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  1. blackhawks1978

    RIP Stan Mikita

    RIP Mr. Mikita. A true Hawks legend on and off the ice. Thanks for the wonderful memories you will be missed.
  2. blackhawks1978

    RIP Ray Emery

    Rest In Peace Mr. Emery. What a great ride in 2013 that ended hoisting the Cup.
  3. blackhawks1978

    Blackhawks Seat Relocation

    Nice! Glad you finally got the call for season tix.
  4. blackhawks1978

    Blackhawks Seat Relocation

    I’m in section 324, row 3. Where are you?
  5. blackhawks1978

    Blackhawks Seat Relocation

    I’ve been a season ticket holder since the 2009-2010 season in section 324 and recently upgraded to move three rows closer and a bit more towards the aisle. Just curious if anyone has received “the call” after being on the waiting list to get 300 level season tickets. Any new season ticket holders out there? I’ve always wondered where the actual wait list number stands. Either way... Let’s Go Hawks!
  6. blackhawks1978

    4/07 Hawks vs Jets (Season Finale)

    Wow he went from the Charlotte Checkers to the Hawks?? After this season he might want to go back to Charlotte!
  7. blackhawks1978

    4/07 Hawks vs Jets (Season Finale)

    New rules for next season: No helmets Wood sticks only Players go back to wearing actual “sweaters”
  8. blackhawks1978

    4/07 Hawks vs Jets (Season Finale)

    Equipment manager: ”The hell with it... just play without pads!!!”
  9. blackhawks1978

    4/07 Hawks vs Jets (Season Finale)

    Is Ulf Samuelsson a good coach? He was one of the dirtiest players I can remember in almost any sport. Hard to believe current players would respect that. Not that he is the reason the Hawks stink this year but a very odd choice in my view to be on the bench.
  10. blackhawks1978

    4/07 Hawks vs Jets (Season Finale)

    What a forgettable Hawks season. I’m rooting for the Avs to ruin the fun for the Blues.
  11. blackhawks1978

    4/06 Hawks vs Blues (Home Finale)

    Hats off to 21! It’s your night Mr. Mikita.
  12. blackhawks1978

    4/06 Hawks vs Blues (Home Finale)

    Let’s Go Hawks! Always love to see our boys beat the Blues!
  13. blackhawks1978

    Blackhawks Seat Relocation

    Relocated my pair of season tix today. Went from section 324 row 6 down to row 3. Pretty happy about that, same price, a little closer.
  14. blackhawks1978

    2/15 Hawks vs Ducks

    Gosh, when was the last 8 game losing streak by the Hawks?
  15. blackhawks1978

    2/15 Hawks vs Ducks

    Ha ha! I hear ya!