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  1. Okay Our Defence?

    I can always count on GT having my back.
  2. Okay Our Defence?

    I've done post-meltdown apologies before and I'm not trying to excuse my boorish behavior - but I tend to go to the extreme more than most in the heat of the moment of a game or immediately afterward - overly optimistic when they're playing well and overly pessimistic when they're playing poorly. It's the way I react to how my favorite team in my favorite sport is doing at that moment. I am a fanatical fan. Hopefully all of you have have known me for years accept that and look the other way and know that I eventually calm down and go back to acting normal.
  3. Okay Our Defence?

    Caddie, when I made those statements in the GDT - the tanking statement was a joke, but I stand by the beer league comment because at the time I made the statement they were playing as bad as a beer league team.
  4. Okay Our Defence?

    I agree - the cost/performance discussions are fine in the off season but at this point the roster is, for the most part, locked in so Q's job is to arrange the pieces on the chess board for maximum success - salaries should not be a consideration for where a player plays.
  5. 10/14 Hawks vs Preds

    Points in the standings are important, obviously. But I think almost as important is how well they play, and they haven't played that well in the last couple games. I don't know why, but their execution has been poor. They haven't played well enough to be 4-1-1 right now and if it wasn't for Crawford playing as well as he has - they wouldn't be 4-1-1 right now. The have to tighten things - PP and passing drills are needed. Hopefully Schmaltz is back next game, and hopefully he resembles the same guy we saw before he got his bell rung.
  6. 10/14 Hawks vs Preds

    1st period - definitive advantage Preds 2nd period - slight advantage Preds 3rd period - slight advantage Hawks OT - definitive advantage Hawks
  7. 10/14 Hawks vs Preds

    They were without 2 of their top-4 d-men - Ellis and Josi.
  8. 10/14 Hawks vs Preds

    Doubtful, but it shows Q sees DCat as a potential winger with Kane. Maybe at some point Q will go back to 12-8-88
  9. 10/14 Hawks vs Preds

    Now that's a good one.
  10. 10/14 Hawks vs Preds

    BTW - Icehogs won 7-4 tonight. 2-0 start and looks like they will be an exciting team to follow this season.
  11. 10/14 Hawks vs Preds

    Yes - CC has been magnificent this season and tonight was more of the same. #1 star for sure.
  12. 10/14 Hawks vs Preds

    May have stole 2 points tonight - but we'll take it and be happy. Now that's what a 3 on 3 is supposed to look like - night and day difference between tonight and the game against Toronto.
  13. 10/14 Hawks vs Preds

    It's like the boards are the 6th man for Nashville. They know if they put the puck on the boards a team mate will get it.
  14. 10/14 Hawks vs Preds

    That's a good question. And it's been that way for several years.
  15. 10/14 Hawks vs Preds

    Dreadful - just dreadful. There's supposed to be a very good d-man that is projected to be the number one pick in the 2018 draft ... is it too early to consider tanking?