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  1. Does the Blackhawks store website still list the price of game worn jerseys? I can't seem to find it, looking for the price of a Hjalmarsson in particular.

  2. Anyone know any places in Chicagoland that do a good job on jersey framing?

    1. CousCous33


      I've heard Triple Threat Sports is really good.

    2. Captain_Serious


      Thanks! I actually get my patches sewn on there & never knew they did framing. Have to check them out.

    3. CousCous33


      Ehh I didn't see the framing part, which I'm pretty sure they don't actually do. I'm going to look into it, I have a few jerseys that are long overdue for a good frame.

  3. Great to be on here again.

  4. I just love your avatar with the fat man!It is hilarious.