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  1. Thanks Bud! Stars align with a late Hawks game that does not conflict with a Nucks game since they lost this morning (so I have been drinking for almost 12 hours now). Regards N.
  2. Well end of June is too late to hit a game. By several months for my guys. let me know if you want to grab a beer though. Regards N.
  3. Too lazy to order pizza???😮 Good thing you were not out of beer! Regards N.
  4. I approve of the few beers. I question a salad only for dinner. Why?????? Are you really coming here? Look me up! Regards N.
  5. Rematch at the smoking area after school! Regards N.
  6. Good to see BitB is still wrestling with existentialism! Why not, BitB??? How you been BTW? Regards N.
  7. Hello my name is Laurent Brossoit. Port Alberni kid. Regards N.
  8. For the moment. It is an angry organ though. Just like my blackened heart. [Insert "no brain" Reply here!] Regards N.
  9. Drinking does qualify as self-induced coma, so I believe ya! That is how I have gotten through four plus decades with the Nucks! Regards N.
  10. I am great thanks! You? Kieferspalte doesn't have the size or speed to stick in the NHL. 👹 Regards N.
  11. Excellent. Though, you are all gonna Jones with 5 days off after this! Regards N.
  12. Haven't I always???? Regards N.
  13. Creatch always leaves a key under the mat! Regards N.
  14. Poor Foggy. I get my choice of CBC or WGN. I like it when the Hawks are out West. Regards N.
  15. Nice. I thought it was German for cleft palate. But you are probably right Buf. Also, Talbot done for the night Regards N.