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  1. Creature1958

    Joel Quenneville

    Hard for me to really throw this on Q and everybody knows I've critiqued enough of tweaks and adjustments but Stan had no money to buy the players so dumpster diving is what they did. Manning and Davidson never played here and if not for buying Manning and Davidson I believe Q would have gone with Joker and Boqvist. Kinda tells me Q had something to do with Stan signing them. Joker and Boqvist are more geared for zone defense than man to man and Gus,Murphy,Forsling the same. These picks and players were done so for the zone defense. Now it's relearning a system not just defensively but offensively. Gonna be an interesting summer anyway.
  2. Creature1958

    Joel Quenneville

    Hard to say if Q could have fixed it when Murphy and Forsling returned and we need to remember they were 2 important pieces to the puzzle. But that being said the choice of Manning and Davidson were head scratchers. JC I just thought I seen the reincarnation of Roger Nielsen waving that white towel from behind the bench because going from zone to man to man was a debacle of massive proportions. Too many out of position players blown assignments and poor passing led him to surrender the defense and go all 80's Oilers. And we'll it looked better offensively and wins were coming just too little to late. Do what we have as D men good enough? Can't say. We have to see if the zone play is erased from their memories so as not to rear its ugly head again which was the biggest problem last year. I am not going to throw blame towards the players or coach. It's a learning process that takes time. They have the basics of it now and hopefully during this summer they are working at it so it's more second nature come camp. I believe there are prospects who can and will improve the defense but with Seabs and Keith still on the books it won't happen any time soon.
  3. Creature1958

    Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    Am not a fan of Thornton but hope the Sharks can pull it off for Wilson.
  4. Creature1958

    2018/19 playoff predictions

    They are just trying to look like this old man. Karlsson comes the closest with the hair. 😁
  5. Creature1958

    Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    Bob Murray? Doug Wilson?
  6. Creature1958

    Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    Baiting what? Going off on Stan on a no risk signing for a 6-7 D man is going off on Stan for no reason. SK may not even make the team and that contract is easy to get rid of. The open your eyes part is referring to all the D prospects that can come up and contribute. Nothing is set in stone and you get as many assets as you can and let them compete for a spot in training camp and pre season. Then they can figure who to keep who to send down and who to get rid of. The Stan bashing has gotten so bad by some people they are in the belief this is a bad signing just because it was Stan. It's 1 year under 1 mil to a player who can improve and is not bad as a 6-7 D man with some NHL experience and a very movable contract. I don't see it as a bad contract eyes opened or closed.
  7. Creature1958

    Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    Opening your eyes would be a good start.
  8. Creature1958

    2018/19 playoff predictions

    I'm gonna call this out right here right now. I want anyone who believes I called them a name to say it right here right now. You don't have to dig it up I'll believe it. But say it right here right now or forever hold your peace. Now let's see how many you have called a name and let them post it. I've gone out of my way to inform new members how to conduct themselves. I never bring up a name just how the COC works which you have been able to invade. I'll question the mods without questioning them. It's their choice and I'll respect it.
  9. Creature1958

    2018/19 playoff predictions

    No I don't name call unless it's you because I have to go to a childish state of mind to debate you. Now to say my beliefs were idiotic aren't you saying I'm an idiot? I don't see how anybody but an idiot can have an idiotic belief. It's why I even put take a breath and try to word things that don't offend. Thus say it's ridiculous instead of idiotic you let your anger get the best of you. Also I don't care if you have no respect for yourself and let others call you names. I'm different my name and my word is what's important to me and I don't let people disrespect or disparage it easily.
  10. Creature1958

    2019 NHL Draft: Blackhawks edition

    If that is the choice then Stan needs to start unloading his stockpile of D prospects to get a center. Sure the defense needs help but I see the center position as the weakest with no prospects to help.
  11. Creature1958

    Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    Im ok with wrapping up Sikura. As long as it has to do with chains, concrete boots and a boat.😁
  12. Creature1958

    2019 NHL Draft: Blackhawks edition

    If the Hawks need D help now I don't see how a 17 year old is gonna do it. I like it and can see it just not the now part of it.
  13. Creature1958

    2018/19 playoff predictions

    It wasn't the disagreement it was your name calling. I can disagree with you on these boards forever but if you feel you want to call me an idiot or anything else don't do it behind a keyboard say it to my face.
  14. Creature1958

    IIHF Worlds 2019 Slovakia, 11+1 Hawks players.

    Thanks great video but didn't understand a damn word they said. 😂 And I worked for Coca-Cola for 10 years and they are no better than China stealing intelectual property.
  15. Creature1958

    2018/19 playoff predictions

    Hey Big T and I disagree about a lot on these boards as well as a few other posters. And yeah it's hard to put into words sarcasm and emotion. So we talk on the phone. One day we'll get together and have some beers but distance is a problem for now. Still love everyone on these boards even Granada when he doesn't go to name calling. Taking a moment to use different words to debate goes a long way like it sounds ridiculous instead of you're an idiot. 😁