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  1. Is anybody here going to the Rockford IceHogs game on November 3rd. I will be wanting both and Obama and Romney bobble-heads and would be willing to trade some of my current Blackhawks bobble-heads which I have a least 1 extra of every bobble-head. Just reply or PM me for which one you are looking for.
  2. Where's our Powerplay?

    1. DarthKane


      Somewhere back in 2010.

    2. buf52


      I´ve seen it it in Colorado yesterday!

  3. I have all the bobble heads from the past years except Seabrook For Trade Toews past 2 years Kane I only have 1 mouthguard 1 so can't rade that Hossa Hull Mikita Need Seabrook Thibault (Was actually at that game but ariived a litttle late)
  4. I have all bobble heads from this year with duplicates except Seabrook. Have Toews Mikita Esposito Hull Need 2010-2011 Seabrook