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  1. How breaking a league leading line up is better for the team is perplexing. I don't see it as helping Kane or Panarin or the team. However, as MJ said assessing his true value for the upcoming contract makes sense. And yeah I get it I"m not the coach, don't have 4 stanley cup rings, but I am a fan with an opinion.
  2. I find this perplexing to put it mildly. For years players have rotated through Kaner's line trying to find a mix, a chemistry and production. They FINALLY find it and after two career years for Bradman and Kane Q wants to 'balance' the scoring? I just don't get that. The only thing that makes a bit of sense is MJ's comment about contract worthiness being a potential contributing factor in this.
  3. Surprised the cup winning goal in 2010 wasn't on there. Thanks Gig
  4. I like how the goalie typically being the odd one on the team, is allowed to demonstrate their personality through their mask. One of the few non branded elements of the game that is unique. And I also like his mask.
  5. Agreed. Contender. I think we have one more Cup with this 'core'.
  6. Yeah that with us ideology gives me the shivers.
  7. He's been a good soldier. But as history dictates with 3m a year is your 3rd or 4th line regular, ultimately leads to a trade.
  8. I agree its a low risk investment that could pay huge dividends. IF for some reason his game goes notably south from last year then perhaps one of our rookies will seize the opportunity.
  9. I don't know that this manufactured money maker means that much. It's not the Olympics. I'm glad Keith is resting. We need him for a few more years and a long playoff run next spring.
  10. I don't think you can pay him 6 on one year of work. I lean towards a bridge deal to help the Hawks navigate the low Cdn dollar and the overall economic climate of the league and hockey cities. Other teams can pay him more, but they can't offer Kane as a lineman. They have chemistry as we all know, they also seem to have a load of fun playing together. Now if the Hawks win the Cup this year, I think he could be more selfish since he would have the cup already aka Saad.
  11. He has won me over. I wonder about some moves here and there but overall 3 Cups in 6 years speaks for itself.
  12. I thought we only could use two buy outs and we used them already. Is there something in the CBA that allows for another buy out?
  13. I do believe CC hasn't let in less than 3 goals in his last 8 playoff starts. Some his fault but mostly, IMO, our goalies are only as good as the team in front of them and we have primarily been inconsistent since January. Win 2 lose 1 pattern works fine for me this post season. Go Hawks.
  14. Or in the press box