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  1. OldTimeHawky

    Brandon Saad

    True, this isn't the time to trade him, hopefully he starts to play like the 2015 Saad and increases his value. If he does, maybe the Hawks can get a 2C or top4 dman.
  2. OldTimeHawky

    Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    That was one of the reasons he fell to the 2nd round, he was inconsistent and lazy. He fooled us for a while till he got his millions.
  3. OldTimeHawky

    The Crawford Thread

    I'll believe it when I see it, I hope it's true though.
  4. OldTimeHawky

    Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    The Hawks signed Makenzie Entwistle to a 3yr contract.
  5. OldTimeHawky

    2018/19 IceHogs

    Yeah most big guys take longer and it doesn't help he messed up his shoulder at the beginning of last season and didn't play till this season. He's huge with soft hands, hopefully he can stay healthy and make his way up to Rockford and eventually the Hawks.
  6. OldTimeHawky

    No D-Cat Thread?!?

    Yeah I started one a couple years ago, surprised it was on page 3 with the start he's having.
  7. OldTimeHawky


    Nice to see Alex off to a great start, yet this was on page 3 and the last post was in April.
  8. OldTimeHawky


    In his first 6gm in London he has 4 assists and 24 shots on goal. Hunter likes his game and knows the goals will start coming.
  9. OldTimeHawky

    10/13 Hawks vs Blues

    Yes you are lol glad you were wrong. I've been following him closely since he was drafted and the kid might be short but he's solid and doesn't play scared, unlike Panarin.
  10. OldTimeHawky

    10/13 Hawks vs Blues

    What a feed by Gus, DCAT!!!!!
  11. OldTimeHawky

    10/11 Hawks vs Wild

    Why they hell was Kampf out there with Toews with an empty net when Debrincat had 2g-1a, if he had the chance he would've got the empty net goal.
  12. OldTimeHawky

    10/11 Hawks vs Wild

    The Hawks should be embarrassed, what a pathetic effort. Saad is sad, can't even score on a wide open net and Keith is useless.
  13. OldTimeHawky

    10/07 Hawks vs Leafs

    The 2nd goal wasn't Jokiharjus fault, his turnover was long before the goal and he had his man covered in front, Keith should've had his man covered and prevented the pass and Toews should've had Mathews, 3rd goal was a rebound but again Keith was out of position and left Tavares all alone and did a bad job trying to tie up his stick, the 4th goal Keith was standing in no mans land and screened Ward, and the OT winner it was his man that he let skate it and attempted a weak poke check that he tipped and partially screened Ward on. He's been horrible in all 3 games with turnovers and his positioning. Yeah I don't understand what Manning was doing on the 6th goal, he had Mathews covered but pushed him and went to go behind the net and left him wide open. And yeah Ward let in a lot of weak goals, especially the OT goal, even with Keiths bad play that was a soft five hole goal.
  14. OldTimeHawky

    10/07 Hawks vs Leafs

    Just fast forwarded through the game and Tavares' 2nd goal he slew footed Toews after the faceoff, that's why he was alone in front, his hatrick goal he hooked Kane to cause a turnover, no way the refs should allow this crap, especially if it leads to a scoring chance. And Keith was responsible for 4 goals against, he's not a top2 dman anymore, pretty bad when a 19yr old shows more composure and better coverage than him.
  15. OldTimeHawky

    Okay Our Defence?

    It's only a few games into the season but Jokiharju is leading the league in assists, 5, and tied for first in +/-, +5.