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  1. hawkswinall

    If rough start, who is first to go?

    Neither. The Blackhawks are in a full out rebuild and everyone knows it. We need to give it 2 years, before they compete for the Stanley Cup again.
  2. hawkswinall


    Even if he s done, I would n't worry to much about Crawford. What does he have left on his contact 2 or 3 years? By the time his contract expires, the Blackhawks will hopefully have a team capable of compete for the Stanley Cup again. Until then it is all bout the draft and accumulating as much excellent young talent as they can.
  3. hawkswinall

    You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    The rebuild goes on. Hopefully in about 2 years the Blackhawks will be ready to compete for the Stanley Cup again!
  4. hawkswinall

    Stan As Gm

    I hate to mention something that I can't substantiate, but there was a rumor going around about Crawford having a brain tumor or brain cancer in section 301 last night. Have any of you heard something in regards to this?
  5. hawkswinall

    RIP Klemmer

    My Prayers are with him and his family!
  6. hawkswinall

    2/17 Hawks vs Caps

    As constituted with Wingles, Bouma, - and Franson for a while, and Panik ( yes - I know we finally got rid of him) -- this team was never going to do well. Factor that in with aging , Hossa leaving, this was going to happen. They would be just as bad if they still had Hammer and Panerin -- only they would be even older
  7. hawkswinall

    Stan As Gm

    I don't think "tanking" is going t be a problem. this group has no confidence and has just learned that their 2 time Stanly Cup goaltender will never play another game. as I look at the schedule the rest of the way, I cant see the Blackhawks winning more that 3 games (in regulation) for the remainder of the 2017/2018 season. time to get rid of the older players and start seeing what .. if anything we have in Rockford and coming out of the College ranks and the juniors. Either way its time for the full rebuild. the best this team will accomplish in the futures is between 20 to 25 games below 500 to maybe 8 or 9 games below 500
  8. hawkswinall

    2/17 Hawks vs Caps

    Viva la President Trump. My entire family (375 people ) would not be in the United Stated if President Trump did not get elected. My partners an I re-started our business too ( i never though we would do that again). We certainly would NOT have re-started our business last December if a liberal were in the White House. America can thank its lucky stars that the Hillary did not win -- or Bernie Sanders............ I just say NO to redistribution of the wealth! I'm not a Communist!
  9. hawkswinall

    2/17 Hawks vs Caps

    The only reason the Blackhawks won tonight is that the Washington Capitals were no shows. They just through their sticks on the ice and went through the motions. This is similar tho the 1st game of the season. Let's be honest here everyone this happens when a very good team plays a very bad team and can't get interested for the game. Now with Crawford having played his last pro game ever, the Blackhawks have to get at ;least one and maybe 2 goaltenders (depending on weather you believe Forsberg is starting caliber, backup caliber or none of the above) In my onion anyone and everyone is available for trade now. Hope Bowman dumps Sharp, Anismov, Bouma, Wingles and Hinistoza at the deadline. IF Stan can get Number ones +++ for Toews, Kane, Keith and Seabrook make the deal now.
  10. hawkswinall

    Krugers replacement

    II agree. I think Daphine fits in some where too. Very, Very fast (with the puck too)
  11. hawkswinall

    Schmaltz Thread

    Yes you did. I do remember.. But don't forget me. I still wan't Daphine, Kampf, and Fortin up here!
  12. hawkswinall

    Franson Signed

    Yes, I as usual you are correct. Since I do value your opinion, realistically where Do you see this team? I know they have not payed a game yet and your opinion could change is 2 months or so. In advance, I will give you my guess(and that's all it is at this point) I think the Blackhawks get 86 points and come in 5th in the Central division.
  13. hawkswinall

    Jan Rutta

    Or Germain Gagnon!
  14. hawkswinall

    Jan Rutta

    Or Germain Gagnon!
  15. hawkswinall

    '17/18 hawks outlook

    Don't mention those two. We need players with skill, speed, and hockey IQ to go along with toughness. If the dont have those skills ...pass