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  1. CousCous33

    Stan As Gm

    Just curious, who was he supposed to get rid of instead of those players?
  2. CousCous33

    The Crawford Thread

    Probably a little senile still from that straight up embarrassing Game 7 loss last year to Boston. Maybe someday he will move on, but it's clear Reimer is still keeping him awake at night.
  3. CousCous33

    The Crawford Thread

    Crawford has been a beast, neither of those last two games are on him.
  4. CousCous33

    Stan As Gm

    Who needs a Stanley Cup anyway? It's all about those big SPLASHES.
  5. Is there a reason I can't respond or comment on any threads?

  6. Hey CC33 no need to respond but i would like to apologize for getting into it last year with you about being an Avs and Hawks fan. You may not remember i believe it was before you became a mod my screen name was daze insted of what it is now