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  1. It's one game so it looks as if the Hitch move was brilliant. But just like chess this particular move and its impact on the match (series) is far less certain. He's hoping Hitch leaves St. Louis regardless of the outcome.
  2. Yeah, just line not having a second line center wasn't as important, or winning face-offs wasn't that important. Being fundamentally sound is what you want unless we are seeing the redefinition of 'fundamentally sound'.
  3. hsbob, As I asked Merp in PM I'll ask you: do you think Q could have led the Ducks to a victory over the Blackhawks? In game seven this year the Ducks threw everything at the Predators and the Predators withstood the barrage. By all reports BB had them ready for that game but as we all know it is easier to fire a coach than to turn over the creme of a roster. Maybe BB has not found that coaching sweet that Q seems to have found.
  4. Emphasis mine. That's pure assumption on your part. This being a public forum and all.
  5. That argument makes no sense.
  6. You're kidding right?
  7. I hope for the Blues sake they do not offer Hitch an extension.
  8. Agreed about #7's game seven. IMO Brent Seabrook has been the foundation of this defense for a decade.
  9. So Hitch still gets the boot right?
  10. Objectivity be damned.
  11. Nice cut of Yoop's post.
  12. It must be a conspiracy.
  13. And you talk about pendulum swings...
  14. One cannot catch everything.
  15. Say anything? Abridging the freedom of speech? We still have a first amendment.