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  1. 11/15 Hawks vs Rangers

    Well looking at this schedule coming up and maybe it's the Jack that has me scratching my head because I didn't see or really look at it but this sucks and we will find out how good Seabs holds up. After this game vs. the Rangers they play 2 games in 9 days...............then the next 9 days they play 6 games with travel? Holy fatigue Batman this is not gonna look good.
  2. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    So does the want ad say.....Looking for a D man that must sacrifice being physical and favor the poke check?
  3. Joel Quenneville

    When you say missing pieces that is just a small part of the problem but also brings with it the largest problem. Money and cap. Then there is age vs. experience which goes back to money and cap. There are not that many missing pieces yet it is so hard to address. At some point and probably sooner than later they need to start the fill in the missing pieces from the farm. It seems they are trying to do that with these 1 mil. 1 year contracts from old aging players so they can let the kids get more adjusted to what the NHL is going to be.
  4. Stan As Gm

    I just don't see it today. Kane never was a leader he was and is still more a playmaker. Toews though has shown the leadership and he was very good at it. He could change how the team was playing by either his play or just firing up the team on the bench with encouragement. I don't see that anymore and hey I'm also happy he is not showing the frustration or what ever else may be bothering him on the ice or bench. You say they are older and not as talented well Q was given so many chances to play younger players yet always made sure he had old vet's on hand to take their place. Look at some of his vet's in his back pocket he always had they at some point in their career played for him. And again when there are leaders leading you don't have a disorganized mess as a team. Again yeah maybe I need to eat more carrots as you like to suggest but my vision is not impaired by the glare of 3 shiny cups. Intangibles are hard to see you just know when they are there and when they are not.
  5. Where is the leadership ?

    Well then maybe Konroyd looks at these boards to get the right questions to ask
  6. Patrick Sharp is coming to town.

    Well I promise you that you never want to hear me sing it
  7. Toews

    Or maybe seeing if the 4th line can handle being the top shut down line. Q has been trying every other experiment why not that?
  8. Where is the leadership ?

    That is some deep **** there buddy some deep ****
  9. The Crawford Thread

    His game is off and I think the frustration is getting to him. Couldn't believe on AA's 2nd goal they were saying that Kane did a nice redirect to him for that goal. Kane if you watch that again tried to shoot that puck in the net but it bounced and glanced off his stick. I'm sure he is happy to get the apple but his puck luck has just not been there. If it was it would have been his goal..
  10. 11/15 Hawks vs Rangers

    There seems to be a lot of broken parts to this team so to see one part being fixed is a good thing and might be the thing that gets the ball rolling to fix the rest. One piece at a time is all we can ask I guess and so far it looks as 1 piece is fixed because it sure looked good.
  11. 11/09 Hawks vs Flyers

    Yes we were and hope to be revisiting it very very soon. I wish Q would just try the 4th line as the shut down line for a game or two I think they can do it then we can see if Toews and company can contribute offensively. Dear Santa: I would like as my present this year for Q to see if the 4th line can be successful as a shut down line against the opponents top scoring line. Just a game or two then if it is deemed a broken toy as many are after the first 2 or 3 hours after they are opened I will be OK with that. Sincerely The Christmas Creature.
  12. Are You Worried Yet?

    That's funny !!!! Hey Mods where is the prize for this post?
  13. Toews

    Thus the put on the gloves and defend your posts. It's going to go both ways here always has and always will. Maybe I'm just getting tired of seeing the word Troll...that is so 2010.
  14. Where is the leadership ?

    I never want to see Toews go crazy and be ranting. But he is not showing that fire as before. As I tried to explain earlier he was that beacon of light on the bench. If a soft goal was let in or if they came out flat and were down some goals you could just see how he could calm the bench with the "that's OK boys we will get them back" and we sat back as fans knowing that it was probably going to happen. That is missing now but why? There are enough players to make this a deep playoff team and they have started other years with a little worse as far as depth and talent yet were still successful. Again I don't see the great drop off in his play as others have opined but I do see a fall off in his demeanor. Does he believe that what is here is not good enough? Is he just frustrated that Q is playing merry-go-players that he has done for years and it has gotten to a boiling point where he feels that he needs to stop it and let the lines work together to figure things out? So it's just what I see at this point and has been like this since the last playoffs against Nashville. I don't see SB leading,I don't see Q leading and I don't see JT leading and as mvr has stated it looks like a disorganized mess and I agree but the only way it gets that way is either lack of leadership,,too many Chiefs and not enough Indians and all those other saying that go with when something is wrong.
  15. Where is the leadership ?

    I'm sure Bowman would but I think there is a bit more behind the scenes as to what Q wants. Do you think Q keeping 8 D men might irritate JT a bit? Honestly I cannot put my finger on it. I believe they have the players to make a deep run if they get cohesive but I haven't seen too much attitude to get to that.