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  1. Those white towels the crowd waves in Vancouver..surrender? :D

    1. romanhawk


      I think I have a great suggestion for the Canuck fans what to do with those towels once this series is over...They can all wipe a certain piece of their anatomy with it...

    2. LadyHawk771


      The white towels are to beat out the flames near the stadium, after they lose & the fans go

  2. Here's to BIG JOHN SCOTT! Go get em! :D

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    2. guy_in_courtenay


      GOOFBALL...and a goofball move.

    3. Wat3rM4loN


      turned out to be a pretty bad idea and a waste of a roster spot :(

    4. romanhawk


      If only the nucks could drop their gloves against him.... Torres Beiksa and glass in that order preferred... 1 2 3 They will only take on Swedes when they are not looking...