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  1. OldTimeHawky

    Traverse City Tourney

    Same here, it's strange watching with no commentators but it's great watching the young guys and seeing who's progressing.
  2. OldTimeHawky

    Hawks Moves 2019-2020

    😆 it's tempting considering it's the Stan thread again. Yes he makes the moves but people keep bringing up moves not made in 2019.
  3. OldTimeHawky

    Hawks Moves 2019-2020

    Actually his 1st major concussion he came out of his net and covered the puck then Malkin ran him over, the 2nd one was Kane being a total Dbag but he knew the Hawks were soft so he didn't care. So yeah he's not bothered by regular wear and tear, it's because the team was soft and the league doesn't protect most players. Kane should've been ejected from the game and suspended but he didn't and scored to help the Sharks win. And I wasn't putting down Crow, I'm a big fan but I'm worried about his health and going by the last couple years I'm not confident he'll play a full season. So I like the Lehner signing.
  4. OldTimeHawky

    Hawks Moves 2019-2020

    That's not true, NY offered less years and money than he was asking and he said he'd need to think about it but the next day they signed Varlamov. Robin even said he could've got more money and years elsewhere but he seen a good opportunity with Chicago and took a 1yr deal because he's confident in himself. I do agree that money should be spent more on forwards and D because the 2010 Hawks showed that with depth at those 2 positions you can win with an average goalie. I don't mind 5mill on a high end goalie but no goalie should make over 6, yes the Hawks have 11mill on goalies but we know Crows history and it's his last year of his contract so if he gets injured again he can go on the IR and they can spend his Cap money on a forward or D, whatever needs more help. If Robin has another great year offer him 6mill for 3-4yrs with no clauses, if he says no, walk away.
  5. OldTimeHawky

    Hawks Moves 2019-2020

    Yeah players shouldn't get a big contract with clauses after a small sample size, yes it was a great playoff run but he showed he was inconsistent for years before that. So 4mill and a NMC wasn't smart. Anisimov got his contract and never even played a game with the Hawks 🙄 no way he should've got good money and a NMC. Same with Seabs after his career year, either give him big money and no restrictions or fair money and a NMC, not both.
  6. OldTimeHawky

    Stan As Gm

    It was pretty even for people wanting Havlat back or not, I was also one of the ones that didn't want him back. After Lapointe called him out in the dressing room for being soft and not playing through some pain I think that was the final straw and upper management knew he was done as a Hawk. I also remember a lot of people didn't want Hossa and they said he was a selfish player who didn't play hard without the puck, glad they were wrong.
  7. OldTimeHawky

    Hawks Moves 2019-2020

    He didn't wanna work, he had a great playoff run last year and probably thought he'd make the Hawks but he didn't improve his skating and pouted in the AHL last season then went crying home, to bad cause he has the tools to be a good player. Thankfully Entwistle is the opposite of Edjsel and he works his butt off and he's a team first type of guy, perfect bottom 6 forward.
  8. OldTimeHawky

    Hawks Moves 2019-2020

    True but this thread is about 2019/20 moves, not things he did before and after Tallon.
  9. OldTimeHawky

    Hawks Moves 2019-2020

    I'm just stating the obvious, no complaining here, but I can see how it seems that way. It's now less then a month away till they hit the ice again and these boards can go back to "normal" 😁
  10. OldTimeHawky

    Hawks Moves 2019-2020

    Exactly, there's a Bowman thread so they can argue about it there, unless they're debating about his moves in 2019. But it's about how much, if any, credit he should get for the 3 Cups or how bad they've been the past few years. So yeah, wrong thread.
  11. OldTimeHawky

    Hawks Moves 2019-2020

    I thought after July 1st he didn't have any clauses anymore? If he did I doubt he'd ok a trade to Ottawa. And Seabs contract should've been either less money with the NMC or the salary he has now with nothing, but to make him the highest paid Hawks dman with a long term deal and a NMC is insane. There's no way he should be making more than Keith.
  12. OldTimeHawky

    Hawks Moves 2019-2020

    That's what I was thinking but the Hogs have a lot of dmen like the Hawks, not sure where he'll fit in but he'll be taking a spot from one of the kids. If they signed him to replace Gus that makes no sense with Boqvist, Mitchell, and Beaudin being close to, or ready to make the jump. If Gus does get moved and Holm is his replacement he definitely won't put up 60pts but he does play a strong defensive game and isn't afraid to get physical.
  13. OldTimeHawky

    Hawks Moves 2019-2020

    Not sure why but the Hawks signed 27yr old Swedish defenceman Phillip Holm. 1gm of NHL experience and his 1yr in North America in 17/18 he played for Vancouver and Vegas' AHL teams. He had 12 goals in the AHL that season so he can score, plus he led his KHL team in points by a dman last season and played in the Allstar game.
  14. OldTimeHawky

    Around The League - Other Teams' News

    They'd have to get a forward like Reinhart back, or a high end prospect or high pick. And getting a huge right handed dman who's good for 40pts isn't giving Saad away, plus he makes less than Saad.
  15. OldTimeHawky

    Around The League - Other Teams' News

    Ristolainen has requested a trade. His +/- has been terrible but he's only 24 and plays on Buffalo, they seem like the Oilers and rush their kids so a change of scenery could be what he needs. Plus he consistently gets 40pts. I'd offer Saad and Gus for Ristolainen and a forward or prospect/pick.