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  1. It's one game so it looks as if the Hitch move was brilliant. But just like chess this particular move and its impact on the match (series) is far less certain. He's hoping Hitch leaves St. Louis regardless of the outcome.
  2. Yeah, just line not having a second line center wasn't as important, or winning face-offs wasn't that important. Being fundamentally sound is what you want unless we are seeing the redefinition of 'fundamentally sound'.
  3. Schwarber had no chance at catching that ball. He ran the wrong route, he had the wrong angle to the ball (extending his catching hand perpendicular to his body to reach for the ball) and may have disregarded Fowler's call off (if he did in fact call Schwarber off). He is not an outfielder and to put the kid out there is all on Maddon.
  4. Joe Maddon owns this one. Kyle Schwarber had no business in the outfield. Get well soon.
  5. That's not what I mean. That we can agree on.
  6. Emphasis mine... You're focusing on the wrong idea. The idea is not to play playoff hockey for all eighty-two because there would be no one left to carry on in April. The idea is to play; not go through some pre-meditated process of picking which games get lesser priority. Make the games more meaningful and you'll get better hockey from the start of the regular season through the SC playoffs.
  7. If wear and tear are such a concern why have a regular season? To answer your question my answer is no. I am as concerned that a player's performance falls off due to showing up for work every day as I am the rotation of this planet coming to a halt.
  8. Just because a division or conference is bunched at the end may not be positively correlated to quality. If the regular season games meant more the regular season games should be more competitive. No nights off; no mailing it in, just putting out effort.
  9. Misery, if that's what you want to label it to make yourself feel better, can be reversed. Class? No amount of money in the world can buy a person that.
  10. "if you don't want a guy to celebrate in a blow-out, don't have a blow-out. If you play like garbage, you don't get to complain." It's classless to rub it in and embarrass someone over a game. Are we good now?
  11. Johansen says summer heart scare limited his conditioning Jackets get seven goals from seven players
  12. emphasis mine... Right... This organization has exclusivity to character. Characters maybe; character no.
  13. narcissism
  14. Yeah, that regular season point system that fails to prevent teams from taking nights off... Terrible...
  15. Watch Alex Ovechkin burn Anton Stralman with great move, score highlight-reel goal