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  1. OldTimeHawky

    Jeremy Colliton

    Haven't seen anyone post JCs record in a while, he's now 20-20-6. Pretty good considering the long losing streaks.
  2. OldTimeHawky

    2018/19 IceHogs

    Hogs were down 2-0 in the 1st but Peter Holland assisted on the Hogs first two goals and with 1sec left in OT Johnson scored from Knott and Joker.
  3. OldTimeHawky

    Bottom 6

    Exactly, there's a reason he was drafted ahead of Schmaltz and he's still young, he just needs some confidence.
  4. OldTimeHawky

    2018/19 IceHogs

    Yeah that sucks we won't see him QB the PP with Strome and Debrincat but his skating is lacking, so I guess it's a good move to add a guy who averages just under a point a game in the AHL. Rockford hasn't been scoring much so the big power forward will them.
  5. OldTimeHawky


    Should've waited till he reached 63gms, he'll probably get a double minor tonight 😆
  6. OldTimeHawky

    2/18 Hawks vs Sens

    I like Hayden in for Kunitz but not a fan of Forsling over Dahlstrom, hopefully it's to showcase him for a trade.
  7. OldTimeHawky


    The Knights got spanked 9-4 but Boqvist had 2 more assists, 16g-33a-49pts in 42gms.
  8. OldTimeHawky


    He had another 3pt game Sunday in a 8-5 win, 1g-2a, so he now has 47pts.
  9. OldTimeHawky

    You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    I forgot about that 😆 if the Hawks plan on moving Keith in the summer I'd take Hammer back at 5mill for 2yrs.
  10. OldTimeHawky

    You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    Maybe Panik and Hjalmarsson and they get Sikura and some other pieces to make it work. I always liked Paniks physical game and his shot but not his contract and how inconsistent he is, but like Saad, he plays a 200' game, can skate, and use his size. Last year of his contract, like Hjalmarsson, so the Yotes would get younger guys and maybe a pick or two for two expiring contracts. Hawks get depth for the bottom 6 and D and make a playoff push. Hopefully Puljujarvi is added as well, that would increase the Hawks size a lot and built more for playoff hockey.
  11. OldTimeHawky

    You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    Stan should get him out of Edmonton, they need faster puck moving dmen so offer Forsling, or any D prospect besides Boqvist and the Joker and maybe a lower grade prospect or later pick. I just thought of a move that would really boost the D and the Hawks, get Hjalmarsson back, he looks healthy and his contract's up at the end of the season. I'm sure he'd sign with the Hawks for less on a short term in the summer. Pair him with Boqvist next year on the 3rd pair, Boqvist gets PP mins and Hjalmarsson PK. Maybe move Keith in the summer or keep the 3 Cup trio together to play on each pairing to mentor the kids.
  12. OldTimeHawky

    Brandon Saad

    Had to dig this one up but congrats Saad on points 300 and 301.
  13. OldTimeHawky

    You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    I like that idea, Edmonton isn't a good environment and they rush their kids, he needs a change of scenery. Minnesota said they're trading guys away to build for the future. Charlie Coyles name was mentioned, 26yr old 6'3" 220lbs right handed center who'd be a perfect 3C here, him and Puljujarvi would add size and depth up front. Bob Makenzie mentioned the Hawks talking to teams about moving Anisimov and the Bluejackets were one of them. Hopefully Ryan Murray is the Hawks target, he needs a change of scenery as well. Similar contracts and it helps both teams fill a need, Hawks would have to sweeten the pot but it's doable. Also might be a ploy to try and get Panarin to sign there to play with his translator and Bob with fellow Russians. Coyle, Puljujarvi, and Murray would really boost the team.
  14. OldTimeHawky

    Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    Especially considering he's a lefty and a few of the skilled little dmen are righties.
  15. OldTimeHawky


    And his goal tonight was the GWG 👍