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  1. Creature1958

    Delia Re-Signed

    Pick the words you want to try and fit your argument. Finish the sentence. Let me do it for you....AGAIN. Kane sucks defensively. And that is because he doesn't want to do it. Kane has not changed his game since his first. Improved a few things offensively but improving doesn't mean changing. Now you are trying to say that D-cat is bad defensively like Kane when he started well you are wrong. D-cat was better defensively than Kane the first time he stepped on the ice in game one. And at least he puts the effort in.
  2. Creature1958

    2/20 Hawks vs Wings

    Not here they are all on that chatzy thing.
  3. Creature1958

    2/20 Hawks vs Wings

    Good kill
  4. Creature1958

    2/20 Hawks vs Wings

    Avon calling Fuller brush man Would you like some encyclopedias Girl Scout cookies FBI search warrant
  5. Creature1958

    2/20 Hawks vs Wings

  6. Creature1958

    You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    Ha!!😅 Your asking beat writers from Chicago to ask something about hockey? 😅😅😅😅 Maybe they can ask the politicians if they are corrupt. 😅 sorry mvr that is not meant to be disrespectful but I just couldn't pass that up.
  7. Creature1958

    2/20 Hawks vs Wings

    Pierre will ask this guy a question then answer it for him.
  8. Creature1958

    2/20 Hawks vs Wings

    Not calling a penalty now that was a missed call. Can't just huddle and say well this guy's mouth is bleeding so let's call a penalty now that we didn't see. The OPS can do something later which I doubt. Calling a penalty now will open up a can of worms where every team will want the same courtesy.
  9. Creature1958

    2/20 Hawks vs Wings

    Yeah wait till Pierre and this guy do their fist game. Pierre will be calling it between the benches.
  10. Creature1958

    2/20 Hawks vs Wings

    What are they gonna do go to replay after there was no call? Don't think they want to open that can of worms.
  11. Creature1958

    2/20 Hawks vs Wings

    Well let's just see how that goes. Is Pierre there? I'm guessing not cuz Pierre wouldn't let this guy get a word in.
  12. Creature1958

    2/20 Hawks vs Wings

    Hopefully his last. Or just call em in Detroit
  13. Creature1958

    2/20 Hawks vs Wings

    Ding !!!
  14. Creature1958

    2/20 Hawks vs Wings

    who in the hell is calling this game? it's like listening to paint dry.
  15. Creature1958

    Delia Re-Signed

    You better reread what the hell you post. You are crying like a newborn about D-cats defensive play. Oooh he needs to play better defensively because I guess he's just not as good offensively as Kane so he better pull his weight. Kane sucks defensively period but maybe you can show me the stats to prove me wrong. Don't be pulling offensive numbers show me defensive numbers. Kinda like telling me how Gus is a great defenseman because he has great offensive numbers. And maybe you can make a list of all the crap players Kane has had to bear playing with during his career. I'm sure they have a lot to do with keeping his point totals down.