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  1. have you tried clicking on qoute?

    1. calvintatt2


      yep... i click everywhere....nothing.

  2. Sorry guys, but this seems to be the only way i can post anything on here;even though i show only 28 posts and it says i need 35 to start a topic?!?Anyway, I have NO reply button when i log in and read any posts. Ive tried the suggestions listed above in the pinned topic and still nothing....any other suggestions?? **Thanks for the reply Modry...I dont see either one of those options on my screen.This is the only way for me to reply.**
  3. I cant seem to reply to any posts...there is no reply button. any suggestions???

  4. A bunch of friends and I are planning on heading up to Detroit next week and i was looking for suggestions for places to stay, to eat and hang out after the game for some cocktails. Where do all the traveling Hawks fans hang out up there?
  5. Have: Hossa(2011-12) And various other giveaways from previous years that i forgot i had. If there is anything you were lookingg for from the past couple years,let me know and i will see if i have it. wouild like to trade for (2013-14) Bickell Replica Ring Thanks!!
  6. Have: Last Years Hossa(1) This years Kane(2) wouild like to trade for this years Pierre Pilote Keith Magnuson Glenn Hall If interested,let me know. Thanks, Mario
  7. PM sent
  8. No problem. Looking for sharpie TC.Have an extra Hossa from this year available
  9. Thanks anyway Odeccit,but someone else beat you to the punch.
  10. Faceoff. Goal celebration was from 2yrs ago.
  11. Have an extra Seabrook from last year.Looking for a Toews from last year. If interested let me know.