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  1. deeman93

    Hawk Moves 2017-2018

    Panarin 7 points in the first 3 playoff games...nice trade stan!
  2. deeman93

    How the Hawks Get Better

    The hawks can get better just by putting a pylon in net..swiss cheese berube and forsberg both suck and are not nhl goalies! I was at the hawks game in buffalo last nite and berube stunk, then he gets the nod again tonite and tops last nites game with another stinker tonite! Wtf..find a goalie! What a chance to knock the blues back...damn i miss CC!!
  3. deeman93

    Bringing my kids to the UC!

    Ok..thx for responding..im gonna try my best we'll see!
  4. deeman93

    Bringing my kids to the UC!

    Any ideas/advice out there?
  5. deeman93

    Bringing my kids to the UC!

    Im bringing my 2 boys (6 and 8) and my wife for their first game at the UC on jan. 5th 2018. We are flying in from buffalo ny where we live. We go watch the hawks play the sabres every year, but we are now venturing to chicago to see a game there. I have been there many times before, but its there first time! I know tix are hard to come by and expensive. Any suggestions, other than the typical stubhub, ticket exchange, etc. Sites that sell tix. Can we get em at the box office or are they sold out all the time? Are there scalpers outside the arena before the games? Any help would be appreciated in finding 4 tix or any other general info. For game day. We will also be there on jan. 7th for the sunday game. Thx!