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  1. Are You Worried Yet?

    I am really not even concerned about the rookies, it's expected that they should be inconsistent to some degree as they learn to be in the NHL. But any time the veteran skaters decide they want to give a @#$% works for me. Every last one of them ought to be embarrassed at this point. I do believe the raw talent is there, but the drive to win isn't and you hear it in the excuses they feed the media after every loss. And FFS Toews elevate the god damn puck!
  2. 11/05 Hawks vs Habs

    I think they need to swap Schmaltz and AA. Kane and Saad need that body to either park at the need or retrieve pucks. Toews plays that kind of game, and AA can as well when he gets going but Schmaltz is more of a finesse game. Right now it feels like that line has too many chiefs and not enough indians willing to do the work and get the greasy ones. I also think that Schmaltz with Sharpie and Hayden could be a solid line as well.
  3. Are You Worried Yet?

    Well will you look at that? The coach trying to hold the players accountable...
  4. Are You Worried Yet?

    To you it wasn't, to me it was. Agree to disagree.
  5. Are You Worried Yet?

    Hellen Keller could see that the core aside from Crawford is failing to meet expectations. But if the core most certainly knows, you'd never tell it by watching them on the ice. The only thing the core seems to know right now is how to regurgitate the same cliches to the press after we lose. Allowing the lacksidaisical effort and beer league mistakes from the core has already cost us much more than just two points. It got us swept in the first round last year.
  6. Are You Worried Yet?

    You could just as easily argue that given the significance of the game, it's more of a reason to use that incident as an opportunity to set the expectations. Keith and Keith alone cost us the lead and let Nashville back into that all-important divisional rival game. Six of one, half dozen of the other. At some point the two points in the standings are going to be less important than the need to send the message. To me, that was a perfect time to do it but I am sure there will be no shortage of opportunities to do so this season. Whether Q actually does or not is another story.
  7. Are You Worried Yet?

    I don't think I'm as worried as Quenneville should be. There is no accountability on this team and that starts from behind the bench. I keep going back to that Keith turnover against Nashville that put us in the hole and if it was anyone other than Keith or another member of the core, they probably wouldn't have seen the ice for the rest of the period if not game. Now I know what you're thinking. Well it's Keith, he wears a letter and we have a better chance to win with him on the ice than without. And to me, that's exactly why he should have lost ice time for it. Same thing every time Seabrook decides to stop skating and consequently gets smoked. Send him a message to always keep his feet moving, and set the tone for everyone else.
  8. 10/18 Hawks vs Blues

    I hope everyone in that locker room is embarassed right now.
  9. Hossa done?

    I find it incredibly ironic that people are throwing the term "cheating" around in regards to Hossa's contract structure give that the league itself had to approve it. Let that sink in for a minute. It may not be within the structure set out by the CBA as it exists today, but at the time it clearly was otherwise the league would not have approved it to begin with. Also forgotten is that it has been noted Hossa's skin condition is progressive, meaning it has gotten worse over time. So what is very likely going on is that the corticosteroids or whatever else he needs to take to keep the condition at a tolerable level are at high enough doses to have negative long term effects. In that case, his best option would be to do exactly what he is doing and give his skin a chance to heal completely before putting on his gear again. Doing so could allow for smaller doses of medication and a return to the game.

    For all the talk from Bettman about wanting to grow the sport in Asia, now's his chance to pony up to that statement. Somehow I am not surprised that this sort of thing didn't get discussed and ironed out in the lockout/CBA - apparently the players and league were too busy trying to screw each other out of a larger portion of the HRR pie to realize that having the professionals play in international competition like the Olympics is a net positive for the sport the world over. I don't have a lot of love for the IOC, in fact I despise them. But I also don't exactly have much for the NHL board of governors either, so deciding between the two is kind of like deciding what you'd rather have your head cut off with and your only options are a plastic spork or a popsicle stick. I hope Ovi plays anyways, and I hope other players follow suit do the same. Unless it's specifically written into their contracts that they are not allowed to play in international competition during the NHL season, there is literally no reason for them not to.
  11. '17/18 hawks outlook

    I think we make the playoffs for sure. How far we get depends on which team shows up to play. I'm not as concerned about our defensive corps as much as I'm concerned about the commitment of the forward to play both ends of the ice. I think Crow has a great, underappreciated-by-many season, similar to the last two and hopefully without any injury.
  12. Eddie Olczyk

    Hoping he recovers EEEEEEEEEmediately
  13. The 'hawks and free agency

    It's not the team affiliation as much as it is that I've seen him in net literally dozens of times and feel like he's got the type of game that would be successful in the NHL. I could see working under Jimmy Waite having a positive effect on his game the same kind of way that working for Mitch Korn got Holtby to elevate his game (or Crawford under Stephane/Jimmy Waite for that matter).
  14. The 'hawks and free agency

    I wouldn't mind if Stan found a way to get Pickard away from Vegas.
  15. Around The League - Other Teams' News

    Seattle was in the Memorial Cup too as well, and their coach (Steve Konowalchuk) got hired by Anaheim.