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  1. 10/28 Hawks vs Avs

    That's my point. L vs. Nashville. L. vs Vegas. On the way to another L. This team is not playing like they want to make the playoffs let alone win a series.
  2. 10/28 Hawks vs Avs

    Nothing like a game against the Hawks to break the worst team in the NHL out of a slump.
  3. Hossa done?

    Did the NHL ever rule on whether his salary will count against the cap? What's the timetable?
  4. One Goal

    Same number of playoff wins as Colorado but no chance at #1 pick.

    Amateurs? Russia will have Ovi and the best of the KHL playing. Might as well hand them the gold. **** Bettman and the IOC. So much for growing the game.
  6. The Crawford Thread

    IMO, he's average for NHL starting goalies which means I'd rank him about 15 +/-2 so 13-17. His numbers would look worse on weaker teams. He's not super athletic (for an NHL goalie) and he has a weak glove hand (again, for an NHL goalie). He's perfectly servicable for the Hawks because of the team in front of him.