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  1. Toews

    Here we go, here is a place where we can all vent about how annoyed, disappointed, angry, etc we are with the Captain, so as not to derail threads about other players. I'll start: we need more from him this season than ever due to the youth on the team. However, I for one will wait until much later in the season to be concerned about it as he literally starts the same way EVERY season. Ok now ya'll go.
  2. 2018 development camp roster

    hoping so too. he was a big name a couple years ago and injuries seem to have set him back. hope he makes some noise in camp this fall.
  3. 2017 IceHogs

    I was mostly joking about him being a buckeye, actually. I've met plenty of good ones as well. my understanding is that he wasn't the greatest person during his time in Columbus either.
  4. 2018 development camp roster

    certainly sounding like Wise is a guy we could be seeing a lot of down the road as well.
  5. 2018 development camp roster

    agree. hard to make too much of a determination with only.... snippets....
  6. 2018 development camp roster

    guess u ain't lookin hard enough then! 😄
  7. Toews

    he has maybe not been playing his hardest, but he has always said the goal is to just make the playoffs and go from there. this isn't anything new. pretty much just toeing the company line.
  8. Chicago Pro Hockey League

    I think it is a good thing for him get out with the guys more often during the summer. I thought 88 was playing but I didn't see his name on list on the website. wonder if he will make an appearance?
  9. Chicago Pro Hockey League

  10. The Crawford Thread

    Tomkins I believe is who you are referring to. no worries on him playing for the big team at all. they'd trade for one before that happened, imo. he'll be lucky to play in Rockford.
  11. Chicago Pro Hockey League

    i did not know he was playing in it. I like it!
  12. 2018 development camp roster

    same here. from the little snippets I've seen this far, I've liked Boqvist and Beaudin. Joker has been decent, imo. but again, snippets.
  13. 2017 IceHogs

    well for starters, he is a buckeye.....
  14. 2017 IceHogs

    I agree with this statement wholeheartedly! luckily he will be, at best, playing in indy this coming season. probably as the back up.
  15. You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    if you can find a weekday game against a shite team, they'll be the cheapest!
  16. Awful News! RIP Ray Emery

  17. Awful News! RIP Ray Emery

    wow.... RIP
  18. Stan As Gm

    huh? I'm talking about 2010 when they'd only won once. I'm sure the next 2 didn't help, but I'm talking about that particular summer and the trades that were made.
  19. Stan As Gm

    this is a good point. after the Hossa deal apparently pissed a bunch of other teams off, I'm sure they were kicking their chops to get back at them and that was the perfect scenario for doing so.
  20. https://www.secondcityhockey.com/2018/5/28/17403542/nhl-uniforms-adidas-blackhawks-alternates-jerseys-updates-2018-19-season 🤘
  21. for those interested in sweaters...

    it is a sad sad addiction, my friend....
  22. for those interested in sweaters...

    I wondered the same the other day. it would surely sell well and, sadly, I would buy one, but I won't be too happy about it... I am hoping for a red version of the 2017 WC jersey.