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  1. Hopefully Motte will be the answer to Saad in time. Toews needs a wingman. Schmaltz might not be that far away from the NHL. Maybe Pokka will earn a spot on D. The answer to the depth that we didn't have this season might only be answered by trading the likes of Crow. Not advocating that, just mentioning as an option.
  2. LOL! Fingers crossed!
  3. I so wanted Hitch to be fired after tonight.
  4. Shaw has to be a priority. Make it work Stan. This guy is as much the heartbeat of this team as Tazer.
  5. I agree completely. Unfortunately other teams scouts and GMs watch our games. TT's value dropped dramatically after his 7 game skate around.
  6. Still had to be a better option than Gus or Rundblad!
  7. 1/8 of an inch from OT on the Seabs shot! Painful that it will be 1 full calendar year until playoff hockey again in Chicago.
  8. This stings big time. However, I would love to revisit the Trevor Daley trade. Hawks tried to roll with 3.5 competent NHL D.
  9. Boy, I hope we don't lose Shawzie in the offseason!!!
  10. 2 points against a very desperate team and playing with a makeshift D corps. I'll take it! Hopefully Hoss will be OK.
  11. Not quite yet!
  12. It was the best of times...
  13. Pull the goalie!
  14. Wasn't Weise supposed to be an in your face type of player? We're waiting!!!
  15. Not to mention some lesser opponents.