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  1. With Crow cemented in the #1 spot for years to come does anyone think Raanta will resign with the Hawks or will he look for a starting spot on some team.Earlier in the year I thought he'd be gone for sure but with his late season cool down I think theres a chance he could stay.
  2. Your not going to get a second line center for a number 7 D-man.
  3. Just wondering out loud. does anyone else think Raanta will be gone after this year? I know hes a RFA this year and the Hawks can make an offer but why would he stay to be the backup when some team will probably offer him a starting job? I'm not saying I want him out of here cause I don't, but I just think theres a better chance than not he won't be here. I always wondered why they just signed him to one year.
  4. I see on the injury report they say Crow will be out 3 weeks per Coach Q. The Hawks have 10 games in the next 22 days.
  5. Then what do you do with him when Crow is back?
  6. I read today that khabby is not even skating yet. It didn't say when he would be back but I wouldn't think it would be real soon.
  7. Stop yourselves with the talk of bringing in a #1 goalie from another team. LOL The Hawks are a million dollars under the cap. Miller makes over 6 and Thomas makes over 2. Not going to happen.
  8. What does it matter if Raanta played the games as the number 2 goalie or number 1? He won the games and his numbers are better than Crawfords. I think the Hawks will be fine with Raanta in the net for a couple of weeks. As far as the shootout, he overplayed the shots and admitted as much after the game. He will be much better next time. I've seen him in a couple of shootouts with Rockford and he was outstanding. The prospect of Simpson in the net does scare me a little. From what I've seen in Rockford he is not ready. He is good enough on the initial shot but is very slow to react after that. ie- he will have problems with rebounds. Any goalie they get will just be a rent-a-player for a couple of weeks. Bring Karlsson in from Europe and then send him back. You don't have to give up a top prospect like Pirri for a rent-a-goalie.