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  1. Patrick Sharp is coming to town.

    Agree and as much as people hate what I post about players I'm just pointing out the flaws as I see them. Success makes people overlook the flaws and go back to the success story until it becomes too late in most cases. There are flaws from top to bottom but they are just minor flaws right now and very fixable but if the flaws are not pointed out by the customers and the brass doesn't want to listen then the success will go away and we can just remember what was. I've pointed to the top, Toews, Kane,Seabrook, Q the system etc... Everything and everyone has changed in those 10 years. The money is not there to correct that with buying players so the kids need to be taught and given time to learn. The CORE came in without the pressure to continue winning Stanley Cups as players are coming in now to do so and it upsets me that every player coming in should meet or exceed the expectations of the CORE. The core players should understand that and help the players coming in instead of being frustrated and lacking desire to give effort every game.
  2. The Crawford Thread

    If they were my friends I wouldn't be calling them for bail money. They would be in the cell sitting next to me saying "damn that was fun"
  3. Stan As Gm

    Q needs to leave it alone also. He took D-Cat and messed up what he was doing right on the 3rd line. He just seems to work well with Sharp and Sharp would be the perfect fit as his teacher. That being said Duclair has looked OK but doesn't look right on the 3rd line and looked way out of place on the 1st for the short time there. Sharp doesn't look good on the 4th line which I thought he would but Duclair I think would fit right in there and create havoc with Bouma and Wingles.
  4. Patrick Sharp is coming to town.

    If he has strengthened his upper body then there is no excuse to be so weak but he is. And for him to float around and create offense? Well his linemates and D are not good enough for him to be doing that. If they were then fine but they are not. He and many others need their feet held to the fire and be accountable for if anything their effort. I wish we could go back to where we seen a game a few years ago and said hey they lacked effort that game but will be better next game. Now I look and say hey they gave great effort this game will they give it next game? Not.
  5. Stan As Gm

    This organization is a business and with all businesses that become successful there is a lull in that success. Why? They become complacent. Rocky and McD are ghosts from what they were a few years ago trying to make this organization successful. Hell they are hardly on the sports news today. They still feel like they are on top and it's only the light switch that needs to be flipped to get them back there. That thinking needs to stop because the only time a successful business turns around is when the competition takes that success away while they were patting themselves on the back for a job well done. Yes there is a problem and that starts at the top and the top is letting it happen and it's showing on the ice.
  6. Patrick Sharp is coming to town.

    Gaining weight? I'm talking about building strength. He has not done that and it shows. I'm not talking about being Lou Ferigno but he gets knocked off the puck too easily and does not even seem to fight for it. It's even worse watching him do a half hearted attempt to come back and help defensively and therein lies my problem with him. That is not a flaw that is lack of effort and for some reason is never held accountable for it. Now for the car part and the flaws. Just because it looks flashy doesn't mean it's gonna get you where you need to go. Something needs to give at this point Kane is looking for Stan to get players to play with and for him and that is a tall order for Stan to do with the Cap and the talent Kane is going to need. My thinking is that Kane can change his game slightly to accommodate the players at hand and help the team because you cannot expect any player to play like Kane but it seems that is what they want from these kids.
  7. Hawks playing the Seals

    Still have ticket stubs from all those teams. Along with the Whalers, Rockies, Nordiques and Atlanta Flames. probably a few more also. I think I still got a K.C. Scout one.
  8. The Crawford Thread

    WOW yes I have !!!! that vicious outlaw street gang turned tail and ran as fast as they could. You think one of those outlaws would have at least pulled out their phone and record it to put on their facebook page.
  9. The Crawford Thread

    Yes she has !!!!!!
  10. Around The League - Other Teams' News

    Participants. Not sure how it is in Europe but the US has gone soft. Kids now play in leagues that don't keep score and nobody wins and nobody loses. At the end of the year there is no Champion and everybody goes home with a participation trophy.
  11. The Crawford Thread

    Feeling down on your puck? Feel like you are trapped in a net? Well we have a pill for that !!!!! Talk to your Doctor today and leave your worries behind. Disclaimer: This was available by shot but these goalies just freaked out too much so we made it in pill form.
  12. Okay Our Defence?

    The system does not require anyone to be physical to gain control of the puck nor does Q want that to happen. He wants poke checking first and foremost even at the blue line where I've seen so many times a good hit would have been a better choice and outcome. It's not that Seabs doesn't know the system hell he has played it for years but he has lost a step or two. It was showing last year and is on display for all to see this year. He just doesn't have the speed or quickness anymore but he can be physical which works well on other teams but Q doesn't go physical. That may need to change or at least I would hope it does in some form because it is hard to watch them just trying to swat at the puck in their own zone and missing terribly. Sometimes a hit is just as good and sometimes better than a poke check. When was the last time you see an opponent carrying the puck over the blue line and get stood up or laid out? Right . Too many teams know that and are not hesitant to just keep skating it in.
  13. Okay Our Defence?

    Exactly but Seabs can still bring a physical game be more of a stay at home D-man. If not for that burdensome contract teams would be lining up at the mention of Seabrook trade. It pains me to see how he just can't play this system anymore.
  14. Stan As Gm

    I wouldn't call it hate as much as calling them out. With those Cup wins we have seen the passion and effort that it took to win them and I don't know about you but I don't see that determination anymore. Their feet are not being held to the fire to be better and stop just going through the motions. As long as everyone can go around saying " hey these are the guys that ended the drought and won us 3 Cups" then the blame will always go toward the new players who aren't working out or to Stan for not getting the right players. The "Core" got their contracts because of their drive and effort and that is lacking today. Being content with just playing out the contract should not be accepted they need to be held accountable for their play and effort.
  15. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    Well I never go there. I can actually make a better lobster, shrimp, clam chowder and beer battered fish then they or so friends and family say. Could be they don't want to pay the prices or not prepare it for themselves but I enjoy what I make. And if Stan is ever let go maybe he can apply as the French fry counter