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  1. Another 4pts for Debrincat in a 7-3 win, Radke scored two goals for the Colts. DCat now has 54g-58a=112pts in 53gms.
  2. And just like that he's now 3rd on the team in points, 9pts vs the Wild in less than a week.
  3. Hawks have him listed as a C.
  4. I like those lines but I have a feeling Rasmussen will be gone and I'm hoping Hayden is the 3C next year, he's huge and Hoss can mentor him, move Hinostroza or Hartman to the other wing and there's the triple H line. Panik and DCat on Toews wings could be deadly. Two guys doing the dirty work with Debrincat finding the open areas and sniping it. I hope you're wrong about Motte being used as bait to move Kruger or CC, hopefully Kero can be the trade bait and Motte can be the 4C. If not, I'd be ok with Toews, AA, Hayden, and Kero as the centers.
  5. Thanks T, that's what I thought. He doesn't turn 20 till Dec18th, I doubt he'll be in the OHL to start the year. Personally I'd like to see the Hawks keep all 3, Schmaltz and Debrincat can play on the 1st and 3rd line and put Motte on the 4th, Motte is close to 200lbs and plays a strong 2way game, perfect for the 4th line. Plus he's capable of playing on the top9 if needed.
  6. So can he play for Rockford next year? I thought because he doesn't turn 20 till Dec he can't but a guy on the Blackhawks Facebook page is saying he can.
  7. Dale Mccourt was the last player to score 3 straight 50g seasons in the OHL over 40yrs ago, like Big-T said, DCat is the first to ever do it in his first 3 seasons, Dale had 20 his first year. 51gms- 51g-56a=107pts +57
  8. Coyotes traded Stone to Calgary for a 3rd and conditional 5th round pick. If that's all it took to get him Hanzal shouldn't cost much more.
  9. Same, he's a waste of 3mill, especially for a guy who's nothing more then a 4th liner.
  10. Actually it's been for many reasons like his lack of foot speed, constantly turning the puck over and looking like a pylon out there. How many players do you know that broke their ankle tripping over their own feet? Plus he takes dumb penalties because he's so slow so he has to hook or interfere. But tonight was the same effort as lastnight but the puck was going in and not hitting the cross bar and post. Edmonton got a very lucky win.
  11. The Hawks have drafted some big guys as well like Hayden, Knott, Radke, and Bondra. Hopefully one or two pan out because it helps balance the lines instead of just having a bunch of small forwards. Especially helps when playing teams like the Blues, bigger guys can help create space for guys like Dcat.
  12. Seriously, he cost them the game? I'd put the blame on TVR and not lifting his foot on their 1st goal, or Crow giving up a weak unscreened five hole goal. Hartman did the right thing and you can tell the team thought so as well, they didn't score on the PP so I'm not sure why you're complaining about it. And he was the opposite of a selfish crybaby, especially considering he was giving up 5" and 40+lbs. Plus the Hawks out shot them 39-22 with 2 cross bars and a post, their inability to score cost them the game.
  13. Another goal and assist in a 5-1 win, with 48 goals he's now 2 away from being only the 2nd player in OHL history to have three 50 goal seasons.
  14. 48gms- 47g-53a=100pts
  15. Motte isn't a kid I'd get rid of, yeah he's only 5'9" but he's 193lbs, he can easily get to 200lbs and that's huge for a guy who's only 5'9". Plus he worked really hard at every aspect of his game so he can be a solid 2way player and made the roster out of camp, no way I'd trade him for a rental.