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  1. Just checked my ClickTix account and invoice is up for 2017 Playoffs. For my 300-green, price per seat per round: 125/145/180/230 That's up $5 per seat for all 4 rounds.
  2. Following up on claman1022, I went through all 41 home games on my ClickTix account like I was going to post them on TicketExchange. Ticket prices are now in FOUR levels. These are for 300-green (STH cost: $97) Base level $118 (13 games) : 10/18,10/24,10/30,11/1,11/3,11/6,11/29,12/1,12/4,12/6,1/5,1/24,1/26. Next level $128 (10 games) : 10/15,11/13,12/11,1/8,1/15,1/22,2/23,3/9,3/19,3/21. Next level $148 (12 games) : 10/22,11/11,12/18.12/20,12/27,1/6,1/10,3/1,3/3,3/12,3/23,3/31. Top level $178 (6 games) : 10/12,12/9,12/23,2/18,2/26,4/2.
  3. Saw an item in this morning's Sun-Times about next season's season ticket prices. It seems the glass seats are going up $25 (to $475). And 200 and 300 level seats seem to be going up $2-$5. It says the $50 seats (300-gray) are going up to $55. My 300-green are going up from $95 to $97. I'm guessing the snail-mail invoice will be arriving today.
  4. Here are the playoffs ticket prices for the last 8 seasons, 300-level green: 2016: 120/140/175/225 (rounds 1-4) total for 16 games:$5280 2015: 110/130/160/185 (rounds 1-4) total for 16 games:$4680 2014: 100/115/140/165 (rounds 1-4) total for 16 games:$4160. 2013: 95/108/135/150 (rounds 1-4) total for 16 games:$3904 2012: 90/100/125/140 (rounds 1-4) total for 16 games:$3640 2011: 80/90/115/130 (rounds 1-4) total for 16 games:$3320 2010: 70/80/105/120 (rounds 1-4) total for 16 games:$3000 2009: 55/55/70/80 (rounds 1-4) total for 16 games:$2080
  5. Game 3: Darling starts...Raanta backup...Crawford in club suite waiting on Bowman and McDonough, serving them late lunch.
  6. That's Andy Shaw, former channel 7 reporter.
  7. Let's start a pool. What time TODAY, will this thread hit page 150?
  8. i saw that without my reading glasses and thought it said, Stan is fired! damn!!!!
  9. I tried watching this, but after 10 seconds all I could hear was:
  10. Who's gonna be our Fresh Wave spokesman now? Another sponsor lost?? /sarcasm. I don't use purple cuz I'm color blind.
  11. The NBCSN announcers last night said he made the SoCal trip, so he might just be, and when he wakes up his watch will be on PST. Won't check his time on his BlackBerry and thinks he has two more hours than he really does cuz the deadline is at 2pm CT not PT.
  12. Stan as GM message in it's second century (of pages)
  13. Although it took awhile, Havlat's anger at the Tallon/Bowman situation comes to fruition. We are now tied for 6th with L.A. (we have one game in hand) and freefalling.
  14. WHEN (not if) the Hawks blow the playoffs this year, AND if there is a lockout/strike, you don't think Hawks fans will turn their backs on this team? The fanbase that builds up quickly will fall as quickly. Plus, if there is a raise in ticket prices next year? Whoa, katy bar the door. That waiting list will be nonexistent. It's not StanBo, it's Stan B.O.