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  1. Stan As Gm

    <p> <br /><br /> Well stated T. I have to hand it to Stan as well. It was a culmination of several things this year and Stan as stated before definitely deserves credit. Certainly Q had a large hand in this as well as the players. The things we didn't care for was Stan's inaction at times and some of his moves are certainly head scratchers (Monty, Turco, Morrison)...but at the same have to clear everything with McCub has to make the gig that much more insane. But moves for guys like Frolik, Zeus and Roszival were all key. Yes some of this team is still Tallon's and those before, but Stan certainly has his fingerprints on this current edition. Two Cups in my lifetime and possibly more on the way dare I say...still can't believe it. The draft is 48 hours away can't wait to see what Stan and co. do for an encore...
  2. Stan As Gm

    That's right but if you listen Rob you can hear Dale laughing all the way from Florida. After being giftwrapped a cup team by Tallon the Bowmans have done nothing in three years. Stan brought back the same team from last season this year the one that lost to the Yotes. His big additions were two #6 dmen. And his big TDL move Brendan Morrison part 2. The hawks have needed a #2 center longer than the Bears have needed a left tackle (and they still do). The physical depth on this team is pathetic. You've given away Buff/Ladd/Brouwer/Versteeg. Guys that will go into the corners and my lord to the front of the net. Guys that will take the body and drop the gloves. Stan's answer Dan Carcillo. You have a couple of token guys in Carcillo and Bollig that play maybe 7-8 minutes a night. Yet Bowman will say we have plenty of sandpaper grit guys...BS. Bowman overpaid for Hammer while letting a cup winning goalie walk - that goalie is a Vezina finalist this year. He also dumped a Lady Byng winner for a 4mil Russian bust. Then there's the litany of overpaid #5 dmen he's signed with NMCs. I wish we had a real GM - (see Ray Shero). The Pens had a good team this year and went out and made 4 moves. The Hawks PR machine ramped up because fans thought we should make a move for a guy like Jagr or Iggy...'where would they play' was the message they sent out because we had Saad. And because Bowman can't make a trade to save his life. But its ok Stan because your Daddy has McCub's ear. I can't wait for Stan's season ending presser. 'We had a great regular season and won the President's Cup.'
  3. Stan As Gm

    You missed the point - would Iggy have helped this team sure...veteran leadership net presence...personally I didn't want him. But I'd like Stan to make some moves to help his team come playoffs. The team did great to start the season, but we still see the cracks - physicality, faceoffs...will he address those needs? Who knows? He hasn't in two TDLs and two offseasons in a row. Oduya was an overpay last year and we saw how he did in the playoffs. The point is the Hawks dysfunction front office can't get a deal done. The Kings and the Ducks are both big physical teams with center depth. The Ducks in particular have not allowed the Hawks to play their style. Where's the counter move? I hope its coming.
  4. Stan As Gm

    Stan has 4 more days to actually make a move, but as we've seen the local media and the one goalers have pronounced everything will be fine when Hossa and Sharp return from injury even though the Ducks again exposed the Hawks last night. As far as the Iginla trade did anyone really think Stan and Co. could pull that off? Sure we didn't need him we have enough offense, but as usual the Hawks brass couldn't get it done. Personally I'd rather see a depth center and a big physical dman - you know the one Stan should have signed last summer instead of the pizza man Oduya. Oduya is rounding into postseason form with another big turnover last night to lead to the first goal. We've seen this before he gets hit gives up the puck and then disappears. This was another bad move by Stanley signing a #5 to three year deal with a no trade clause. Teams have been coming at him with a lot more frequency since the Columbus game a couple of weeks back and it will continue. And where oh where is the number 2 center - which we've needed for several seasons now. Stan's answer Kane at center. Then Brendan Morrison...Krueger in there out of there - the parade has been endless...Now its been Bolland who's not the answer either. Bolland's really an elite #3, and you have to wonder how bad his back is right now? But the point is Bowman doesn't get it. Ray Shero does. Here's a GM that's made 3 moves to improve his club in less than a week (even as his team has won 13 straight) and didn't give up any of his top prospects. Yes Feaster is an idiot, but Shero got it done. I've said it before nothing would make us Stan detractors happier than him making a couple of moves to improve his club to give it a better shot, but I don't see it happening. Could Stan go out and get a guy like Jagr to improve the lame PP for the last couple weeks of the season? Or a guy like Clowe from the Sharks? Or say a Matt Hendricks or a Mark Streit? We'll know by Wednesday.
  5. Stan As Gm

    \\ Buff here's the thing Stan hasn't done his homework in the last 3 offseasons...as far as Oduya he looked like he did in the playoffs last year the other night against the Kings - gets hit and turns it over. He's a #5 not a #3 and he's got a NMC. IF Stan had done more than get Brookbank and Rosy - say a number 2 center as well as a depth center and another physical dman fine but he hasn't. All we hear is Stan saying he doesn't need to make a move that he's fine with what he has. The next thing we'll hear is that getting back Hossa and Sharp are like trading for two top players from another team...the Hawks still don't have enough physical depth as well as enough centermen to get past the Ducks/Kings/etc. Meanwhile Shero has made three moves in the last week to improve his team's chances at One Goal which would be a cup. How many seasons are they going to waste with Toews Kane, Sharp, Hossa etc.? You have a window to win...and that window is now.
  6. Stan As Gm

    Buf I'm not talking major moves, but some moves to improve the roster to give them a chance at the hardware. The Ducks already have Steckel and now Morrow is going to the Pens. The Pens who just won their 12th game in a row. What if you can get Iginla do you make that move or do you let him go to say the Kings or the Bruins? I don't think they get Iggy, but the point is Stan needs to start playing for this season not next year or the year after and if its going to take a couple of his prized prospects to get the team where it needs to go he needs to make a couple of deals to put his club in position to win it. As Yooper points out the Pens are playing for the Cup this year what about the Hawks?
  7. Stan As Gm

    Once again another TDL is coming and once again we'll see if Stanley can actually make a couple of moves to help his team get to the hardware...as already mentioned the Hawks still lack faceoff production outside of Toews and there still has to be concern over the lack of physicality to get by the Ducks and Bruins. The defensive concerns are also there - we saw how Oduya got hit early and often in the Jackets game a couple of weeks back...I'd like to see Leddy (still Stan's best move by far) get more time in the 2nd pairing down the stretch. So Stan's got two weeks roughly to improve this team for the run. Will he actually make a couple of moves or will we get the 'no one wanted to trade with me' line at the deadline. We've seen Stan in this position before and we've seen the outcome, let's hope its a different one this year and he goes for it.
  8. Stan As Gm

    Brouwer already has 7 goals this season...I'd love to see him back here, but Q didn't want him it seeemed. As Big T mentions I'd easily take him over Frolik. So here we are 1/4 of the way into the season: And we still have the same questions - will the Hawks add more of a physical presence to their team and who do they trade. Faceoffs and PP as well as goaltending remain questions as well. Do you add a bona fide #2 center - and thus O Reilly from the lanche...who would go in that trade? Bolland and who else? I'm a big fan of Bolland, but you have to give to get. After Toews the faceoff % for this team drops off. Mayers being one of the better ones at the dot, but how much does Jammer have left in the tank? You still need more of a physical presence...Bickell has been showing up quite a bit lately, but more is needed especially when you get to the playoffs. Is Bickell going to be the guy in front of the net on the PP? Goaltending is still a concern and I will give Craw his due - he's played great out of the gate - but now w/ Crawford's concussion (oh sorry upper body injury)...How long is he going to be out - look at what happened to Hiller...You don't know...Can Razor and his hip carry the load the rest of the way? The biggest question that remains is can Stanley make a move or god forbid a couple of moves to improve his club to give them a shot at the hardware. Bowman has had cap room before, and we've seen how that's gone. We've also seen how he's been fleeced by former Hawk mgt. figures now working for other teams. Nothing would make us Stan detractors more happy than to see him make a couple of real go for it moves and put his stamp on the team. But will he actually part with some of his precious prospects to put the Hawks in a position to win the thing. The 'core' isn't getting any younger.
  9. Stan As Gm

    So the Hawks have come out of the gate very nicely...but its pond hockey right now...run and gun which plays to the Hawks style. We saw what happened when the Jackets went physical on them...they had real problems you know the same ones they've had for a couple of seasons. They still need a body for the front of the net - the elusive power forward - could that be someone from the Rock or a deal? Goaltending - Craw has been a pleasant surprise and very solid, but Emery looked ragged for sure in that game last week against the Yotes. We'll see how Shaw and co. hold up against other teams top players as opposed to have Bolland back there. The younger kids look good - Leddy has been great and I've always stated this has been by far Stan's best move as GM. And you have to love the play of Frolik and Kruger. Has Fro found his niche as a defensive specialist - certainly looks like it. Offensively the big guns are scoring right now - what about secondary scoring when your top guys are taken away by the other team's play? I really loved that both goals in the game against the Wangs last night were scored by the "D". But here's the thing a fast start doesn't excuse the lousy moves Bowman has made as well as sitting on cap space when he could have improved his club the last two off seasons. With so many teams that will still be in it this year at the deadline its going to make making a deal even harder. And can he make a deal? Meantime the big road trip awaits and should be a real test w/ the Wild, Van, the 6-0 Sharks, and Nashville all on the docket. Not to mention Calgary always gives us a physical game in the saddle dome. Let's see where we are after the trip..And I believe Mr. Torres' suspension be over when we stop back in in Phoenix...
  10. Stan As Gm

    The latest from JJ on the Buzz...Grading Stanley. http://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog/John-Jaeckel/Grading-Stanley/128/48579
  11. Stan As Gm

    The latest from Tracy Myers... Signing and announcing free agents began at 11 p.m. Central Sunday night, two hours after the lockout officially ended. But on Monday general manger Stan Bowman didn’t sound like he would be in a dealing mood, at least not right now. “It’s possible but it’s unlikely,” said Bowman at a post-practice press conference at the United Center. “At this point we feel really strong with the depth we do have. We have to see how it plays out. I certainly like the guys who have been playing in Rockford; they’re in midseason form. We’ve got quite a few guys who are ready to play and the other guys have been training as well. Personnel-wise we have the pieces we like.” http://www.csnchicago.com/hockey-chicago-blackhawks/blackhawks-talk/Blackhawks-unlikely-to-change-roster?blockID=823061&feedID=10334
  12. Stan As Gm

    Tick Tock Stan...
  13. Stan As Gm

    Lockout over - hey wake up Stan you're back on the clock...
  14. Stan As Gm

    So what was he supposed to do not spend? It certainly didn't stop him from fleecing Stan on the Soupy deal...here's a 4mil stiff for a Lady Byng winner. Bowman is a dreadful evaluator of talent. When is the last time he made a trade that improved the club since Leddy? Tallon had money to spend when he got to Fla sure...but he's spent it wisely he also cleaned out a of players and brought guys in he wanted and has instilled his values and systems. And wouldn't you know they won their first division title ever - yes they lost in the first round to the cup runner up Devils, but they're headed in the right direction. Meanwhile Stan still thinks Kane is his number 2 center...not to mention what he's done to the defense...yikes. The lockout may do a lot of things, but it won't convince me in the slightest that Stan has a clue when it comes to an NHL roster. By the way what was your favorite moment of the Marty Turco era? Again I just don't get all the Dale hate - the guy played here, he was a long time partner of Pat, and he won the darn thing...yet folks can't wait to pile on him. If the Panthers win the thing before the Hawks win it again - well - it should be very interesting indeed.
  15. Stan As Gm

    I love what Drew Carey (who's a part owner of the Seattle Sounders Soccer team) is doing. They're allowing the fans to have a say in the GM w/ a retention vote...if only we could do that here. How bout we include team president as well...then we could rid ourselves of both mcCub and lipsy in one fell swoop...no hockey, but Hawks fans would be dancing in the streets. http://www.oregonlive.com/mls/index.ssf/2012/09/seattle_sounders_supporters_to.html