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  1. Adidas Hawk Jersey

    I hate the collars. So much so I won't be buying any Hawk jersey until a newer design happens in the future that I like. Maybe get the hoodie with laces. I love mine, comfy and looks great. Always alternatives eh.
  2. Stan As Gm

    It seems to me that Q is not on board with all the innuendo today. Not his first run in with Stan the Man. I expect Q to be gone sooner than later. Not saying I agree but I think where there's smoke, theres fire(d).
  3. Hawk Moves 2017-2018

    Fleeting or not is was part of the Hawk experience I enjoyed immensely. Did the team under perform - yes, every non cup year would speak to that. I was expressing an opinion of something I enjoyed about those two players. Nothing more or less. It would appear that only certain opinions matter on these boards.
  4. Hawk Moves 2017-2018

    And your comment could really apply to everyone on the team for both those series loses since we didn't specifically lose because of Kane and Panarin. Right Creatch?
  5. Hawk Moves 2017-2018

    Watching Panaran and Kane working on ice magic and Panarin's excitement when scoring, was watching passion about hockey. That synergy and excitement and chemistry was worth the price to me. Sad to see this magic duo end so soon.
  6. Hossa done?

    Anyone else wonder why were just hearing about this issue now if it's been going on for years? Does this explain some of the time off the past few years he has taken that was wrongly attributed to other factors?
  7. Hossa done?

    That logic seems flawed as Bettman has pitted doctor's opinions against each other over the concussion issue with multi millions in potential cost. But I do agree he won't want to smear the Hawks or one of the classiest players of all time.
  8. Vegas Deal in the Works?

    Do you think the cap rising to 75 mil has something to do with Kruger still being here? That and Hossa?
  9. Adidas Hawk Jersey

    I don't like the neck. Looks like a RC priest. Anyone know if the Hawks will have a 3rd jersey this year? And yes I know there are far more important issues for the Hawks than the supplier of their jerseys. The NHL just keeps screwing with things.
  10. Adidas Hawk Jersey

    Thoughts? They didn't do to much to the Hawk jersey but the collar seems different and I don't like any change to it really. Alterations in the name of the mighty buck, not because it's necessary. Perhaps I'm just getting old....
  11. Hossa done?

    Thank you.
  12. Hossa done?

    Thanks for the link. Informative. Least we had Hoss during his prime.
  13. Stan As Gm

    I did not read the whole thread, so if this a point already made my apologies. We need to be better at face offs. Cannot be a possession team without the puck and the theme of losing face offs was year long. Also, special teams has consistently hurt us. Even in Cup years.
  14. Stan As Gm

    thx for the read Galaxy
  15. Stan As Gm

    And break up the chemistry with Kane? I'm not sure that would be my choice. We finally, after years, get someone who thinks and plays like 88? They all underachieved this playoff season. 72 likely looks a lot better had the team played better (and scored).