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  1. tincup61

    2018/19 IceHogs

    More disappointing to see Ejdsell labouring on the fourth line.
  2. tincup61

    10/18 Hawks vs Yotes

    Just goes to show you...shoot the puck and sometimes it goes in.
  3. tincup61

    Brandon Saad

    Is there enough in Canada for Bowman to best any GM in a trade?
  4. tincup61

    Brandon Saad

    That would be great but since Nylander wants a boatload of money we’d have to dump same. So Saad is a good option. But TO is really looking for defenseman, of which we have a lot, but which none are elite anymore. Why would Toronto make that trade?
  5. tincup61

    Joel Quenneville

    At least Fortin didn’t cause a goal like Kunitz did but he sits. Oh to be the grizzled vet on a Q team.
  6. tincup61

    10/18 Hawks vs Yotes

    Gus has become our best defenseman, more by the others falling back than by him rising. The Toews line was also good, leave them alone. I thought Kampf had a good game and overall that line did what fourth lines do. The other two lines? How many ways are there to scramble up six players but something needs to be done there. Press box the PP coach(s).
  7. tincup61

    10/18 Hawks vs Yotes

    Not critiquing it, just saying it happens. Why is Q inviolable? Or his staff? Others have gotten more out of less. We’ve got a rejuvenated Toews back, Crawford returns, Kane is his usual self, Debrincat is destroying the sophomore jinx myth and yet the PP still sucks, the PK not much better and the team defense is still ephemeral at best. Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.
  8. tincup61

    10/18 Hawks vs Yotes

    St. Louis fired Hitchcock when he had a winning record after 50 games one year. And maybe Michel Therrien isn’t HOF worthy but I’m pretty sure the Habs fired him a couple back when he had a winning record as well. It happens. Even HOF’ers can get the boot during the season, but you’re right, probably won’t see that here. That window passed in the summer.
  9. tincup61

    10/18 Hawks vs Yotes

    The time to have done that was in the summer. Can’t see it happening during the year. They’d just recycle another old coach into the job, of which Alain Vigneault would be the best option.
  10. tincup61

    10/18 Hawks vs Yotes

    AA should also get 1st PP time as well. He is just about the only forward who will screen the goalie consistently.
  11. tincup61

    10/18 Hawks vs Yotes

    Outside of Toews the centres just aren’t that good or aren’t being situated properly. Gus is probably the best defenseman we have, which is good for Gus but doesn’t say much about the rest. Time to let Davidson have a go. And seeing Jamal Mayers sitting there in the box makes me wish he’d take up coaching. Seems to me he might be good at it.
  12. tincup61

    10/18 Hawks vs Yotes

    The story about Q the other day, something he said about “push button” coaching. I understand now.
  13. tincup61

    Brandon Saad

    I’m with you. Let him play his way back up. But play him. Where’s his entry point when he’s back in? What line? Even on the fourth he makes the team better than using a Rockford quality player. I’m wondering if his poor clear on the PK last game was the straw that broke Q’s back?
  14. tincup61

    2018/19 IceHogs

    That's a balanced attack but I wish that out of nowhere someone will begin to look like a prodigy, something special. Although that player might just be Delia. Stars in back to back games.
  15. tincup61

    Alex Fortin

    Too bad we don’t have what Toronto needs. I can see them trading Nylander for a Ryan Ellis or similar. If we had the right kind of defenseman we could package Saad and that guy for a Khadri and something else. Saad takes his place besides Tavares, Hyman goes back to third line center, and they’d have the defenseman they really want. Getting a real center means Schmaltz can play the wing. Then Fortin drops down and we don’t carry two rookies in the top six. But we don’t have the assets. Unless we work a three way with some other team. Schmaltz and one of our defenseman to Edmonton, Nurse to Toronto and Khadri to us.