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  1. Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    Thanks, I feel a lot better now knowing that Stan consulted his Ouji board or magic eight ball to make this decision. What did he say about Kunitz? "He came into his own back in 2006, he hit his stride in 2007 and his best years are a faint memory, so we only gave him $1M." On Cam Ward? "With the roster we have now, we felt we needed an experienced backup in case we squeak into the playoffs. His agent said he had an offer from another team for $1.25M so I upped it to $3M just to be safe. I threw in the NTC out of respect for his Stanley cup win 12 years ago."
  2. Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    What the heck did Brandon Manning do last year to warrant a raise from $975K to $2.25M? Was he really that sought after that Stan had to give him a 230% increase? What a crappy day for the Hawks. For the $6.25M they spent I would have hoped for at least a top 4 D-man or a guy that could pot 25 - 30 goals. Yikes!
  3. Stan As Gm

    Yep, the Blues added forwards O'Reilly, Perron and Bozak today and the Hawks got Kunitz. Ouch!
  4. Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    I know Kunitz is only making a mil for one year but I just don't get that move at all. It would be one thing if it was a deadline deal to bring in a veteran cup winner for depth but the guy will be 39 before the season starts. Why on earth would they not keep a guy like Duclair who is only 22 years old and has decent upside? Heck, I would have rather they signed Yakupov at the minimum salary and see if they could catch lightning in a bottle. And if they really wanted a grinder type, there were at least 7 or 8 guys much younger than grampa Kunitz they could have had for the same or less money (Wingels, Winnick, Stewart, Pouliot, Gibbons, Mitchell, Upshall, even Hartnell would have been a better signing).
  5. Stan As Gm

    What really makes this a head scratcher is that Mrazek signed with Carolina for 1 year at $1.5M.
  6. Dan Carcillo

    Definitely agree that it is deep in the culture of competitive sports and starts at a young age. The difference here to me is that the thing that typically stops an athlete is the pain threshold or the visible evidence (scans, x-rays) of actual damage. It wasn't until very recently that the concussion injury was understood so a player (in any sport) could feel little to no physical pain but still be suffering from a traumatic brain injury and continuing to play just makes it worse. Let's face it ... when I was a kid the "test" for head injury was "how many fingers do you see?" Answer right and you're back out there!
  7. Dan Carcillo

    He also lays blame with the NHLPA.
  8. Dan Carcillo

    I knew Carcillo was having some difficulty dealing with concussion after effects but I had no idea it was that bad. Being a former Hawk and quite close to the core guys on this team it kind of makes me wonder if his message got through to some of the guys and has made them think twice about the future. I'm not blaming him or suggesting that he is the reason they had a bad year but with the success the core has had, maybe, just maybe they decided to pull back a little. Very interesting video if you haven't already seen it.
  9. Brandon Saad

    No doubt about it.
  10. Brandon Saad

    We'd all rather do that! But a salary cap and 31 teams (soon the be 32) says that you will fall short way more often than not. At least a team that plays with a solid effort game in and game out has a chance to win. Nobody thought Vegas would be anywhere near where they were this year but they damn near pulled it off. It's your middle paragraph that I'd rather avoid. Not all, but many of the teams you mention over those years were just inept or had horrible management (or both) and the owners just didn't care enough to do anything about it.
  11. Brandon Saad

    That is the proverbial $64000 question. It may not be enough but at least it will make for a more interesting team and one that can compete at a much higher level. The quick exits you refer to were also the result of a sloppy, ill prepared team that were still playing on the laurels of their previous successes. I'd much rather cheer for a team that brings the maximum effort and falls short than one with a bunch of guys who go through the motions and then constantly feed us the same BS about how they have to be better next game - rinse and repeat. I think all we have to do is look at Vegas to see that heart, desire and a good system can take you a long way. The Hawks have more raw talent than Vegas but as a whole they didn't have the commitment to one another nor the determination to leave it all on the ice. What are the odds that 5 or 6 guys all have "off seasons" the same year? Something has to change with this group, either personnel or the way they play the game or it's going to be another long season.
  12. Brandon Saad

    Exactly. Those other teams have lots of it and the Hawks have sorely lacked it. The use of speed is only as good as the determination applied.
  13. Brandon Saad

    I agree with your Saad comments but I also hope the coaching staff have been watching the entire playoffs to see how the game is played today. The likes of Nashville, Winnipeg, Tampa Bay, Washington and Vegas are light years ahead of the Hawks of the last few years with respect to drive and determination. Sure Saad looked half asleep most of the year but for the most part, the whole team seemed disinterested in engaging in any kind of puck battle. Something is wrong with the system or the ability to motivate this group to raise their game. I still firmly believe that the Hawks have a mindset that the other team has to gameplan for them and that's just not the case anymore. If they don't adjust they are going to be left in the dust again next year.
  14. Toews

    Price is a fine GT but as you say, he has been a little injury prone the last few years. That said, the main reason the Hawks should walk (no run) away from a Carey Price trade is the fact that he is just starting an eight year contract that pays $10.5M per year and he will be 31 before the puck drops on the 2018-19 season.
  15. You Be The Gm

    By 6 weeks: Maroon - DOB April 23, 1988 Lucic - DOB June 7, 1988