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  1. Pertti

    Stan As Gm

    Signed for 5y/25M$ I believe.
  2. Pertti

    Okay Our Defence?

    If player played at least 50 games they made it. "What I did was pull out every single draft pick from 2000-2009 (a 10-year span) based on the round they were selected, and binned the players into two groups: players who managed to log at least 50 career games at the NHL level (a reasonable way to identify players who, at worst, became replacement level NHL talent), and players who managed to log 0-49 NHL games at the NHL level (our way to identify a ‘failed’ draft pick)." Quote out of MVR's posted article.
  3. Pertti

    Okay Our Defence?

    I thought that they didn't slacked off but didn't want expose Delia for TML attacks. So they didn't forecheck as much.
  4. Pertti

    Late night epiphany

    Smith-Pelley and Hagelin would have been nice. Specially cause DSP would have been free.
  5. Pertti

    Late night epiphany

    I wouldn't take any of those trades. With T Pearson I would have taken a chance.
  6. Pertti

    Okay Our Defence?

    Stars President(was it?) threw couple of his players(Benn & Seguin) under bus and got ridiculed for it. Colliton takes other way and is ridiculed for it. What would be right way?
  7. Pertti

    Icehog pending UFAs

    Martinsen and Davidson is we get many injuries in NHL. Holland I seen play in Maple leafs if he as good keep him possible 4 line center after Kampf and Johnson.
  8. Pertti

    Icehogs pending RFAs

    Vote for Jonhson, I think sub if Kampf will be injured 2019-2020- I have only seen Johnson and Forsberg play in NHL(or anywere). Johnson I liked. Forsberg I thought that he should have get change this season for Chicago. Since he didn't he should be got lose. Delia is passed him and I think AHL vet would be more helpful for Lankinen.
  9. Pertti

    Blackhawks pending RFAs

    Voted for these. Perlini not been very good but we don't have size. Kampf, I think will take Kruger's place in 4 line center. Dahlström same as Perlini, size would save him if I was GM. Koekkoek need more time to proof he is NHL player.
  10. Pertti

    Blackhawk pending UFAs

    None. Kruger, I think Kampf takes he's place, Johnson as Kampf's second. Kunitz, role is there still but for same price there should be better options. Ward, Delia is number two but if Crow is banged or fear for it, then we need full time NHL vet goalie. If Crow is fine, then I think we need vet AHL goalie between Delia and Lankinen and that goalie probably isn't Ward.
  11. Pertti

    You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    Even that Määttä is highly over-rated, I still wuold not make that trade. He's cap hit is little over 4M and he mostly 3 pairing guy. Smith trade would be nice. Anisimov doesn't have to go, he is overpaid but he is nice NHL player. And I am afraid those picks you are offering for that to happen would be 1st or 2nd round. Wennerström is 6y younger than Anisimov.
  12. Pertti

    Around The League - Other Teams' News

    WRONG, they are going all in, Duchene and Dzingel are both UFA.
  13. Pertti


    It slides only one year, don't matter were you play second year, right?
  14. Pertti

    You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    For every roster player traded out you have to get at least one roster player back, without ruining chemistry nor team O. Team D we don't have.
  15. Pertti

    You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    Or he is saying that you are good enough to get in and you are good enough to win while in. They (whole team) are working hard to get in and they will be rewarded to get to play in the PO.