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  1. Ok I'm here to apologize for last night. Not sure what I posted because I just don't remember. Over did the yard work so the neck and shoulders were pretty messed up. Usually some Advil and beers work but not even a few shots of whiskey helped so the wife insisted I take one of my muscle relaxers which I haven't taken in 2 years and never took them with alcohol. The wife felt bad she made me take it but she was quite amused also. Words would confuse me like shrimp which I pulled out of the freezer thawed them wrapped them in bacon and pepper jack cheese and threw them in the oven. Don't remember that nor watching the games outside till it rained then watched inside don't even remember who played. Talked with Big T a bit ago because I apparently texted and called him last night and we'll apologized if I was an ass. He just laughed and said none of your posts made a lick of sense. So to all I'm sorry if anything came out wrong. Do not mix advil,beer,whiskey and flexerall you won't remember a damn thing. ๐Ÿ˜
  2. Creature1958

    2018/19 playoff predictions

    I'm starting to think the refs will determine the outcome of the game. Every series I've just scratched my head and try to say why wasn't that called and you can't be serious you called that when you let it go so many times. I've got no horse in the race so it's fresh eyes. Ones that need forks in them at this point.
  3. ๐Ÿ˜‚ No seriously a tree felled and was damin the creek on the 40 acres. What was normally 2 ft of flowing water was now 4 ft so had to drive the 215 miles and cut it down with the chainsaw and haul it out. I got the leeches and ticks off but never knew about chiggers until I had so many bumps and rashes I went to the doctors. To call a company in Chicago and tell them I couldn't come to work because I got chiggers? And yeah Gaps was a 19 year old with no knowledge thought I was just pulling their leg. If you ever see him just ask if he has salve for chiggers.
  4. Creature1958

    2018/19 IceHogs

    Pepperidge farms is gonna jump all over this!! Now In aisle 10 Versteeg apple turnovers a free biscuit in the basket with every purchase.
  5. Creature1958

    Around The League - Other Teams' News

    When we were in the bar and I asked him " what did one toilet say to the other "?. He was pondering. I knew he didn't have the answer so being the awesome person I am I said. "Hey John you ok? You look a little flushed.๐Ÿ˜
  6. Sorry forgot to add this. I'm friggin old if I hit I'll throw something out of whack duh have you read battery sawzall on my posts? But they need to be dead first ok? I'll be drunk and try to swing at a moving living thing and lop my own leg off maybe even an arm I'm swinging the sawzall with. Yeah laugh it's funny until an unmanned sawzall is lying at your feet buzzing away to cut off yer damn ankles and make you the proper height to be the next draft choice of Stan friggin Bowman. Bet all you damn Canadians wish to God you smoked more cigarettes and walked less in cow patties to stunt your growth. Y'all would be playing for the Blackhawks today !!!!!!๐Ÿธ
  7. Sweeter words could not have been better spoken from one of my icons. Never happen!!! Back in 72 I had my uncle drive me to Gunzo's to have my white Hawks sweater with 35 and Espisito sewn on picked up. 1972 and it cost $105.00 that was a lot of papers delivered and after a heartbreaking SC loss. Cheli can rot in hell. No apologies at this point matter. A leopard never changes its spots. He's a rude person much like me but I'll have anybody's back if needed whenever wherever.
  8. I will make an ass of a lot of people from what they say. You are a friend but I can and will get you to throw drinks at me and wanting to take me out to the back alley for simple things that are discussed on this board. You know how people cry about Stan drafting or signing small players? Explain what small is to league average? Is 5'10" 180 lbs small? 5'11 180lbs small? Are they 18 years old or been in a league and are still that at 22? Everybody knows I'm not a stats person but hey! The average player in the NHL forwards or defensemen is 6' 0" 200 lbs.now just to get you going I'll get a person who is 5'11" and 195 lbs in the bar and have them stand next to a person 6'0" and 190lbs. Are you gonna tell me that the person who is one inch shorter and five pounds heavier is going to make you jump up and say that shrimp is the one Stan is gonna pick? Told you I'm an ass and don't apologize for it. I can and will say if you are talking 5'6 vs 6'2 there is no discussion. 1 or 2 inches and 5 to ten pounds? Yeah I live for this!!!! It's the battle of the shrimps!!! Is it a Jumbo? 16-20 per pound? Large? 20-25 per pound? Average? 25-30 per pound? What the hell is popcorn shrimp? Does it pop in the microwave like Orville researchers? Hey it's shrimp ok right up Stans alley but read above shrimps came in all sizes. Whatever that means. What the hell is a Jumbo shrimp? How about a 2 bite shrimp or one bite shrimp? Easy enough without sounding stupid. You'll get why people have a love hate relationship with me. ๐Ÿ˜
  9. Save your money and save your breath. I don't give a rat's add anymore. Yeah I've known Gspski for over 40 years. Worked with him for almost 2 years at A&D tile at 59th and Washtenaw while coming back from Effingham and ask him about chiggers. The crap I went through and still to this day I let them laugh because getting these while clearing felled trees from the creek and having to drive 220 miles south from Chicago was such a joke. How many of you can say you have removed leeches, ticks from your body? Chiggers you don't remove it takes slave and other medications to remedy it. I've drank with Crossman,Gardner,Feamster,Higgings,Ludzick,Marsh,Murray,Ruskowski,Fraser just to name a few long before I came across Gaps again.in 1986 when he became the medical trainer. I've dealt with the Chelios and Edzo families way before I met him. They know me as Fergie nothing else not Craze or Creature which is from my M/C . I don't care what people think of me because you will get he's a loud mouth drunk. But ask them if he will give you the shirt off his back,drop everything to give you a hand at a moment's notice and the answer will always be yes. Even after they went through their true friends who are always too busy. I'm a person few like because I don't hold crap back as far as words. Boo hoo. But people know I would give my life whether I like them or they like me to do what's right. And right and wrong is known it's written in black and white no grey area. It's why I always carry bail money. I'm an ass as a person and I won't dispute it but you will always want this ass to have your back friend or stranger. I always do what's right.
  10. Creature1958

    2019 NHL Draft: Blackhawks edition

    Give them a summer at the Creatures lair and you'll be saying they need to join weight watchers. ๐Ÿ˜
  11. Oh there was a time in my youth where I repaired vending machines. A lot of cigarette machines that were everywhere in the city and suburbs. I lived on the south side and played rat hockey in the same rinks as Cheli and Edzo. But I knew their parents more. Chelios parents restaurant and Edzo's family grocery store. You could see the work ethic they got from their parents but the egos of these 2 is nowhere near being as humble as the parents. Cheli has not changed he's a very rude person in life when the spotlight is not on him. He is the epitome of Dr.Jeckell/Mr.Hyde. His coming back to Chicago is more about him and less about the Hawks.
  12. Why would he think he wouldn't get a shot? He didn't betray Detroit like he did Chicago and now he believes all is forgotten? Stan may be on thin ice but Cheli to me already fell through it and hope to hell he was wearing concrete boots. This is Easter weekend where we celebrate a person rising from the dead and bringing hope to this world. Cheli is not even close to being that person and this discussion of him rising from the dead to most fans should be put to an end unless we are talking Judas.
  13. Well apparently Detroit wanted nothing to do with Cheli either in a front office role or coaching. So he tucked his tail between his legs came back to Chicago and said please show me some love.
  14. Creature1958

    Would the Hawks been able to bring it ?

    If you read the article they were talking about players like Hossa and Sharp and using their prospects and picks to get older vets to help. Reading the article would be most helpful. I'm just the messenger and thought it was a really good article. Spoiler it doesn't bash Stan as most would like. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  15. Creature1958

    Would the Hawks been able to bring it ?

    Dotard. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Damn it's been awhile since I heard that !!!! Thanks Bob !!!!๐Ÿ˜‚