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  1. Yes on NHL network here in the Windy City
  2. Well it was upgraded from the rotary phone of last year.
  3. Lord I wish Harry Caray was still alive to hear him try to pronounce some of these names after a few Bud's !!!
  4. Get him some horse manure or Miracle- gro to stuff in his skates
  5. He always has. I got a lot of flax for suggesting to trade him because I seen his 2 way effort fall off the rails since Panarin arrived. Hopefully he gets it back.
  6. There is no maybe..... He has been terrible since Saad left and now we find out how bad Hossa's allergy really was.
  7. I dunno Big-T some people just love that dynamic offense and that is OK I get it it's fun to watch but for me I love to watch great back checking. Watching Hossa come back and steal a puck or break up a play had me more juiced. To see Saad Toews and Hossa do it as a line was a pure joy. Let's see if Saad Toews and Panik can bring that magic back.
  8. I'll take Saad also because he can fill Hossa's role and I'm pretty sure that reason alone is what put this trade in motion.
  9. BAZINGA !!!!!!
  10. Arizona had no starting goalie so it makes sense. Raanta finally gets his #1 spot.
  11. One less goon in the WC and wouldn't you know he goes right to goon college to finish his degree.
  12. First thing that popped into my mind just looking at the 2016-2017 picture was............Is this really the end for Marcus Kruger or is there going to be a MMA match to see who wears #16 ?
  13. Not sure if anybody heard them talk about this kid and why he may have dropped down the list. But according to Pierre and company they said a lot of teams said he was arrogant with the answers to their questions. Anyway Welcome to the Blackhawks kid !!!!!!
  14. It is always better for you to spill the beans rather then letting me eat them. It does take some time to place flammable placards in a 100 yard diameter.
  15. Nope 75 TA 400 that was a survivor and 98% original when I sold her in in 2014