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  1. Congrats to former Seattle T-Bird Calvin Pickard on his first NHL win last night backstopping Colorado.

    1. GigECJ


      Wow! Good for him. Who else from that team has made the NHL?

    2. GigECJ


      I see there's a pretty nice list headed by Patrick Marleau and Brooks Laich.

    3. LordKOTL


      ...and who can forget Deron Quint.

  2. RIP Jeff Hanneman

  3. It's impossible to have an actual "hockey" discussion without having it jump the shark and turn into crap slinging around here...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Icaddiedforstosh


      The GDT for the Hucks game took it to a whole new level

    3. Icaddiedforstosh
    4. Tomc8481


      Difficult to imagine that people are extrapolating the frustration of last night's game across the entire rest of the regular season. Last night sucked, it's over with, look towards the next one!