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  1. Wait'n to be passengers.

  2. CBHs and FA - participants or passengers?

  3. FA and the BH's, participants or passengers?

  4. Boards broken?

    1. Modry-Jazyk


      yes.It looks same grey as 2-3x in last three years....

  5. I wonder what Kane is up to?

    1. yooper496


      Well, he's still listed at 5-11,181.

  6. We need an elite goalie. CC can be the back up, he does better in that role

    1. Smokinmedic1


      Good luck. Stan throws CC under the bus in his exit resser and expects him to start as the #1 next season.

      I doubt they go after a goalie with Hutton in the wings.

  7. Maybe this was a good year to not be a contender, can anyone stop LA?

    1. Smokinmedic1


      Not likely. LA has played a commanding defensive game and hopefully will win the Cup easily in 5 games.

    2. I-miss-Wis


      They really are proving how important 'hunger' is to win a cup. They just want it more than the others and it shows out there.

    3. Ironhide26


      Gotta agree with everyone here... LA just looks unstoppable...and they def have that...."2010" magic AND hunger!!

  8. Sure sucks not having our team in to cheer for.

    1. I-miss-Wis


      Look at the bright side - both Vancouver and Detroit aren't there either.

  9. Happy birthday medic!!

  10. 11.5 months until playoffs? *sighs*

    1. Ironhide26


      BUT... only 5 months till the training camp festival!

  11. If our special teams don't become 'special' we are going no where this post season - friggen brutal