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  1. MVR, our very thorough and very consistent researcher reminded us recently that two-way centers especially tend to dip in their production considerably in their late twenties. Jonathan Toews, my favorite all-time hockey player, is 28. He didn't even have a shot on goal against the Minnesota Wild in what was supposed to be a "statement game" against a team on the tail-end of a back-to-back at home. He's had a lousy season even taking into account his time off. Marian Hossa is 38 even though he has apparently sipped from the Fountain of Youth prior to this season. The Brent Seabrooks and Duncan Keiths aren't getting any younger. CC might have to go due to his salary and our Cap which also brings up the fact that our Dynamic Duo make $21 million between the two of them. Other teams have caught up. We are no longer the fastest or even one of the fastest skating teams. We no longer have the puck possession game. We typically get outshot. These attributes are just not our team. Virtually every game is a struggle and it's been this way through very many of our wins. The young guns like Hartman, Schmaltz and such seem like they'll only get better, but by how much? We're not talking difference-makers like a Brandon Saad here. They appear to be very nice role players to be and that's all. At some point, we all are going to have to have a self-chat insofar as our expectations or else it could be a waste of three hours every couple of nights and not just this year. I'm at the stage in my life when I'm holding onto sports by a thread. In my mid-fifties, I know that I have so many other things to do with my life (piano, home improvement, trying to be a great teacher, trying to be a super husband, active in my church, etc.), but can't let the Blackhawks go despite being bored most of the time. How could I be bored? They'll be in the playoffs, right? They still have some superstar players, a great ONE line, right? Yeah, this is true, but I can't help but wonder if this is still the beginning of the end of this franchise that has given us so very much since 2008-9. Can I settle for less at this stage of my life? Can I accept a Jonathan Toews becoming a shell of himself? Can I be happy just making it to the playoffs? Will one playoff win give me the chills anymore? Can I be happy to spend three hours every other night watching two or three plays that entertain me while the rest of the play is boring, even in a win? Yes, I'm spoiled, but frankly I don't think I could continue to follow a team like this anymore even if they never had been better. The spoiled part only makes it worse! I'm wondering: 1. Is anyone else even remotely going through a similar dilemma? 2. Are there any pieces of advice? 3. Can somebody give me some honest-to-goodness reasoning that this is probably not the beginning of the end? Thank you! Gig
  2. 2/13 Hawks vs Knights

    It's supposed to be a sacrifice.
  3. 2/13 Hawks vs Knights

    Yup. The Hawks are now the patsy team that others play around with like a cat until it decides to pounce and make the death bite.
  4. 2/13 Hawks vs Knights

    "We love this team" --Chemist Stanley Bowman
  5. 2/13 Hawks vs Knights

    Sure, why not, he'd probably become an All-Star with them.
  6. 2/13 Hawks vs Knights

    Chemist Stanley Bowman, Phd
  7. 2/13 Hawks vs Knights

    The other thing that set CC apart from many goalies AND CERTAINLY HIS BACKUPS is that he hardly ever allowed a bad goal that would lose a game. These guys? Their bad goals are bad in every way.
  8. 2/13 Hawks vs Knights

    That's when the rubber meets the road ice.
  9. 2/13 Hawks vs Knights

    You want him to kick #12?
  10. 2/13 Hawks vs Knights

    Hey, it's cold in Chicago. They need the heat.
  11. 2/13 Hawks vs Knights

  12. 2/13 Hawks vs Knights

    I think you're off by a digit and you'd better be careful 'bout such things in Vegas.
  13. 2/13 Hawks vs Knights

    This is definitely on Stan. We saw this coming when the Hawks were relying on 7th rounders and free agents to backup and possibly succeed CC.
  14. 2/13 Hawks vs Knights

    The Hawks have two goalies currently that probably wouldn't be backups on almost all the other teams and I think all of them.
  15. 2/13 Hawks vs Knights

    Jeff Glass stinks.
  16. 2/13 Hawks vs Knights

    Gene Honda was a DJ in Urbana-Champaign while I was there in the early 80's. Now, it's probably over.
  17. 2/13 Hawks vs Knights

    Perron is still a Blue
  18. 2/13 Hawks vs Knights

    Yet another goal that probably shouldn't have occurred. Too bad, as the Hawks had them on the perimeter the entire time. Hawks will likely have extreme difficulty pulling this one out now.
  19. 2/13 Hawks vs Knights

    Yeah, it doesn't seem right given the play. That's actually kinda weird.
  20. 2/13 Hawks vs Knights

    OK, I hope Vegas doesn't score in the final thirty second of the middle period. I had the game on my computer (sound off) and I had the other skating (Olympic pairs) on the TV (ok, you got me, I have a cultured side). I thought the Hawks played a wonderful 2nd period of hockey. They checked well. They positioned themselves well. Wingels and Sharpie actually stood out (Sharpie can still play occasionally). They outplayed Vegas in their own casino.
  21. Do the Blackhawks deserve a pass?

    I mean, does management really believe that fans will continue to come and fill the UC after increasing prices with a vastly inferior team? Seems pretty arrogant and, frankly, stupid to me.
  22. 2/13 Hawks vs Knights

    manna manna manna
  23. 2/13 Hawks vs Knights

    Perfect combination of reasons to watch
  24. 2/12 Hawks vs Yotes

    ...and if it's time to rebuild, you need to think about trading your assets as close to "sell high" as can be.
  25. 2/12 Hawks vs Yotes

    Well, those are better odds than the roulette wheel.