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  1. Jan Rutta

    Oesterle is a lefty and played LD last game. I agree Snuggy is still raw but so was Forsling last season and he still got a look. In Q's press conference he said he really liked Jordans game plus he said Svedberg was good as well, so like you said, there's options. Plus Gus was solid 2yrs ago so he's still an option. But if Stan does use Hossas cap space I'd rather see him get a proven top 4 lefty to play with Seabs. And if Pokka plays strong in the preseason Stan just might let Franson go or else he'll have to put VP on waivers and someone will take him. Or package Pokka with a forward and send him back to NY for Leddy.
  2. Jan Rutta

    I've been saying all summer we aren't as bad on D as some seem to think, some guys may need more seasoning in Rockford or time to adjust to the Hawks system but we now how depth on D thanks to Stan signing free agents and drafting. He also did a good job adding depth in net. Or maybe I had to much Koolaid as well 😁
  3. Jan Rutta

    Better to have to many then not enough and there is more then Forsling and Gus, Snuggerud looks better than Kemp, Fors, and Gus plus there's Oesterle who impressed Q last night and Dahlstrom looks to be close as well as Norell. It's not as bad as you think. And I'm still unsure about Svedberg but Ulf seems to like the big Swede. Plenty of options.
  4. 9/21 Preseason Hawks vs Wings

    To bad cause Snuggerud was the best dman out there before he left. Oesterle was solid as well and had a couple of assists as well as a nice open ice hip check. Nice to see guys going to the net and the D getting shots through, this is a much different team than last year. Murphy wasn't as bad as some think, he had some good outlet passes and some really hard shots on net. Nice to see him and Crow talking a lot. A new system isn't always easy to get used to, that's what the preseasons for.
  5. 9/21 Preseason Hawks vs Wings

    I like him a lot more than Panarin plus they got Forsberg, Hawks won that trade.
  6. Okay Our Defence?

    I only left him out because I said we finally have a surplus of righties then only focused on the lefties that could play now because some people think Kemp and Fors aren't ready for the number 4 spot. I'm a big fan of Pokka and thought he had a strong World Cup and camp last year, I was surprised he wasn't given a chance. I didn't mention him in the group of future dmen cause I think he's NHL ready now, the ones I brought up are 1-2yrs away.
  7. Okay Our Defence?

    To me our D is looking good, now and in the future. We finally have a surplus of righties and a mix of size and speed. One thing I keep hearing is that people aren't sold on Kempny or Forsling as the #4 but there's 3 other lefties who could fight for that spot this year, Gus, Dahlstrom, and Snuggerud. Forsling impressed the coaches last year and I think Snuggy will do that this year, and you can't help but noticed big Dahlstrom, he's huge and now finding his 2way game since joining Rockford, would be nice to see the Bolland trade pay off. A long shot this year is Norell but him Carlsson, Tuulola, Press, and Henri (not going to attempt his last name), are a reason to be optimistic about the future.
  8. Jan Rutta

    So far so good for Ruuta, good size, speed, and he's good with and without the puck. We'll see how he does vs bigger faster NHL forwards.
  9. 9/19 Preseason Hawks vs Jackets

    Dahlstrom and Norell just played their first year in North America and Press is playing his first this year, way to early to write any of them off. Especially big Carl, he was impressive at the Traverse tournament and just might earn a spot this year if Forsling doesn't step up. And same with Tuulola, still young and playing in Finn, can't wait to see him over here. Tincup I can't stand the Oilers so I don't know anything about Oesterle but from what I've heard he's a mobile dman. One lefty most people seem to forget about is Gus, he can skate, hit, and good with the puck. The future of the blueline looks good with all those guys, plus Snuggerud and Carlsson.
  10. 9/19 Preseason Hawks vs Jackets

    That would give the Hawks a much bigger D core than last year, 4 guys 6'3"+, I like it.
  11. 9/19 Preseason Hawks vs Jackets

    Panarin looks the same, turns the puck over when pressured, only plays the perimeter and will never go to the net. Considering the Hawks only iced young kids and older guys on PTO's Pan did nothing, just like vs the Preds. Forsling may need more time in the AHL, it was only one pre-season game but he looks intimidated in his own end. Hayden, Schmaltz, Hino, Knott, Dauphin, Kampf, and even Jurco looked really good. Franson looks better in his own end, age and experience helps, and he was very good with the puck and getting shots on net. Rutta was as good as I thought he'd be, smooth skater, makes smart plays with the puck, and knows how to use his size.
  12. Hawks Training Camp Roster 17-18

    I'm a little skeptical as well but he's bigger, faster and if he trained all summer as a center it'll definitely help.
  13. Hawks Training Camp Roster 17-18

    I like those lines, we'll see how they do Tuesday.
  14. Hawks Training Camp Roster 17-18

    Hossa was on the 3rd line and made more. Nick is on his ELC so it evens out. Sharp and Anisimov have been on the same line but I can see Sharpie playing on the 2nd line as well and the way Hayden has been playing he should be on the 3rd line or maybe even the 2nd to add some grit and size. If Dcat gets a look on the top line does he play the RW and move Panik to the 3rd? And I hope you're right about Anisimov being gone soon but I think he's here for this season. Nice to see a lot of the young guys coming into camp hungry and ready to push for a spot.
  15. Hawks Training Camp Roster 17-18

    Looks like Schmaltz could be the 2C, Q keeps raving about how much faster and bigger he looks and how he thinks the game fast, that really helps Kanes game when another player can use their speed to push a teams D back and open up more space. Not sure who'll be their LW but I like the idea of a fast skilled 2C. Anisimov being the 3C with Sharp and Hartman would make a very good 3rd line.