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  1. Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    Yes really, talent for talent. The real winner will be decided by the on ice performances of the players involved rather than on how much was saved. Concerning Campbell I remember that Tallon had saddled the organization with a long term monster contract, considered to be unmovable and that Olesz's short term contract was a necessary cost of doing business.
  2. Stan As Gm

    Even trade. Hanifin and Hamilton both needed a change of scenery.
  3. Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    Ward is a reasonably priced insurance policy incase of a relapse by CC. It gives the other goalies time to improve by doing and I see them all playing roughly equal time until the cream rises to the top. It is quite possible that the goalie tandem at the end of this coming season will be completely different than the one that started it. Kunitz is a veteran presence and like Patrick Sharp will help greatly in the development of the younger players and an inspiration to everyone else. Leading by example I have never seen Manning play. Have you. Stan and Q both talked to him and gave their thumbs up. Miracles do happen folks.
  4. Draft 2018

    Last offseason Stan made changes to the team to make it harder to play against and our fellow posters gave him nothing but grief. He made changes that had to be made. Ulf Samuelsson replaced Mike Kitchen and the PK became more aggressive and improved. Panarin was traded for Saad to get bigger. Poke checker Hjalmarsson was traded for a heavier more physical Murphy. and 6'5" 230 lb. Franson was added to give the defense a more physical presence but it was not utilized by coach Q. Stan signed free agents Wingels and Bouma and along with John Hayden formed a true dominating 4th line with all on pace for 200 hits. These moves showed that Stan was serious about getting bigger and tougher. There is no reason whatsoever to draft big physical players when the coach needs speed and skill to play his system.
  5. Draft 2018

    Kotkaniemi is one of those players that shoots up the draft board due to recency bias. He has a great U18 tournament, which is given too much weight in my opinion, and now everyone has moved him into the top 5. Do we judge by that or by his performance at the Hlika Tournement where he was pretty much "terrible" by all accounts. The scouting reports said "he couldn't skate." In this case the U18 tournament carries more weight because JK had ten months to improve his skating. One question often asked is "What Have You Done for me Lately? Your recency bias remark is the answer to the previous question.
  6. Draft 2018

    You are taking too much for granted. Remember Hayes and Hayden. Both committed to school and played until graduation. Hayes became a free agent and signed elsewhere. Wahlstrom could do the same. JK has been playing on an elite men team in Finland playing in all situations so a jump to the NHL this season is a reasonable possibility.
  7. Draft 2018

    My choice has always been Kotkaniemi. Montreal has targeted Kotkaniemi at #3 because of a need for a center. Kotkaniemi is projected to be a first line two way center. The Hawks need him so that in two or three years the Blackhawks could move Toews to the second or third line to extend his shelf life Wahlstrom is a top end talent but he has committed to going back to school where he could spend another two or three years. The Hawks' need is sooner rather than later. Toews, Ejdsell, Kotkaniemi and Hayden or if Wingels is signed would give us the size down the middle we have lacked for a number of years.. 2nd line centers and second unit defenders are always in demand so maybe trading AA could get us the much needed defender.
  8. If rough start, who is first to go?

    Q of course as Stan gets no respect.
  9. Okay Our Defence?

    It looks good in print but it seems a bit one-sided considering AA's face off percentage. I think it would also take a draft choice or prospect.
  10. 2017/18 playoff predictions

    I know Q had nothing to do either as with Stan all the pieces were there for the 2010 cup. I sometime think that the players won championships in spite of the coaching. Handzus was a much needed big experienced second line center who could win important face-offs. He did come up with a big play at an important time in his cup run. Roszival was a real warrior who placed the team ahead of himself. He often sacrificed his body to make a big play. and was an inspiration to all. Timonen was a puzzling move but maybe Stan traded for Timonen to give him a chance after a long career to get his name on the Stanley Cup. The real reason Stan has never been recognized as the GM of the year is because voters held your opinion that Stan was handed the team. Despite his many years in the front office in a variety of hockey related positions which included hockey operations in charge of player development. Stan is never given any credit for his hard work. After every cup win Stan has had to replace major contributing second tier players. The only opinion that counts is Rocky's and he is quite pleased with both Stan's body of work and hockey knowledge.
  11. 2017/18 playoff predictions

    …late in the third period of a tie game, Michal Kempny on the ice taking Sidney Crosby out of the play, which directly led to Ovechkin’s winning goal. This part of the Bleacher Report article implies that he actually removed Crosby physically from the play rather than the Blackhawk way of poke checking. Maybe Kempny was more suited for physical play and therefore misused. I am a strong believer in the separation of man from the puck and interrupting the flow of play.
  12. Draft 2018

    I did not blame Q for not winning 3 cups in a row I blamed his philosophy of going to a defend the lead mode after a two goal lead not once but twice in the same game for losing game 7 of the conference final. The team was indeed a bad bounce away from a three-peat is your opinion and no more valid than mine. If you were to have asked the LA players they would have admitted that they fell behind early but wore down the Blackhawks.
  13. Draft 2018

    You choose to gloat over the success but what about the failures. Q kept on doing the same things over and over again in the last three playoff years and yet we lost or are you saying the gm and players lost. Team success has been more about the core being able to overcome adversity than the coaching. The players had this refuse to lose attitude where no lead was insurmountable. I remember many times when they were losing by one or two late in a game and as a fan I did not ask myself could they win but when. The game 7 Western Conference final loss was due to a poor power play and their inability to capitalize on even one of two 5 on 3's. Anyone who watched this game could not but help notice the defeat on the faces of the LA players in the first period. Q constantly talks about playing the right way and that is what the players were doing in the first. They were moving their feet and drawing penalty after penalty and LA had no answer. Q changed the way they were playing giving LA the win. Loosing one two goal lead was bad enough but losing to was unacceptable. This is not about being an armchair coach this is about the actual truth.
  14. Draft 2018

    The game was not lost on a bad bounce it was lost in the first period. We had a 2 goal lead and wasted a 5 on 3 without even a whiff. Shortly after we had another 5 on 3 in the first. The coaching staff instead of keeping the pressure on took a timeout to instruct the players on how the power play works. Later in the game we had another 2 goal lead and Q went into his patented defend mode. Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result is the definition of crazy.
  15. Draft 2018

    Coach Q winning wise is the second best coach in NHL history. Is it too much to expect that he turn marginal NHL players into regular NHL players. It is easy enough for you to blame Stan for all our failures yet you put coach Q on a pedestal. Given where we have drafted under Stan we have had a very successful drafting record. Saad and Debrincat second round picks, Hinostroza 6th round, Schmaltz 1st, and Hayden 3rd were, all good picks. Shaw was another great pick. He proudly said he was a 19th round pick as he was picked in his third draft. Shaw was a fan favourite here who all 30 NHL teams passed over at least 18 times including Talon. Shaw brought us Debrincat. Coach Q also inherited his cup winning players and when Stan had to rebuild the team Q benefitted from the players Stan provided him either through the draft or via trade. I agree with Big-T that Timonen was a questionable trade as his health was an issue blood cloths or something. Weise and Fleishman were 2/3's of a productive 3rd line in Montreal and appeared to be an improvement over our 3rd line players. Weise failed to produce. Not all trades are successful. As for your statement that Stan never landed a decent player I give you Panarin.