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  1. Tuesday, April 9, 2013 the Hawks clinch playoff spot. Thursday, April 11, 2013 the Hawks clinch the Central. Wednesday, April 24, 2013 Hawks clinch the West.

  2. Are you on a cell phone or something you seem to pop up and post once in a while either that or at work

  3. Dude I love the new avatar. The only thing that would make it better is if the clip was from "Little Superstar" - the clip of the little dude popping and locking.

  4. I liked your "small head shot" post in Keith's thread! #197 I think. I said the same thing this morning having not read your commnet. Good one, Rob!

  5. Hey Rob, can you send me that rolly polly smiley again? I lost it somehow, even though I thought I stored that message. Thanks!

  6. Ozzie Gone...Reports has him traded to Marlins

    1. buf52


      Man I´m sure gonna miss Ozzie and his wife Sharon, Kelly and Jack too.

    2. DerFreischutz
  7. Blackhawks at Edmonton - Tue., Sept. 20 @ 8 p.m. CT Watch the Blackhawks and Edmonton Oilers return to action, ONLY ON CHICAGOBLACKHAWKS.COM! Join WGN Radio's John Wiedeman and Troy Murray as they call Chicago's preseason opener, live from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan!

  8. know and I appreciate that. Take care bro and I guess we can expect more of an influx what with the Hawks kicking butt tonite. Stay Happy !!!

  9. Hey Rob, I am so sorry ! I should of said something at least, thank you or its something to think about or whatever. Life, family, kids and the lovelyness of life kept me from at least saying Thank You. So I do it now. Thank You for warning me about the invasion of Canuck fans and about being able to block them. I haven't used the feature yet but I might down the road. Thank You though for letting

  10. Hey rob, I've almost got the Game 5 GDT done. I've cooked up a little surprise for it.

    Thanks for doing Game 4, you beat me to it by a few hours :D Looks like the Hawks will leave us more games to make them for!

  11. Dlrob! Hurry! Bury the GDT!

  12. I look forward to it. Last nights game was awesome, I had a great time yelling back and forth with the Hawks fans.

  13. Hey fitty I am going to come at you every time. But nothing personal, just good ol rivalry rhetoric. Hope you guys have a great season. The rivalry is better when both teams are good.