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  1. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    I love Stone, but what does he want next year, Draisaitl money? Money will have to leave but he'd be intriguing.
  2. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    Good points about watching away from the puck. It’s why watching a game live is such a different experience. Something I admit I don’t do very much any more at any level but something everyone should do to expand their knowledge of the game.
  3. You Be The Gm

    I think we've moved on from that. I'm sure Hjalmarsson would love to come back but he's got hard miles on him and it's starting to show up. I think adding forwards who can play is a bigger necessity at the moment. Unless of course he manages to smuggle Oliver Ekman- Larsson out with him.
  4. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    In all honesty Dcat should have been sent down or cycled in and out and Hayden kept up and given more responsibility. Why the Hawks brought up Jurco and Gustafsson and not played either of them is absolutely mystifying.
  5. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    Too bad you just couldn't pick out the player who looks like he's more interested in golf than playoff hockey. Ship that guy and whatever to the golf haven of Phoenix and try to get Oliver Ekman-Larsson before he becomes UFA in a year or so. There's your new #1 defenseman. Arizona could use a marquee player or two.
  6. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    I just meant that it seems the teams that get their shots through are hardly top end teams either. But yes, I see that they have their shots blocked...a lot. And yes, our defense tend to walk the blueline a lot instead of shooting quickly, and yes our forwards rarely tie up anyone in front to let shots through. Detroit leading is telling, they've always been coached to be a shoot quick team, especially on the PP. Something I wish we could emulate. Do you have a stat about which teams block the most shots? All our players seem like they'd rather just look like they're trying but all they do is put up effective screens for the other teams.
  7. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    Not sure what this shows. Hardly the cream of the crop on either end there.
  8. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    This is one I'll give you. Dcat and Schmaltz don't like to get hit and Schmaltz doesn't always know when to dump it and overhandles it some. However, the checking by most of the vets also leaves something to be desired, nothing fries me more than when a forward comes back and stops two strides short, or won't bump a player and does the halfhearted stick check. Most of this should have been coached out of them a long time ago. The way Detroit forechecked today and how their forwards closed off the options was nice to watch, if you are a Wings fan. How they backchecked and kept the Hawks outside and never lost composure would also have made a Detroit fan proud. Why can't the Hawks do something similar? Why can't the anemic PP gain traction? Is coaching, or lack thereof at fault or are the players not listening? How can they crap the bed in such an important game? Why call up the bigger Jurco, someone who would probably still like to stick it to the Wings, and never play him? The makeup of this team and staff is off somehow.
  9. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    Then he shouldn’t shoot for tips because there is rarely anyone in front to tip. That said, Detroit has a few young kids out there today and they did just fine. Difference, they look like they had a game plan and structure to adhere to, Hawks are allowed to ad lib too much. The fact that forwards and defense rarely support each other, just witness the train wreck that usually happens in their own end, and I wonder how much they are really coached. Detroit doesn’t have huge forwards, it was just will and work today.
  10. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    Outside of Mantha and Abdelkader, the Wings forwards aren’t that big, what they were today were fast, tenacious and played to a game plan their coaches gave them. Hawks always seem surprised when other teams put in the effort.
  11. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    Wings were smothering today, Blaishill has them looking as though Babcock were still there. No combination of forwards and defencemen was going to win today unless they matched that effort. Wings supported in all situations, Hawks stood apart and took the easy ways. They’ve done that a lot lately. Is that coaches not coaching, or players not listening.
  12. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    Murphy showing frustration, only one that seems pi**ed.
  13. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    Funny how Zetterberg at 37 looks like twice the player as Toews.
  14. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    Third period, wouldn’t the Hawks have the advantage of having their bench close. Then it was a lazy and slow change then at an important time.
  15. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    Detroit goes both ways in waves. Chicago goes in dribs and drabs. One team looks uber coached and motivated, the other not so much.