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  1. Stan As Gm

    I like Galchenyuk too and word out of Mtl is that he could be on the block. I'm not sure Anisimov would be enough. It's a starting point though ...
  2. 2/12 Hawks vs Yotes

    You're making my point. You used the term "multiple addictions" ... that's what I would call identifying the root cause of the problem. Try to fix that problem and the rest takes care of itself. Clearly we will never agree and that's OK - that's why these boards are here, right? But, please answer me this one question: If $6M is too much for you for a quality starting goalie, what is your target cost and what do you get for it?
  3. Stan As Gm

    So the way I see things, Stan and the Hawks have three options: 1- Ride out the rest of the season and make some changes (coaches and players) in the off season to try to turn this around. 2- Stay the course and let the younger guys mature with experience. 3- Sell, sell, sell and open up as much cap space and stock up as many draft picks as possible. If it were me, I would go with door number 3. I would look to move Anisimov and Saad immediately. Why not Saad to Pittsburgh? That's his home and they're always in need a winger for Crosby. Maybe take back a cheap young kid or two (Rust, Guentzel, Sheary) and a draft choice or two. Why not Anisimov to Montreal for the same type of return? The Habs likely won't make the playoffs but they are weak down the middle (have been for years) and they have some good young guys like Lehkonen, McCarron, Hudon, De La Rose. This gets the Hawks younger and faster and the $10.5M cap space could land them a couple of decent NHL proven players. It also weakens them enough for the remainder of this year to improve their draft position in June. Wingels, Sharp, Bouma, Franson and Hartman could be great depth additions to a playoff bound team and could certainly each fetch a draft choice of varying degree. In the off season, I would listen to any offers on Kane and Toews to see what is out there. Maybe Winnipeg over pays for the hometown boy, Same for Buffalo with Kane. I never thought I'd see the day where I even considered this option but after this season ...
  4. 2/12 Hawks vs Yotes

    With all due respect, I think your logic is flawed. Speaking hypothetically, let's say you have a 3 year old reliable car that you pay $450 a month for - then you spend half of your income on booze and cigarettes and you can barely afford to feed your kids? Is your car payment too high? Not trying to be a jerk, I just don't see how anyone can come to the conclusion that Crawford's contract is an issue on a team with sooooo many other issues.
  5. 2/12 Hawks vs Yotes

    Too much money tied up in Crawford? I beg to differ ... $6M is less than the going rate for a number 1 (top flight) goalie. If anything, the Hawks have too much money tied up in Kane, Toews, Saad and Seabrook.
  6. The Power Play

    Hard to argue with your observations but I will add a few comments of my own if you don't mind: 1- When they do have puck movement it is slow and easily challenged 2- This is huge ... most of the successful PP's in the league have at least one big shooter (think Ovechkin, Stamkos & Kucherov, Subban, Malkin, Seguin, Laine, Tarasenko, Burns, etc.). I don't think anyone on this team could break tissue paper (assuming they could hit it). 5- Oh yeah , extremely predictable 6- Gotta go to the net to score! 8- This one drives me nuts! 11- That stupid slingshot play (or push 'em back) where they start up the ice, get to center and make a pass to a guy 80 feet back in their own zone. There have been at least a dozen times that I can remember where this went the other way for a scoring chance. I think the success rate for this play might be lower than their 15% PP success rate. 12- I don't think this PP could score if they were 5 on 1 with the 1 being the other team's goalie. They'd probably lose the face off and the ensuing puck battle.
  7. Will the Hawks make the playoffs?

    If they had a Power Play, they would likely be in the playoff picture now. If they suddenly get a Power Play, they have a shot at the playoffs. If the PP stays like this, they are toast. I think the woeful PP has been a HUGE problem for this team - the lack of success hurts on the scoreboard but it's also a morale killer that affects their momentum game in and game out.
  8. 1/30 Hawks at Predators

    The Hawks PP success rate just fell below the success rate of blind squirrels.
  9. 1/24 Hawks vs Leafs

    I have been saying this to anyone who will listen for months now. I watch the Bruins a lot and their top line consists of their 3 best players (Bergeron, Marchand and Pasternak). Last year under Julien, the Bruins were much like this year's Hawks - they had a lot of trouble scoring goals and Claude would never stack a line. Under Cassidy, they have adjusted the lines and assembled possibly the best line in the NHL. So what if you don't have a completely balanced attack? If you have your top line scoring 2 or 3 goals a game, the rest will take care of itself. Of course, the Bruins do have a PP that can light it up too.
  10. Joel Quenneville

    It 's a promo shot from the Blackhawk store. He looks more like the captain of the debate team. Even for a team that excels at marketing this is a stretch. He looks like he weighs 120 lbs.
  11. Joel Quenneville

    If the clothes make the man, this might explain a lot! Maybe Q could start by suggesting a different look.
  12. 11/28 Hawks vs Preds

    I agree. Three weeks ago, this team had trouble making a pass and their best scoring chances were coming from 30 - 40 feet out. I was very encouraged with the way they played especially given they were on a back-to-back and Nashville was rested. With a little more puck luck for and a little less against, that easily could have been a win. No reason to fear Nashville or any other team for that matter when the Hawks play like that.
  13. 11/22 Hawks vs Lightning

    Big test tonight for the Hawks. It all comes down to stopping the Bolts' big line - something most teams have not been able to do. They've played 20 games so far and only twice have Stamkos and Kucherov been held without a point and only 5 games where neither scored a goal. They will need a full 60 minute effort from everyone tonight.
  14. Where is the leadership ?

    I'm not making excuses or promoting Wingels as the leader. These were just my observations. There is no denying Wingels has been the most consistent player not named Crawford game in and game out. Unfortunately he's not the guy that will get the offense on track. The money men need to step up, say enough is enough and put forth the effort needed to right the ship.
  15. 11/15 Hawks vs Rangers

    I'm looking for a big effort from everyone tonight - right form the opening face-off. A win would be huge but even a loss with a great effort would be acceptable at this point. They need something to build on and it needs to start tonight. Full 60 (or 65 if needed)!!! Let's go Hawks!