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  1. Panarin

    I've been impressed with Panarin since the pre season. He has a really good ability to protect the puck and can score as an added bonus. I haven't seen much else of the rest of the league, but Panarin seems like he has a good shot at the Calder this year.
  2. Stan As Gm

    I'm also going to say Campbell and Huet. However, even though those were cap unfriendly contracts, they needed to be done. Few players wanted to play in Chicago at that time. Tallon got a few high profile, good players on the roster by throwing a lot of money at them. The team got slightly better, players started to want to play on the Hawks, and a decent team was finally on the ice. Unfortunately, that created a mess that happened to come to a head in 2010. At least they won the Cup that year. Stan was able to get a Cup winning team back after they had to dismantle after 2010. While Stan did rise to power through shady means, he did actually do a good job. He should come here himself, and close it with a picture of him with the Cup as the last post.
  3. Stan As Gm

    So I saw something interesting on NHLN a few days ago. Darren Dreger was saying that it's really stagnant right now because the expected sellers aren't selling. With the exception of Columbus and Anaheim, teams still have a chance to make it. There was another report that Islanders GM, Snow, doesn't want to trade away any valuable players yet because they still have a shot. Bowman has been criticized so much here for not doing anything, but the simple fact of the matter is that he can't do anything right now. The players he wants are on teams not selling, and the ones that are selling don't have anything affordable. Anaheim said even Getzlaf and Ryan were on the block for the right price. For those guys to come here, it seems like Bowman would have to send Kane and Toews to Anaheim. That's something that no Hawks' fan wants to see. Remember, it takes 2 to trade and this isn't Be a GM mode in NHL12.
  4. Stan As Gm

    Part of the problem is that the CBA is expiring at the end of this season. Rumor is that Stan is not permitted to make any long term contracts that extend beyond this season just in case there is a lockout. Hopefully that will not be an issue this summer and Bowman will be able to sign longer term contracts that are more enticing to younger, better players. I realize this strategy will cost the Hawks a good team over the next few years and they won't be quite as great until a few years from now since the only ones available at the end of this season will be the same guys we already have. However, this is a slump (quite a long one). Detroit had one early in the season and they looks like they might be heading for the basement. This year's team is not completely doomed. This season is even paralleling 2008-9. They had a slump around this time in the season (although not nearly as long), but pulled out of it and made a deep playoff run. I still predict this to be the case for this season.
  5. Stan As Gm

    I think it's that 2nd one. Stan hasn't been around for very long and as a result, he hasn't made many trades. Just because he won't trade with every team this season, doesn't mean he's not liked. A trade takes two teams and both have to feel they benefit in order to execute a trade. Perhaps there is simply no one on the Hawks currently that someone wants, or Stan isn't willing to deal the players some teams want.
  6. Thanks for the comments on the pics. I actually didn't like how they turned out, they were too noisy for my liking. I think I need a better camera :P

  7. Those pics are so awesome! You probably got better ones from the 300's than I'll get Saturday from row 4! Keep taking them and sharing the links!

  8. Thanks for the comment on the pics. I figured out why they lost the last 2 games I was at. I wore a hat to those games, so I will no longer be wearing one to the UC.

  9. Nice Lux! good pictures! You were good luck for the guys!