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  1. For the Hawks to be true contenders - they need Toews and Keith at their best. Keith may have lost a little but he's still pretty good. Toews, on the hand, is not even close to the player he was several years ago. To me, his face looks gaunt, like he's been training to run a marathon - not be a #1 center in the NHL. He needs muscle mass and quickness - not low body fat. I don't know much about that "onnit" diet/training or if he's still doing it - but maybe it's good for mountain climbing but not so much for playing hockey at the highest level. Hopefully Toews fall off is not due to the aggregation of debilitating injuries and can be corrected with the proper strength and conditioning training program. Unless Toews and Keith play at an elite level, the Hawks will not be legit contenders.
  2. Well our Hawks are done playing until next season and so are a couple of the prospects we've been following in CHL playoffs - Fortin and Dahlstrom are done. That leaves 2 prospects who are still playing - DeBrincat with Erie in the OHL and Highmore with St. John in the QMJHL. Erie won their first game against Owen Sound 6-1 with Debrincat getting 3 points (1g/2a). He now has 25 points (7g/18a) which leads OHL playoff scoring. St. John won their first game against Chicoutimi 4-1 with Highmore picking up an assist. He now has 13 points (2g/11a) which is tied for 13th in QMJHL playoff scoring.
  3. Well ... it's been a nice run. Actually it's been better than merely "nice" - it's been amazing. First and foremost, thank you Rocky. You're a great owner and we couldn't ask for better. And thank you Hawks organization and players - you've given us more than we could have hoped for and even if there are no more glory days ahead, no one can take away the glory days we've had the last 10 years. Go Hawks ! ! ! !
  4. And just to rub salt in the wound we get to experience the awful Hawks PP again before the season comes to an end.
  5. I don't know if all the physical pounding Toews has taken over the years has finally diminished him to the point where he will never again be an elite player - sadly the evidence is pointing to that conclusion. I hope he (1) spends less time doing things like climibing Michu Pichu this summer and (2) decline any invitations to play for Team Canada so that he can dedicate his entire off season to becoming that elite player again ... because if Toews can't return to his previous elite level of play the "dynasty" is over.
  6. When Toews was Toews that never would have happened because back when Toews used to be Toews he won those board battles - not anymore.
  7. That play on Panik is exactly the way the Preds are getting away with interference/holding - Panik had a half step going up the boards to get the puck and the Preds defender glued himself to Panik and the refs let him get away with it. That type of play has been allowed to happen all series long.
  8. I agree with an earlier post about it being a mistake to coast the last few games of the regular season, especially because they weren't playing that well even before they lost the last 4 games of the regular season. The objective was to "play the right way" which they didn't do consistently since that 17-3 stretch. All that "flipping the switch" stuff is not looking so good right now. Even today - Q let it be a voluntary practice and Toews and a few other core players didn't bother showing up. It seems like the Hawks players have bought into their own press clippings about being able to turn it on when it counts ... I guess someone forgot to tell Nashville.
  9. Hawks lose close to 100% of the physical and one on one battles - if there's a white sweater and a yellow sweater by the puck - the yellow sweater comes away with the puck.
  10. passing ... bad
  11. It's hard to beat a team that wins physical battles and is faster, but that seems to be what the Hawks are up against.
  12. Exactly. Maybe our expectations were unreasonably high but it's baffling they are this slow and inept.
  13. Yep, that why my vote goes to the 2009/10 version of the Hawks as the best of the Cup winners.
  14. The thing I think is the best tell for how the Hawks are playing is their passing - if their passing is good they play well, if their passing is not good they don't play well. That seems kind of obvious and it would apply to every team but it is more important for the Hawks because they are not built for any other type of game. Most other teams can win grind it out and dump and chase types games but the Hawks can't prevail when they're forced to play that style.
  15. Figured I better get into a GDT while I have a chance. Nothing in the 1st period gives me optimism.