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  1. Joel Quenneville

    Try one of those new fangled Dyson fans and you will see the difference !!!!!
  2. Joel Quenneville

    No it's not proven wrong. He has only proven he can do it as a fresh start when they all learn together and have that same drive and hunger. He has shown nothing and won nothing with youth after the beginning. Had he done it with youth then why did Stan always have to add pieces at the TDL or off season that were vets not farm hands? Again all I've seen from Q was that he took over a group of top 5 drafts and a few vets that were the laughing stock of the NHL for a few years and brought in a new system that all were eager to learn at all costs to bring this organization back to glory. You pick little sentences for your arguments that you want to try and defend but never take everything I post into account. I gave them the credit where it was deserved and that's all you want to hang on to. You ignore that I mentioned and even explained the decline with Q system. I constantly give a broader view but you just ignore them and stick to the 3 cups dancing through your head. Guess living in a state of denial does that ....But he won 3 cups.....he won 3 cups.... You have ignored I mentioned the 2010 team as one of the best the NHL has ever seen and even though they lost half the roster after that year and the bonuses and cap hits that added to the pain of the GM and the work it took for Stan to get the right pieces under those circumstances you still give no credit to Stan and hail Q. Stan didn't give Q youth for 2013 and 2015 he added vet depth at a cost that everybody whines about. Well if Stan didn't get Q those pieces and stuck with his youth they wouldn't have gotten 2 more cups. Or was it Q that was the GM and got the players he wanted? If that's the case make Q the GM and Stan the coach and let's see how that works out.
  3. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    WRONG....... Just eat MUSHROOMS
  4. Pat Foley

    I am 4768 in Creature years. But back in the 80's when Bannerman was still shining our little group in the 2nd balcony in the old barn would sing the Anthem but inset at the proper time........Oh say does that star spangled Bannerrrrrrman Saaave.
  5. Joel Quenneville

    But why blame the coach? Just another case of stupid GM's
  6. Joel Quenneville

    The one thing you omit is that when he took over was that it was a group being taught the system at the same time. Learning at the same time and correcting the mistakes at the same time and the product was the 2010 Stanley Cup Champions which some can argue was one of the best teams of all time in hockey. The 2013 and 2015 teams were not even close to that 2010 team because they were adding pieces to learn and not learning as a group. Hey they got lucky in 2015 ...they took an alternator from a 77 Pinto(Timonen) and put it on a Shelby Cobra engine and still won the race
  7. Stan As Gm

    Yeah !!!!!! That will be fun. But yeah milking cows is not an easy thing. Back in my youth living in Effingham I would go help my friends family milk cows and other farm chores on the weekends. did a few by hand but mostly it was just suction machines. Still some very hard work as they had to be miked twice a day every day. even Christmas. If DCFS ever knew what my parents did with us kids when he opened his business branch there and let 3 of his sons run that plus the 40 acres with 16 head of Scotch Highland cattle while still in HS they would have gone balistic today. I was a freshman when it started one brother was a senior the other a junior. The senior was killed in a motorcycle accident shortly after graduation. So it was down to 2. My other brother joined the Navy after graduation so It was just me trying to run a business go to school and take care of a 40 acre farm with 16 head of cattle and 3 horses. I know farm work first hand and even when I moved back here and worked at a tile company If I wasn't going back to Effingham to grab a chainsaw and clear felled trees from the creek or check on the cattle I would clean stalls, throw bales of hay to the loft and be a trail guide at the stables where we boarded the horses. Wait till you here how hard I worked from the 5th grade through 8th with the paper routes before and after school doing the collections and working the lawnmower and snow shovels Now you know why I am who I am and call out laziness.
  8. Joel Quenneville

    He is a coach that has shown he can teach youth and right now still available as he has not re-signed. So could he be a coach to get the Core and kids to gel? I dunno but I think he might get a cup under his belt if given the chance here before the Core wilts away. The youth are coming and there is no other way to go. They can add a vet or 2 but it's still going to be an influx of youth and through the years Q has shown very little patience with them. These youth are going to need an educator not a drill instructor.
  9. Joel Quenneville

    AV I believe has been extended through 2020 or I would have mentioned him also but no he has been extended.
  10. Stan As Gm

    I'm not trying to take anything away from Kane nor his points but I've seen it cut both ways for him along with a lot of other players. To me it doesn't make it even steven even though some may look at it that way. And saying the grand majority of assists are awarded properly just says to me that there are still errors and as long as there are errors then I just can't see it as true. Again that is me and my belief about stats and why I just don't like to go by them because they don't add an error factor in them. Kinda like those polling things with their % of errors. Hate them even more than sports stats but at least they admit they error.
  11. Stan As Gm

    Sorry been gone for awhile had to run and get a bottle of Jack and a 12 pack. Figured you have all had enough of my posting sober Truth brother haven't been drinking when posting the last several days except maybe a beer or two. Anyway I can make arguments either way and I prefer to battle for the underdogs.
  12. Stan As Gm

    Goalies are a commodity as are centers and always in demand. Watch and see how many they get rid of in the off season and what Philly gets in return. And sorry the Hawks were not playing very well even with CC in net so I just don't think adding another goalie would have helped.....And as you say .....How many GT's can a team afford to pay? Well the Hawks have CC, the 3 stooges and you are asking for more? Don't get the blood pressure up on that I'm just funnin ya because you left the door wide open on that. And I don't care if both stay or both are gone I ain't going nowhere.
  13. Stan As Gm

    It's not a conspiracy and you know it. To Err is human. I've seen it you seen it everyone who watches hockey has seen it so it's not a conspiracy it's a fact.
  14. Stan As Gm

    Hey just messing with ya and I'm sure you know that. I'm a person who does not wear a name or number on the Indianhead sweater so I see the good and bad in players. I never say that a player playing in the NHL and more specifically on the Hawks that they don't belong in the league or they are garbage. I'll leave that to the organizations who spent years scouting these players and drafting them to fit their needs. Some work out others don't I'm just an idiot who likes to see what a players strengths and weakness are from the sidelines and then point them out. I know it's just my opinion but I call it like I see it and that goes for everything in my life. I'm 59 and ain't been killed yet by doing it that way By the way you are a great adversary so don't let anyone change that in you or the debates will be boring
  15. Toews

    Better check your underwear drawer out there in Thailand and make sure all the "sticks" are still there and you're not missing a few