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  1. They must have missed it! Mashinter was signed yesterday!!!!!
  2. If he retires before the expiration of the contract, the Hawks will lose over $4 million dollars in cap space. Even if the Hawks trade him, and then he retires, the Hawks are still on the hook since they are the ones who offered the contract. That was the deal in the new CBA to penalize teams for trying to circumvent the old CBA with long term, front loaded deals. Why do you think guys like Pronger and Savard didn't retire with their career ending injuries? Right now, Roberto Luongo could really screw up the Canucks cap space if he were to decide to retire before the end of his contract. But with Florida playing so well I'm guessing he plays for as long as that team is a viable playoff contender.
  3. Can not buy out Hossa. Due to the fact the contract he signed circumvented the previous CBA, if Hossa does not finish out this contract for whatever reason, the Hawks will still get hit with over $4 million dollars in cap loss for the remainder of his deal.
  4. Somewhere in Anaheim Ryan Kessler is ordering a face shield!
  5. Because Hossa was signed prior to the current CBA, provisions were put into the current one to penalize teams who circumvented the previous CBA by signing long term, front loaded contracts. If Hossa retires before his contract ends, the Hawks will get hit with a cap penalty of $4.275 million dollars per season for the duration of his contract. The only way his money goes away is if he is put on LTIR, ala Pronger. This is the same for Duncan Keith as well.
  6. MVR, you are so in love with Bryan Bickell it isn't even funny. He earned what he got at the NHL level. You are under the impression that he was owed the right to play top line minutes and on the power play just because his name was Bryan Bickell and regardless of how little he contributed. He's had chance after chance to prove he deserves to be in the NHL and has failed miserably. He is right where he belongs as long as he's in the Hawks organization. Hopefully if he can continue to put up big points in an inferior league (I'm sure you will agree that the NHL is a better league then the AHL) he will find an NHL team willing to give him another chance and accept a trade to whatever team wants him.
  7. Bickell had 5 shots on goal in 7 games with the Hawks this season......but I guess all that counts is he can put up big time points in the minor leagues! Maybe the time to prove you wanted to be in the NHL was when you were put on waivers and had 10 games or 30 days to do so, not AFTER you get sent to Rockford?
  8. No, Bickell is not a better player. And take a look at his playoff numbers.....39 points in 6 years.......17 of them in 2013 and 22 over the other 5 years. Sorry, he is right where he belongs while in the Hawks organization. The only way he should see the NHL again is in another teams uniform!
  9. Let's also take into account that 30 NHL teams, including the Blackhawks, did not want Bryan Bickell! Maybe the reason he's put up decent numbers in Rockford is because he is an AHL player and nothing more.
  10. And Bryan Bickell is pushing 30, regressing every year. What's to say a big guy like Mashinter doesn't flourish after the age of 27? How will anyone ever know if he's buried in Rockford for the remainder of his career? I was at the New Jersey game and he skates well. I liked what I saw of him in training camp as well. There is no harm in seeing what the guy has to offer, because I think given the chance he can succeed in the NHL.
  11. Take away the 2013 season and Bickell has done nothing to help the Hawks. Mashinter has the size you keep harping on the Hawks needing and can skate. I've already pointed out he's put up numbers in Rockford. Bickell has had 6 years to prove he is an NHL player and outside of 1 has failed miserably. Time to move on and let someone else try! You want to keep alluding to the fact that Mashinter does not help, how do you know since he's had very little NHL experience? How does someone get NHL experience? In your theory nobody that plays for Rockford is good enough to play for the Hawks, then why have a minor league team? At some point, these guys deserve the opportunity that Bickell was given and failed to live up to. So now it's Mashinter's chance and I say give him at least 10 games to prove whether he's good enough for the NHL or not.
  12. Mashinter has put up some decent numbers in Rockford since the Hawks got him. He had 28 points in 47 games the year they obtained him, and last season 32 points in 69 games. He also had 6 points in 8 playoff games last season. He also must be a leader in the clubhouse since he was named team captain this season! But since Bickell has put up 5 points in 3 games, he is suddenly rehabilitated and ready to rejoin the Hawks? Does nobody see that the only way Bickell plays hard is when something is on the line, like a contract or his NHL career? If the Hawks bring him back up he is going to go right back to his comfy style of figure skating and falling on his own. Avoiding the corners and the front of the net! He needs to stay in Rockford until he agrees to waive his no trade clause, and then hope the Hawks can find some team to take him. And as far as his name being on the Cup 3 times, let's get real. Bickell played 16 regular season games in 2010 and had a total of 4 points. He played an additional 4 games during the playoffs and registered 1 assist. His name is on that Cup simply because he was there, not because he contributed. And outside of leading a team in hits during last years playoff run (a team that is not built on physicality) he did next to nothing to help the Hawks win last seasons championship. The only year he produced was during a contract year. He played hard because he knew he could get a big payday. But before that year, and since, he's been what we have seen, a lazy player who only plays hard when there is something on the line "FOR HIM", not the team.
  13. Shouldn't this thread be moved to "In The System/Prospects"?
  14. Montero and Ross have to go. Montero is a defensive liability and Schwarber can do just as well as he can with more of an upside. Montero doesn't block balls well, rather he backhands balls in the dirt. He also is below average at throwing out runners. And despite coming up very late in the season, Schwarber had more homeruns. Time to give him the job. Ross is OK defensively, but you just can't have a guy hitting .180 and also have Lester in the lienup. That's pretty much 2 automatic outs every 9 at bats. It was part of the reason Lester finished under .500 for the season. You can get away with Lester and Ross in the AL, but not in the national league. Lester also has to overcome his mental hangups. He has to have a personal catcher, and the only base he can throw to is home? He's getting paid an awfully large sum of money to have so many flaws in his game. The Cubs also have so many all or nothing hitters. Hopefully the young guys will improve on this with gained experience. But Bryant, Soler, Schwarber, Russell, Castro, and Baez are all still very undisciplined at the plate. Agree with a previous poster that a couple of guys can be traded for upgrades. The Cubs have to choose between Castro and Baez at 2nd base. Castro increased his market value significantly with his late season play, so I'd look for him to be used in a trade. Platoon Baez and LaStella at 2nd base. Move Montero as well. That would open up $10 million dollars and the catchers position to Schwarber. Additions would need to be a FA starting pitcher in either Price or Greinke, plus a trade for a reliable #4 starter, such as Zimmerman from Washington. A rotation of Arrieta, Price or Grenke, Lester, Zimmerman, and Hendricks would be pretty solid. If Cincinnati is retooling, see what it would take to get Chapman. Nothing against Rondon, but getting one of the most dominating closers in the game today would upgrade the bullpen dramatically. Maybe a deal sending Castro and Rondon in a package deal could get it done. Make a run at free agent to be Cespedes for left field. And try and get Fowler re-signed as well. Cubs are not far off from a championship. But there are several areas that need to be addressed to get to the next level. It will be interesting to see how Epstein/Hoyer proceed to improve on this past season!
  15. 4 shots on goal in 6 games......yeah, that's earned him the right to play on the top line! Hopefully he's in his final 3 games with the Hawks, either trade him or Huet him.....move him to Rockford and eat his $4 million dollars. And yes, I know that they only save $900,000 or so on the cap, but I'd rather see Dano then this waste of space. And if a rookie in Hinostroza can be brought up barely knowing the system, so can a guy with at least 35 games of NHL experience.