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  1. They must have missed it! Mashinter was signed yesterday!!!!!
  2. aaahhhh no! Even a blind nut finds a squirrel once in a while.....or something like that
  3. Not irrelevant at all.....Tallon overpaid for players in order to make the Hawks relevant again, sacrificing 2011. Bowman overpaid for players in order to keep the 2013 together, sacrificing 2015 in a similar fashion. So, was I incorrect in my post when I suggested that the Hawks, under Bowman, are heading into the same cap difficulties that Tallon got the team into while assembling a 2010 Stanley Cup champion?
  4. OK, I'm one of the biggest opponents when it comes to Bowman, but both your posts were silly at best. He is above the cap and the only possible move for him to make is to drop over $2m from the roster, and he has until October 9th to do so. Every team is going to be evaluating their own talent during camp, identifying their needs, and then looking to fill those needs. Bowman (and I can't believe I'm actually on his side) is hoping that a team will have a need for someone currently on the Hawks roster in order to maximize the return he gets. Example, he finds a taker for a salary of $3-4 million, but in August the best he can get back is a 6th round draft pick. But by waiting until teams can identify their needs, in October that same player can get back a 3rd, or 2 4th round picks.....makes sense to me to wait!
  5. And who's created the current and upcoming cap mess that Bowman supposedly corrected?
  6. Regarding Kruger, I also think he will be gone after this season. He's a 4th line center that provides a lot, but as an RFA where the Hawks are going to be cap challenged, the Hawks are going to have to make choices. They have several kids in Rockford and it could be that the Rassmussen acquisition was made so he can have a year getting accustomed to the Hawks system and ease a transition if called upon as Kruger's replacement. I do have a question regarding Rozsival. I know what happens cap wise if they try to send him to Rockford, but what if during training camp he decides he can no longer compete and decides to retire. I'm unclear as to how much of his salary would come off the cap since he signed his multiyear contract when he was over 35. I looked on Capgeek and it didn't show the answer. Is it possible his entire salary would be removed, thus getting the Hawks under the cap? edit: Rozsival actually signed his 2 year deal in July 2013 when he was 34. So don't know if this contract would be under the 35+ rules, since when the preseason started he was 35.
  7. hhhmmmmm, you're looking for the premiere giveaway from last season in the ring which no one is likely to give up and offering bobbleheads that most everyone has, and yet have the nerve to criticize someone for posting his Cubs bobbleheads in exchange for a Hawks bobblehead that he may not have. Wonder who had the better chance of making a trade?
  8. The problem I see with this is that Byfuglien only has 2 years left on his deal, and is being paid $5.2 million per season. Johnson is younger at 27 to Byfuglien's 29, has 4 years remaining on his contract, and is being paid nearly a million a year less per season.
  9. I think most are in the mindset that the Hawks will be looking to make a trade of just 1 player from the roster for either draft picks or a decent AHL prospect. But what if Bowman is looking to pull a multi player trade in which he reduces the payroll by trading 2-3 players and brings back 1 in return? They are going to have to do this by next season anyways, but if you could take 3 players from the current roster and bring back 1 long term quality player, who would that be? Say both Oduya and Leddy go, along with at least 1 forward, and the Hawks get a solid #3/4 dman back who's signed longer term. A 3 for 1 where they hit their need to reduce the cap, still allow for 22 or 23 guys this year, and won't have to move as much next season? What would you think of a trade between the Hawks and Columbus where the Hawks trade Leddy, Oduya, and Versteeg to Columbus for Jack Johnson? Johnson has 4 years remaining on his contract for a cap hit of $4.357 million per year. The Jackets are currently $14 million under the cap, so they could take on the contracts of the 3 Hawks (combined salary of $8.275 M). Hawks wipe out almost $4 million in cap space to put them under this years cap. They then would have a defense core of: Keith/Seabrook Hammer/Johnson AHL/Rozsival/Runblad That would leave the Hawks with 16 players signed next year, and with the trade of Versteeg they'd have 5.5 million in cap space based on this years cap. They sign Saad to a multi year deal worth about $4 million a year, putting them at 17 players signed and $1.5 million remaining. Then they wait to see where the cap goes for next season to see how bad the purge would need to be. Doable?
  10. Come on Yoop, everyone knows the Hawks don't win the cup in 2010 if they don't have Sopel!
  11. One positive for the Hawks is that their AHL team is not far from Chicago in Rockford. So they can likely get away with a smaller NHL roster and still have time for a same day emergency call up if need be.
  12. Unfortunately Kitchen isn't going anywhere. That decision would have been made quite some time ago, not as the Hawks approach the opening of training camp.
  13. Thanks Bob & Merp
  14. I may miss the entire Bulls season this year! I had arthroscopic right knee surgery last Friday to repair a torn meniscus and a crack in my cartilage. Already off the crutches but walking is sure painful right now. Beginning Monday I'll be hitting the pool for aquatherapy, then a week later I'll start on the bike and elliptical. Been told by my doctor my running days are over! Oh, well, I guess now I know how Derrick Rose feels.....outside of the fact he gets paid about $16 million dollars a year more then me and is almost 30 years younger!
  15. I don't see this guy on the roster.....tell us more about him. What position does Aplomb play?