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  1. I can see him on the 3rd line, if Q is still the coach in a year or two when he's ready, he'll be a 4th liner.
  2. That was fun to watch, his first goal wasn't easy and showed his soft hands, plus it was a hit from him that created the turnover and his second he was doing his job in front of the net and it went off him but his assist was a great effort and perfect pass. If he plays like this in camp he's gonna make it hard for Q to send him to Rockford.
  3. The NHL is a joke, Aberg scores to make it 2-1 but the concussion spotters took him out of the game after he scored, yet the play where he hit his head on the ice happened 5mins before that.
  4. Thought goalies couldn't play the puck there? Refs are really helping the Preds.
  5. I say offer Panarin and Anisimov for Ryan O'Reilly. He's the type of 2C Kane needs. Or Duchene, but I don't think the Avs will trade him within the same division.
  6. You can't be serious? Kane has 123pts in 127 playoff games, 3 Cups and a Conn Smythe trophy. Panarin has proven nothing except that he disappears when the games get tough.
  7. Well if that was just ok he's a great player cause ok is better then most, despite the puck rolling he got a lot on it and fired it far side. And a few times it looked like he had no time when the puck came to him but he one timed the pass perfectly to an open guy, that's how he helped create the 2 on 1 for the gwg.
  8. It appears that way, maybe he needs playoff bonuses to get him motivated cause he disappears when it counts. Yeah 95% of the team didn't show up vs the Preds but in no way did I imply it was because of Panarin. You said he didn't drag down Kanes points totals the past two years, I agreed, but only the regular season.
  9. When none of the three Hawks were on the ice I pushed the advance button but I guess I missed a Highmore shift, glad I missed that one cause I can't stand that crap. I agree about Chabot, he's fun to watch and he's all over the ice. And I'm getting excited about Knott as well, he does it all and uses his size very well.
  10. In the regular season no.
  11. Haven't played in 40+ days. They also never had two huge future NHLers in their lineup for a long time, 6'6" Brown up front and 6'7" Stanley on D. Those two probably would've made a difference in their series vs the Knights, which went to game 7.
  12. Cheers 👍 Crazy finish, Spitfires were up 3-0 with a few minutes to go then Noel scored a nice goal sniping one from the hash marks then the next shift the Sea Dogs pulled their goalie and made it 3-2. In the last 30sec Highmore had a wide open net but the puck was rolling and it went off the heel of his stick. The announcers had good things to say about the 3 Hawk prospects, said Knott had a really strong game and during a scrum they said no surprise but Noel is in the middle of it, love it. With 5sec left the Sea Dogs had a huddle going then Knott skated over and interrupted it, Highmore and another guy started shoving him but couldn't move him, funny moment.
  13. After 2 periods I like what I'm seeing from the 3 Hawk prospects. Noel is a Boĺland clone, same build, strong 2way game and really gets under the other teams skin, the kid is fearless. Highmore has really good speed and hands and despite his small stature he plays gritty. Knott started the game with a big hit and he plays a smart 2way game and knows how to use his size and reach. Easily could've had 2 assists with a good effort to set up open guys but they couldn't finish. So far he impressed me the most, skates well for a big guy.
  14. Fisher might be out as well. When Manson dove over the pile in front he kneed him in the head and he didn't return.
  15. Which is a good thing cause most of the older forwards last season were just grinders, that's why they didn't score much. Almost forgot about last years standout at camp, Fortin. Anyone know what's going on with Roenicks nephew Chris Calnan? He's 23 now, should be in Rockford. Colliton will have a lot of young guys to work with so we'll see how good he is at developing them.