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  1. Oh dear. It seems Jurco is one of those unfortunate guys who has good measurables but never translates them to success on the ice.
  2. For the Hawks to be true contenders - they need Toews and Keith at their best. Keith may have lost a little but he's still pretty good. Toews, on the hand, is not even close to the player he was several years ago. To me, his face looks gaunt, like he's been training to run a marathon - not be a #1 center in the NHL. He needs muscle mass and quickness - not low body fat. I don't know much about that "onnit" diet/training or if he's still doing it - but maybe it's good for mountain climbing but not so much for playing hockey at the highest level. Hopefully Toews fall off is not due to the aggregation of debilitating injuries and can be corrected with the proper strength and conditioning training program. Unless Toews and Keith play at an elite level, the Hawks will not be legit contenders.
  3. Well our Hawks are done playing until next season and so are a couple of the prospects we've been following in CHL playoffs - Fortin and Dahlstrom are done. That leaves 2 prospects who are still playing - DeBrincat with Erie in the OHL and Highmore with St. John in the QMJHL. Erie won their first game against Owen Sound 6-1 with Debrincat getting 3 points (1g/2a). He now has 25 points (7g/18a) which leads OHL playoff scoring. St. John won their first game against Chicoutimi 4-1 with Highmore picking up an assist. He now has 13 points (2g/11a) which is tied for 13th in QMJHL playoff scoring.
  4. On to the 3rd round and Fortin (Rouyn Noranda) is out and Dahlstrom (Medicine Hat) is out. DeBrincat (Erie) and Highmore (St. Johns) are moving on the the next round. Individual scoring after the second round: DeBrincat 1st in OHL with 22 points (6g/16a - in 11 games) Fortin 3rd in QMJHL with 17 points (6g/11a - in 13 games) Highmore 16th in QMJHL with 12 point (2g/10a - in 8 games) Dahlstrom 15th in WHL with 13 points (6g/7a - in 11 games)
  5. DeBrincat's Otters with a 3-2 series lead. D-cat leading OHL playoff scoring with 19 points in 9 games (5g/14a). Fortin (4g/8a) and Highmore (2g/10a) are tied for 10th in QMJHL playoff scoring. Fortin's Huskies are down 2-3 in their series and Highmore's Sea Dogs have won both their first two series 4-0. Dahlstrom is tied for 25th in WHL playoff scoring with 10 points (5g/5a). His Tigers are down 2-3 in their series.
  6. I thought the knock on Bondra was he wasn't a good skater - he has size and can score but not a good skater. Maybe I'm wrong - hopefully.
  7. It's hard to know what's going on with him from afar, but I got the sense he was more interested in leveraging the Hawks interest for other reasons than he was passionalte to play for the Hawks in the NHL. So ... moving on.
  8. Obviously I hope you're correct, but I think the last couple very good backup goalies who signed to be a starter on a different team got $3.5M-$4M, and I'd put Darling in that same category.
  9. Let's admit something - we got lucky that Darling with his minimal salary turned out to be a top backup goalie. Darling is going to get a raise and it's probably going to be in the $4M range. So trading Crawford and signing Darling will save around $2M in cap space, maybe a little more if Darling gives the mythical hometown discount AND we don't have to take salary back in the Crawford deal. Then, we still need a backup goalie and unless Stan sticks in his thumb and pulls out a plum, again, we're not going to be able to find a goalie worthy to be the backup goalie on a Cup contending team who will sign for the league minimum ... therefore the combined cap hit for both goalies isn't going to be appreciably less than it is this season - spend $2M less on the starter (Darling) but spend $1M more on the backup. So let's just win the Cup this year and then whatever bloodletting is necessary this summer won't seem so bad.
  10. I posted that in the 4/6 GDT so a mod must have moved it here - so that was after the CHL games on Friday. Erie didn't play yesterday but St. John, Rouyn Noranda and Medicine Hat did and all 4 of the Hawks prospects got another point. Here's how they're doing in playoff scoring: OHL: Erie and London tied 1-1. DeBrincat tied for 1st with 14 points (2 goals). QMJHL: St.John leads Val-d'Or Foreurs 2-0. Highmore tied for 12th with 9 points (2 goals) and Noel tied for 48th with 5 points (0 goals). Rouyn Noranda and Chicoutimi tied 1-1. Fortin tied for 9th with 10 points (3 goals). WHL: Medicine Hat and Lethbridge tied 1-1. Dahlstrom tied for 28th with 7 points (4 goals).
  11. Reporting on other games ... all of the Hawks prospects still alive in the CHL playoffs got a point tonight. Debrincat with 1 assist in Erie's 5-1 win Fortin with 1 assist in Rouyn Noranda's 6-2 win Highmore and Noel each with 1 assist in St. John's 2-1 win Dahlstrom with 1 goal, Medicine Hat leading 3-0 after 2 periods.
  12. Better effort. A couple negatives and a couple positives in the game last night, but nothing new. No injuries as far as I know so that's the main positive.
  13. Best I can say about them is they still shite in the woods.
  14. There's a lot of clarity in your post - deep, sage, erudite. Tell us the truth - were you staring at a spiderweb in the corner of the ceiling when this stream of consciousness washed over you?
  15. I love ya man ... you know ... in a manly way