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  1. Thanks. The beauty of the internet !
  2. I am very happy to Oduya back. All I hope is that it won't be a "Ladd" return (nothing against Ladd, just the result of his come back). If Stan is done for this year, I am fine with that. Unless he gets the same kind of deal. Go Hawks !
  3. Funny how a month, that includes a week off, can change perspectives. Maybe we are not doomed yet.
  4. I am not sure it is really a parameter but I remember Q had to stop for a while due to some health issue. So other than a (really really) bad season, it may also play on Q's future.
  5. Finally Captain Johnny with a GWG ! Great game by Panik though !
  6. I was surprised by the good first period. Unfortunately, not surprised by the 2nd and 3rd (so far)...
  7. No I have few days off until the end off the month, so I can spend some nights watching the Hawks. It won't be possible after that (except playoffs).
  8. Yes, you're right ! Hard to think straight at 2:30 am
  9. Hi all. One of the best period I have seen by the Hawks. Ok, I don't see many games but still
  10. I was coming on these boards thinking riots were already scheduled after that game but it looks more like gentlemen arguing at tea time (not necessarily drinking tea). I am not saying I miss the "we are doomed!" drama days, but even those real bad games don't seem to bring some life in this forum. That saddens me a bit... Hopefully a great games again Minnesota will change that.
  11. Hawks win! As I said, it was mandatory
  12. I definitely like the 3rd line. Might even prefer Kero over Rasmussen
  13. I don't think Tootoo is going to have much ice time with play like this.
  14. Hi everyone!One of the few Hawks game I am able to watch, so a win is mandatory
  15. I know it has been said many times but what a great job to get Panarin come to Chicago and now stay. All it misses now for a good story is a Cup (or 2 or 3...)