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  1. Hawks, despite getting some points, are having their bit of a slump, as are the Sharks, Wild. couple of others. Some, like the Oilers, Anaheim, and again, some others, have weathered their inevitable slumps and are now going again. What matters is who's going strong when the second season starts. I'd rather see the Hawks look bad these last few games against non contenders than look this bad 10 games from now. They just need to clean up the bad habits and stay, or get, healthy.
  2. If you fancy yourself a championship calibre team, and you let a bad call make you lose your composure, you're not who you thought you were. This game was starting to seem easy for some, it's a good wake up call. All the bad habits, poor positioning, lack of effort have found their nexus in this game. I will be pretty interested to see the response next game.
  3. Rest your so called stars, and use up the disposables.
  4. Yeah, pretty much. But the way they've played the last few, a good a**kicking might be rock bottom. Lesson learned, I hope.
  5. Right. Cheap shot from him. Classless.
  6. Good on Panik, Didn't think he had that in him.
  7. True, but if it had happened the other way, it would still be 1-0. Florida has the #1 PK and that 5-3 looked pretty impressive, Truth is , the Hawks are slumping and have been for a few games now, Minny is slumping, San Jose is as well. The only difference is that the Hawks are picking up a few points along the way. Since it's doubtful that they will continue this into the playoffs, I am not going to worry. i don't expect Minny or the Sharks to continue to falter either, Things will pick up before the playoffs begin. Better to get it out of the way now, it is inevitable for every team.
  8. Must be all that extra O2 at near sea level.
  9. Gawd I hope so. For all the reasons mentioned above as well as trying to force teams into invented rivalries.
  10. CC rewarded as he should be.
  11. Datsyukian from Panarin.
  12. Funny, I was going to say the same thing. Pretty possession, but absolutely useless unless you shoot.
  13. Don't get better chances than this, but I'm expecting OT.
  14. Might be the way their coverage is coached, but our defensemen sure seem to be crossed up a lot and covering their wrong side.
  15. Another tepid period.