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  1. DING DING DING DING! Someone give me a cigar!
  2. Or Panik.
  3. Can they both lose?
  4. Hats off to Nashville for taking out the trash. Now if only the Sens can claw back and do the same.
  5. Nothing like thugging the way to the cup. I like Anaheim much, much less than I like the Predators. But in all honesty I'm hoping that the Senators take out the garbage and win the cup at this point.
  6. Congrats to the Seattle Thunderbirds for winning the Western Hockey League Championship! On to the Memorial Cup!

  7. I don't think we trade both Anisimov and Kruger - we would have jack and squat down the middle in that case. One or the other but not both. This will get me roasted I'm sure, but if we move a center with Panarin I'd rather it be Anisimov than Kruger. Kane can play with anyone and put up points. That defensive workload that Kruger handles, unless we go and get a replacement for that function then it falls to Toews because he is the only center in the system that can handle a shutdown role. That's not where we want to go at all if we want Toews to produce.
  8. I think Panarin goes. His post season this year was a mess. You could make the argument that because Anisimov was less than healthy, that affected Panarin's ability and probably be correct about it, but I think that he really ought to be able to drive offense on his own based on his cap hit.
  9. I think Campbell has the wheels, he certainly did his last year in Florida with tougher matchups and more ice time. I think he was put in a system that crippled his strengths, and after that we got what we got. It's not just about the tools but putting them to the best use. Being agnostic to Q and his staff, I don't feel like the players were put in the positions and systems needed to have the kind of success we did in the past. The changes to the defense I think really handicapped us all year. I get that they could have been made to help mask or minimize the potential amount of mistakes the younger or less experienced D could make but I really feel like it had the opposite effect. No stats or anything to back it up, just my impression that we sure had a lot of odd man rushes against than usual.
  10. It doesn't matter that DK and Campbell both have wheels if the system in place is too conservative for a defenseman to lead the rush. Didn't used to be that way, but that's how it was more often than not this last season. I think the system/coaching staff wanted more conservative play in getting the puck up the ice with breakout passes instead of having a defenseman haul the mail. I don't agree with it, but I saw a lot of it. Speaking of things we didn't do that used to make us good, does anyone else remember when we owned the league with our ability to stretch pass? What ever happened to that? That's another thing Campbell was great at and we didn't see much of at all this last year. Campbell wasn't nearly as effective this time around but I really don't think that's him as much as the changes to the system that we put him in.
  11. You keep Dineen because he would be at least capable on an interim level should Q fail to deliver partway through next season. Doesn't mean he's here forever, but he'd be a lot better as an interim coach than Kitchen.
  12. I never said that firing Kitchen was the fix. I said that this team has changes that need to be made to compete at a high level and that firing Kitchen is the first of many of those changes, i.e. "the tip of the iceberg". The players didn't bring a complete level into the post season and the coaches didn't bring anything remotely resembling a strategy or a game plan. You will not get any argument out of me that the players didn't bring it. But I don't believe the coaching staff got them prepared for it either, nor did they put all the players we have in the best positions to succeed. I don't think Kitchen was just a scapegoat. I am sure that move let's Q know he has a short leash this season, but most media reports indicate that Kitchen was largely responsible for the PK and defense. If that is truly the case then he absolutely needed to be let go. The PK was about as effective as a wet napkin the last two seasons being ranked 22nd and 24th respectively. That's absolutely unacceptable, especially with the talent on this roster. And personally I think the defense has also be similarly mediocre the last two seasons as well. Or maybe a better way of putting it is that we should be able to do better with the personnel we have if they were put in systems that better allowed them to succeed, and I think Q and his staff have failed to adapt to the changes of the roster.
  13. And getting things back on track... This isn't the beginning of the end. It is the beginning of changes that need to be made to compete at such a high level. Pittsburgh is the blueprint, and firing Kitchen is the tip of the iceberg.
  14. Key Arena is such a dump, I hated going to games there. It's was so bad that before they built the arena in Kent, we'd just drive up to Everett and catch the Silvertips instead.