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  1. I did not read the whole thread, so if this a point already made my apologies. We need to be better at face offs. Cannot be a possession team without the puck and the theme of losing face offs was year long. Also, special teams has consistently hurt us. Even in Cup years.
  2. thx for the read Galaxy
  3. And break up the chemistry with Kane? I'm not sure that would be my choice. We finally, after years, get someone who thinks and plays like 88? They all underachieved this playoff season. 72 likely looks a lot better had the team played better (and scored).
  4. Just like Q was when he was first hired by the Hawks. He wasn't the head coach first.
  5. I thought we had 1 more Cup in this core and that was this year. Now I'm not so certain. I don't really have the answers because I don't know the team that I saw in the playoffs. It certainly wasn't the same team I watched most of the year with the odd exception. We are the oldest team in the league even with those rookies in the line up. I hope we age better than this. 3 first round losses in 7 years as well. Feast or famine it would seem. I sure as hell miss this place. Great conversations by Hawk fans. Always refreshing to read and see the passion we share for the Hawks. We got 3 cups together as well eh.
  6. Q doesn't seem to have a say in who the assistant is. It's win win for Q. Fire him and he will be snapped up immediately and get paid for 2 more years on this contract. I think the core needs a new voice. Did we get out coached? We were out played for sure. How do we go from a 1st place in the conference to out in 4 straight? Something is amiss. Hope we find out what and fix it.
  7. How breaking a league leading line up is better for the team is perplexing. I don't see it as helping Kane or Panarin or the team. However, as MJ said assessing his true value for the upcoming contract makes sense. And yeah I get it I"m not the coach, don't have 4 stanley cup rings, but I am a fan with an opinion.
  8. I find this perplexing to put it mildly. For years players have rotated through Kaner's line trying to find a mix, a chemistry and production. They FINALLY find it and after two career years for Bradman and Kane Q wants to 'balance' the scoring? I just don't get that. The only thing that makes a bit of sense is MJ's comment about contract worthiness being a potential contributing factor in this.
  9. Surprised the cup winning goal in 2010 wasn't on there. Thanks Gig
  10. I like how the goalie typically being the odd one on the team, is allowed to demonstrate their personality through their mask. One of the few non branded elements of the game that is unique. And I also like his mask.
  11. Agreed. Contender. I think we have one more Cup with this 'core'.
  12. Yeah that with us ideology gives me the shivers.
  13. He's been a good soldier. But as history dictates with 3m a year is your 3rd or 4th line regular, ultimately leads to a trade.
  14. I agree its a low risk investment that could pay huge dividends. IF for some reason his game goes notably south from last year then perhaps one of our rookies will seize the opportunity.