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  1. Now you had to go and ruin his argument by bringing up a goalie who had horrible numbers and still won 5 SC

  2. you may get 2 pm's was not sure if 1st one went thru

  3. Sir Denis....

    Here's hoping your n. y. resolution is to STOP pointing out every damn typo I make in chat!

    Seriously, keep the kids in their seats and have a great year ....I'll call you soon, time to get together and watch a game.


  4. Ok i found the pic you got yourself a cute one there is she well behaved to

  5. Hey Creatch where did you say that pic of your German Shepard is didn't see it in your Gallery

  6. Creatch, I was coming to write some type of sarcastic comment, but as I scrolled down I learned something.

    Your birthday is 2 days after mine! lol