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  1. nighbor


    Two off seasons ago Toews changed his training regiment. He trained harder to get faster and more mobile and less on his strength training which resulted in his being knocked off his skates easier and his lack of success in winning board battles. This season It would appear that he has made the correct adjustments to his regiment as evidenced by his breakaway goal in St Louis as nobody was able to catch him. The fact that his line mates are young and fast seems to have rejuvenated him.
  2. nighbor

    9/29 Hawks vs. Blue Jackets

    Lets face facts. Team US was an all-star team filled with C's and A's and that the team success would have been the same regardless of who captained the squad. Kane is a happy go lucky person and the problem with free spirits like Kane is that too often the added pressure that goes with wearing a letter takes away their creativity and their productivity drops and we as fans cannot afford to take that chance with Kane. Unfortunately we as fans too often value a player by their stats and we can't see beyond that. If you were to ask any of the players in the dressing room they would no doubt tell you that although more production would be appreciated the letter wears provide good leadership on and off the ice.
  3. nighbor

    Training Camp/Pre-season

    This is a good beginning but of no use if they do not correct the other problems with the PP: (1) cleanly losing the initial faceoff, (2) allowing the opposition to shoot the puck around the boards uncontested down the ice (3) wasting time getting the puck from own goal line to outside own blueline (2 or 3 back passes from just inside blueline back to faceoff dot). What happened to the stretch pass? The benefit of the pp is that when exiting ones own end someone is left open for a pass. (4) no speed through the neutral zone (not making use of the forward pass). (5) not attacking opponents blueline with speed and numbers as too many players are standing still waiting for Kane to slowly skate the puck just inside the blueline and make a short pass to the defenceman (6) not driving the net.
  4. nighbor

    Hawks Rumors 2018/2019

    D-Cat will be stronger this year, his confidence level will be higher and I expect improvement in areas of his game that does not necessarily mean more goals but better possession numbers. Saad and Toews will score more goals this year. Remember Hossa's 2nd last season when for whatever reason he only scored 13 goals and the next season he potted 26 basically on the 3rd line. anything is possible. With a year in the show I can see a player like Kampf stepping up his game. Judging from the Red and White game Ejdsell and Sykura have chemistry and could possibly play some exciting hockey together. Your for instance needs some more thought. If Toews does not pass the puck to Seabrook, Seabs cannot throw a decent pass up to Schmaltz and Schmaltz can't score. Toews assist is therefore vital to your hypothetical goal. The team may not look good at the start of the season but I can see a completive team this season. By the way, no team has lost the Stanley Cup in training camp. One thing missing last year was the circus trip which has historically although an inconvenience been a great team builder..
  5. nighbor

    Opening Night Lineup

    As I mentioned in his last two season before coming to Chicago Panarin had 102 points in 105 games. I did not mention the league but it was the KHL. Kahun played in the Deutsche Elshockey Liga (DEL) where his pro rated numbers were 91 points in 105 games. I chose the previous two years because the players would have been of the same age. Talent wise he would compare to Leon Draisaitl of the Edmonton Oilers
  6. nighbor

    Opening Night Lineup

    I appreciated your inquiry. I was looking for something to hope for this season and the comparison just popped into my head. If it works out I can tell everyone I told you so and at the same time look like a hockey genius. Panarin and Kahun were both undrafted and neither played in some obscure European League when they were draft eligible. Same weight and 1-2 inches in height depending on who is holding the tape measure. Both are skilled players with good speed and good one-timers. Kahun has a quick release. Because of their age difference and different leagues it is hard to be 100% accurate. I compared their points production using their two previous seasons before signing. Panarin played more games so I used Kahun's PPG% to get a comparison. Panarin ended up with 102 pts in 105 games while Kahun's adjusted numbers would have been 91 pts in 105 games (11pts). Yes, there is nothing in his past to give us hope but the one thing he did not have before is Patrick Kane to play catch with. Need I say more.
  7. nighbor

    Opening Night Lineup

    I would be more inclined to switch Anisimov and Schmaltz to have some size on every line. Who knows, maybe Kahun could turn into a less expensive Panarin. Stranger things have happened. I can see the team rolling all four lines. I believe that Kruger and Hayden will be on one of the PK units and Toews and Saad on the other.
  8. nighbor

    Opening Night Lineup

    Keith Seabrook Murphy Jokiharju Manning Rutta Gustafsson Fortin was injured last season so maybe he is a better option than Highmore as one season doesn't make a career. Davidson as a PTO is not guaranteed a spot or even to be signed. He could if signed be sent to Rockford. Murphy played some of his best hockey on the left side so maybe Jokiharju could partner with Murphy or even given playing time with Keith for the first 9 games of the season to see what is best for his development A healthy Forsling was sent down to develop in Rockford last season and as such is not guaranteed a spot on the Hawks. He will have to earn it like everyone else. I feel that the Joker needs to get his crack at the big team as he has little or nothing to gain by playing in the WHL and he doesn't qualify for Rockford.
  9. nighbor


    According to Bowman Johnny played at less than 100% part of last season so they eventually shut him down. Stan did not elaborate on what was wrong as teams are reluctant to do. His lack of production over the last two seasons could be because he did not eat enough carrots. The past two seasons his shooting percentage has dropped off dramatically. He has continued to work hard the last 2 seasons as his shot numbers indicate (199 and 211). They were among the highest of his career. If his shooting percentage was at his career average he would have scored 28 goals/season same as his previous 4 seasons. Age brings change so maybe he needs his eyes checked.
  10. nighbor

    Stan As Gm

    Stan's job was to get qualifying offers out and Talon's job to decide which players to qualify. I was not there so I don't know exactly where the responsibility lies or where the breakdown occurred. Fair or not the GM is in charge so he takes the fall. As for your second question on special assistant to the GM I do not know.
  11. nighbor

    Stan As Gm

    I was thinking of the invaluable experience gained by Gustafsson and Dahlstrom including their 13 playoff games in Rockford. I know it was at a lower level but playoffs are playoffs, pressure is pressure.. Hayden is an intelligent hard working player who impressed and will be playing a bigger role this season possibly even PK time. A surprising move last season which had our captain scratching his head was Stan trading Hartman for Victor Ejdsell. In Ejdsell we get a bigger, more talented, more versatile player. European players take time to adjust to the smaller ice surface but judging from his playoff success, Ejdsell's 7 goals and 5 assists with 2 GWG's in 13 AHL playoff games speaks for itself. Yes, it will take Beaudin and Boqvist a number of years before they arrive on the scene but over these say 2-3 years there are young D like Mitchell, Snuggerud, Carlsson, Jokiharju and others ready to step in until they arrive.
  12. nighbor

    Stan As Gm

    Then, I imagine there are no real GM's as no other team has been as competitive as the Blackhawks. I do not believe the players mailed it in. Toews and Saad for example tried hard; unfortunately their shooting percentages were below their standards resulting in less production. Our defense is in transition. Our young defensemen and young forwards gained experience last season and the future looks bright.
  13. nighbor

    Stan As Gm

    I defend Stan because there are those who continue to deny him any credit even a small one. He came on board before the core. He spent time as special assistant to the GM, director of hockey operations, Assistant GM and finally GM. I do not deny the contributions of Smith and Tallon but unlike some others I include Stan. All the GM's involved have made some bonehead moves. I believe that the team should have won from 2013-15. The GM provides the players and the coaches mold them into a cohesive unit. The problem with the team for sometime now has been the speciality teams. By the 7th game of the conference final the players on the PP should be able to play it in their sleep. The team had two 5 on 3's and failed to even come close to scoring. The team also had two 2 two goal leads which they lost. and that is not on the GM.
  14. nighbor

    Stan As Gm

    You said that when Stan and Q arrived there was already a diamond in the ring. My point was that Stan preceded Keith and the rest of the core therefore no diamond. I did not realize that you were so well connected that you knew everything that was said and done by everyone in the organization. Bowman had a say in hockey operations. I did my reading Director of Hockey Operations, a role he served in for two years (2005-07). As Assistant General Manager, Bowman attended to the day-to-day administration of the hockey operations department, including all CBA-related matters, such as contract negotiations, free agency, salary arbitration and player movement and assignment. He also tracked the progress of Blackhawks prospects by working closely with the staff of the club's minor-league affiliate in Rockford while assisting with player evaluation, prospect development and professional and amateur scouting. I know what contradict means and you did contradict yourself. In line 5 you made out that he kept his job due to his name and the last sentence who said he would not get another GM job because they were looking for someone with a name which strongly implies that Stan had no name.
  15. nighbor

    Stan As Gm

    Stan was hired in 2001 preceding the entire core as Keith was the first member drafted in 2002. Bergeron can take all the credit he wants for finding Shaw. Scouts from other teams also found Shaw but Stan was the only GM league wide with the sense to draft him. 99.9% of all drafted players are discovered by scouts and GM's reap the benefits and are given credit for drafting them. Toews our #1 center was drafted by Tallon but since the age of 15 when Mike Smith was GM he was on the teams radar. Toews was the best player in the 2006 draft and he fell into Dale's lap. Your last sentence and your fifth sentence contradict each other.