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  1. Drewsky it may have been reduced to 10 games but only money wise he served 19 of the original 20 he was given all it did was reduce the amount of money he was forfiting to the players fund
  2. No chat any alternative
  3. Didn't see it anywhere but Crosby has been said to have a concussion from last practice no timetable for his return.
  4. Where is the chat option
  5. Is the chat function working
  6. thanks galaxy I knew he didn't sign for less than that now he is getting paid by the Rangers to be retired for the next few years.
  7. Richards didn't take less than 2 mil if I recall here or Det.
  8. but a guy with his amount of years in the league wouldn't take less than 2mil even though he was bought out.
  9. Not gonna sign a deal for less than 2 at the very least be realistic.
  10. He may have brought it back to CT where his wife is from if I recall.
  11. if the defense plays half as good as its capable of against the Blues the Hawks win that series.
  12. actually goal scoring wasn't the issue it was the average defensive play that was the problem.
  13. The thing is Pronger is litr is actually ligit he for all intensive purposes is retired he is done and isn't coming back
  14. I was specifically saying he is the next Datsyuk just that he reminds me of him just watching him with the puck in the game against the stars.
  15. not saying he is PD but man was he looking pretty good yes he is still young has a long ways to go but I am liking it.