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  1. The Crawford Thread

    With Crow cemented in the #1 spot for years to come does anyone think Raanta will resign with the Hawks or will he look for a starting spot on some team.Earlier in the year I thought he'd be gone for sure but with his late season cool down I think theres a chance he could stay.
  2. You Be The Gm

    Your not going to get a second line center for a number 7 D-man.
  3. The Crawford Thread

    Just wondering out loud. does anyone else think Raanta will be gone after this year? I know hes a RFA this year and the Hawks can make an offer but why would he stay to be the backup when some team will probably offer him a starting job? I'm not saying I want him out of here cause I don't, but I just think theres a better chance than not he won't be here. I always wondered why they just signed him to one year.
  4. The Crawford Thread

    I see on the injury report they say Crow will be out 3 weeks per Coach Q. The Hawks have 10 games in the next 22 days.
  5. The Crawford Thread

    Then what do you do with him when Crow is back?
  6. The Crawford Thread

    I read today that khabby is not even skating yet. It didn't say when he would be back but I wouldn't think it would be real soon.
  7. The Crawford Thread

    Stop yourselves with the talk of bringing in a #1 goalie from another team. LOL The Hawks are a million dollars under the cap. Miller makes over 6 and Thomas makes over 2. Not going to happen.
  8. The Crawford Thread

    What does it matter if Raanta played the games as the number 2 goalie or number 1? He won the games and his numbers are better than Crawfords. I think the Hawks will be fine with Raanta in the net for a couple of weeks. As far as the shootout, he overplayed the shots and admitted as much after the game. He will be much better next time. I've seen him in a couple of shootouts with Rockford and he was outstanding. The prospect of Simpson in the net does scare me a little. From what I've seen in Rockford he is not ready. He is good enough on the initial shot but is very slow to react after that. ie- he will have problems with rebounds. Any goalie they get will just be a rent-a-player for a couple of weeks. Bring Karlsson in from Europe and then send him back. You don't have to give up a top prospect like Pirri for a rent-a-goalie.