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  1. 2017 IceHogs

    When I lived in Camrose I watched Jardine play a lot and met him a few times, very personable and great with the kids, not sure what happened to him but I thought he had a bright future. Fighting Hayden in back to back prospects camps showed his grit and he's a great skater with a wicked shot.
  2. 2018 development camp roster

    Good find, I liked the highlight reel, the kid can skate, smart with the puck and has a great shot. I'd be happy if he was somewhere in between the Lemieuxs 😁 plus he's 6' 191lb, that's huge for a Stan draft pick.
  3. 2018 development camp roster

    There's a lot a kids I'm interested in hearing about but after reading about Kurashev I'm hoping someone's keeping an eye on him and has a report on him. A Russian kid born in Switzerland and playing hockey in Quebec, that's rare. Plus he's a skilled center, something the Hawks need.
  4. Chicago Pro Hockey League

    He wasn't on the original roster, guess he wanted some ice time.
  5. 2017 IceHogs

    He's my ex-girlfriends cousin so it must run in the family 😁
  6. You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    Kunitz-Kruger-Martinsen looks like a good 4th line to me. Two small pests with 6 rings and big Martinsen to back them up and crash the net.
  7. You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    Ejdsell, Hayden is a natural center and I'd like to see him as the 3C one day but Victor is a future top6 forward. If Schmaltz hasn't improved at faceoffs I'd like to see Q give Edjsell a shot there with NS and Kane on his wings. He seemed to adapt pretty fast to the smaller ice and played great in the playoffs.
  8. You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    This is the first I'm hearing about people wanting him as the 3C, that's a terrible idea, he's only a 4C and proved he can't play 3C during Hossas last season. He's good defensively but provides no offense and most of his career he's been below 50% at faceoffs. If AA is still here he's the better option for 3C, it's not even close. Last season he was over 50% at faceoffs as the 3C then quickly dropped when put back as 2C. Of Nick and AA I'd rather have Schmaltz as the 2C because he's a lot younger and faster to keep up with Kane.
  9. Awful News! RIP Ray Emery

    Wow, sad news, he was only 35. He drowned at a lake in Ontario.
  10. Stan As Gm

    True and not long before Campolis brutal turnover to Burrows, of all people, Sharp had room over Luongos right shoulder and missed by an inch. That would've gave them a lot of momentum if Sharp scored and maybe another cup. And HiM I brought it up when someone posted about the game 7 game in 2014 vs the Kings that TWO of the Kings goals were offside, nothing the coach and team could've done about that, even though Q did make some bone headed mistakes in that game.
  11. You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    My bad, misconstrued what you were saying. And from the data you found it just proves you shouldn't have too many of one type of player. The Jets are the biggest team in the league and were beat by a more balanced team. And HiM I was talking about their regular season success 😂 the Sharks know all about that.
  12. Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    You do realize Kampf only played 46gms and mostly played as 4C, so 11pts is pretty good and he had 17pts in Rockford in less than 40gms, not bad for his first year in North America. It took some time but Q started trusting him more to take defensive zone draws. And Krugers last year here he was the 3C playing with Hossa, so 17pts isn't that good. I'm basing Kampf looking better in the offensive zone by using my eyes, he's not a little spaz and he's more patient with the puck. I remember many times Hoss looked at him like "wtf are you doing". I'm ok with him coming back though because it means Hossas contract is gone and he's responsible on D so it'll take some pressure off Toews, but I think Kampf is better and should be the 3C now.
  13. Stan As Gm

    I think Kampf is better, he's bigger, younger, and was over 50% at faceoffs last year. And he looks much better in the offensive zone. Maybe he'll be the 3C with Kruger being the 4C. Hinostroza looked really good with Toews and Saad and helped their game yet for absolutely no reason Q demoted him.
  14. Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    He only had 3 seasons were he was over 50% at faceoffs, well 2 seasons and just over half of last season, why would you think he'd be around 55% next season?
  15. Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    Well Dahlstrom still has a chance for the Bolland trade to be a good one and they got Debrincat from the Shaw trade but I agree, way to many trades were one sided and the Hawks gave up a lot since 2010. All we can do is hope he learned from his mistakes. And hawkinmontreal the cap problem wasn't all Dales fault, Stan never submitted some contracts in time so the Hawks had to over pay a bunch of guys and Tallon took the fall for it, plus Toews winning the Conn Smythe in his final year of his ELC gave him a bonus of a few mill that carried over to 2011. And in 2014 game 7 when the Hawks were up 2-0 Carter scored but he was way offside and scored with a high stick and their 3rd goal Gaborik was offside, it shouldn't have went to OT and of course after that they made offsides reviewable. Kings cheated to win and got a lucky goal in OT.