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  1. Thank God!!!
  2. Like jumbo shrimp or government intelligence...
  3. Right on.....guess that means the comment wasn't directed at you.
  4. As usual I'll let things play out before making a judgement but I did think of something pretty fun as I was reading the comments in here.... My guess is that most of the people who don't like this signing would also tell you how much they loved Keith Magnuson.
  5. Well there you have it...thanks MJ
  6. Question for those in the know. Not that the new Vegas franchise would go this way but let's assume for a moment they do... If Hossa were to get drafted by the Black Knights, would they then be on the hook for his recapture should he retire before the end of his contract? I know the Hawks are responsible if he's traded but some of use were talking about this the other night & none of us geniuses know the answer. Anyone? Thanks!
  7. So bad at his job! #purple
  8. Silver lining?! Sure glad I'm a Hawks fan & not a Ducks fan.......
  9. I understand your frustration, I really do, but to place blame on a part time, #6 Dman, who averaged less than 7 minutes a game is just silly...
  10. This is funny...Kaplan says it and immediately SB is dogged for trading all the centers.
  11. well after reading through the thread it appears there is no hope for the foreseeable future but the upside his they have a great shot at the number 1 pick at the UC in 2017!!! Stans plan finally plays out...
  12. while i agree that Tarasenko should be getting more shifts, Hitchcock did not keep him off the PP...
  13. Totally disagree with your assertion that being tired is a garbage excuse! And not really sure why you're ranting about the "everyday" guy and how their jobs compare to professional hockey players?! Not to mention bagging on teachers...but oh well. Anyway, here are some reality based scenarios... Since the 08-09 season the Hawks core have played 117 PO games, TB has played 48. In the last 4 years the Hawks have played 71 PO games to TB's 30. And in the last 3 seasons the Hawks have played 65 to tampa's 30. Keith, Seabrook, toews, Kane & hammer have all played 100 or more PO games in the last 6 years...that's a full season plus at least 3 PO series. And they're all at PO intensity. So yeah, they're probably both physically & mentally tired...and rightly so. Now I'm not saying this is any kind of an excuse (& neither are they, as a matter of fact), but it's reality...like it or not. As to the oilers and islanders not being tired, I'd bet they were exhausted but I will say this...there is much greater parody in the league today and most of the teams they played in the first round (& some in the second) wouldn't be in the PO's today.
  14. Completely disagree with your statement that the Hawks couldn't beat either of Dallas or Anaheim as I believe St. Louis is tougher than both Minnesota or Nashville. both proving a huge challenge to the the stars & ducks. Not saying the Hawks will win Monday & not saying that if they did they automatically beat their next opponent but I do think that no matter how far the Hawks go, the blues will have been their toughest test in this post season.
  15. So much more classy than say, "...its gonna be fun to win it in Chicago...."