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  1. the radio feed is working anyody gonna do chat

  2. Anybody going on chat tonight

  3. Buf just beat Pit 4-2

  4. With the lockout in full effect will anybody here try to possibly stream the Hogs games or will we have to go to the hogs website if they have a message boards maybe we could still have a GDC and GDT if possible

    1. Modry-Jazyk


      I will try find something.I will be missing these after midnight Hawks games :(

  5. Are you on a cell phone or something you seem to pop up and post once in a while either that or at work

  6. I was born in Chicago Western Suburbs i moved to CT only 6 years ago.

  7. I lived in Chicagoland area for 35 till moved a little farther north and to the east coast where all i get is the Pats and the Red Sox and Yankees shoved down my throat.

  8. I terms of watching Sports up there in the UP how is it unless you have Satellite. I had a boss that is from Horton Bay and he said they didn't get squat

  9. Now you had to go and ruin his argument by bringing up a goalie who had horrible numbers and still won 5 SC

  10. Menof4fethers and NIEMIFOREVER can start up there own i hate Crawford thread

  11. It will give you a reason why he decided to change his act besides the threat from the league and the Pens

  12. Congrats FF6 boy or girl how many is that for you and the lady

  13. I see he is from the other side of the country from you.