuglien is a physical F'n marvel at 33! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  11. hsbob

    Q just fired..

    Thanks HM This issue has always been a quandary for me. I tried to stay away from Q's this or Stan's that and just recall the things I've seen over the years. I'm a fan of the rough stuff but much less so than in the past and I always appreciated the way the cup teams went about their business. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  12. hsbob

    Q just fired..

    Q’s gone and can’t be fired again no matter how much some of you would enjoy it.n Name the top six power forward in the system. No more tap tap tap .....right? GO HAWKS!!!!!
  13. hsbob

    11/10 Hawks vs Flyers

    Q had his warts but some of those line changes also had opposing coach's heads spinnin' and when it mattered most. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  14. hsbob

    Chicago Bears 2018/2019 season

    Nagy looks to be the offensive mind he was brought here to be,MT's development and the passing game in general bare that out but he still drives me crazy at times.....guess it goes with the territory. Do ya really need four receivers on 1st and goal from the one and if ya do,would they all be in motion at the same time? Howard tore off nine on the 1st carry of the game and I'm pretty sure his next one didn't come until the play I mentioned. Thousand yard,tackle-tackle backs need to work up a sweat and get some rhythm,Howard had a nice run to get us out of the shadow of those dam goalposts after an ill-advise pickoff too and never saw another carry in that sequence. He looked ineffective late in the game and maybe it's because he didn't work up that sweat or get that rhythm. Cohen is a hell of a talent any coach would use but he's a smaller player,over use could be a problem with one unfortunate turn of events. Mitch looks like the kind of QB a good team can win with and the Bears are winnin',some great throws and real nice grabs by a few receivers. 'Crazy legs Mitch' is quite the problem for defenses but this is also a well that you can go to only so often. Defense was a tale of two coverages we had it and they didn't.....Tate or no Tate. Nice game from the young LB's Floyd and Smith. Special teams already cost the team a win against NE and caused today's game to be closer than necessary. There's some bad luck involved in hitting the uprights straight on like that but I'm still seein' who's available tomorrow......maybe tonight. Maybe tell the coach of that squad to pull his head outta his ass too. All in all,the brain trust seems to have the team on the right track for the first time in a long time and for that I'm grateful! What a great distraction today's game was for me. We get a well rested bunch of Vikings next week and we can beat them too! GO BEARS! GO HAWKS!!!!!
  15. hsbob

    Chicago Bears 2018/2019 season

    What'd ya have to go and bring that up for Tarzan...…….he boinked two more after your post. You posted about posts.....LOL! GO BEARS! GO HAWKS!!!!!