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  1. The Crawford Thread

    The organization will be faced with several questions: 1) What to do with Khabi. While the fans would like him to remain on IR and sit out the rest of the season the Hawks are paying him $1.7M this year and no owner wants to see an employee paid tons of money just to sit around. So Khabi may return. A logical solution would be to bury him in Rockford. While the cap still takes the hit at least they would be putting him to work 2) Raanta has earned the backup role and looks less shaky/less nervous now. Will they give it to him or will they need to try LaBarbara?
  2. The Crawford Thread

    Khabi's salary comes off the books after this season so there's $1.7M right there to give Raanta if they choose to.
  3. The Crawford Thread

    Keep in mind that the Vancouver series in 2011 he was playing for a contract. He was incredibly good in that series and especially in game 7. When it was over he got his new deal at around $2.2M per year if memory serves. Once that deal was inked he did not perform well in the 2012 playoffs. It wasn't that we lost that series to Phoenix that bothered me, it was how we lost it with 2 OT goals let up in back-to-back games - both goals were ridiculous in nature and unacceptable. Then in the next season of 2012-2013, although not a contract year, he was playing for another big long term deal. He was outstanding in the playoffs and we won the cup. It helped that Emery was throwing up a 17-1 season and completely capable of taking over the #1 if Crawford faltered - competition is good - it keeps you on your game. Crawford got the big contract after that at $6M per. Now the question is does he slump off knowing the deal is locked in or can he maintain that 2012-2013 level or close to it? We'll see come April. I hope he locks in come playoff time cause we need him.
  4. The Crawford Thread

    Crawford won a cup and we wouldn't have done it without his stellar goaltending. In fairness though he was not very good in the playoffs the year before against Phoenix - he single handedly lost 2 games for us in the first round when Phoenix just skated the puck into the net. I was so ticked at him I was very vocal about it here at the time and wanted him launched immediately. I was wrong - they kept him and he won a cup the following year - so he redeemed himself and endeared himself to fans as well. The only question I have is which Crawford do we have this year - the SC winning goalie from 2013, or the goalie who crashes and burns in the playoffs like we saw in 2012. Only time will tell and we'll see in the playoffs come April. Before he got hurt I thought he was hot and cold at times. I hope we see the Crawford of the 2013 playoffs get locked in come April. We need him.
  5. The Crawford Thread

    True. Raanta did much better against LA but in fairness I didn't think he really faced many tough shots last night. I wasn't sure if the Toronto game was a fluke or a pattern to come - that's why I said 'if he continues to falter'. But yes he bounced back and I also hope he continues to do well.
  6. The Crawford Thread

    Bob - the point that made it an awesome post wasnt' the part about Crawford. I believe every user here is entitled to his/her opinion without being personally attacked by the same guy over and over again. I am happy that the user stood up to it and defended himself - no one deserves to be treated that way even if you disagree with their take on the game or a particular player.
  7. The Crawford Thread

    Order of goalies --> Crawford --> Raanta --> LaBarbera --> Simpson --> Khabi
  8. The Crawford Thread

    I didn't miss anything - LaBarbera is only being sent to Rockford to get a start or two since he hasn't played in awhile. Then he will be called up to be the #2 behind Raanta. And if Raanta continues to falter look for LaBarbera to take over #1 duties until Crawford returns. The trade made here wasn't done to shore up Rockford goaltending - it was to have a contingency for Raanta which is why I started this thread because we don't have one until LaBarbera is on the NHL bench and ready to play.
  9. The Crawford Thread

    LaBarbera > Simpson - it was a good dealI didn't think Raanta was seeing the best shots in 5 years as you said - I thought several of those were pretty soft goals. Hopefully it was an off night for him and he rebounds tonight against LA.
  10. The Crawford Thread

    Not true - if you go back and re-read the thread you will see that several were adamant that nothing should be done. Clearly Stan thought otherwise and worked the phones to cut a deal as I stated he would. And after last night's Toronto game it's even more apparent we have a problem with tending and need help in that area.
  11. The Crawford Thread

    Awesome post! Glad to see people standing up to that troll.
  12. The Crawford Thread

    Glad to see that Stan was working the phones as I had predicted.
  13. The Crawford Thread

    I've always thought that having a backup that is breathing down the throat of the #1 is good for the overall team. The last thing you want is your #1 feeling complacent in his job. If he knows the #2 is playing rock solid it's extra motivation for the #1 to up his game to keep his status as the #1. So if Raanta creates competition for Crawford it helps the Hawks. Crawford played better last year when Emery was 17-1 as the 'backup' and right there as his competition. This year Crawford knew that Khabi was not up to par so he got complacent in my opinion that his job was locked in.
  14. The Crawford Thread

    The good thing is we won't have to worry about Crawford being tired when he returns - in fact the worry might be about him being rusty. Out for 5 weeks and then another month of sitting around during the Olympics. More time to heal I guess.
  15. The Crawford Thread

    Toews and Kane are not Gretzky and Messier though