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  1. Except apparently I've been told that grit has to be there because"this is playoff hockey" and we won't get calls related to our skill in the playoffs.
  2. Rebounds, but agree
  3. I'm surprised Q never tried Darling
  4. Then call it the same all year so you know WTF to expect in the playoffs.
  5. I hope the NHL with their bs goalie interference inconsistency enjoys the next three weeks with nobody watching.
  6. No calls unless obvious or even strength 4 on 4. Totally fixed.
  7. Refs gave them those flukey goals by not calling penalties (crosschecks, trips, boarding, roughing). Just because they gave them a too many men, DOG, and coincidental tripping in the 2nd.
  8. I hope they choke on them.
  9. Refs swallowing their whistles.
  10. Slashing apparently now allowed. I've heard announcers mention at least 3 times with no call.
  11. Great. People love it. Since it started the Hawks have lost 33% more overtime games. That's where my concern lies.
  12. 4 on 4 would be fine. 3 on 3 is too wide open and favors the brute force teams over the finesse ones. You really enjoy losing in 30 seconds after playing a team even for 60 minutes?
  13. How many throw aways is too many? BTW 3 on 3 format sucks.
  14. I'm still thinking about the perfect pass he gave to Colorado for their second goal.
  15. Campbell should sit for the rest of the game.