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  1. Joel Quenneville

    It 's a promo shot from the Blackhawk store. He looks more like the captain of the debate team. Even for a team that excels at marketing this is a stretch. He looks like he weighs 120 lbs.
  2. Joel Quenneville

    If the clothes make the man, this might explain a lot! Maybe Q could start by suggesting a different look.
  3. 11/28 Hawks vs Preds

    I agree. Three weeks ago, this team had trouble making a pass and their best scoring chances were coming from 30 - 40 feet out. I was very encouraged with the way they played especially given they were on a back-to-back and Nashville was rested. With a little more puck luck for and a little less against, that easily could have been a win. No reason to fear Nashville or any other team for that matter when the Hawks play like that.
  4. 11/22 Hawks vs Lightning

    Big test tonight for the Hawks. It all comes down to stopping the Bolts' big line - something most teams have not been able to do. They've played 20 games so far and only twice have Stamkos and Kucherov been held without a point and only 5 games where neither scored a goal. They will need a full 60 minute effort from everyone tonight.
  5. Where is the leadership ?

    I'm not making excuses or promoting Wingels as the leader. These were just my observations. There is no denying Wingels has been the most consistent player not named Crawford game in and game out. Unfortunately he's not the guy that will get the offense on track. The money men need to step up, say enough is enough and put forth the effort needed to right the ship.
  6. 11/15 Hawks vs Rangers

    I'm looking for a big effort from everyone tonight - right form the opening face-off. A win would be huge but even a loss with a great effort would be acceptable at this point. They need something to build on and it needs to start tonight. Full 60 (or 65 if needed)!!! Let's go Hawks!
  7. Where is the leadership ?

    As far as leading by example goes, I think Wingels is the only guy who brings it every shift. I always notice him when he's on the ice as he always seems to be moving and hunting the puck. There does seem to be a lack of a "follow me boys" attitude with this team this year. We all know how good 81 was and how much he contributed. Maybe he was the engine that powered the train.
  8. Are You Worried Yet?

    Can they fix the other Hawks?
  9. Joel Quenneville

    I'm with you on the burdens of everyday life, that can certainly influence a persons attitude and provide distraction. I simply feel that there is a funk surrounding this team right now that is affecting everyone (including us fans ). The stars are not playing up to snuff and no one from the supporting cast is stepping up to ignite the spark. One of those two things needs to happen. Hopefully conversations have been had with the core guys to inspire them to raise their game and similarly with the younger guys to let them know that opportunity is knocking at the door. As I've stated before, my frustration to this point is not with their record but their lethargic approach and roll over and die behavior.
  10. Joel Quenneville

    I agree that the core guys have a lot of mileage but I don't agree that they've become old just yet. We have seen flashes of their former selves at times so we know they still have the ability. But, there is something not quite right about this team and the way they approach the game. I personally would feel better if the excuse was that they have aged beyond repair because then I could say, "well they left it all on the ice tonight but they're just not that good anymore." Instead, I find myself saying things like, "where is the intensity?" "Why would he even try to make that pass?" "Why won't anyone go near the net?" "Why the heck don't they shoot the puck?" Those are not age-related issues and from where I stand, fixing those things would go a long way.
  11. Joel Quenneville

    Stan certainly has to carry his share of the blame. When you have two players consuming 1/3 of the salary cap, you can't afford mistakes like the Seabrook contract. Then again, when those 2 players making all that money aren't playing to their potential, that's not on Stan. I realize that they can't do it all by themselves and they need a strong supporting cast but the eye test shows that the supporting cast is not always the problem. Poor decisions with and without the puck, lack of intensity and inconsistent play are all contributing factors. The PP is proof of that ... you can't blame the bottom 6 for the abysmal effort of the star players on the PP (27th in the league at 14.3%). I'm not letting Stan off the hook but the big boys have to get their game back and lead the way.
  12. Joel Quenneville

    There are many here calling for Q's head so I thought I'd start a new thread to discuss. IMHO, Joel Quenneville is a good coach, a sure bet for the HHOF - his record speaks for itself and God knows he has delivered for the Hawks. That said, either something is drastically wrong with this team or Hawks fans simply can't come to terms with reality. I believe the problem is the former and while it would be nice to shake things up by swapping out a few players, the world of the salary cap and NMC's make that very hard to do. What else can be done? There is an old saying that coaches are hired to be fired. I took a quick look at NHL coaching tenures and I was shocked at what I learned: 31 teams in the league and only 1 team has a coach that has 10 years service (and we all know who that is). Two teams have coaches in their 5th season. Four in their 4th. Eight in their 3rd. Five in their 2nd year and 11 (yes 11) first year coaches in 2017. That's right, 24 teams (OK 23 if we take away Vegas) have new coaches within the last 3 years. For those weak in math, that's 74% of the league! By no means am I trying to start a lynch mob and I would personally like to see Q and his staff figure this out and get the Hawks back into the thick of things. I will however, ask this: How much longer can this continue without something changing? Whether it's right or wrong, it's much easier to fire a coach than 23 players. Have at it.
  13. 11/12 Hawks vs Devils

    Agreed. This has been a problem for this team for a few years now. As soon as they get a 2 or 3 goal lead they let up like the game is over.
  14. 11/12 Hawks vs Devils

    Count me as a huge Seabrook fan too but it is unbelievable how far his game has fallen (even from last year). It pains me to say this but he just might be the worst player in the NHL right now. He looks like the 45 year old guy who shows up to the Friday night beer league after not having played for 10 years. He can't keep up with what's happening around him. Painful to watch for sure.
  15. 11/11 Hawks vs Canes

    Have to hand to them tonight ... it didn't look good for most of the game but they raised their level a notch or two in the 3rd and got it done. Hopefully this can carry over to a game with a tough NJ Devils team tomorrow.