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  1. and ... I won't read him at least 41 more times
  2. I'm trying to deconstruct a sentence in there - the expectation he had for DeBrincat - "he won't play at least 41 games". What does that sentence mean?
  3. C'mon GT ... if you can't forgive a guy after 25 years ...
  4. Yuck! I can't stand sliders. First, I don't care for onions and second, I don't like the back of my throat feeling like it's coated with grease - if I wanted that I could just take a swig of Quaker State and at least avoid the onion taste.
  5. Or a shampoo bottle with large font readable from across the room.
  6. Sounds good ... keeping fingers crossed.
  7. Hopefully that doesn't mean you're doing your business in the shower ... you know, where the shampoo is usually found.
  8. I agree, and unfortunately the more things have to go their way for a team to be successful is another way of saying that team has multiple areas of concern and isn't a legitimate contender short of getting pretty lucky.
  9. The Hawks have only 3 proven NHL d-men (Rozy doesn't count). Kempny played in only 50 games last season and played all of 8:51 in 1 playoff game. Forsling played in only 38 games before he was sent to Rockford. IMO the d-corps is the biggest cause for concern, and by a fair margin.
  10. Probably more likely one of the prospects is going to Wisconsin.
  11. Based on a couple short one-on-one videos from Prospect Camp - I may need to change my guess that DeBrincat may need 2 years in Rockford instead of 1 year. When 6'5" Bondra, who isn't known as a terrific skater, has you coming and going ... you need to get a lot better.
  12. A ham bush ... really! LOL
  13. I'm pretty sure it was Sykura's junior year and he's going back for his senior year.
  14. Where's that snare drum when you need a rim-shot?
  15. I've only seen him play a few times when Erie was on TV during the CHL playoffs but one thing I noticed that I liked was Raddysh played with an edge.