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  1. 12/10 Hawks vs Yotes

    Although Toews offensive numbers are down he is still elite in the face-off circle.
  2. 12/10 Hawks vs Yotes

    #15 is not a #1 center. With only winning approximately 45% of his face-offs against 2nd line centers he would get eaten alive by better ones. After all zone time starts with winning the draw. After playing many years without a fourth line why would you willingly screw it up. Your suggested 4th line is not heavy or tough enough to continually do the necessary heavy lifting.
  3. Joel Quenneville

    I think the team will realign the coaching staff. Kevin Dineen has been around for sometime now and his power play sucks majorly so maybe he and Don Granato will change places and introduce a new PP system and get a new lease on life. The system is faulty not the players. If we were playing football we would be talking of negative yardage. The team fails to seal off the far wall giving the opposition a free exit. When Keith retrieves the puck in the corner he returns it near the blue line and passes it back to the face off circle and the next player carries it to the same spot and passes it back to Kane at the same faceoff circle and he carries the puck just inside their blue line and drops it to the point instead of attacking the net or at least drive the defenders deep freeing up the trailer for a hard clear shot on net.
  4. Toews

    I remember that Toews and Kane led their team in their rookies years as well and that was fortunate not sad.
  5. Joel Quenneville

    We have fans continually complain about a lack of size but fans keep bringing Hayden up in trade discussions. He is one of our biggest, intelligent, reliable, checking physical players who plays the right way.. Big John Hayden is not just a player; he is a young man with an offensive upside and will only get better.
  6. Joel Quenneville

    Majority of their cup wins were before the draft when junior teams were sponsored by NHL teams. At one time Montreal had the rights to all the players from the Province of Quebec.
  7. Joel Quenneville

    Maybe then they would be willing to take Toews off our hands as he speaks French.
  8. 11/22 Hawks vs Lightning

    It was Kane whose shot inside the Tampa blue line was blocked leading to the first goal. Later he made a perfect back pass right onto a Lightening stick that I believe lead to the second goal or at least a quality scoring chance, Kane was given a great pass for a breakaway with the game on his stick. Yes Kane scored two but he was not perfect and was just as responsible to the loss as the younger players.
  9. Seabrook

    Stan did not throw in the towel. He went out and got Oduya to play with hammer because they had chemistry but Q never played them together. Stan also dug into the past and supplied Q with Andrew Ladd a reliable power forward but it didn't pay off. We had a draft in Chicago therefore Stan had to keep his early picks to give the fans something to turn out for. The rookies supplied as much firepower as the great Panarin who was too tired to be productive in the short playoff but he did not take regular games off to rest because he had bonuses to make. The afore mentioned Panarin was not too tired to lead mother Russia in the World Championships. All I read is speculation not facts. My challenge to you is to name the year when the Blackhawks under Q were ready to start the playoff from the drop of the first puck. It takes until the third round before they start playing "the right way".
  10. 11/15 Hawks vs Rangers

    The King played it properly and whether the puck went through the net or just crossed the line the King could not handle it.
  11. 11/15 Hawks vs Rangers

    Lets give Debrincat credit here his shot was quick and he overpowered the King.
  12. Are You Worried Yet?

  13. 11/09 Hawks vs Flyers

    I liked galaxy's idea of playing the fourth line on the power okay. We may not need a second unit. With their heart and desire we will end up with two or three players screening the goalie. Even with a younger Toews and Kane it was the net front presence of Buff's big body that made the power play work.
  14. Toews

    It appears that his off season training has worked. Nobody caught him. He looked quicker to the loose puck and kept a comfortable lead on the desperate back checkers. This make back to back games where he aggressively attacked the net unfortunately he was unsuccessful. I hope this trend continues.
  15. 11/01 Hawks vs Flyers

    I too am not looking, to argue the point but I feel it necessary to add my take on the dreaded 2-0 lead. The leading team tends to go into a protect mode. A good shot and a bad bounce and the game is tied. Blackhawk history is rife with blown 2-0 leads. The two freshest and biggest examples: 2014, game 7 western conference final with LA. We ended up losing 5-4 on a fluke goal (deflected off own player),in overtime. 2017 game 3 Nashville series, a complete shift brain fart and contact with Crawford but outside of crease therefore no goaltender interference and we are tied. Overtime loss.