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  1. You Be The Gm

    It would take sharp to get byfuglien. Bickell is worth nothing. I don't think sharp is the kind of guy that would hinder a team just to stay in one city. It's just not how the business works, and he knows it.
  2. You Be The Gm

    I'll try again... Assuming Buff is willing to play wing, would you make a move for him? Perhaps for Sharp? He doesn't fill a need at center, but he creates more of a presence than Bickell ever could.
  3. You Be The Gm

    So apparently everyone is available in Winnipeg. If Byfuglien is ok with playing forward again, do you think the Hawks should go after him? .
  4. You Be The Gm

    The more he plays, the better Raanta looks. The problem is he just hasn't played enough lately. It would be a mistake to lose him this offseason. I'm not saying he's going to turn into the next Hasek, but let's not forget what happens when you let a backup go just because you have a good starter signed for the next few years.
  5. Stan As Gm

    He doesn't get a free pass. The Stan Bowman thread is probably the longest on the forum. People just aren't spazzing out because he didn't make any big trades at the deadline.
  6. Stan As Gm

    When you say stuff like that, you are obviously not going to listen to reason and just want to bash Stan, so I'm not going to even bother.
  7. Stan As Gm

    Good: Won 2 cups and has kept the team in contention for future cups Bad: Doesn't really matter after the good, does it?
  8. The Crawford Thread

    The mask being stolen is probably legit, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone like Sharp is behind the pads being "stolen".
  9. The Crawford Thread

    Here's a question, you're creating a new team and have a choice of Hasek, Roy, Brodeur, or Belfour. All are 21 years of age. Who do you choose a your starter?
  10. The Crawford Thread

    Potvin's career numbers are really close to Belfour's. Same exact situation with curtis Joseph.
  11. The Crawford Thread

    I will add Curtis Joseph to the Belfour group.
  12. The Crawford Thread

    Sorry, but wins mean absolutely nothing as a measure of goal tending ability. Belfour was on some really good teams and Potvin was on some really bad ones. Do I think he was better than Potvin? Yes, I do. But the gap between those two is a lot closer than the gap between someone like Roy or Brodeur and Belfour.
  13. The Crawford Thread

    To be honest, that is how I feel. You had an average goalie like Osgood, the next tier would be guys like Potvin and Belfour, above them were Roy and Brodeur, and Hasek was the absolute highest tier. I realize it's not going to be a popular opinion because Belfour (rightfully) has legend status in Chicago.
  14. The Crawford Thread

    Belfour was a very solid goalie, but come on, Hasek was one of the best of all time. He was pretty much the sole reason the Sabres were remotely relevant during his tenure there. I'm not even going to bring stats into it, Hasek was just far more talented than the Eagle, and made saves that few goaltenders ever could.
  15. The Crawford Thread

    I don't get the logic of saying "if the Hawks had a better goalie they'd be nearly unbeatable." Last season they won the presidents trophy and the cup, and they could accomplish both again this season and are on pace to do so. That's pretty close to unbeatable in my book. Then again, when the team is doing so well, I guess people need something to complain about. They could go 82-0 and people would complain about the lighting during the pre game intro or something equally weird.