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  1. 2/15 Hawks vs Ducks

    Gosh, when was the last 8 game losing streak by the Hawks?
  2. 2/15 Hawks vs Ducks

    Ha ha! I hear ya!
  3. 2/15 Hawks vs Ducks

    Nice pass 48!!!!
  4. 2/15 Hawks vs Ducks

    Hit em with your Cup Kesler... Oh whoops!
  5. 2/15 Hawks vs Ducks

    You got it! Love this kid.
  6. 2/15 Hawks vs Ducks

    Atta boy DK!!!!
  7. 2/15 Hawks vs Ducks

    Still 3rd worst PP% in league
  8. 2/15 Hawks vs Ducks

    Come on 88!!!!
  9. 2/15 Hawks vs Ducks

    Hawks PP... Insert eye roll
  10. 2/12 Hawks vs Yotes

    I realize Cups were won even with the Hawks being outhit every game... this has always bothered me regardless. If there is a rebuild coming I want to see a Hawks team put together that makes hits rather than just taking hits.
  11. 2/12 Hawks vs Yotes

    I honestly thought we had one more Cup left to hoist in this dynasty. Never would have thought the fall from grace would be so sudden and so awful.
  12. 2/12 Hawks vs Yotes

    That’s a helluva good comparison there
  13. 2/12 Hawks vs Yotes

    Lots of pucks present in the Hawks net.
  14. 2/10 Hawks vs Wild

    I used to buy the “Hossa Jr.” commentary about Saad. My apologies to 81 for this.
  15. 2/10 Hawks vs Wild

    To use a Foley-ism, the whole season has been a “blowout”