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  1. Toews is such a bum, it's like he was invisible out there against the Ducks. /<SARCASM>
  2. I wonder what it would take to get Sharp back from Dallas as a rental at the TDL?
  3. I've always been a fan of Bolland, and it's really sad to have watched him deteriorate from the injuries he's sustained over his career. He wasn't ever quite the same after his back surgery. There were only flashes of the player he came into the league as after that, and they got fewer and further between the more injuries he got. I hope he does heal up and gets to suit up for a few more.
  4. Psst....
  5. The only way I am able to sign in is to go to and sign in there. Directly signing in at these forums fails. I use firefox and I don't have any stored browser data, I don't have any history retained or anything like that.
  6. Always liked Campbell. He's done a lot for this franchise - that last contract that he got here showed that Chicago ownership was serious about wanting to compete and was willing to pay well to do so. Really glad to have him back. He's good at helping groom younger defensemen as well, so that's icing on the cake for Goose, Pokka and Kempny.
  7. I don't think Toews underperformed at all this season. I think his linemate(s) did. The eight points he was down from the season before were assists, not goals. The fact that Hossa or the revolving door of 1LW couldn't finish is no surprise. Hossa's offensive game has been on the decline for some time now, and the best 1LW band-aid Q found during the regular season was Andrew Shaw.
  8. We've officially hit a new low with this topic. Players and fans alike grow playoff beards and collectively raise money for team charities. I have personally raised several hundred dollars doing so. As for superstition... Every year I have committed and registered to do so, we have gone on to win the Stanley Cup.
  9. This. I have never been a Rundblad fan. But he isn't going to determine the outcome of this series.
  10. This +1000. If you aren't willing to take hits, you aren't going to be making many plays. Last season Sharp and Vermette did battle for the pucks and win draws so TT didn't have to. Now we are seeing why that needed to be done.
  11. Q needs to get Hossa off that line already, he is killing it. Put Kane with Toews and Ladd and move Hossa to Anisimov's line with Panarin. Much harder to match up against.
  12. I seriously hope he gets pulled aside and told that if he doesn't sack up, he's going to the press box.
  13. As someone that I have routinely disagreed with in the past, the fact that you're seeing it the same way as I am is as good a sanity check here as there is. Nice to know that at least someone else that roots for the Hawks doesn't have the blinders on. Especially after reading your post having finally watched the DOPS video. It's being made out to sound like Coyle was trying to behead him when he pinched in along the boards and then swept the leg Johnny-style.
  14. Not asking for anyone to agree with me or convert anyone's way of thinking. These are my opinions and you're entitled to your own as well. Doesn't make you any more or less correct that anyone else who has an one. Now on to the blasphemy... When Keith pinches in to keep the play alive, Coyle gets him body-to-body with the stick down, contrary to popular opinion. This happens 10 seconds into the DOPS video. Coyle's stick goes up as he pivots away from the boards to follow the puck and pushes off Keith to create separation. This happens about 11-12 seconds in, and in slow motion around 20 seconds. Now I can't tell if he actually makes contact to the top/side of Keith's helmet or if the blade of the stick striking the glass prevents that from happening. This happens around 28 seconds. It's unclear to me if he actually does make contact here with the stick. But let's give the benefit of the doubt and assume he did. At best, that's a two minute minor. Coyle then puts his stick down to make a play on the puck and it gets tangled in his Scandella's skates, and to me Keith falls over this on his own. Coyle gets an arm out to give Keith a shove but after he's already on his way to the ice. Keith is on one skate before any significant force is made by Coyle on Keith's upper body. This is around 40 seconds in. If you do believe that this was a malicious trip, then so be it. Two minute minor for tripping. I believe that under the microscope, if you want to see infractions then you will always find some. I don't believe anything Coyle did on that play warrants supplemental discipline, and saying he should have got four minutes, to me, is even a bit of a stretch. I think those same types of plays go uncalled routinely because this is a fast paced, contact sport and not something like the NFL. I believe that if Keith doesn't go stupid here at Coyle, nobody remembers this play thirty seconds later.
  15. Have fun with your strawman. In the meantime, how many other accounts do you have on here? Creatch I'm not trying to change your mind, I wouldn't dare. But you used to be better than posts like this. MERP I'm actually surprised you'd agree with anything I'd say. Truthfully, if the DOPS had any clue what it was doing, there would be mandatory minimums for players attacking with the stick like Keith did, and a playoff game would always count for "one game". But no amount of wrongs here is going to make a right. Despite bleeding the Hawks just like everyone else here, I just don't have the same homer glasses they must have issued this season that would show me why Coyle deserved some sort of discipline. If that's the angle that's being worked these days, I'll just go back to not posting here anymore. Cheers.