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  1. RIP Klemmer

    I wasn't active on hockey boards before 2009 (hell, didn't know they existed) but when I did join Klemmer was one of the main posters (along with the guys PuckJim posted). I recall him saying many times how much he hated cancer so I knew something was going on with him and cancer and I could be wrong but I got the sense he lost his wife to cancer and he was on a mission to fight against pancreatic cancer. I never met him and once the board split off I didn't see him post nearly as much. Sometimes change just sucks and this is one of those times.
  2. 1/20 Hawks vs Islanders

    How the mighty have fallen. I remember when Hawks fans used to laugh at Islander fans when they boasted their "JT" was better than our "JT.". Remember when there was a legitimate argument that Toews was the best all around player in the league. Those days are long gone. Toews is at best a slightly above average player. He's still relatively young so maybe he can regain his skill set, but as of right now he isn't the same player he used to be ... and without him, with a diminished Keith, a retired Hossa, and a bunch of young guys who can't maintain team defensive structure ... it's turn out the lights, the party's over. And now with Crawford down, they went from a barely average team to a bad team. And one more thing ... how's that Saad/Panarin trade looking now? Yeesh!
  3. 1/12 Hawks vs Jets

    They got out-muscled in the first but played much better in the last 40 mins. Pretty good effort all around. Glass was fantastic. And I liked what I saw from Duclair. Happy days.
  4. 1/12 Hawks vs Jets

    Does anyone on the Hawks put extra time in practicing shooting? Saad is another one that can't hit the net.
  5. 1/12 Hawks vs Jets

    Much better period for the Hawks - aren't getting stuck in the d-zone as much as in period 1. Hartman - WOW has his shooting been terrible lately. He better get his shot working or Q will find someone else to play with 8-88.
  6. 1/12 Hawks vs Jets

    The PK looked good. Here's hoping the PP does something good tonight.
  7. 1/12 Hawks vs Jets

    And yet ... he keeps shooting, which is essentially a turnover.
  8. 1/12 Hawks vs Jets

    Someone should put a picture of Toews' hands on a milk carton. He just can't control the puck on his stick anywhere close to what he used to.
  9. 1/12 Hawks vs Jets

    My goodness - men against boys. Have the Hawks won any one-on-one battles yet. The Jets are bigger across the entire lineup and they are smothering the Hawks.
  10. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    DeBrincat has been bounced around from RW to LW and on all three top lines playing with different linemates with regularity and he still is 4th in scoring on the Hawks and tied for 2nd in goals. He's scored only 1 goal and 1 assist in the last 5 games and apparently that qualifies as "wasn't the same afterward". MERCY! I don't know ... maybe it's just me, but I think DeBrincat is doing just fine, especially given the yank him all over the lineup treatment by Q.
  11. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    DeBrincat has much better offensive game than Hayden - not even close. Hayden has much better phyiscal game than DeBrincat - not even close. Hayden's physical game is easier to replace in the lineup than DeBrincat's offensive game. For the record, I like Hayden and think he's played his role well. I would have rather seen Bouma out of the lineup than Hayden.
  12. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    So DeBrincat with 14 goals and 27 points (4th on the team) should have been sent down instead of Hayden who has 3 goals and 11 points. O K A Y
  13. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    How did you get that number for Hawks' TDL cap space?
  14. 1/10 Hawks vs Wild

    Just when ya think the Hawks PP has turned the corner, they play like they did tonight and show they are still the fumble bums we knew they were. Granted, the Wild's defense is light years ahead of the Sens, but still, the unforced physical and mental errors are hard to swallow. Toews continues to show he no longer has the ability to control the puck and consistently fumbles the puck off his own stick and Keith is totally useless on the PP because he can't shoot and tonight he makes mental mistakes and skates into double teams and the Wild get easy clears and break outs. Those two were superstars and used to make positive difference for the Hawks - now they hurt the PP more than help it. Toews still continues to get kicked out of faceoffs and the only conclusion I'm left with is that Toews is not very bright - incapable of learning what he does wrong and correcting it. No, he keeps doing the same thing and then stands there and whines about it. Very disappointing of "the Captain". One more complaint - if Hartman is going play with Schmaltz and Kane - he needs to shoot a whole lot better else he can go to line 4 to cause his havoc.
  15. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    Here's a real time move I would like to see the Hawks make - take Keith off the PP. If he wouldn't use his slow popgun shot he would be fine on the PP because he passes well and does everything else well - but the fact is he shoots the puck like he thinks it's a good idea and it hurts the PP more than helps it. Keith doesn't need the elevated points total because he's not a Norris candidate anymore.