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  1. 2017 IceHogs

    Looked like a Kane shootout goal, like the one in Minny a few years back. Nice.
  2. 11/18 Hawks vs Pens

    Yep. I forget how the play set up but four Pens in deep and the Hawks outmanned. I think it was after Kane turned it over with the Pen net empty so maybe someone got caught up ice. Seabrook looks to have got his stick in there on the Kessel shot, a nice desperate play, but a great save anyways by Crow. What a nail biter of a game.
  3. Toews

    Best 3 zone game in quite some time. Nullified Crosby’s line while being dangerous themselves.
  4. 11/18 Hawks vs Pens

    So now the struggle is to play like this every game. Get consistency into their game. TB will be just as tough. A good game but no matter who the opponent is it was just one of eighty two. But no matter how sore the beer sure does taste better than ever after a game like this!
  5. 11/18 Hawks vs Pens

    Great game to watch. CC was special but team win this time.
  6. 11/18 Hawks vs Pens

    Kane should have eaten that puck instead of giving it up.
  7. 11/18 Hawks vs Pens

    Q has shortened a lot of guys ice, falling back on the favoured few.
  8. 11/18 Hawks vs Pens

    Has Murphy played since he took that shot?
  9. 11/18 Hawks vs Pens

    I can be bought....or rented.
  10. 11/18 Hawks vs Pens

    I barely know you.
  11. 11/18 Hawks vs Pens

    Ref staring right at it. A joke that had to go to challenge.
  12. 11/18 Hawks vs Pens

    Can’t believe it wasn’t called on the ice, brutal miss.
  13. 11/18 Hawks vs Pens

    More gangly, more like Peter Mahovlich .
  14. 11/18 Hawks vs Pens

    Best part.....it was on Malkin!
  15. 11/18 Hawks vs Pens

    50 minutes of hockey just about undone by one bad coverage but then AA with the continuing hot hand.