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  1. Yay! Regular season starting up! Good luck to all my Hawk Fan friends. The majority of participants in my work pool are picking your guys to go all the way. See you on the boards/chat!

    1. galaxytrash


      and you're not?!!? tsk tsk...

    2. Nuckluck


      I did not say that I was not one to make that pick....

  2. Hrmmmm, now that the Canucks are out, and given my affinity for everyone here, and having surveyed the remaining teams in the playoffs.... How do I come out to my family and friends as a closeted Hawks fan (for this post season only)?!?!? Regards. N.

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    2. crazyhawk


      Wear a Hawk jersey everywhere you go with a Canuck hat.

    3. antiqueff


      Always better to tell the truth, Nucks!

    4. 4thStanleyCup


      You might want to keep that a secret, especially in Vancouver.

  3. Time again for me to wish to all of you that the best team wins, and otherwise keep my head down and my sense of humor about me. :) Regards my friends. N.

    1. 1Shot1Goal


      hmm still want the hawks to win ;)

    2. Nuckluck


      How else am I going to get $2 out of DK??? ;)



  4. Happy New Year everyone!!!! Regards. N.

  5. Best of the Season to all my Hawks Fans Friends, and a very, very Happy New Year! Regards N.

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    2. antiqueff


      Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, Nanook of the North!LOL!

    3. northside


      You are the goods Nuck. Merry Christmas to you, the wife and the puppies :)

    4. buf52


      Frolik navidad everyone !

  6. Happy Thanksgiving Hawks fans. Hope you're not caught up in travel delays. Enjoy! Regards N.

    1. GigECJ


      Yeah, the Eastern part of North America doesn't look good.

    2. Icaddiedforstosh


      My bird landed at the butcher and my family is ready to invade. Happy Thanksgiving Nuck!

    3. Nuckluck


      ICFS and Gig, enjoy my friends. Regards. N.

  7. Hawks on fire, Canucks in the doldrums AND playing the night before??? Ufff! THIS is going to be ugly... Try to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous trolling until we get through Saturday night! Regards N.

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    2. GigECJ


      Is it me or have the Sedins slowed down a bit.

    3. Nuckluck


      Thanks Gig. Very kind of you. They have slowed down, but also are getting fewer touches with the shoot first approach. Regards. N.

    4. Ironhide26


      Nuckluck my friend... if you just give me and my partner Malice the Vancouver green men in a cage match...then IM SURE Vancouver will pick up their play and luck!!... lol. ok..maybe not..but we still would love a face off with those guys!! hey the fans on BOTH sides would probably get a kick outta it!!

  8. Happy Halloween Hawks Fans! May you not run out of candy and all of your costumes be as "sexy" as you intend!

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    2. Nuckluck


      Ha, I doubt they would agree to that. You're scary just in photo form, forget live!

    3. Ironhide26


      LOL!! Now THATS a compliment!!

    4. Nuckluck


      As it was intended my fine steel working friend. As it was intended. Regards. N.

  9. Hi! Two-ish weeks until the pre-season starts!!! Very exciting!

    1. Blackhawks12251992


      YEAH!! Can't wait!! Feels like we just finished! Can't believe summer went by so fast! Looking foreward to this season though :)

  10. Sincere congratulations to all my Blackhawk fan friends, especially those in chat, but all of you. I am genuinely pleased for all of you. Congrats. See you on the forums and next season. Regards N.

    1. 1Shot1Goal
    2. 4thStanleyCup


      Thank you man!

      You are truly class act my friend!

  11. Wow! SCF! Congrats Hawks and fans. I am actually stoked for you guys. Best of luck, kill the Bs and congrats to Ccolin, it is cool how this all worked out for you!

  12. Congrats on moving on to the WCF, Hawks! Regards N.

    1. HawkMod


      Stay classy Nuck!

    2. 4thStanleyCup


      I think that you have become honorary Canuck fan on this board

    3. Smokinmedic1


      The classiest Nuck fan I know!! (and I don't know many that have any class!!)

  13. Congrats on advancing to Round Two Hawks. Regards. N.

  14. Congrats on clinching a playoff spot Hawks. Regards N.

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    2. Nuckluck


      Naw, then I'd start posting in the Craw threads.... Regards! N.

    3. LordKOTL


      Thanks. Good luck to your Canucks the rest of the reg. season.

    4. Nuckluck


      Thanks Lord! To your guys, too.

      Regards N.

  15. Why are you such a nice and postive person Nuckluck, it would be so much easier for you to be another canucklehead...

    1. LThompsonBU


      I hate to say this, but I love ya pal, hope all is well.

    2. Nuckluck


      Hah! I will make some dickish posts, just for you!

      Things are good, thanks brother! Hope they are for you too.