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  1. That will not save you! I will get there eventually!!!! Regards! N.
  2. That's the spirit! I'm well thanks. You guys always get up tight with each other this time of year! Haha! I guess that's the benefit of losing. No expectations, no stress, no real interest. Unfortunately, I'm now obligated to cheer for the Sharks to win this year, but once that is over and done with I'll come back to cheering with and for you guys. Regards! N.
  3. Clearly, you guys are missing all the old Canucks fans trolls and are no longer unified by a common enemy. Maybe go stir up some stuff on the Blues boards to get them coming here in retaliation? Or just yell at me for this post! Regards! N.
  4. And you as well! Regards! N.
  5. Can't even tank right. Blarg! Regards! N.
  6. Thanks Big T. Horvat is the exception, but yeah, otherwise pretty accurate assessment. It's been a combo of few draft picks over the last many years, traded the few picks we had, made bad draft picks, had bad draft years, and no lottery luck! At least the D corps is somewhat young and reasonably deep for a tanking team -- though nothing to write home about. If Demko can develop, then adding frontline talent is easier to acquire -- usually! Think I'll be suffering through several bad years before any good ones... I'll just come here for the playoffs, although I'm obligated to cheer for the Sharks first and foremost this year. But I'll still come by and support you guys now and then. Regards N.
  7. You want a win. I want a road loss (despite a meh draft pool). Isn't it nice when we all just get along... other than the mean, mean commentary! So mean! Have fun tonight Hawks fans! Regards N.
  8. Thanks Bud! Stars align with a late Hawks game that does not conflict with a Nucks game since they lost this morning (so I have been drinking for almost 12 hours now). Regards N.
  9. Well end of June is too late to hit a game. By several months for my guys. let me know if you want to grab a beer though. Regards N.
  10. Too lazy to order pizza???đŸ˜® Good thing you were not out of beer! Regards N.
  11. I approve of the few beers. I question a salad only for dinner. Why?????? Are you really coming here? Look me up! Regards N.
  12. Rematch at the smoking area after school! Regards N.
  13. Good to see BitB is still wrestling with existentialism! Why not, BitB??? How you been BTW? Regards N.
  14. Hello my name is Laurent Brossoit. Port Alberni kid. Regards N.
  15. For the moment. It is an angry organ though. Just like my blackened heart. [Insert "no brain" Reply here!] Regards N.