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  1. tincup61

    Hawks Moves 2019-2020

    Probably have the numbers screwed up and I didn’t catch all of it but Kurashev, Teply and Saarela also caught my eye.
  2. tincup61

    Message Board Issues/technical Problems

    You've piqued my interest. I'll check some out.
  3. tincup61

    Message Board Issues/technical Problems

    This board is civil and a pretty knowledgeable group overall and the mods are pretty evenhanded and don't overmanage it. I missed it more than I would have thought these last few days. But you know what's common between all these boards from the teams sites that have them? Everyone on them is second guessing their recent picks, deals etc. turns out all us fans are pretty much the same. Loyal to a fault when it comes to the team but not so trusting of management to make the right deals. Human nature I guess.
  4. tincup61

    Message Board Issues/technical Problems

    Couldn't get on at all and finally today managed to get on but had to reset my password. Funny thing was I couldn't get into the Oilers site either but could on Calgary's. Weird.
  5. tincup61

    You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    Oilers are taking a page from the Hawks and are mining the Euro leagues for cheap and serviceable bottom six guys. They’ve beaten out some other teams to sign Swedish LW Joakim Nygard and now are reportedly signing Swiss center Gaetan Haas. This leaves UFA Alex Chiasson in limbo. After having a career year there after being a walk on, he took advantage of his opportunity and ran with it. An OK skater but he’s got great will, a good locker room guy, lives in the blue paint and kills penalties. He will want at least Caggiula money now but is definitely more of a prototypical bottom six guy than Sikura would be.
  6. tincup61

    2019 NHL Draft: Blackhawks edition

    The Oilers are already running their development camp up here. Anybody know when the Hawks plan theirs?
  7. tincup61

    Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    Love to see JT passing the cup to Pavelski in ‘20, another first timer like Hoss in ‘10, Zeus in’13 and Timmo in ‘15.
  8. tincup61

    Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    I’m wondering if some of these moves ahead of free agency might not also be a signal that the Hawks are trying to improve and are doing something to attract some interest from free agents looking to latch on to a contender.
  9. tincup61

    Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    I think you’re correct. Some of these guys may just be placeholders until the drafted replacements are ready. No one need be rushed in. But there is really a lot of left handed defencemen being accumulated.
  10. tincup61

    2019 NHL Draft: Blackhawks edition

    I miss it as well. We’ll get back to the playoffs again and then maybe the rivalries will restart. We’re just a little irrelevant at the moment.
  11. tincup61

    2019 NHL Draft: Blackhawks edition

    The infamous hair pull by the reprobate Burrows. Tough lineup though with Eager undressing Bieksa and with Seabs and Burish both willing to toss them too.
  12. tincup61

    You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    He’s an underachiever for his draft position and he’s coming off surgery to BOTH hips, what’s his true value? He’s not worthy of a first rounder anymore, a lower pick and a lower tier prospect might be all he’s worth.
  13. tincup61

    2019 NHL Draft: Blackhawks edition

    He says in his interview that he wants to come play in the CHL but I don’t believe he’s been drafted as of yet. The ‘19 draft is upcoming. Do the Hawks have any leverage in a case like this to massage a junior team to get his rights? I’d like to see him come over if possible.
  14. tincup61

    2019 NHL Draft: Blackhawks edition

    Head up all the way and seems to have a knack for getting it through and with some force. If I remember right, our last Prince George pick was another late round defenseman and he worked out OK.
  15. tincup61

    2019 NHL Draft: Blackhawks edition

    It'll be interesting to see what he signs for, he's probably playing for term and money this year. Big motivator.