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  1. Well of coarse they are there is a barrier that keeps them in the circles to take their shots. Somehow if they takes shots from elsewhere bad things might happen.
  2. That's all
  3. Kane to Panarin Panarin to Kane Kane to Panarin Panarin to Kane Kane to Panarin Panarin to Kane Kane to where's Panarin Panarin to where's Kane. For every 80 passes to each other they may get a shot on net. They on occasion may just may pass to whatever center is on their line but that is only if all else fails or if they haven't turned it over already. Sorry I just don't belong to the Patrick Kane fan club because I see Stan and Q having to get him players to accommodate his offensive skills while never being held accountable for his defensive lapses. Oh but he dangles the puck and that sells tickets and jerseys so it's all good to you.
  4. I'm good with that as long as their bad games are against the Hawks Sometimes it's just the way the puck bounces
  5. I expect bad games I don't expect poor effort.
  6. That was Seabrook last night? I thought Rozi was just wearing #7 for some odd reason. Yeah everything last night from this team was just WRONG. But this is what is starting to concern me a bit and it's not their play but missed calls by the officials and I'm not talking trips or holding or even GI but lately the missed high sticks. Over the last few games I've seen Seabrook and Schmaltz get wacked across the face and go down. I seen it happen to Kane and then last night to Toews. I don't know what it will take for them to start making these calls but I hope it's not going to be a serious injury.
  7. It's gotten to the point where both are not doing much defense wise. And why even have a centerman with them? They do not use them Kane looks for Panarin and Panarin looks for Kane and now with Schmaltz being with them he rarely puts a puck on net because he has joined the passing follies. I will stick to my words that Panarin is a better 2 way player than Kane when he wants to be but right now he is not applying himself just like Kane. Look I get you enjoy the follies these 2 bring with their dancing around the zone waiting and waiting to get that highlight goal but I see a lot of wasted opportunity to score more.
  8. I think maybe for a shift or two to get rid of the nerves before Q sees what he has as a center. We can also see what coarse of sandpaper he is at the NHL level.
  9. And they can rock to Train,Train by Blackfoot.
  10. With AA being hurt I have a feeling Hayden will be starting at center on the 4th line with Nick Schmaltz Liquor taking 2nd line center and Hoss moving up with Toews and Panik. Anyway we will get some good looks from the kid now either at wing or center.
  11. You do realize I was talking about the Chat room? That is the topic here. I mentioned that when you fell through the trap door in the chat room you had to log back in again. Were you hanging with ER and KUMBYA ?
  12. At this point T who cares who sits ? Every forward has been good to this point and all are taking turns at sitting. This is making for great competition to stay on the roster and cut down on the brain farts. And then there are the Black aces. Who fills that to get Eddie and Pat their soft serve ?
  13. Thing is Q has a lot of options at this point which is going to make for stiff competition to keep a roster spot.
  14. It's the Roundup that I use that makes it so potent. Ortho not so much.
  15. Who the hell is KUMBAYA ???? Where the hell is my weed? Looking at you ER