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  1. 11/12 Hawks vs Devils

    It was a Dickens of a weekend. It was the best of times (Saturday's comeback, Dcat's "coming out"), it was the worst of times (Sunday's blowing a 4-1 lead). But hey, we're still 4 points ahead of the up-and-coming Cup contender Edmonton Oilers with Connor McGretzky!!
  2. So I just got an email from the Hawks for the Season Ticketholder Party at the Museum of Science and Industry on 12/4 from 6-10pm. I wonder if this is a change from the 2-night Private Party usually held at Navy Pier every December or in addition to it?
  3. 11/09 Hawks vs Flyers

    After the first goal, I said to myself, "Oh, oh!" And after it was 2-0 I knew it was over. In previous 19/88 seasons you knew that they could come back easily from 2-0 deficits. This season about a 99% chance they will fold it up. The best part of watching these past two games on NBCSCh? The "retirement?" of those godawful Chevy commercials during most TV timeouts featuring Kane and Toews. Toews getting out of his red Chevy Mailbu and checking out his reflection in the sideview mirror? That reflection needs to give #19 the middle finger with his performance this year. Something is wrong with him mentally and/or physically.
  4. 11/09 Hawks vs Flyers

    With this being the first game of the Mother's trip, I hope the Mom's instill the fear of God in 'em. WIN or ELSE!!!!
  5. Goldstar

    Downward? That'll be the day. However I did get TWO emails from the Hawks today. The first notifying me that tickets have been "released" for Sunday's game vs NJ. The second one about a new "ReplyBuy". Free to sign up. Get $10 off first purchase. EXCLUSIVE access to last-minute tix. CUSTOMIZED notification about the best seats. INSTANT game purchases with a quick text message. Sounds like they are hurting. (But yet still laughing all the way to the bank) But they see a trend forming here.
  6. Are You Worried Yet?

    Just got a SECOND email from the Hawks asking me to confirm my new Blackhawks ReplyBuy account and score $10 of my first purchase! You get priority access to recently released Hawks tix that can be purchased with a quick text message. It's free. Also EXCLUSIVE access to last minute tix. CUSTOMIZED notifications about the best seats. INSTANT game purchases with a quick text message. (CAPS in this paragraph are the Hawks not mine!) How many think they are really lagging in the sales department? You would have NEVER seen an email like this in any of the previous years since 2010.
  7. Are You Worried Yet?

    Just got an email from the Hawks about 30 minutes ago that a "limited numbers of tickets" are now available for Sunday's game against Jersey. I know the Devils aren't much of a draw, but the way they've been playing I would expect to be getting an email like that before more and more games if they don't shape up.
  8. 11/05 Hawks vs Habs

    Just got to the Hawks home page and looked at the Central standings. The Hawks are in a 4-way tie for 3rd. However they are listed as 6th place because the other 3 teams all have one game in hand. And the only team below them (Minny) is 4 points behind with THREE games in hand. Yikes!!
  9. 11/05 Hawks vs Habs

    Those two games are in Stockholm.
  10. Are You Worried Yet?

    Playing like they have since game 3 (except for maybe the game in Montreal) inexcusable. Home game effort (seems) a lot worse now when my season tickets cost $100 than when they were $35.
  11. 10/28 Hawks vs Avs

    These last two games dedicated to Ray Milland: "Lost Weekend". Keith and Seabrook should play more like Jan Rutta than Ruta Lee. Mic drop.
  12. 10/24 Hawks vs Knights

    Which team was the expansion team??
  13. Eddie Olczyk

    Pat Tomasulo on Channel 9 said that Eddie would also be doing the Hawks/Oilers game on Thursday with Pat Foley.
  14. Ticket Prices for 2017-18

    Last season my $97 season tickets were priced for single games (by the Hawks) at $118, $128, $148 or $178. Last season was the first season they had four tiers of prices. In the last few seasons (not counting the 48-game lockout season), they had between 12-18 "premium" games that were between $10 to $20 higher than the "non-premium" games. Single-game prices have been about $20 or so more than what STH pays. STH do not pay the "premium" prices.
  15. 2017-2018 Schedule

    If we go by last season, regular season single-game tickets will go on sale 2 weeks after the preseason games. So Monday, August 21 at 10am is when they should be up. STH will get an email from the Hawks later that day saying that you can now put your games up for sale on TicketExchange, forward them to people you might share your tickets with or print them out at home. (Although it took about 24 hours for me to be able to do any of the things in the previous sentence)