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  1. Just as Chirob posted. Received my invoice today 8800 for 2 seats in green. I just paid for my playoffs tix a couple of weeks ago. I wish there was a bit more breathing room between invoices
  2. Received my season ticket package today in the US mail. No more FedEx. No more hard tickets. Everything is now electronic thru ClickTix. Sucks.
  3. Yes on the 300 level green increase. I received my invoice. Up $2 from last year. Due on 4/15
  4. Looking (still) for Pierre Pilote + Magnuson bobble heads to trade. I have Toews (this year) and just about all past years bobble heads, so if you are looking to trade, let me know.
  5. mstanderski, I plan on going to those games, but the 7:00 start for the LA game with the Magnuson bobble head may make it tough for me to get there in time to get one. We'll see.
  6. I am looking for a Pierre Pilote bobble head. I have just about all of the bobble heads from the last couple years, so if anyone has an extra and looking to swap for something, let me know what you are looking for.