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  1. What's with the harness?
  2. OMG. What people will do for a pay cheque. Or love of the game?
  3. Sad that cap issues means the Hawks have almost lost a generation of players like Saad, Shaw, Danault, Leddy etc. they're a team that is missing that middle now, getting old on top, too young on the bottom.
  4. No doubt and if this had been other than a playoff game somebody on the Hawks might have done the same, but unfortunately the Hawks rarely carried a deterrent for this stuff. And yes, Walkom "missed" the call but so did the other ref and the linesmen. and I'm guessing well before video could be used to help out on the call? Some of those players you mentioned thrived before the instigator rule too, which came into being in the early '90's I think. At least Torres and others of his ilk are finally gone for the betterment of the game.
  5. Predatory hit which in a different age would have been celebrated, but prior to the instigator rule, would also have been dealt with tout de suite. Except as number-9 points out below, Bollig gets the PIM's for trying to step up.
  6. White gloves? Must have had some leftovers from the All-Star game a couple of years ago. Novelty colours.
  7. Crest is uninspired, and no more than three colours. Lose the red stripe and it's better.
  8. Couldn't care either. I too have an old Maska sweater. Everything embroidered. Quality piece. Just doesn't fit me anymore, musta shrank.
  9. Who do you think would be more advanced, a 20 year old wrapping up his junior career, or a 20 year old entering his junior year in the NCAA? Or is that even a comparable?
  10. Funny how Yak in his rookie season, the strike shortened one where they only played the tougher west teams, had arguably his best year, 31 points in 48 games and only a -4. But that was under the coach that Edmonton should have kept, Ralph Krueger. But then Krueger knew how to utilize Yak's strengths while working on his weaknesses, like a good coach should. It was only after Krueger was canned and the rolling debacle that was the OIlers train took off down the tracks that he regressed so horribly. Edmonton also played Justin Schultz out of his safe zone after that and wrecked him as well, but now he has two cups. Maybe Yak needs a team where he can find his niche while he works it out.
  11. Good. I was advocating for him to get a tryout here. Otters are a well run and coached team and he's played with some good ones the last few years. I like players who come from winners.
  12. Which is why I am advocating for Ralph Krueger's return to NHL coaching.
  13. For those who believe journeymen pluggers make the best coaches, here you go. Good luck to them.
  14. Interesting idea. Think Quenneville will be on a short leash this year, or will Bowman? Maybe both. To me people in comfortable and stable positions become stale and too stolid in their thinking. I like fresh blood and new ideas.
  15. Saw a headline today reading the morning paper, yeah, I'm a rare guy that still gets delivery, that said "Spitfires coach moving up to Chicago" , but alas, it was to the Wolves.