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  1. Are You Worried Yet?

    I am worried because before this season only the salary cap was a limitation to this team. The roster was what it was but they were trying hard, except the few floppy games per season. Now, they seem lost and willingless and the we are doomed crew mojo ie "fire Q, fire(trade) everyone" is taken seriously. Even by me...
  2. 10/24 Hawks vs Knights

    Where do the first 2 games of the season have gone ? Obviously, I did not expect them to play like that for 82 games, but at that time they were showing willingness and appetite for wins. And it does not seems like the usual "just do the minimum in regular season" thing. Something is broken. I can take that they don't win as much as before, but at least try or show you care a little.
  3. 10/05 It Begins...Opening Night - Hawks vs Pens

    What a start of the season, let's hope it will end that good too. With preseason games and this one, confidence is high. Let's keep it that way. And welcome back Saad and Sharp 😊
  4. 9/28 Preseason Hawks vs Wings

    Nice to see so many forwards able to make the team, it is a good problem to have, although only the real games will tell their real level. Defense is still a question mark, but with so many winger and hossa ltir, it may be fixable (not that it has been bad). And Forsberg seems solid.
  5. Q's Future

    Thanks. The beauty of the internet !
  6. Johnny oduya

    I am very happy to Oduya back. All I hope is that it won't be a "Ladd" return (nothing against Ladd, just the result of his come back). If Stan is done for this year, I am fine with that. Unless he gets the same kind of deal. Go Hawks !
  7. Is this the beginning of the end?

    Funny how a month, that includes a week off, can change perspectives. Maybe we are not doomed yet.
  8. Q's Future

    I am not sure it is really a parameter but I remember Q had to stop for a while due to some health issue. So other than a (really really) bad season, it may also play on Q's future.
  9. 1/22 Hawks vs Canucks

    Finally Captain Johnny with a GWG ! Great game by Panik though !
  10. 1/22 Hawks vs Canucks

    I was surprised by the good first period. Unfortunately, not surprised by the 2nd and 3rd (so far)...
  11. 1/22 Hawks vs Canucks

    No I have few days off until the end off the month, so I can spend some nights watching the Hawks. It won't be possible after that (except playoffs).
  12. 1/22 Hawks vs Canucks

    Yes, you're right ! Hard to think straight at 2:30 am
  13. 1/22 Hawks vs Canucks

    Hi all. One of the best period I have seen by the Hawks. Ok, I don't see many games but still
  14. 1/13 Hawks vs Caps

    I was coming on these boards thinking riots were already scheduled after that game but it looks more like gentlemen arguing at tea time (not necessarily drinking tea). I am not saying I miss the "we are doomed!" drama days, but even those real bad games don't seem to bring some life in this forum. That saddens me a bit... Hopefully a great games again Minnesota will change that.
  15. 1/08 Hawks vs Preds

    Hawks win! As I said, it was mandatory