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  1. Then call it the same all year so you know WTF to expect in the playoffs.
  2. Great. People love it. Since it started the Hawks have lost 33% more overtime games. That's where my concern lies.
  3. 4 on 4 would be fine. 3 on 3 is too wide open and favors the brute force teams over the finesse ones. You really enjoy losing in 30 seconds after playing a team even for 60 minutes?
  4. How many throw aways is too many? BTW 3 on 3 format sucks.
  5. I'm still thinking about the perfect pass he gave to Colorado for their second goal.
  6. Campbell should sit for the rest of the game.
  7. Kero took a stick in the mouth with no call.
  8. I never said it was a bad call. I said they need to call it equally in every game.
  9. Embellishment garbage. Until they all call it consistently across the league there's no business ever making that call.
  10. Still believe they blew an offsides call on Hoss and that they were inconsistent on the icing, which had it been called would never have led to the game tying delay penalty.
  11. Total BS. That should have been an icing before the delay of game.
  12. Except the score at that time in the game.
  13. Officiating total garbage. While SOG was lopsided, that series of weak calls turned the game.