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  1. Creature1958

    Brandon Saad

    Pssssst. Mushrooms grow wild. Nuf said👹
  2. Creature1958

    Okay Our Defence?

    Too many forwards blowing their assignments in their own zone. Not sure if they were trying to protect CC a bit more in his first game back but there were way too many Hawks players around CC and leaving the player they should be covering. And yeah what the hell was Kunitz thinking? That lost the game and momentum.
  3. Creature1958

    Brandon Saad

    My uncle was a close friend of Johnny from the Spinners so I got to see them in concert quite a bit and meet them. Also got to see many Motown groups in concert. The Four Tops,Temptations,Chi-Lites,EWF, Smokey Robinson,Gladys Knight. Good times my friend and good memories. Now let's sit Saad.
  4. Creature1958

    Brandon Saad

    Agree 100% but Saad is not putting his skills to work. So I look at it as what is there to lose? AA more than deserves another shot at 2LC IMHO because just distracting the GT will get Kaner more goals.
  5. Creature1958

    Brandon Saad

    I'll raise my hand as far as it will go. Johnson may not have the skills as Saad but he works and has interest in the game. And by secondary scoring do you mean a puck just happening to go in the net after bouncing off Saad as he's skating wanderlessly around? He had 1 assist in 4 games playing with Kane yet now being on the 4th line he will be a shining star? Excuse me while I go dance to this Spinners music stuck in my head now. 👹
  6. Creature1958

    Alex Fortin

    I'm all for getting a legit 2LC because the time is ticking way too fast for Schmaltz. Would it be better to drop him to 3LC to develope more? It seems that way to me. Would AA be the answer at 2LC for now? Dunno. His FO% is better but is that because he is now going against weaker centers on the 3rd lines? I do know that he gets in front of the net and that will help Kaner score more goals or somebody will be there to get the rebound. That to me is more important than a pretty pass from Schmaltz for a one timer that a goalie has a clear view of seeing. And Schmaltz seems the odd man out as far as the kids because the rest seem to step right in and either make an impact or improve their game while Schmaltz has stayed the same.
  7. Creature1958

    Brandon Saad

    Again why oh why is the word possibly in there? Saad's play has justified the removal of the word possibly. It should read Saad a healthy scratch for Thursdays game.👹
  8. Creature1958

    10/13 Hawks vs Blues

    Have to see how Murphy and Forsling do when they return. Yeah these D kids are gonna open some eyes but they are still a bit away so a short term D man may be needed if nothing improved when these 2 get back. A #2 center is always needed because it's easier to drop them down than to bring them up.
  9. Creature1958

    Brandon Saad

    Why oh why did you have to put possibly in that sentence? 😠
  10. Creature1958

    Alex Fortin

    08-09 was a bunch of skinny unproven kids.
  11. Creature1958

    Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    I just don't understand why Q waited so long on this. Saad showed Nothing in practices nor pre season. Kane suffered for that. I'm not sold on Schmaltz either but will wait to see if Fortin can help out before I rant about putting AA back up there. If Fortin will get in front of the net which is what Kane needs most red lights will be plentiful.
  12. Creature1958

    Cam Ward

    You seem to have more time on your hands than Galaxy Trash to count all them stars. Or did he count them and just gavee you that answer?👹
  13. Creature1958

    No D-Cat Thread?!?

    We only have threads for complaints not praise. Wait where is the Saad thread?👹
  14. Creature1958

    Alex Fortin

    I saw something this year in the practices that was so much different than in the past and I still say it's about Rockford. I said last year watch out for these kids they were very good but still finding their way. Seeing the practices this year they found their way and though still young are getting better each game. Remember last year after prospects camp I told you D-cat looked bad and out of place? You said that was due to playing so much hockey before arriving. Those little things I take to heart when watching these kids and helps to know before saying he sucks. Now with your top 9 you have 4 new kids in there and if there is no breadman then it will be 5. As far as Johnson I mentioned I felt bad for him because his skills are just not as good as others but he never takes a minute off. I believe that is why Q rewarded him to start. I said it before and will say it again watch out for these kids and if you add RNH and the breadman? Let's make it 4.
  15. Creature1958

    10/13 Hawks vs Blues

    He holds a clock in the other.😜